SWTOR Rage Juggernaut / Focus Guardian Changes for 5.5

Here are the class changes for Rage Juggernaut and Focus Guardian for patch 5.5.

Class Changes: Rage Juggernaut / Focus Guardian | 09.21.2017, 09:46 AM
Hey folks,

Below you will find the changes coming to Rage and Focus in Game Update 5.5.

Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.


  • The damage done by Chilling Scream due to the Piercing Chill utility has been reduced by 60%


  • Force Lash now deals 100% more damage
  • The bonus critical chance given by Brutality to Vicious Throw and Furious Strike has been increased from 5% to 10%


  • The damage done by Freezing Force due to the Persistent Chill utility has been reduced by 60%


  • Force Lash now deals 100% more damage
  • The bonus critical chance given by Swift Slash to Dispatch and Concentrated Slice has been increased from 5% to 10%

DevNotes: Chilling Scream / Freezing Force was doing too much damage with the Piercing Chill / Persistent Chill utility. It was being used as a single-target rotational ability when its intended use was multi-target AOE, so we reduced the damage it deals with Piercing Chill / Persistent Chill. To make up for the DPS loss, we increased the damage of Force Lash by 100%. Additionally, we increased the critical chance on two key abilities through a passive to give the discipline some additional damage potential and bring them in line with the DPS target.


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9 replies on “SWTOR Rage Juggernaut / Focus Guardian Changes for 5.5”

So they took reduce damage on piercing chill, because they thought it did too much damage? As if a jug/guard can even live long enough in a 4v4 to use chilling scream without worrying not dying under 20 seconds. A jug in full 248 gear can take an average of 280k damage before death, as a merc can take 450k damage before death. Mercs have; range, burst, self heals, root breakers, some cc immunity, kiting abilities, self healing damage reflect, kolto full health heal from 5% health from one dcd. Juggernaut/guardians dont live up to their names, they are squishy and dead slot in 4v4s. The only spec that is slightly viable is vengeance, with it’s cc immunity, 20% damange protection for 4 seconds for every force charge and it’s simple short dot rotation. I just wish they can finally balance these classes once and for all. As of right now only way to remotely get a good rating in 4v4 or even live longer than 90 seconds is to play a tank with dps gear which is another issue that needs be addressed.

Are you commenting on the nerf to Chilling Scream / Freezing Force’s base ability damage or are you commenting on the Juggernaut / Guardian class in general?

Dude take a shit somwhere else K? Do you play? Have you quit? If you play quit whining and trolling. If its so dissapointing go somewhere else. If you have quit because its dead to you, then wtf are you doing here anyway?

Game spends too much time nerfing and buffing shit. Just bring all classes back to what they were on launchday and make smart adjustments to the new abilities added since. Too much dev time is wasted on all the people that cry nerf. Why we would have expansions on the 8 class stories by now if all this time wasn’t wasted.

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