SWTOR Vengence Juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian Changes for 5.5

Here are the class changes for Vengence Juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian for game update 5.5 coming October 10.

Class Changes: Vengeance Juggernaut / Vigilance Guardian | 09.20.2017, 06:10 PM
Hey folks,

Below are the changes that are coming to Vengeance and Vigilance in Game Update 5.5:

Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.


  • The damage done by Chilling Scream due to the Piercing Chill utility has been reduced by 60%


  • Increased the bleed damage bonus given by Bloodmaster per bleeding effect from 3% to 5%, now stacking up to 15%
  • Increased the melee bonus damage given by Ravager from 3% to 5%
  • Draining Scream now deals 45% more damage


  • The damage done by Freezing Force due to the Persistent Chill utility has been reduced by 60%


  • Increased the burn damage bonus given by Burnmaster per burning effect from 3% to 5%, now stacking up to 15%
  • Increased the melee bonus damage given by Master Focus from 3% to 5%
  • Burning Blade now deals 45% more damage

DevNotes: Chilling Scream / Freezing Force was doing too much damage with the Piercing Chill / Persistent Chill utility. It was being used as a single-target rotational ability when it’s intended use was multi-target AOE, so we reduced the damage it deals with Piercing Chill / Persistent Chill. To make up for part of the DPS loss, we increased the damage of Draining Scream / Burning Blade by 45%. Then to make up for the rest of the DPS needed to bring Vengeance / Vigilance in line with its DPS target, we increased periodic damage and overall melee damage through two passive abilities.


  • Pull the Plug on SWTOR

    0 comments? this game is so dead. Pull the plug already

  • Guest

    I really dont use freezing force anyways so it doesnt bother me. thanks for the burning blade increase though : )

    • Haggard

      I know right! Exactly what I thought! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • Sad but true

        Then you two just used the wrong/ highly ineffective rotation^^

        • Haggard

          The fact that we don’t follow any guide/specific rotation doesn’t mean we aren’t able to dish out some dps nor that we’re not effective.

  • Errtai

    Hey this is my main spec! Couldn’t care less about the freezing force but I’m really glad Burning Blade gets a buff as well as dots.

  • Caitlin

    Heyy!! Class changes with BUFFS for once! 😀

  • Danny Lawrence West

    So they reduced damage on piercing chill, because they thought it did too much damage? As if a jug/guard can even live long enough in a 4v4 to use chilling scream without worrying not dying under 20 seconds. A jug in full 248 gear can take an average of 280k damage before death, as a merc can take 450k damage before death. Mercs have; range, burst, self heals, root breakers, some cc immunity, kiting abilities, self healing damage reflect, kolto full health heal from 5% health from one dcd. Juggernaut/guardians dont live up to their names, they are squishy and dead slot in 4v4s. The only spec that is slightly viable is vengeance, with it’s cc immunity, 20% damange protection for 4 seconds for every force charge and it’s simple short dot rotation. I just wish they can finally balance these classes once and for all. As of right now only way to remotely get a good rating in 4v4 or even live longer than 90 seconds is to play a tank with dps gear which is another issue that needs be addressed.

    P.S- Piercing chill is use for kiting, dot damage spread and use on mercs reflect since you know you cant attack them during that period.

    They need make force charge have root breaking capabilities and abilities need to activate defense protection increase for short time period. Dcd need to be adjusted, as of now you literally have to pop 3 of your dcd when entering combat or wasting your best dcs within 5 seconds when cc chained and have to waste your breaker.

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