Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Faction Engram Armor and Weapons

Destiny 2 Faction Vendor Engram Armor and Weapons with pictures of all the armor sets and weapons you can get from each type of engram.

Last Updated: Dec 31, 2017

  • Dec 31, 2017 – Eater of World Raid set for Warlock and Eververse S2/Dawning/Mercury sets
  • Nov 21, 2017 – Iron Banner sets, Raid set for Warlock, Missing Hunter Sets
  • Nov 7, 2017 – Faction Rally Sets, Raid Set for Titan


Hunter Armor

Planetary Vendor Sets

Wildwood (EDZ Engram – Devrim)


Lost Pacific (Arcology Engram – Sloane)


Exodus Down (Nessus Engram – Failsafe)


Gensym Knight (Io Engram – Asher)


Kairos Function (Mercury Engram – Brother Vance)


Swordflight 4.1 (Crucible Engrams– Lord Shaxx)


The Took Offense (Vanguard Tactician Engram – Zavala)


Frumious (Vanguard Research Engram– Ikora)


Eververse Sets

Optimacy (Bright Engram – Eververse Season 1)


Omega Mechanos (Bright Engram – Eververse Season 2)


Winterhart (Dawning Engrams)


Trial and Raid Sets

Flowing (Trials Engram – Emissary)


Ace-Defiant (Leviathan Raid Set)


Feltroc (Eater of Worlds Raid Set)


Faction Rally & Iron Banner Sets

Anti-Extinction (Dead Orbit)


Simulator (Future War Cult)


Sovereign (New Monarchy)


Iron Truage


Legendary Engram Sets

Dead End Cure 2.1 (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


Errant Knight 1.0 (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


Road Complex AA1 (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


Icarus Drifter (Random drop from Legendary Engrams, PS4 Exclusive)


Titan Armor

Planetary Vendor Sets

Wildwood (EDZ Engram – Devrim)


Lost Pacific (Arcology Engram – Sloane)


Exodus Down (Nessus Engram – Failsafe)


Gensym Knight (Io Engram – Asher)


Kairos Function (Mercury Engram – Brother Vance)


Phoenix Strife Type 0 (Crucible Engrams– Lord Shaxx)


The Shelter In Place (Vanguard Tactician Engram – Zavala)


Noble Constant Type 2 (Vanguard Research Engram– Ikora)


Eververse Sets

Optimacy (Bright Engram – Eververse Season 1)


Omega Mechanos (Bright Engram – Eververse Season 2)


Winterhart (Dawning Engrams)


Trial and Raid Sets

Crushing (Trials Engram – Emissary)


Rull (Leviathan Raid Set)


Nohr (Eater of Worlds Raid Set)


Faction Rally & Iron Banner Sets

Anti-Extinction (Dead Orbit)


Simulator (Future War Cult)


Sovereign (New Monarchy)


Iron Truage


Legendary Engram Sets

Devastation Complex (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


Kerak Type 2 (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


Retrograde TG2 (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


Warlock Armor

Planetary Vendor Sets

Wildwood (EDZ Engram – Devrim)


Lost Pacific (Arcology Engram – Sloane)


Exodus Down (Nessus Engram – Failsafe)


Gensym Knight (Io Engram – Asher)


Kairos Function (Mercury Engram – Brother Vance)


Ankaa Seeker IV (Crucible  Engrams– Lord Shaxx)


Xenos Vale IV (Vanguard Tactician Engram – Zavala)


Ego Talon IV (Vanguard Research Engram– Ikora)


Eververse Sets

Optimacy (Bright Engram – Eververse Season 1)


Omega Mechanos (Bright Engram – Eververse Season 2)


Winterhart (Dawning Engrams)


Trial and Raid Sets

Channeling (Trials Engram – Emissary)


Fulminator (Leviathan Raid Set)


Faction Rally & iron Banner Sets

Anti-Extinction (Dead Orbit)


Simulator (Future War Cult)


Sovereign (New Monarchy)


Iron Truage


Legendary Engram Sets

Philomath (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


Heiro Camo (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


High-Minded Complex (Random drop from Legendary Engrams)


EDZ Weapons

Available from EDZ Engrams from Devrim Kay, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Scathelocke – Auto Rifle Call to Serve – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-scathelock destiny-2-call-to-serve
Bad News – Hand Cannon Minimum Distance – Sidearm
destiny-2-bad-news destiny-2-minimum-distance
Lincoln Green – Pulse Rifle Complex Solution– Sword
destiny-2-lincoln-green destiny-2-complex-solution
Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun Cartesian Coordinate – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-hawthorne's-field-forged-shotgun destiny-2-cartesian-coordinate
Flash and Thunder – Grenade Launcher Show of Force – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-flash-and-thunder destiny-2-show-of-force

Arcology Weapons

Available from Arcology Engrams from Sloane on Titan.

Solemn Hymn – Auto Rifle Tone Patrol – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-solemn-hymn destiny-2-tone-patrol
Annual Skate – Hand Cannon Dead Man Walking – Sidearm
destiny-2-annual-skate destiny-2-dead-man-walking
Foggy Notion – Submachine Gun A Single Clap – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-foggy-notion destiny-2-a-single-clap
Swift Ride– Pulse Rifle Negative Space – Sword
destiny-2-swift-ride destiny-2-negative-space
Nox Echo III – Fusion Rifle Hoosegow – Rocket Launcher
destiny-2-nox-echo-III destiny-2-hoosegow

Nessus Weapons

Available from Nessus Engrams from Failsafe, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Uriel’s Gift – Auto Rifle Seven Six Five– Scout Rifle
destiny-2-uriel's-gift destiny-2-seven-six-five
Shattered Peace – Hand Cannon Last Hope – Sidearm
destiny-2-shattered-peace destiny-2-last-hope
Agenda 5 – Pulse Rifle Out of Options – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-agenda-5 destiny-2-out-of-options
Shepherd’s Watch– Sniper Rifle Shock and Awe – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-shepherd's-watch destiny-2-shock-and-awe
Mos Epoch III – Rocket Launcher Orthrus – Grenade Launcher
destiny-2-mos-epoch-III destiny-2-orthrus

Io Weapons

Available from Io Engrams from Asher, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Valakadyn – Auto Rifle The Rattler – Sidearm
destiny-2-valakadyn destiny-2-the-rattler
Baligant – Shotgun Unspoken Promise – Sword
destiny-2-baligant destiny-2-unspoken-promise
Widow’s Bite– Sniper Rifle Tarantula – Linear Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-widow's-bite destiny-2-tarantula
Blue Shift– Rocket Launcher Berenger’s Memory – Grenade Launcher
destiny-2-blue-shift destiny-2-berenger's-memory

Crucible Weapons

Available from Crucible Engrams from Lord Shaxx, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Martyr’s Make – Auto Rifle Does Not Compute – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-martyr's-make destiny-2-does-not-compute
Better Devils – Hand Cannon Retrofuturist – Shotgun
destiny-2-better-devils destiny-2-retrofururist
Last Perdition – Pulse Rifle Steel Sybil Z-14 – Sword
destiny-2-last-perdition destiny-2-steel-sybil-z-14
Gentleman Vagabond – Sniper Rifle Critical Sass – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-gentleman-vagabond destiny-2-critical-sass
Play of the Game – Grenade Launcher

Vanguard Tactician Weapons

Available from Vanguard Tactician engrams from Zivala, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Origin Story – Auto Rifle Nameless Midnight – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-origin-story destiny-2-nameless-midnight
The Showrunner – Submachine Gun Deadpan Delivery– Shotgun
destiny-2-the-showrunner destiny-2-deadpan-delivery
The Last Dance– Sidearm Daedalus Code – Hand Cannon
destiny2-the-last-dance destiny-2-daedalus-code
Nightshade – Pulse Rifle Curtain Call – Rocket Launcher
destiny-2-nightshade destiny-2-curtain-call
Persuader – Sniper Rifle Main Ingredient – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-persuader destiny-2-main-ingredient
Wicked Sister– Grenade Launcher

Dead Orbit Weapons

Available from New Monarchy during Faction Rally.

Truthteller – Grenade Launcher
(Nov 7-14 Rally)
Dire Promise – Hand Cannon Three Graves – Pulse Rifle
destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-2 destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-3
Eleventh Hour – Sidearm Gravity Slingshot – Shotgun
destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-6 destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-8
Guiding Star – Auto Rifle Haunted Earth – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-10 destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-12
Contingency Plan – Scout Rifle Escape Velocity – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-14 destiny-2-dead-orbit-weapons-16

Future War Cult Weapons

Available from Future War Cult during Faction Rally.

Timeline’s Vertex – Fusion Rifle
(Nov 7-14 Rally)
True Prophecy – Hand Cannon The Number – Auto Rifle
destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-2 destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-4
Eye of Foresight – Sniper Rifle Heart of Time (Pulse Rifle)
destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-6 destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-8
Stochastic Variable (Submachine Gun) Enigma’s Draw (Sidearm)
destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-10 destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-12
Memory Interdict (Grenade Launcher) Pleiades Corrector – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-14 destiny-2-future-war-cult-weapons-15

New Monarchy Weapons

Available from New Monarchy during Faction Rally.

Honor’s Edge – Sword
(Nov 7-14 Rally)
Restoration VIII – Auto Rifle Song of Justice VI – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons-4
Unification VII – Shotgun Royal Dispensation II – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons-6 destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons-15
Good Counsel IX – Scout Rifle Interregnum XVI – Sidearm
destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons-8 destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons-10
Older Sister III – Hand Cannon Maxim XI – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons-12 destiny-2-new-monarchy-weapons-13

Gunsmith Weapons

Galliard-42 – Auto Rifle Halfdan-D – Auto Rifle
destiny-2-galliard-42 destiny-2-halfdan-d
Jiangshi AR4 – Auto Rifle Frontier Justice – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-jiangshi-ar-4 destiny-2-frontier-justice
Manannian SR4 – Scout Rifle Tango-45 – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-manannan-sr4 destiny-2-tango-45
Black Scorpion-4SR – Sniper Rifle Imset HC4 – Hand Cannon
destiny-2-black-scorpion-4sr destiny-2-imset-hc4
Minute-42 – Hand Cannon Pribina-D – Hand Cannon
destiny-2-minuet-42 destiny-2-pribina-d
Athelflad-D – Sidearm Etana SI4 – Sidearm
destiny-2-athelflad-d destiny-2-etana-si4
Urchin-3SI – Sidearm Resonance-42 – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-urchin-3si destiny-2-resonance-42
Antiope-D – Submachine Gun Phosphorus MG4 – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-antiope-d destiny-2-phosphorus-mg4
Cadenza-43 – Pulse Rifle Nergal PR4 – Pulse Rifle
destiny-2-cadenza-43 destiny-2-nergal-pr4
Morrigan-D – Rocket Launcher Pentatonic-48 – Rocket Launcher
destiny-2-morrigan-d destiny-2-pentatonic-48
Veleda-D – Sniper Rifle Copperhead-4SN – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-veleda-d destiny-2-copperhead-4sn
Elegy-49 – Sniper Rifle Somerled-D – Shotgun
destiny-2-elegy-49 destiny-2-somerled-d
Erentil FR4 – Fusion Rifle Acantha-D – Grenade Launcher
destiny-2-erentil-fr4 destiny-2-acantha-d

Trials Weapons

Available from Trials engrams from The Emissary, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Prosecutor – Auto Rifle The End– Scout Rifle
destiny-2-prosecutor destiny-2-the-end
Adjudicator – Submachine Gun A Sudden Death– Shotgun
destiny-2-adjudicator destiny-2-a-sudden-death
A Swift Verdict– Sidearm Judgment– Hand Cannon
destiny-2-a-swift-verdict destiny-2-judgement
Relentless – Pulse Rifle The Long Walk – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-relentless destiny-2-the-long-walk

Leviathan Raid Weapons

Available from Leviathan Raid as direct drops from encounters or purchased from engrams via Calus tokens.

Ghost Primus – Auto Rifle Conspirator – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-ghost-primus destiny-2-conspirator
It Stared Back – Sword Mob Justice – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-it-stared-back destiny-2-mob-justice

Weapon Ornaments

Available as random drops from Bright Engrams available from Eververse. These weapon ornaments are skins for your exotic weapons.

Sub-Zero (Coldheart) Down to Business (Sweet Business)
destiny-2-sub-zero destiny-2-down-to-business
Book of the Dead (Vigilance Wing) Particle Accelerator (Graviton Lance)
destiny-2-book-of-the-dead destiny-2-particle-accelerator
Red Dwarf (Sunshot) Symbiosis (Sturm)
destiny-2-red-dwarf destiny-2-symbiosis
Black Plague (Rat King) Summer Storm (Riskrunner)
destiny-2-black-plague destiny-2-summer-storm
Break the Dawn (Merciless) Jade Countenance (Fighting Lion)
destiny-2-break-the-dawn destiny-2-jade-countenance
Under Construction (Tractor Cannon) Mind of Its Own (D.A.C.R.I)
destiny-2-under-construction destiny-2-mind-of-its-own
Tesla’s Revenge (The Wardcliff Coil) Comstock Lode (The Prospector)
destiny-2-tesla's-revenge destiony-2-comstock-lode
The Future is Chrome (Hard Light) All the Essentials (MIDA Multi-Tool)
destiny-2-the-future-is-chrome destiny-2-all-the-essentials
Beware the Red Legion (Skyburner’s Oath)

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WoW, just mention that you added Destiny 2 at the top menu, Dulfy! Ty for all guides that already were posted! I’m waiting for PC release! Hope you will not abandoned Destiny 2 cause thanks to you we have so amazing guides and info for GW2 and SWTOR! Ty a lot! -_-

@dulfy, the “Class Items” don’t share the same name as the armor sets. It would be great if the names of those class items were listed either here or on the MMO Fashion site they are linked to from here. Just a suggestions. I think your Destiny 2 content is great!

Yes. Very yes! You were always there for us, Dulfy, in SWTOR so I was happy to trip over the link to your D2 work this morning. This is exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks again for pulling together what most of (I understand why some asked for an update, but it’s unnecessary) us wanted to be able to see in one, elegant post. Good stuff, Dulfy.

Is there chance you’re going to update this list? I know there’s gunsmith weapons missing (hakke hand cannon) and some armor I’ve gotten

Didn’t see the Old Fashioned or Pribina-D hand cannons, Good Bone Structure and First In Last Out shotguns, or Disrespectful Stare and Eystein-D pulse rifles on your list. Not sure where you get these.

What about High-Minded Complex for Warlock, for example? Wanna make sure I keep all the cool outfits and this is a good way to check up on complete outfits but apparently some are missing.

Any chance you will be adding screenshots for female characters? I noticed a lot of them missing. I could help with a few if you like.

This is cool, but I hate that the class armors aren’t named the same way. The Titan mark for the Devastation Complex makes sense, but barely looks like it and has a different name. Heard that Forsaken will let you retrieve anything you’ve ever collected. Wish I could get my Omega Mechanos chest for the Titan though. Might as well delete that set if I can’t finish it.

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