GW2 Gemstore Update–Largos Fin Backpack Glider Combo

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Largos Fin Backpack Glider combo available for 700 gems.

Largos Fin Backpack Glider Combo – 700 gems

  • Glider has two dye slots, backpack is not dyeable as always



Returning Items

  • Aviator Cap – 200 gems
  • Aviator Sunglasses – 150 gems
  • Lawless Boots Skin – 300 gems
  • Lawless Gloves Skin – 300 gems
  • Lawless Helmet Skin – 300 gems
  • Lawless Shoulder Skin – 300 gems
  • Fuzzy Cat Hat – 200 gems
  • Wide Rim Glasses – 150 gems
  • Mini Mordrem Leyleecher – 500 gems
  • Mini Sabetha – 350 gems
  • Mini Sand Giant – 350 gems
  • Mini Beetle – 500 gems
  • Mini Zintl Cavalier – 350 gems
  • Mini Bonebreaker – 350 gems
  • Electromagnetic Ascender – 250 gems
  • Electromagnetic-Descender Glider – 400 gems
  • Ironclad Glider – 500 gems
  • Hawk Wings Glider Combo – 700 gems
  • White Mantle Glider – 400 gems
  • Necrotic Glider – 500 gems


  • Magnus’s Eye Patch – 280 gems – 30% OFF (was 400 gems)
  • Pirate Captain’s Outfit – 490 gems -30% OFF (was 700 gems)
  • Peg-Leg Boots Skin – 210 gems -30% OFF (was 300 gems)
  • Pirate Corsair Hat Skin – 210 gems – 30% OFF (was 300 gems)
  • Pirate Hook Skin – 210 gems – 30% OFF (was 300 gems)
  • Taiwan Wolf

    when largos give up on underwater content and take flight instead

    • The One Copper Bard

      Fish evolve is how I see it. Pray that they don’t become like a flying cow mixed with a pigeon…

    • NoxInfernus

      they got the hint from A-net, evolve or gtfo.

  • Mikey Moo

    kind of surprised there’s no outfit accompanying this

  • LOL Really?

    Well, the trash-tier race gets a fangasm. Woo.

  • Alot

    Nothing quite kills ones dreams of playing an aquatic species as having their body parts served up on plates. Plus bow your head to the irony of fish fins which drip water in the air but disapear when you underwater.

    • Emil33

      Why would fins “drip” water when they are underwater O.o ….

      • Alotofnonsense

        and why wouldn’t they drip water when out of it? lol

      • Alot

        The fins. Not the water -.-

        • RabbitUp

          You can use them as a back item underwater.

          • Alot

            Does the backpack “swim” underwater like like the gliders do while you gliding – or do they just stick to your back motionless?

  • The_Super_Namek

    With the Kodan tonic and this Largos glider/backpack i guess we can give up our dreams for a new playable race (beside the Tengu (maybe))

    • Shaggy

      not this expac, but my bet is they were planning to have the tengu from the beginning. their location and such is just too perfect for them to never be added.

  • BobbyOrr

    Are those chem-trails coming off that new fancy glider:)

  • Blippedy Blop

    Behold, I predict new character creations, with blueish skin, centred around this glider/ backpack combo.

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    Even if I liked this I wouldn’t buy it. Releasing paired glider-back items is really lame as long as the back cannot be dyed.
    I’m willing to buy a combo like this only if the glider is not dyeable as well (like the mursaat combo). Even better if there’s a nice outfit in the mix. But this silly combos where the back can’t be dyed but the glider can are just frustrating. “Yay I can use these cool dyes and make the glider… oh wait… the back… -_- “

  • terrible anon

    This design was brought you by: someone at Anet who doesn’t know how wing joints usually work.

    • mxpie6

      Largos ‘wings’ are more like lobed fins so they are not necessarily jointed like aerial wings. The bat and hawk wing gliders look just fine.

  • Asda

    All the wing backpacks look awful with their rubbery bendy physics.

  • BobbyOrr

    Not easy to find but hopefully Dulfy see’s this and can put up a consolidated post on all the changes they are making to PoF elites, such as

    They posted the changes they are going to make to all the new elite specs today in the new forums under each classes area.

  • nadrian3k

    Meh, personally i never liked largos design

    • kazerniel

      same here. They seem so uninspired. Humanoids with BDSM leather clothes and impractical-looking ” angel wings”.

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