GW2 Mastery Insights Path of Fire

GW2 Path of Fire Crystal Oasis Mastery Insights Guide

GW2 Path of Fire Mastery Insights guide for Crystal Oasis Map.


Mount/Mastery Requirements:

  • Sanctum of Nabkha and Glint’s Legacy insights require Springer mount and the High Vault ability (Mastery Rank 3). Rest of the insights can be reached with just basic raptor.

Video Guide


  • Mastery Insight: Amnoon Bazaar – 0:00
  • Mastery Insight: Old Amnoon – 0:27
  • Mastery Insight: Imed’s Grotto – 1:09
  • Mastery Insight: Sifuri Quicksand – 2:11
  • Mastery Insight: Sanctum of Nabkha – 4:50
  • Mastery Insight: Glint’s Legacy – 7:32

Crystal Oasis Insight: Amnoon Bazaar

This is a pretty easy Mastery Insight to reach, just use the stairs to get up on the roof of the building opposite to the Mastery Insight and then leap across.


Crystal Oasis Insight: Old Amnoon

For this mastery insight all you need to do is to take a swim.


Crystal Oasis Insight: Imed’s Grotto

The old method to get into here by relogging to character select has been fixed but there is a new way to get in. You are suppose to use a skimmer mount here but it can be done with only raptor mount. Go to the marked arrow location on the map and then use the raptor dismount boost to shoot yourself up the ledge. Swim towards the mastery insight and again use the raptor’s dismount boost to jump higher and higher to reach the mastery insight.


Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand

The previous shorter method got patched but you can still access it via the longer gliding method. You will need advanced gliding for this.Go to the slanted pyramid north of the map and go follow the slanted path up. Use your raptor’s dismount function to get you up the little ledge on the left.


Once you make it past the slanted pyramid, keep going north, you want to reach the normal wall of the zone and then start gliding east towards the mastery point.


Crystal Oasis Insight: Sanctum of Nabkha

Requirement: Springer Mount High Vault (Mastery Rank 3)

Make your way from Destiny’s Gorge waypoint and head towards the Sanctum of Nabkha area by following the path outlined in the map. Once you are in the area, you should see the mastery insight high up in one of the towers. To reach it, use your springer mount’s high vault to climb up the walls next to the tower and then glide over.


Crystal Oasis Insight: Glint’s Legacy

Requirement: Raptor Canyon Jumping & Springer Mount High Vault (Mastery Rank 3)

From Destiny’s Gorge waypoint, follow the right path leading up to a bunch of bamboo ramps that keeps going up to the Ogre camp around Destiny’s Ascent. Once you are at the Ogre Camp, keep following the path up to a branded area.


From the branded area, use Raptor’s Canyon Jump to leap across to outside of Glint’s Legacy area. Now use your Springer mount to jump up the walls until you jump over the wooden fences at the very top.


Once you are inside Glint’s Legacy, the mastery point is on some wooden platforms you have to use the springer mount again to jump up.


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28 replies on “GW2 Path of Fire Crystal Oasis Mastery Insights Guide”

I scaled the outside cliff with the pipes and wooden boards… Took an hour of guesswork “is this a solid surface? NOPE” but managed to bunny hop over the wooden wall eventually

There is an easier way than that. You will need Raptor 3 and Springer 3. You basically go all the way up around and past the ogres. Go past the branded and there will be a branded crystal that is pointing out towards the other side of the canyon. Use Raptor 3 to get across. Then switch to Springer and climb the wall. I’m working on a video to show this. Its my first video so I’m still learning the tools.

You can crawl up the north side of Glints with the #3 bunny. No raptor needed. Just hop up on the bamboo catwalks then on up the crystals and over the fence.

About Sufiri Quicksand: if you have unlocked the advanced jump on the raptor you can double jump to the island from the west side easily. From there its an easy jump up to the MP.

Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand
You can use Raptor with Canyon Jumping on Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand.

Please try it out! It only requires two jumps.
You can stand on the quicksand for like 0.5 seconds but that’s enough for a second leap!

Note about Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand

You can use Raptor with Canyon Leap on Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand.

Please try it out! It only requires two jumps.
You can stand on the quicksand for like 0.5 seconds but that’s enough for a second leap!

Confirmed. Approach Mastery Point from the left and leap twice with the raptor to get this. You might need to stay mounted once you get on the rock to hop up to get near the point.

Confirmed. Wish I had read this guide before getting these.. would have saved me a lot of time. I originally went the intended way and tried to jump to the next ledge with a raptor jump (you can see it in the picture where they tell you to you glide to the mastery point). Would have easily made it but I hit one of their stupid invisible walls and fell. I then tried jumping on the quicksand and it worked! You just have to be quick with the jump once you hit the quicksand or it will throw you off your mount.

The Silfuri Quicksand mastery could use note that you can basically just walk up to it if you already have the skimmer.

You can actually get to Glint’s Legacy Insight just by using the springer’s basic jump! I just followed the tutorial’s trail and used some small well timed jumps to climb the wall 🙂 I also switched briefly to raptor and used the canyon jump to get some higher leverage on the wooden wall (2nd last picture) and then switched back to springer to make the last jump.

I’ve been on a raptor for what feels like days, and tried for about 10 minutes on the first jump, long before seeing this article. Never landed it. There was almost a laptop shaped hole through my window. What I failed to realise is that you can just hold down [space] or [v] to jump further.
Might be worth adding that as a quick disclaimer right at the start for idiots like myself?

Imed’s Grotto seems to have been patched. I was unable to make the jump to the last platform where the mastery point is via Raptor. I had to use “Teleport to Friend” to someone who happened to be dead up there.

Well that’s a disappointment. I need just one more point to get Canyon Mastery because i wanted an Iboga pet for my Ranger alt but it looks like ArenaNet is dead set on forcing the player to slough the story to get Mastery points in the order they say. Thanks for making your customers jump through your hoops ArenaNet. I was hoping to take a break from the bloody story because I’m finding the content tuning so annoying but it looks like that’s not an option.

Regarding Sanctum of Nabkha, I have been able to complete it with Springer Rank 2, so before High Vault
It just required some creativity in springing on the ledges of the rock wall close to the MI pillar

GenghisKhan is correct, I just completed the Sanctum of Nabkha mastery point without Springer Mastery Rank 3 (High Vault). You should amend that section. The only point on this map that requires High Vault is the Glint’s Legacy mastery point.

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