GW2 Path of Fire Act 1 Story Achievements Guide

GW2 Path of Fire Act 1 Story Achievements Guide.

Completing all the achievements below will reward you with Path of Fire: Act 1 Mastery which rewards15 AP and First Spear’s Icon ascended amulet.


Sparking the Flame

Hammer and Tongs – 2 AP

When you fight the Herald of Balthazar, she will have a big hammer smash attack that is fairly easy to avoid. Don’t get hit by it and push the Herald to 50% and you will get the achievement after.


Fireproof Heart – 2 AP

When you are rescuing the villagers at end of the instance, just don’t run into any fire. Use the fire extinguisher you are given to put out any fire nearby before rescuing them. Should be pretty easy as long you are not careless.

Blazing a Trail

Undead Bouncer – 2 AP

Save all of Zalambur’s guests from being harmed by Awakened attackers. For this you have to kill all the Awakened enemies that spawn really fast to make sure they don’t kill off any of the guests nearby. May take a couple tries. If you have trouble, duo it with another player and it will make it really easy. There are about 6-7 Awakened enemies that spawn. You can ignore Archon Iberu as he just walks away and doesn’t attack anyone.

Night of Fires

Lurking among the Flames – 2 AP

Get through the Forged camps without the sentries setting off any alarms. There are 5 sentries on this map and you should kill them because you will need to do so for Leave None Alive achievement. They have very low HP and only sound the alarm when they get to a brazier so you have plenty of time to kill them as long you are not downed. Sentries should be your first priority when you get close to them as otherwise they can be accidently triggered when you get downed. If they detect you, their eye icon will turn red. They are also vulnerable to CC so pulls/knockdowns can get them good.


Leave None Alive – 2 AP

For this achievement, you have to kill all the enemies in the Forged camp. Make sure you clear out all the regular Forged before killing the Forged officers since they will run away once all the officers are killed. Check every spot on the map as well. You will also need to kill the sentries for this achievement. You can ignore the Forged reinforcements that spawn when battling Forged Bastion guy at the end as they don’t count towards the achievement.

Shield of Kormir – 3 AP, Mini Shadows Agent Kito

Save all 20 of the Elonian refuges from the Herald of Balthazar. Once you damage the Herald down to 80%, you will get a new action bar ability to call the refugee to your location. The trick with this achievement is that the Herald always goes to the same location and use his hammer attack regardless if there are refugees there or not. So what you can do is to run ahead and call the refugees out far away from the Herald so that his hammer smash won’t ever touch them. You may not get this achievement the first try but luckily you can go straight into this part when you replay the mission by using the Temple of Kormir checkpoint.


The Sacrifice

Damage Control – 1 AP

You need to destroy the four catapults attacking Diviner’s Reach. Their locations are marked on the map below.


Elite Elimination – 3 AP

For this achievement you have to kill the three elite groups that wander around Salt Flats within 3 minutes of leaving the outpost. It is pretty easy to do with 2-3 players as the elites do not scale if you do not have enough DPS to solo them. You will see a green skull marker on them when you get close to the elites.

  • Elite Forged Vanguard
  • Elite Forged Officer
  • Elite Forged Cannonade


Down in Flames – 2 AP, Mini Herald

Defeat the Herald of Balthazar without taking damage from her Flame Wall. This is the flame wall similar to Sabetha’s firewall in Spirit Vale. Depending on your DPS the Herald may use it a couple times. There is a conal telegraph of the flame wall before it starts rotating (counter-clockwise).


Vlast from the Past – 5 AP

You will need a springer mount to complete this achievement. First level your raptor mount to Mastery Rank 3 (Canyon Jumping) and then go to Desert Highlands and complete this heart by Highjump Ranch waypoint. After completing the heart, it will cost you 50 Trade Contracts to purchase the springer mount.

None of the Vlast crystals are hard to reach, they just need the springer mount. If you need to talk to Taimi for the story step, one of the crystals is right next to the communicator.


  • FrycoN

    story ? what story?
    this which i spend whole last night and i couldn’t log in ?

    • Justme

      Wtf are you saying? Could you try to say this in English?

    • Mister Auditor

      no, its a story what some ppl finished at the same night you couldnt login

    • Alot

      I’m also impressed dulfy could finish these. I’ve yet to make it into the second story instance -.-

    • Halvora

      Same, I can’t get into the Blazing Trail instance… >>;

  • Qnrad

    Leave None Alive, i get it after forged bastion ?

  • wQnxy

    “Completing all the achievements below will reward you with Path of Fire: Act 1 Mastery which requires 15 AP and First Spear’s Icon ascended amulet.”

    Requires? English is not my main language, but i think smthn wrong here =]
    Thanks for the guide.

  • Andrew John Stoker

    What’s the deal with “No deductible”, is this basically an achievement for watching the airship cinematic after the prologue, or can Kiel’s airship be crashed somehow?

    • I don’t think it can be crashed 😛

    • Kiriko Kiama

      It’s pretty much a joke achievment.
      As far as i remember, no Airship where the commander was traveling with survived the ride undamaged before.

    • MT

      I’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks this way, Andrew… I was like ‘… how do i crash it??!?’ 😀

  • Biscuit

    Is anyone else having issues with their pet masteries? i’ve earned up through canyon jumping for my raptor and yet none of the extra effects seem to have activated. wondering if i should submit a bug report.

  • Cedric Durand

    I don’t see mentioned not being hit by the firewall at the Herald, during Sacrifice. I remember seeing the achievement, but mistook it to be not leaving the boundaries and was surprised when the herald did he radial fire wall.

    • Oh oops, I forgot to include that achievement. Will add it in.

  • Kyte

    There is a hidden achievement in Night of Fires called Hidden and Dishonored. I think it involves collecting scrolls throughout the mission but I haven’t managed to grab it yet.

    • Algent

      Someone on reddit said you can find “4 Burning Scrolls”. I guess I missed all of them.

      • Kyte

        I’ve seen the scrolls hidden around the camps and tried to collect them but I didn’t know how many I had to look for.

  • HashCat

    Here are the locations of six burning scrolls for “Hidden and Dishonored” during Night of Fires. The scrolls tend to appear after a while, just wait a little bit at a marked location if you don’t see them immediately.

    • Darkye Rhiadra

      Thanks for posting them! 🙂

  • Halcy

    Where is the mentioned “Temple of Kormir’ checkpoint for Night of Fires? I was wondering if there was a mote, it’s a long instance

    • It is right by Temple of Kormir waypoint.

      • Filledvoid

        I’ve been searching for this for sometime on a character which has done the story already and I cant find it.

  • niwaar

    If you do Elite Elimination with a partner and have low dps. The timer starts only when the owner of the instance goes over the wall. Thus making your partner(s) able to clear trash so its easier to track the elites before starting the timer.

  • Sefer

    Somehow I am missing an achievement (done all in the tab). It doesn’t state that I mastered this story. Any ideas? (Sparking, Blazing, Night, Sacrifice) ..

    • Sefer

      Ok it was “Hidden and Dishonored” which is missing in the guide

  • Soloing Elite Elimination: bring a Damage booster, best food, and a power DPS class. CC for cannonade elite. The elites do not spawn in the same spots.

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