SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 19 – September 26

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 19 – September 26

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Items No Longer Available

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  • If they really wanted to make a few bucks, sell the no longer available mounts that people need to finish achievements….

    • HMH

      Or start selling past sub rewards like the party jawa or the HK chapter since there’s almost no one left playing that has them anyway.

      • AbnerDoon

        How many CC’s to access the special CE vendor in the VIP Lounge on Fleet? People would still flip their lids over that. 😀

        • Rompe Himself

          And then they can be just as disappointed as the rest of us who had access to the VIP Lounge (either via buying the CE edition of the game or paying the 1 mil creds to get up there) when they see how that vendor is never updated nor has much worth buying.

          • Jep Fareborn

            The VIP vendor with his 1-mount has been complete LULZ for years…and believe me I asked the devs at the Cantina Events always if they were gonna add more things to sell with that VIP vendor…”Oh yeah definitely…” Bullshit artists…

            • Meelis S

              Why should they? EA wants money so all effort goes for cartel market.

          • The Collector’s Edition vendor gets new stuff quite “regularly”.

  • Syok

    Outlander Character Token has been on sale with -44% discount for like over one year already. Much discount very sale such PR

  • Ben Fuller

    Is that armour from the warbound crusader pack image above in game or just a concept for the CM

    • Deshik

      It’s in game

      • Ben Fuller

        Do you know what it is called

        • Deshik

          enigmatic hero

  • Sabretooth

    another ”meh” sell.

  • Jep Fareborn

    I could give 2 shits about Zakuul-specific gear anymore – let alone Iokath gear. I did buy the riot control tuning.

  • Guest2

    Aaaaaaand… no fucks were given. Couldnt care less about Zakuul related gear, and the packs are a scam. The tuning is the only thing worth it, but we’re talking 18 euros for a tuning, ffs.

    The only thing i’d truly buy would be the HK chapter, and for no more than 10 euros. Otherwise they can stick it up their rear, and i cant wait for the game to die once and for all, and some other studio to take the license and make something worth playing.

    Let’s see if 2018 is the final nail in the coffin for this shet and it’s pathetic devs.

    • Fallen

      Yea wait for the game to die in 2018 then another studio will get it. You mean Disney that ones all rights to Star wars and EA that has a contract to make SW games for the next few years So your hoping you will see it again by end of the next decade if your lucky?

      • Meelis S

        Sometimes its best to let MMO game die so new single play game can be developed. Currently its exactly like that. Pay for rng mess and single play activity. Numbers we are seeing are telling exactly that trend.

        • Fallen

          I understand. Was just saying that Disney /EA will be doing any and all games for SW And do not see any other company/ studio out side them for at least 5 years or longer is all

    • Paulo Gomes

      The HK Chapter was brilliant. And I didn’t play it, I didn’t meet the requirements (can’t remember what they were, but I wasn’t subscribed for the period required). I watched on Youtube. But it was the best piece of content to come out of BW, Austin maybe since SoR/Ziost.

      But are they coming out and selling that on the CM? Are they giving another slap in the face of the people that subscribed for the period required?

  • Ruthless Scion looks sick! Still thinking about buyng it. ^_^

  • Asteron123

    Well I’ve been wanting the Scion armor for some time, so this looks like the best chance to get it.

    Now all I need is the Sith Recluse and Mandalorian Tracker

    • Zasz

      Sith recluse was for sale a few weeks ago.

      • Asteron123

        An operation rather interfered with that.

  • Don Loco

    More from the “We can’t make an Op inside of a year but by god we can pump out metric tons of Cartel Market stuff!” team. What wonders they do, what grand sweeping story arcs they inspire….oh wait.

    • Thundertrain

      Not to take away from your point about the lack of new content (because it’s quite valid), but there is literally not one new thing in this “metric ton of Cartel Market stuff”. All they’ve done is taken items that were available previously in RNG crates and offer them as individual items. The RNG crate in this offer is recycled at a lower price. I’d imagine the whole process of putting up this sale took no more than 20 minutes.

      • HMH

        O man, even the Cartel Market is in maintenance mode now!

      • Don Loco

        That in itself is pretty damn bad. Alas.

  • cole flynn

    The VIP vendor with his 1-mount has been complete LULZ for years…and believe me I asked the devs at the Cantina Events always if they were gonna add more things to sell with that VIP vendor…”Oh yeah definitely…” Bullshit artists…

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      “VIP vendor? We have a VIP vendor?”

  • jordan griffin

    The Collector’s Edition vendor gets new stuff quite “regularly”.

    • Amodin

      Not sure if trolling… wait I see what you did there.

  • AbnerDoon

    Nerfing force tanks and marksmen. Still nothing else listed for the horizon. Don’t they know it’s supposed to be the carrot than the stick. Not stick, stick and how about some stick.

  • Naq

    Just passing through, nothing to see here.

    • HMH

      I know nothing of Everquest and was surprised to see that picture of Kephess on their page.

    • AbnerDoon

      Glad I’m over that addiction. Must not check on Iksar Shadow Knight.

      That’s almost as funny as not having flying mounts in a space game. Oh wait that’s real. 😀

    • Fred Garvin

      lol…even a nearly 20 year old game can release more content than SWTOR.

  • Travelering_swordsman

    i am waiting on that Mandalorian Tracker outfit myself? already got the Ruthless Scion outfit, and sense no new context is coming out seems a much needed longer break is going to happen,

  • Mark Saunders

    one look at the new Destiny 2 armours on this site just makes you question EA’s desire to keep making ToR. It’s becoming embarrasing now. Hoping and hoping… Just wish they’d drop something awesome on us or just let us know to stop hoping lol.

  • Burritos

    Any chance to transfer the tunning mod again on alts, with legacy weap ?

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