SWTOR Roadmap – Autumn Update

Bioware will be releasing the Autumn update of the roadmap before the NYC Cantina in October.

SWTOR Roadmap – The Autumn Update! | 09.21.2017, 02:02 PM
Hey everyone,

I have seen quite a few questions about the status of the Roadmap, both in timing and in content. I know this is more of an announcement of an announcement, but the plan is to deliver the updated version before our October 6th SWTOR Cantina in New York. I also realize I’ve been more quiet this past month, but we’ve been hard at work making sure we avoid the issues we had last month with Game Update 5.4.

As a result, we pushed back the release date of Game Update 5.5 to October 10, 2017, and as you’ll find out, we have lots of activity happening every couple weeks. In the Roadmap, I will provide you with exactly what we’re doing through the end of 2017 plus a glimpse of early 2018. After it’s published, we’ll make sure we are available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer any additional insight. For those of you participating at the Cantina, we have a fun surprise for you that we’ll announce in an upcoming Livestream.

Talk with you soon,


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Agreed and it’s still not even a sure thing. It’s a maybe a hopeful maybe but still a maybe.

At least now we know 5.5 and 5.6 come with a double dose of nerfs. Sure would be nice to see something past the nerfs though. lol I really hope that he is mostly right on this time table even the gentle folk I game with are getting riled up.

Are they serious, really hard at work?
Still don’t what they are doing.
Everything now seems to get delayed,
Mess up classes nerfs and buff.
Nothing new.

I don’t blame them for not telling us shit. We have crucified them each and every time they have. However, I don’t give a shit about an announcement of an announcement. When they have info I’ll look, not before.

It’s the Internet, people will be cunts to you no matter what. Good ol’ Bio just can’t seem to weed out the useful critique from the absolute horseshit so they just ban/ignore anyone that has something negative to say and stick their noses to threads like “Who is your favorite romance?” or “What daily area do you like the most?”

Ye, I’m sure 1 rando posting about quitting made the PR team go “Oh shi- best post some non-update, don’t want to lose that 1 guy”. -.-‘

People like myself are getting restless? bored stiff, and threatening to take away their meal ticket(s)…one potential severed subscriber at a time. They know the population activity has dropped considerably especially in that recent weeks….Harbinger is lookin’ bad like never before from an East Coaster’s PoV.

But this post is just more empty words. He’d come across as less incompetent if he just said nothing until he actually has something to say :/

But he’s said he was going to be more vocal. Which was true in the start when he got his job. Now it’s getting more and more like it used to be. Sporadic updates to say there is no updates every 2-3 weeks.

Yeah but what’s the point in being vocal if you’re not saying anything? Isn’t this just going to piss people off because they’ll think it’s an update with actual information and then once they’ve read it they’ll realise it’s just another announcement of an announcement.

I mean Keith even says it’s an announcement of announcement himself :S

Well yes, but he’s to stupid to see that we make that difference. They should just hire a public manager whose sole task is to actually update us, daily.

And yet somehow your announcement contained more information than Keith’s announcement of an announcement ever did or ever shall.

Translation: “We’re trying hard to reschedule and drop this update at the same time as other games are dropping their updates, as all MMO companies have been doing for nearly a decade to try and pressure you into choosing who gets your time.”

Gee, I wonder why oh why it’s been pushed so close to when other games are preparing for new content and Halloween events *rolls eyes*

For some reason all the other gaming companies actually try to sell their games. They even manage to make a killing off different versions of the same new package with tier and bonuses.

It’s like BW Austin doesn’t even check out any competition. What’s that ads on gaming sites and pre-orders to pull players back in “Madness!”. Announcing content before release, no sir! You take your filthy money and get out of here.

At this point, this has become a bad joke and an embarrassment for those people still playing. The excuses are also getting very thin.

“…we want to avoid the issues we had last month with Game Update 5.4” – How does this have anything to do with telling people the content coming in Patch 5.5? The issues with 5.4 were bugs. So are they saying, only three weeks from a patch dropping, that they still don’t know what they are releasing.

On the issue of the roadmap timing: The last roadmap was published at the end of May. I do not, for one second, buy that you cannot come up with a plan for 90 days in four months. With the one exception being, they do not know in that window on which day EA is going to tell them to pull the plug, but it is coming.

The joke is that company’s like Zenimax can give a rough roadmap of the entire year, early in the year, and then still announce month’s before release the overall content that is going to be provided. Horns of the Reach (the last patch in ESO) was announced almost three months before it dropped and Clockwork City (the coming patch) almost five months before release. Sure, the details of what was going to be in them was missing and is filled in as we get closer to release, but the general content cadence was known well in advance.

But SWTOR can’t even manage to talk about what is coming in the next 90 days? How the heck do they plan anything there? Considering you are on a budget at the beginning of the year you should know then the general content cadence that will be coming.

I mean at this point, the roadmap is going to drop on Oct 5th, 5 days before a patch goes live. And all this roadmap is going to have is what is coming in 5.5 and then 5.6 in October. Maybe it might give a little hint what they want to work on in early 2018 or maybe, that is when EA is going to pull the plug. One thing is for certain at this point though – there is no way they are finishing the new Op before the end of the year.

Even if EA pulls the plug, which I highly doubt, it will take at least 2 years for the game to completely die. Believe me; I’ve seen games die. First they enter maintenance mode. No updates, full F2P, come and enjoy while it lasts.

And even if SWOR enters maintenance mode officially (keyword: officially; because the game already is dead for most of us since the release of 4.0), BW can still release cartel market stuff which will make money for them. And as we all know, this game still makes money because of cartel market and not the monthly money they get from their remaining subs.

So, my personal prediction is that BW will end this year with 5.5 and 5.6 which will be minor updates, then fully finish this Gods operation in 2018 and finish the traitor storyline as well. And only then they will release a full update (6.0).

Ummm. Did you see how Warhammer Online died under EA with still 50k active subs?

They announced in October they were pulling the plug in December. 60 days after the announcement the lights went out on WO for good.

I guarantee SWTOR has much less than 50k subs right now.

I haven’t played Warhammer Online myself but I know that after being online for 5 years, they didn’t (or couldn’t) renew contract with Games Workshop thus leading to an immediate shut down.

The day EA loses the rights for Star Wars, no matter how many people play TOR, they will have to shut it down as well, but we know that won’t happen any time soon (was it 2023?).

So I don’t think Warhammer is a good example for TOR.

EA loses rights for SW?? What are you smoking? We only predict EA shutting down TOR. This has nothing to do with SW IP EA has. They are already putting a lot effort to new Battlefront and possibly new SW titles. Disney owns SW rights anyway and agreed to use EA as publisher in future. Its just TOR is soon dead for EA and Disney dont want to hear anythig about it.
Tor will die very soon. It costs A LOT to even maintain all that customer service including payment systems and CM. All those different language support ect + game servers.
Reason why there is delay after delay to delay even more is because Bioware Austin dont have any long term plans with this game. They decide bulletpoints as they go in realtime. No 3-4 month plans because team may get scrapped anytime in the end 2017 or 2018 spring where EA will announce yearly fiscal report. I predicted this game wont last full 2018 is still strong. Question is not if but how soon….

Oh I’m loving this. Really am. Just like a cheesy soap opera. It’s so bad it’s good.

Wish for once the guys at BW could prove me wrong. I’d really be happy about that.

If I wasn’t emotionally invested in TOR this would likely be hilarious to watch. Blizzard and Bethesda devs must look at BW updates and think ‘nothing to worry about there’ 🙁

Even no name game companies with their little no name MMO’s have nothing to worry about with SWTOR being the bottom of the shit heap now.

It’s so sad, and obviously the only reason that this game isn’t on the scrap heap is the Star Wars IP. LIke you said above, BW know all they have to do is the bare minimum and it’ll still exist.

But since when is just existing ever been a goal to strive for? Whatever happened to making the best possible product so that you can, not just to attract new customers, but ultimately have pride in yourself. It aggravates me so much that they are allowed to skirt by and still be praised. 🙁

first time in 4,5 years i play this game i have a BAD FEELING about this game and think it wont be on for long time anymore.
all they post is just bla bla blablabla and more bla bla bla.
is all very frustrating and i cant hear all those broken promises and empty phrases from devs anymore.
and i dont critisise cause i hate the game – no i love the game thats why it hurts so much

Couldn’t agree more, I loved this game in it’s pre 4.0 form but I’ve grown to hate BW so much for the way they’ve mismanaged it. Under their guidance there can be no future where it ever prospers. 🙁

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Hey Dulfy, you got another wild spammer that wondered into your front lawn. Best to pull it out before it gets too mischievous.

I’m impressed. You’re a full time college student making $200 – $300 / hour, working 2-3 hours per day, and you still have time to post in a Star Wars MMORPG forum AND pose for pictures in a pink bikini? YOU GO, GIRL! 😀

whatever the hell on this planet makes 17,000 a either a scam, a sham or some illegal low balling sleezy back handed stuff is going on there

Hi Keith, while we all would’ve preferred that you’d work on the roadmad instead of this stuff, it’s nice that you’re able to make some extra cash on the side of your main job at Bioware.

Been playing this again as a preferred to see on how things are. There’s a lot less people than what there used to be. I’m on one of those RP servers and I can definitely tell that there are less people on at night hours, which was always peak hours for my server. People on there were talking about fear of this being shut down in a few years. I had to stop and think if it was even remotely possible as I only see SWTOR being shut down after that 10 year plan thing of EA being done with it. Saw other people saying that they’re beginning to look for other MMO’s in gen chat as well but the one I remember is the shut down one the most and people were agreeing with them. I should have taken a screenshot now that I think about it but then again if they’re talking about it on my server then maybe others as well though who knows as I stick to one server anymore.

Me personally, I still get enjoyment out of the game though wish they would raise the cap on credits. 350k isn’t enough for preferred status lol.

The mind bobbles. Perhaps the reason why they continually get away with delivering next to nothing is that when they actually do something now it’s get treated like the second coming of Jesus by their community. I would have called it ‘our’ community, but I no longer want to associated with anyone that thanks BW for the job they are doing 🙁

Lot’s of activity happening eh Keith? I’ll guess at Bounty, Rakghoul and Gree Events to return before Christmas. There will be nothing new, there rarely is 🙁

I said pretty much the same thing in previous posts. BW Austin has worked out that those left are (either) fucking gluttons for punishment/naive idiots or diehards who drink the BW Austin kool aid. Whichever it is, BW Austin understands that these people who are still with the game despite the mediocre content will stay with the game til it shuts, even if BW Austin put out no update. As long as they keep updating the Cartel Market, these chumps will stay on and deny the sky is blue if BW Austin tells them so.

It is why BW Austin gave up trying to win back any new subs and now phones it in with new content, knowing full well that their level of effort, will be celebrated by these equally as stupid braincramps who believe the bullshit BW Austin sells them.

Perfectly summed up Rompe. I wrote below that rival studios like Blizzard and Bethesda must look at BW and laugh. In an alternate reality a MMO with the Star Wars IP would be the premier MMO with WoW and ESO fighting for for a place at the table.

Alas, here in our reality we have a Star Wars MMO that isn’t even 3rd rate 🙁

Even ArenaNet the Living Story updates rival the last two expansions. Not to mention they’ve had real expansions between that story. As much as I can hate on them on occasion they still manage to do fresh things with their engine and not have it be a complete lag fest.

Every single other MMO deals with non human classes with ease. But SWTOR screws up even that. Every race has to be perfectly humanoid in size and shape only allowing differences in the head.

They can’t even get the head right…equipping an Officer’s cap or Thermal Retention chestpiece, etc. makes you look BALD or clipping issues. And even facial features are sadly ‘hard-wired’ into certain customizations (5 o’clock shadow face for instance).
Limitations of this shitty game engine, I’d imagine, or just sheer laziness on the devs part. At least they fixed capes on mounts to some degree. ;p

lol…that’s like someone’s 5 year old telling them not to go see Avengers: Infinity War because they’re going to put on an Iron Man play for them in the backyard.

Then they should’ve chose a different venue…that Stitch B&L is tiny and crampy compared to the Hotel Conference Ballroom up in Boston they used years back during PAX East. Should’ve rented out Hard Rock Cafe again…. :p

Ugh. Going back and re-reading that thread – and now a whole bunch of them want the DvL Event to come back….are you fucking kidding me?!?! Create a new toon and grind old content yet again?!?! Jesus Christ this SWTOR community is soooo fucked up with shut-ins… :p

Well if it’s not evident already, then it’ll at least prove that BW lacks the imagination and know how to do something different. I’m still hoping that EA moves TOR to a different studio instead of just burying it.

I wanted to run a couple of the Vanilla stories again before the game goes under. If DvL event comes back it’ll rob me of that pleasure as I will to refuse to take part in it. 🙁

I just had a read of the first few pages, literally couldn’t stomach anymore people giving thanks to BW for them doing nothing. 🙁

the fanbois like to pull ea’s pants down and latch on no ones gonna tell them different! im arguing with one on another thread lol ive never seen a game abuse its playerbase like tor does its just mindblowing releasing part of a raid lolz are you kidding me imagine going to wendys and getting half a burger and told the meat will arrive in a couple of months for the other half lol some way to run a business i still cant believe they got away with that stupid shit lolz

The longer he can delay the announcement of yet another pitiful update the more chance he has on a few people renewing their subscriptions in anticipation during the delay. There will always be people willing to give BW one more chance, I was one of them for a long time. They had numerous last chances 🙁

Another thing I feel that is stupid about this is that he is trying to reassure all his customers that he is working hard. Now at no point in career have I ever had to reassure my customers or my superiors that I’m working hard. The evidence of my hard work should be in my output/product. If he is working so hard, where is the Roadmap? Why has 5.5 been delayed? Why was 5.4 update so shoddy?

Sorry Keith, you aren’t working hard, you are not fooling anyone.

I am just glad people are finally seeing what I saw all along when Keith took over as Lead Producer – Different shit players, same shit script.

Keith is not a developer, therefore it’s not his lack of work, and maybe it’s noone’s lack of work actually. They just might be understaffed, as suggested several times before. So basically you have a small group of people working on a game that is no longer as supported as it shuld be, and Keith is the one who has to answer to all the disgruntled customers.

I think he should just not say anything, but to blaim him for not working hard might not be the way to go. We don’t know who is responsible for what.

Sorry John, I’m done giving these people the benefit of the doubt. It’s time for some harsh truths IMO. For far too long we’ve let them give excuse after excuse. We have all said, oh but they lack the resources to do x, y and z., skeleton crew, EA’s fault and all that crap. They are happy to take your money every month but can’t even deliver a minute amount of content.

Perhaps I worded my post wrong, by Keith I did mean his team, as he’s the producer and ultimately responsible. So the brunt of my anger will be directed at him. At best this is a PR disaster as the bare minimum of any job is to work hard. So is he only just working hard now? Was he half assing it before? At worst he is simply in over his head and cannot do his job.

Either way it is still just desperation. ‘Please don’t unsub, we’re working hard, honest’.

Whatever BW, heard that one before 🙁

Seriously now. I admit I’ve been trolling a bit on this particular post. But speaking candidly:

I’m not against pushing an update forward. It’s better than a messy patch. Like the one they delivered recently. I pointed the finger on that one, saying postponing in 24 hour windows could lead to more problems. Guess what? I was right.

But the issue is not that. It’s that a company cannot deliver a basic sketch (roadmap) of what they plan to do. That’s insane. I’m a music teacher, and in the time I’m spending commenting on this I could deliver a detailed roadmap for each and every one of my students if it was asked of me. The music school where I work did just that, since this is the beginning of the year for us. Will we be able to fulfil each and every one of the things we have programmed? Probably not. But that’s what a roadmap is. A declaration of intentions. Not a live or die, life binding contract.

Now there can only be a couple of reasons why they cannot deliver. Either they don’t know what they are planning to do, or they do know what they plan to do, but are not sure someone “upstairs” is willing to let the game continue…

The thing is, I believe that Keith should be selling the vision of a more profitable future for TOR to the EA higher ups. Surely he wants investment from above so he must create a vision of how he can obtain long term sustainable subscriber numbers. There is nothing more sacred to corporations that profits, and I believe EA would back any project they believed could make them more money.

To be fair to EA (Vomits in mouth for a moment there), EA gave them money to make a new “expansion” with KOTFE/KOTET and look how hard BW failed both in what they released and all the changes made to SWTOR since. The only way this game is going to make money for EA now is by closing BW Austin and getting a new dev studio involved.

For sure Rompe, I wholehearted agree. It’s my hope that they do give another studio a chance at salvaging TOR before they bury it. Think we can all agree that at this point it is extremely unlikely, as even though TOR is essentially in maintenance mode, they’ll likely be making a pretty penny off the CM 🙁

My whole point was that although EA should assume some blame for TOR’s current state (mainly leaving BW in control), the majority of our anger should be directed a BW. They have repeatedly made bad decision after bad decision. No wonder EA wanna pull the plug eh?

Holy BS Batman… They seriously put the original trailer with fans in the streets fighting back up on Twitter. Is this supposed to mean something after all this time?

They should edit out a bunch of people to reflect current server populations. 😀

So a road map that will cover 3 maybe 4 months. It’s gonna be smoke and mirrors folks, pulling gerbils out of his ass and trying to make players stick around until the next round of great games start launching in April.

Plus they’re gonna release the Roadmap just before they do their cosplay cantina event, so conveniently they’ll have all those diehards on hand to tell them what a good job they’re doing 🙁

If I lived in US or more precisely the North East of the US, I’d organize a protest against BW because of what they’ve done to this game. If the game lasts long enough for them to do a London Cantina Event again, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

I kinda hate having an update where I’m told to check back for the actual update soon. It makes it seem like the players are a bunch of kids whining at their daddy to know when we’ll get there. It would be funny how contemptuous this condescension was if we were’nt paying Kieth.

Bad Feeling twitch Musco and Boyd assure us the roadmap will be meaty and have lots of bullet points. They know we love bullet points and we will be impressed. :p

Hey folks,
Eric here. Just wanted to drop by an announce my announcement of this announcement that I have for you in regards to this post. In an effort to make your reading experience of all future posts from Keith, please be sure to play the YouTube video linked below, as it will help set the mood, tone and atmosphere for all of Keith’s dispatches from his broom closet office here at Biowurr.

I have legitimately begun to read Keith’s post with this music playing in the background:

It makes the pill easier to swallow.

Eric Mucuso
Community Gungan Circus Ringleader
Star Wars The Endangered MMO: Knights of the Eternal Circus.

It makes little sense to bring back characters that died during storylines earlier in the timeline of the game. Unless they do some time traveling shit thats ruining other games.

Lol 😛

If there is a 6.0, I’d put money on Revan showing up again. He’s BWs go to guy for that KoTOR dollar. Although the Valkorian soap opera is so bad, I’d probably welcome a rehash of Revan at this point 🙁

Any set up to keep SWTOR alive yet? Read from a leaked outside-looking-in ‘sourse’ (contrakter?) from ‘somewhere tubey’ that EA pulled team members away from Bioware to work on BF2 and that since SWTOR no longer has 1 – 2 mill subs anymore that it’s not willing to put as much funding into SWTOR anymore. In essence not really Bioware’s fault since they were gobbled up by EA anyways…this is all on the top execs over at EA.
If that doesn’t reveal the ‘alleged explanative truth’ as to the nature of what’s going on…

So all our suspicions have been verified. Even now Harbinger only has around 100 people on fleet at 9pm west coast time.

its pretty obvious that tors budget has been non existent for awhile. all thier money is poured into mass effect and now bf2. The only thing tors budget is for cartel market look how fast and how much cartel market crap they crank out but they cant even afford to launch a complete raid? LOL got a lot of stupid people defending this shit and going along with this /smh

The thing is I personally don’t hold EA responsible for the mess the game is in. BW Austin was created to make and maintain TOR and in general it’s my belief that EA did get behind BW for the first few years and give them the necessary resources to do what they wanted. Even 4.0 and 5.0 got those ridiculously expensive trailers.

For me the blame lies solely at the feet of BWA, the last reasonable cycle was 3.0 but even that was a decline on the previous cycles, and then to change the game so radically from a MMO to a solo game was a shocking decision. What did they expect? For all those customers who were there since launch to rejoice at that fact? Keep subbing while the 3 stooges of the live streams kept telling us how good a job they were doing?

My old marketing teacher used to say to us ‘look after your customers and they’ll look after you’. This couldn’t be more apt when its comes to BWA, they basically told all of us who were there at launch and through 1-3.** that we were no longer their priority. Look how that has worked out. I’m betting they’d kill to get us back now.

Main feature of next patch will be a reskinned Covert Energy Armor, sold for just 1k CC’s (with an additional unannounced 1k account unlock cost), promoted as a way to “give the players what they deserve”. Most of the remaining players who spend money on the game will probably not get the message but they will most likely get the armor at least…

Can’t wait to see all the excuses the left over, diehard dregs on the forums will come up with to explain or defend BW Austin when the road map is released and there is more of the same (very minimal) content which will include rehashing of the same, old, tired content/world events to fill out the road map bullet points yet again, but no explanation from BW Austin on why they didn’t complete the new OP by the end of 2017 like they said they could by breaking up the op across the year or when *Insert missing companion* is returning.

Maybe someone needs to tell that brain cramp Keith that he should be able to tell us what is coming in 2018 because that is what a road fucking map is meant for. Not only has BW Austin conditioned the left over suckers in SWTOR to accept the minimal content effort they are putting out while gleefully fleecing them of their sub/cartel market money, but they have also conditioned them to accept whatever they say as gospel. “Other MMO’s can tell you many months in advance what is coming down the pipeline??? Nah bro, forget that, we do it this way here at BW Austin, we’ll give you a road map for the next month or two and maybe tell you something vague about 2018. And always remember, it’s new and exciting because we told you it is…………even if you have done it over and over for the past 5 years.”

*Left over suckers cheer for this “epic” amount of BW Austin info*

To this, I reply with:

I too want to see the reaction to yet another disappointing Roadmap. BW are always saying there are new and exciting things around the corner. Problem is they never seem to be able to turn that corner, probably because at this point they have sold their steering wheel to keep the lights on for another week 🙁

Worst thing is that EA will get ALL the blame from those BW diehards as they are either brainwashed or delusional. They’ll say things like ‘EA cut funding so they’re just a skeleton crew’ and ‘Trying their best’. But at this point BW have made so many bad decisions when it comes to game direction, can you really blame EA for losing interest? I can’t.

Fingers crossed they move it to another studio asap.

I got the chills up and down my spine when I saw you use the “new and exciting things” line. And NOT in a good way.

Last time I read something along those lines was when the DvL “event” was announced…

I keep searching for a reason to come back to this game and they keep going out of their way not to give me one. Feels bad man.

LOL Here’s the dude of the post, theres always one dude in every SWTOR post that quotes the line: “I keep searching for a reason to come back to this game” followed by their dissapointment about them finding none. Its really funny cuz it always happen asi if it is part of some sort of plan.

lol really? There must be a reason for that. I haven’t been a fan of the game since Shadow of Revan. I really didn’t like the direction the story went in after that with all this Throne crap and the lack of content made it even worse. I’ve been hoping they’d get back to even half the amount of content they used to produce but instead its just this commander grind thing. I got excited when they said a new raid was coming, but then it turned out to be just one boss every other year, it feels like. Do they have even less people working on the game now than when I last played? It’s beyond sad at this point.

I think you are right on the money with this one. No, it doesn’t happen because of some sort of plan. But we already knew that.

You see, they have NO plan whatsoever regarding this game. Want proof? Just look at the last few years of the game, after SoR. No group content, “epic” return to BW storytelling (that one still makes me laugh today). Then a return to group content, after all the people that did do group content left, and the few that do run group content wipe on the loading screen to Karagga’s Palace…

You are absolutely right. There’s no plan at work here. But I’m glad you find that funny… Me and a whole lot of other people don’t. Yeah, there’s not only a “dude of the post”. Scroll down. You will find many “dudes of the post” to feast your eyes on…

A lot of the News we have been getting about Swtor, Nerfs, Road map etc…. Hopefully they will say, Hey all we are returning to an MMO and we are going to build off the game that was originated at launch. I hope you enjoy 3 or more ops no more free Rng gear. I wish anyway. I really want the game to be back like it was 3.0 and earlier.

Harbinger is so desperate they are trolling the Bastion looking for people to transfer to help their lowing population.

Yeah indeed.. Yesterday @Peak Hours TRE “Darth Malgus after Merging” had 55-74 ppl on Fleet & one instance. Crazy times.. Checked some usually well populated planets & was quiet on most of them :/ #BenAndCharlesMessedWithMmoCommunityFor2LongTime

Well, EA Games IS where great game companies are bought-out and their title franchises go to die.
Origin – Ultima and Wing Commander DEAD
Westwood Studios: Earth and Beyond; and Command and Conquer DEAD
Mythic Studios: Dark Age of Camelot DEAD
BullFrog Entertainment: Dungeon Keeper DEAD
I really enjoy playing SWTOR (I have ran all 48 subclasses up to level 55 and I also have 7 level 70 characters), but I am actually shocked it has lasted this long.

Let me guess. They’re still on time every week like clockwork with new CARTEL PACKS and/or other Cartel Market stuff. A never-ending Project Runway Fashion Show.

“Remember kiddies, keep on buying more CARTEL PACKS so we at EA can stroke our dicks ever more briskly!”

You’re not the only one with that hope 🙂 There are manyyyy Mmo’ers who feel the same & those who don’t want no more Mom & Daughter Feud / Keeping Up with the Valkorians.

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