GW2 Path of Fire Material Storage

Arenanet is planning to make some Path of Fire items not able to be deposited to the material storage in the initial weeks.

With the arrival of Path of Fire, many new materials and components will be added to Material Storage. But for a handful of items, we’ve specifically decided not to start with them in Material Storage, and instead to add them to the storage system later. Why? Well, at the launch of Heart of Thorns, we noticed a peculiar behavior: most players will deposit first when clearing their inventory, and then proceed to take actions like salvaging, opening chests, or, crucially, putting items on the Trading Post. This tended to mean that before a player will post an item on the Trading Post, they’ll wait to accrue a full stack in their Material Storage. During the early period of Heart of Thorns, this significantly contributed to the early expense of flax, which was abundantly available but, for the most part, was “warehoused” in the banks of players.

In an experiment to see if we can combat the early steep price of a handful of materials, we will launch Path of Fire without those items being depositable. Once we are comfortable with the supply and price—which we believe should become apparent in weeks, not months—we will add them to material storage.

We know how important inventory space is to players, and we take seriously how much of your time is spent playing versus managing your play. Hopefully, this decision will help ensure a steady supply of materials to the market, without unduly burdening your bags.


  • FairEnough

    Yeah ok, sounds fair, let’s see how that pans out.

  • Alot

    Amused. Greatly. Amused. But probably left a bit poorer for the experience.

  • Finance My Vette

    I’ve got to disagree with the reasoning here. When I hoard mats I keep several columns in my bank as well as my mat storage. As soon as the market reflects a spike in price on anything people that are savvy or long based investing will come up with a way to do bulk holds, regardless of the initial storage capacity. Alt. accounts, extra mule toon’s, guild bank storing, etc.. Many easy and fairly convenient available methods.

    • Eolirin

      This isn’t meant to combat deliberate hoarders, it’s meant to improve visibility for players who are predisposed to sell their mats as they come in, but who are basically letting the deposit all materials button disappear those mats until their material tab is full. Anet has the metrics needed to see how frequent it is for players to effectively ignore material storage until it fills up before they start selling. If it’s common, this should make a difference in the first few weeks.

    • Alot

      The question is then what % of the player base actually attempts to play the market (like you do), what % of players interact with the market based on whats in their inventory and (most importantly) how much of an influence on prices does your savvy crown have as opposed to the masses of sheeple?

  • Halvaard Vintus


  • oic

    sound like a BS reason. Not for you to decide when we buy or sell and at what price. We don’t need you to help us buy stuff at cheaper price. They just want to use up our inventory slots so we spend more gems

    • Eolirin

      Right, which is why they’re committing to having those material tab slots added within a few weeks of launch. Hey guys, don’t worry, this is temporary, you will get your slots back pretty quick is an amazing pitch for selling more inventory slots, I will admit. /s

  • Ardenwolfe

    Someone missed the supply and demand portion of Economics 101.

    • Alot

      Like the fact that diamonds are actually a common commodity but the lock down of supply to create artificial scarcity (and the marketing ploy that marriage with a shiny rock is a cultural norm) led to their current artificially high prices?

      You get to test some really interesting market behaviors in mmos. Its a pity they never release papers on their shenanigans.

    • Eolirin

      Maybe so, but it wasn’t Anet. Material storage effectively black holing 250 or more of a given mat for any significant portion of the playerbase – and they have the metrics to *know* for sure if that’s happening – when demand is high effectively reduces supply, pushing the price up. And no, just because prices are high doesn’t mean people automatically sell stuff, or even realize they have a bunch of stuff *to* sell. Information isn’t ever perfect in the real world, and humans have attentional limits, unlike an econ 101 formula. Increasing visibility of materials and putting greater pressure on inventory space should increase TP supply.

  • Spotted dick

    Just have to log in with an alt and store that stuff there…

    Back at square 1, ANET.

  • Zis

    OK ANet. Just give the players a free bank slot. What? You did that back in gw1…

  • Ainseland

    good move from anet

  • qol;3

    arenanet is showing its god-complex – and it’s far away from qol; well we can certainly say that anet really wants their players to play the game exactly like they – at that current moment think it’s right. No one ever said “I wish we had less qol”

  • Trillium

    Sounds logical.
    Storaging things to clear bag space and forgetting about them is precisely what i do all the time.
    And any attempt to even out the prices is commendable.

    No tears shall be shed for TP players, who like price spikes.

    • IchbinVol

      One of my best friends is an MMO Merchant type, and even I’ll admit he is scum. lol

    • Alot

      Whenever I think of putting things on the trade post, I consider if the profit margin is worth waiting for the damn market screen to load. For a few weeks inventories are going to fill up at lightning speeds with items which (in theory) will have purposefully deflated values and high sticking power.

      I’m looking forward to seeing if people even bother trying to sell their stuff or if the majority will just pawn their stuff to merchants for convenience.

  • Фролов Денис

    Damn. Just when they made all the garbage from HoT and LS3 storageable – here we go again.

  • crimsonknith

    Don’t forget demand was increased by the need of flax for the Guild Halls. Apparently the flax requirement for a complete guild hall was 30,000 piles of flax seeds. I am sure that contributed to the inflation.

  • baddog

    They have already said they are going to change the way green and blue loot is stacked to increase each by 250 instead of it’s own individual slot allowing for more storage. So it is not going to affect our inventory storing capacity by limiting us to just storing the new materials in our inventory bags.

  • You know how you avoid stupid shit like this? Make another toon, use 20slot bags thats 100 bag slots you get for free. Store all materials on this character. PROBLEM SOLVED

    • Steve

      I bought another account for $5 just for this. Anet has no idea what kind of hoarding I’m capable of.

      • axyd

        41 mostly full and counting…

    • Zalashiji Heckroth

      Hell, I do that and have a private guild for storage that still has the deep troves. I never run out of seasonal food/oils/sharpening because of it

  • The One Copper Bard

    In my opinion I think whatever materials are needed for guild halls adjusts the price accordingly. Kinda like how it is with other MMO’s that rely on such a feature to build and/or expand their guild hall. I’ve always made a killing on the auction houses with materials that are in a high demand for such endeavors. Goes the same with certain legendaries and armor sets as well.

  • Nitrobacter

    But why should I sell a bunch of new stuff before I even know what it’s purpose is, how rare it is or if i need a stack when i reach the next map…
    It’s just a plot to get players to build a bunch of 25slot bags ;P

    • Dahkeus

      Well, you’re not necessary supposed to sell the item, but you should be aware that you have the item and subsequently conscious of the decision to sell vs keep it.

  • axyd

    FOUND A SOLUTION: when new mats are released just undercut by 1 silver at a time to initially crash price so ANET gives us mat storage. Once we can store them go back to undercutting by 1 copper. If everyone did this we would have precipus storage and stable prices in no time.

  • Astrus

    I feel like them announcing beforehand that these things will eventually go into storage defeats the point of the exercise.
    I likely would have stored them on the character I have set aside as material storage anyway, now I’ll *definitely* do that and just deposit them into storage when that becomes available.

  • Scutilla

    Of course, if you were actually smart enough to sell said materials at the launch of HoT, you made out big time. If I recall, the 10 vials of linseed oil I got from an early story achievement sold for something like 5g each.

    That said, if something isn’t given a material storage slot, my first instinct isn’t going to be to TP it, it’s going to be to dedicate a bank slot to it until I decide if it’s something I’m going to need down the road or not. And even then I’ll probably wait until I fill the stack unless it’s a really favorable scenario like the aforementioned linseed.

    • lore

      I agree, I don’t think this will help much because many will just dedicate a bank slot to it.

      I also don’t like how they undercut the “go getters” so to speak.

      The beginning of an x-pac is an opportunity for the savy to make a little change on the market.
      I think it is fair because they: figured out what the hot mats would be, went out and spent time farming them then put them on the TP to make that gold.

      Why would they undercut the very behavior (minus the price increase) that they wanted? They want these mats on the TP, the “go getters” were supplying them…

      Most players accept that the “hot mats” cost a little more at the start of the x pac. It basically happens in all MMO’s that have significant crafting.

      It’s like when a new car or new phone comes out- it is pricey. Six months later….. Not so much.

      Look at the costs of flasks and potions for the first month of legion. Some raiders could not even afford them and were using lesser pots because they were cheaper.

  • \///

    good excuse to “make” us buy more storage slots …. or bank slots …

  • Jayce

    So wait… they go through this whole spiel about wanting to reduce “Inventory Wars 2” with these new unidentified gear drops, then tell us they are deliberately not adding materials to the storage so it will fill our inventories and annoy us to the point that we put them on the trading post? Yeah I’m calling BS cash grab on this one. Flax prices were high because Flax was in high demand for all of the new HoT stat weapons and armour, which I think all need Flax to craft the insignias.

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