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GW2 Griffon Mount Collections Guide

A guide to unlock the Griffon mount in Path of Fire.


Getting Started

To start with this collection, you will need to finish the main storyline for Path of Fire. You will also need a springer mount with High Vault (Mastery Rank 3) ability. Also be prepared with 250 gold as you will need it for completing the collection (each map has two vendor items required for the collection that costs 25g each).

Start from the Vehtendi Academy Waypoint in the Domain of Vabbi which is in the SE area of the map and follow the path. You will eventually see a Jackal portal. If you have the Jackal Mastery Rank 3 ability, use it to shortcut to the other side. Otherwise jump down and use springer high vault to make it to the safe bubble on the other side.


From that safe bubble, scale up the wall with your springer and make it to the vista and the safe bubble up top. You should be in the plateau area now and make your way to Remains of the Last Spearmarshal to start the collection. He will give you Spearmarshal’s Plea, which can be used later to teleport back to his remains.


Open Skies: Crystal Oasis

Video guide to all the Griffon eggs

  • Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg – 0:00
  • Browned Coastal Griffon Egg – 1:30
  • Lustrous Coastal Griffon Egg – 2:19
  • Dusty Coastal Griffon Egg – 4:55
  • Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg – 6:50


Gundayo, the Rune of Honesty

You need to catch the Corrupted Facet legendary bounty which spawns NE of the map near the Teratohedron. You can just camp the bounty boards in Destiny’s Gorge and hope he pops up soon. The rune will be inside the event reward pop up chest.


Icon of the Goddess

Purchased from Priest Hakim who is the heart vendor by Temple of Kormir Waypoint. This item costs 25g.


Sunspear Tithe

Purchased from Priestess Karima who is the heart vendor east of Amnoon. This item costs 25g.


Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg

This Griffon egg is on top of a very high rock/cliff not too far from entrance to Desert Highlands. You can get up with springer mount High Vault ability. This is a griffon roost so you can ride the griffon to the next egg location.


Browned Crystal Griffon Egg

You can fly to here from Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg using the griffon or just glide here.It is on top of a mesa overlooking Hatari Tablelands.


Lustrous Coastal Griffon Egg

You can find this egg atop the Teratohedron which is in the Maculate Fringe area. When you arrive at the bottom of the Teratohedron, follow the slanted pathway up that is filled with branded lightning strikes. Go all the way up until you are at the hero point. From the hero point, use your springer mount to jump on top of this little rock right above it.


Then from that little rock, you are going to use the springer to get to the bigger rock that is just across and slightly above. This should put you in a position where you can see the griffon nest. Make one more jump use your springer to reach the nest.


Dusty Coastal Griffon Egg

There are a couple ways to reach this egg. You can either enter the Sanctum of Nabkha area and just use Springer High Vault to climb the rocks near the mastery insight to get you high enough to glide over to the giant floating platform. Alternatively, you can go back to the griffon roost for warmed egg and just fly across to here, which is my favourite method. The eggs are located on a tall pillar which you can get to by using the springer jump from lower pillars.


Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg

Go back to the Griffon roost for warmed egg and just simply drop down on the south side of it until you see a Cliffside opening below with a nest.


Open Skies: Desert Highlands

Video guide to all the Griffon eggs

  • Warmed Mountain Griffon Egg – 0:00
  • Crusty Mountain Griffon Egg – 2:09
  • Rough Mountain Griffon Egg- 3:19
  • Vibrant Mountain Griffon Egg – 4:38
  • Damp Mountain Griffon Egg – 6:37


Zaklem, the Rune of Loyalty

For this rune you have to do the event by Kanuz Cache POI. There is a pre-event escort that starts up in Diviner’s Reach with Second Spear Nayrim. You will escort her to Kanuz Cache for the defense event.  Second Spear Nayrim will go into her house to prepare for the move to Kanuz Cache after the Diviner’s Reach city defense against Mordant Crescent pre-event is completed. She should then re-appear and move out 20 minutes later.


The defense event will reward you with the item upon completion.


Enormous Supply of Bird Feed

Purchase from Groffmok the heart vendor near Lifeblood Ravine.


Survival Supplies

Get them from Tendaji the heart vendor by Diviner’s Reach for 25g.


Warmed Mountain Griffon Egg

This egg is next to the Griffon roost which you can get up using either Jackal 3 portal or just Springer 3 your way up.


Crusty Mountain Griffon Egg

This egg is on top of one of the Godfell Towers. You can use the griffon from the roost to fly there. If you fell down the tower you can just use springer 3 to get back up.


Rough Mountain Griffon Egg

Follow the path from the Highjump Ranch waypoint and springer your way up.


Vibrant Mountain Griffon Egg

Make way your way to the general area and then just springer up the rocks to reach the egg at the top with a bunch of hostile griffons.


Damp Mountain Griffon Egg

Make your way to the area from Derelict Delve waypoint and then glide down to reach this egg.


Open Skies: Elon Riverlands

Video guide to all the Griffon eggs

  • Warmed Riparian Griffon Egg – 0:00
  • Rocky Riparian Griffon Egg – 0:53
  • Azure Riparian Griffon Egg – 1:41


Limwe, the Rune of Justice

There is a group event chain that occurs around the Deadhouse on the SE corner of the map. The final event to defeat Warden Jabari will give the rune for the collection upon successful completion.


Golsah, the Rune of Honor

For this you have to complete the achievement Equipment Tracker, which requires you to find Shadi’s various items. Talk to Master Sergeant Shadi to start the achievement. She is located on the NW corner of the Elon Riverlands.


Shadi’s Sword – Near Shadi, kill the Veteran Water Djinn to get the sword.


Shadi’s Helm – Interact with the Pile of Equipment inside the Branded cave.


Shadi’s Gloves – Interact with the Pile of Leaves on top of this rock pillar in Skimshallow Cove


Shadi’s Boots – Talk to Veteran Chikkak and then attack him to make him drop the boots


Shadi’s Armor – Near the Skimmer Ranch in the quicksand is a small cave. Interact with the Hermit’s chest at the back for the armor.


Go back to Shadi to finish up the collection and talk to her to acquire the Rune of Honor.


Giwebo, the Rune of Humility

There is a group event to defeat the Champion unbound djinn on the SW corner of the map, defeat him and you will get the rune from the reward chest.


Relic Preservation Materials

Purchase from the Follower Xunn the heart vendor in the NE part of the map. It costs 25g.


Map to the Outpost

Purchase it from Ebele the heart vendor just east of Olishar’s Oasis Camp Waypoint for 25g.


Warmed Riparian Griffon Egg

Left of Olishar’s Oasis Camp Waypoint, on top of that big tall rock. Use Springer High Vault to get up.


Rocky Riparian Griffon Egg

Egg is on top of some tall pillars. Need to use Springer high vault to jump up.


Azure Riparian Griffon Egg

You can fly directly to this egg from the Griffon roost. It is on top of the tower right below the vista.


Open Skies: The Desolation

Video guide to all the Griffon eggs

  • Warmed Canyon Griffon Egg – 0:00
  • Dark Canyon Griffon Egg – 1:33
  • Pale Canyon Griffon Egg – 2:12
  • Mottled Canyon Griffon Egg – 3:26


Ashhe, the Rune of Valor

There is an event that starts at the heart by The Darklands Waypoint. Redeemer Kossan is the NPC that will start the event so you just have to stand next to him and wait for him to start the event. It is a patrol event that can be done with as few as 1-2 players.


Virzuk, the Rune of Compassion

You can get to it by jumping the wall right beside The Darklands waypoint to go directly to the shrine with helpful Sunspear ghosts. Once you are at the shrine, go up a higher ledge and pick up the coin.


Ancient Sunspear Flags

Purchase it from Dunkoro next to Lair of the Forgotten waypoint after completing the heart for 25 gold.


Prayer Lights

Purchase it from Kisha near Bonestrand waypoint after completing the heart for 25g.


Warmed Canyon Griffon Egg

Coming from The Scourgeway waypoint, follow the path and then climb up on the left with the springer and keep going up until you reach the top with the roost.


Dark Canyon Griffon Egg

You can see this egg from the roost. There is a large chain structure and the egg is right on top.


Pale Canyon Griffon Egg

This is on top of a rock spire near The Scourgeway waypoint. Use Springer high vault to get up there.


Mottled Canyon Griffon Egg

Follow the path east of The Darklands Waypoint


Open Skies: Domain of Vabbi

Video guide to all the Griffon eggs

  • Warmed Vabbian Griffion Egg – 0:00
  • Cracked Vabbian Griffion Egg – 1:17
  • Polished Vabbian Griffion Egg – 2:04
  • Ruddy Vabbian Griffion Egg – 2:47
  • Charged Vabbian Griffion Egg – 3:41


Yasfahr, the Rune of Sacrifice

This rune drops an event that spawns close to Vehtendi Academy waypoint. It is inside the warehouse. To get to it, go up to the headmaster’s office POI (top floor of the academy) and there should be fake bookcase/door that leads further in (2nd bookshelf from the left if it isn’t open already). If you can’t get in this way, you can use your springer and jump in.


The event is to Help First Spear Kitur recover his equipment and escape imprisonment.


Stone-Carving Tools

Purchased from Awakened Servant Tooraj after completing the heart for 25g. He is in the NW corner of the map.


Guard Bribe

Purchased from Professor Nazimi after completing the heart for 25g. The heart is near the SE corner of the map.


Warmed Vabbian Griffion Egg

Use the Spearmarshal’s Plea item in your inventory to be teleported to the Yahnur Plateau area of Vabbi. The griffon nest is very high up so use your springer’s high vault to get up top.


Cracked Vabbian Griffion Egg

Fly straight from the roost and land close to the egg. Then use your springer high vault to get up top.


Polished Vabbian Griffion Egg

This egg is on one of the big shells a bit north of the Cracked egg right above The Hanging Gardens POI. You can fly straight from the Cracked egg using the provided griffon.


Ruddy Vabbian Griffion Egg

You can glide from the roost, it is on a big branded outcropping near Resplendent Trace


Charged Vabbian Griffion Egg

Can glide to here from the Ruddy egg.


Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom

After finishing the Open Skies collection achievement for the 5 maps above, use your Spearmarshal’s Plea to return to the NPC and begin placing down all the eggs and runes by interacting with the placeable icons. This will complete the Sunspear Sanctuary collection and start the Sunspear Wisdom collection.


Go to the Tomb of Primeval Kings and interact with the wall at the end. A new portal will open up and port you to the library.


You need to kill the elites in this instance for keys to unlock the chests that contains the pages. Maps don’t work here and the whole room is circular so the only point of reference we have is this balcony above the hidden room entrance (underwater below it). I will constantly be referencing to it.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 1

Top floor, the outer side of the circular ring, near the dome of the balcony above the hidden room entrance.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 2

Outer ring ground floor, this is opposite of the balcony above the hidden room.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 3

This is on the outer ring ground floor. For reference, use the tiled bookshelves here in the background. I also included a picture of looking towards the center of the room with chest behind you.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 4

On the ground level of the outer ring. If we use facing the balcony above the underwater hidden room entrance as a reference and you are looking at it, this cache is to the left of it. One of the pillars is part of the titled bookshelves.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 5

Using the balcony above the underwater hidden room entrance as a reference, this chest is left of it on a spiral staircase on the ground floor outer ring.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 6

Using the balcony above the underwater hidden room entrance as a reference, these are just to the right of it behind a staircase on the ground floor outer ring.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 7

Top floor, the inner side of the circular ring.The tiled bookcases are just below it.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 8

On top of the tilted bookcases, you can glide to it from the top floor.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 9

On a balcony just above the underwater hidden room entrance.


Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 10

Top floor, inner ring, where the diving goggles were for one of the story achievements.


Open Skies: On Wings and a Pray

Use Spearmarshal’s Plea to return to the Sanctuary and then interact with the pedestal.You will be ported to a new instance where you have to fight a boss. This guy goes immune every 25% HP so to break his immunity shield talk to one of the griffons and ride it. Then run up next to his shield and use the #1 griffon attack on him to break his shield.


Once the boss is dead, you will be rewarded with the Griffon mount.


Here are its masteries


By Dulfy

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218 replies on “GW2 Griffon Mount Collections Guide”

Thank you so much for starting to work on this guide. I just found out about this mount last night, and have been determined to unlock it as soon as possible. This guide will make it so much easier. XD

Got my gryphon just now! Now to get mastery points… I’ll probably need at least 30ish to complete all the new masteres

thank you, Dulfy, for being so quick about these guides! Happy to see the mount isn’t too difficult to get, just expensive.

Dulfy, for the pyramid one in the Crystal Oasis, there is a sand portal partway up the path inside the Teratohedron to the hero point, that leads to a sand path above the pyramid. Its a easy glide down to the egg.

Even if you cannot glide, you can blink into the alcove with the jackal. Its far, far easier than attempting to get up there “legit” with the springer.

Thanks for this. Also, taking the gryphon from that one (the pyramid one) directly to the next, instead of going to the roost, allowed me to fly to it and land it with the gryphon, which is easier than to make the jumps on the pillars with the bunny.

Thanks Dulfy for the guide!

@Maverun damn…i already thought the borrowed griffons were amazing but after seeing the griffon with masteries unlocked, that’s insane lol

Yes. It’s extremely useful as it gives you practical flying which is very helpful for a wide variety of reasons. I also like Griffon Mastery 1 which will allow you to mount the Griffon while falling, which saved me more than a few times. Do note that you cannot be mounted while falling to mount the Griffon.

“Also be prepared with 250 gold as you will need it for completing the collection (each map has two vendor items required for the collection that costs 25g each).”???
(25*2)*5 maps=125≠250
Am I missing something?

Shadi’s Boots might be a bit bugged right now. I killed him like 5+ times and it didn’t drop anything. But once the “Retrieve fleeing skritt workers for Boss Takkrakka.” event started (the same that’s active in your screenshot) it worked instantly. So not sure, might need more confirmations.

praise dulfy for these guides…after seeing the first roost shown on my map i thought every roost would be showing if i’d get close to it…i passed those eggs so many times without noticing it’s not funny

Can’t find – Yasfahr, the Rune of Sacrifice. Can someone be more specific? I saw the shield move but didn’t know where it was. It is on top of the Academy?

The area (warehouse) doesn’t have a roof so you can use springer to jump/scale the walls and jump inside. I don’t know a normal way to enter the warehouse unfortunately.

for Lustrous Coastal Griffon Egg once you reach the hp turn around and use jackal portal. run towards the path and once you reach the chest just glide down.

How did y’all kill the elites in the library? No matter what I did, I couldn’t kill one – they would spawn a billion coalescences and heal back to 100%.

There are a bunch of different elites, some have more HP than others. I also found using a ranged weapon helps as they hit hard but becareful about them getting stuck in the terrain and get out of combat.

When I was working on the Rune of Honor, Shadi’s sword dropped when I killed a random Veteran Water Djinn somewhere else other than the location indicated in this guide.

I’m really looking forward to seeing if they release gem skins for a “hidden” mount. Though the notion of “hidden” content in a game which requires completion guides is debatable to begin with -.-

Not sure. I’m wondering if mount skins will be living world vendor rewards presently – as they probably easier to make then armor sets and are better “rewards” then jewellery.

Some notes about the elites in the library:
* They respawn – if you can kill just one with little trouble, you can just spawn camp it until you have 10 keys
* They have small combat radiuses – kite them too much and they’ll de-aggro and regenerate.
* Pick your fights carefully. Some effects that the elites might inherit, particularly the phase and regeneration ones, are notoriously difficult for a solo player, and might even be impossible depending on your build
* Loop da loop, they’re all melee, some have big windups, and most can’t hit you if you’re standing behind them.
* blind spam, they hit like a truck but if you focus on outputing as much blind as your class is capable, you shouldn’t have trouble surviving.

For the Lustrous egg in crystal oasis (the tetrahedron one), it’s much easier to use the jackal portal and walk the whole sandy bridge. At the end you can just glide down to the griffon nest.

On the ‘Lustrous Coastal Griffon Egg’ the one at the Teratohedron, it SO much easier to jump to the right to the outside, and then jump up straight to the egg!

To be more clear, from the mastery, jump up and slightly left to the one above you, charge your springer then aim for the big rock to the right the one closest to the branded chest, position yourself with a clearing just in front of the chest, and jump straight up to another big flat rock, then the window is right above you, you can catch the ledges along the outside to jump to it.

there is a secret bookcase behind the headmasters place, poi right next to it.

Interact with the bookcases and one reveals a tunnel to take you there.

There’s a totally easy way to get there; I hope Dulfy see’s this and updates the guide 🙂

Simply go to the Headmaster’s Office in the Vehtendi Academy. There’s a secret tunnel behind one of the bookshelfs. You don’t need any mount to get there – you can walk.

Gotta say, this mount makes HoT pretty much irrelevant haha. But I do think it’s awesome that they managed to keep this a secret. Granted players found it out within the first day of headstart but still, that’s really awesome that Anet did this.

My only gripe is the gold sink. This was completely unnecessary. I get that the game has an issue with inflation but as someone who doesn’t play the market well enough or isn’t that rich, this took my 277g down right quick. Worth it I suppose but I would have much rather preferred they keep gold sinks out of achievements.

As opposed to the rest of them?
Ascended armor achievements.
Cultural armor achievements
Legendary weapon achievements.
Minipet collection achievements
Collection achievements in general.

Everything in this game runs on gold, you are just good at ignoring it as its much more “Subtle” Feels good to spend 5 g 5 times instead of 25g once.

ya know what all it takes is like $20.00 worth of gems to change to Gold and you have the gold to get it…..and trust me this mount is worth it

if you do the bare minimum, 2 gold a day and daily logins, you can have it in under 2 months.
1 month gain:
55 laurels – convert to t6 crafting materials
60 gold
20 mystic coins. sell on AH

This excludes any other income you may have from gathering/salvaging/reselling rares you find.

so unless you are just blowing your gold on impulse things, you will have this in 5-6 weeks.

I just had to trade some of the gems I got buying the game for gold. Don’t regret it. If they had put the mount in the store for the amount I had to spend I still would have gotten it.

It’s not that bad. I mean, I sold my Mystic Coin stash to afford it in one go, but you can also do all the things for Open Skies that don’t cost money, and then every time you have 25g you can go back and buy a thing.

According to GW2 Efficiency, I’ve been playing GW2 for 3 months + 1 week, and I just finished PoF story this morning, and will start working on my Griff. I have much more gold in the bank than the 250g required, and that is without selling off any high end mats.

If you are playing the game regularly, getting your dailies done (2g / day) and aren’t buying extravagant things off the TP, it doesn’t take long to accumulate the 250g.

Limwe, the Rune of Justice – Elon Riverlands
The group event chain begins just SW of the Arid Gladefields vista, where Erran is. Don’t waste your time camping near the Deadhouse if the event isn’t already in progress.

Go back to Shadi to finish up the collection and talk to her to acquire the Rune of Honor. – you need to add that you need to mention someones looking for Ghedi or someone, she THEN gives you the rune

Here’s the fastest way to gather keys in the Dark Library. If you find an elite that’s easy to kill, kill it, leave the instance, return, and the elite will respawn. I did this solo killing the Elite Shadow ‎Minotaur near the entrance (the easiest of the elites to kill).

Most of the elites are fairly easy, except the Imp with the poison fields that heals and the Fleshrender that summons those healing elementals.

I used a Reaper/GS with full zerkers.
Could have used my Firebrand/Burn Guardian too but my Necro was much much easier. Really depends on your class, remember that you can switch, its account wide, not just on one toon.
i did go in with my theif and couldn’t even kill one elite, you need to be able to either take some damage and heal it back up, or be able to dish out max amounts of damage.

After the fact, I must agree with this. I also didn’t know it was account wide until after it was all over. I was attempting this with an Ele and could only truly get the one that was directly ahead of you when you first enter, and I hated sone-spamming it. If had known this it was account wide beforehand I would of used my reaper or guardian.. A kind soul in map chat offered to assist after a broadcasted if anyone else wanted to team up if they too were needing to do it. Unfortunately it was like 2am when I did this so I was lucky to get someone at all, whom reloggged and brought their Necro.

Dulfy, you’re amazing. you made this entire process so much easier than it would have been without your guide. I’m sure it would have taken me weeks but it only took me a mere 2.5-3 hours (mainly waiting for facet to respawn lol). Again, thank you for all of your amazing work!

Dulfy, I would like to thank you for your amazing and hard work. All your guides, including this one have been very helpful.

Btw, I have been wondering how do you manage to do all these guides & info so quickly and for multiple games? Are you some kind of a superman or you have more people who help you? Is it a full time job?

Hmm it depends, sometimes I have friends that help me find stuff or people who send in stuff via comments/email. Also I kinda drop everything when a patch/expansion comes out and just no life it until I get everything done.

Thank you for the answer! You should know that without your selfless work and helpful attitude our experience wouldn’t be the same. I wish you good luck in all your endeavors, my friend!

You are a legend ….. well actually you are a champion, guarding the gates of an ascalonian city, but that does not change the fact that you are amazing 😀

I’m having a hard time understanding the ‘Getting Started’ part. I made it to the Vista (with great difficulty), but I don’t see the ‘you should be on a plateau now’. I tried jumping down to what I ‘thought’ looked like flat ground, and it just sent me back down towards the bubble before the Vista bubble.

I don’t suppose anyone has a video of moving from the Vista to the remains?

Edit: haha, nevermind…the ‘other’ direction with a pillar!

for the lustreous egg, theres a jackal path that goes up and around, which puts you above the egg. Then glide down. (for those of us that are jump bunny challenged) 😀

I love this guide and have made it all the way to the library. I cannot kill the elites however on my own >.> To get all this way and not be able to finish im so sad LOL

I think it’s worth Dulfy adding that there are MANY MORE ELITES THAN THERE ARE CHESTS. Probably they just keep spawning.

When I did this I thought that maybe there was one elite “guarding” each chest with a key. I feared I needed to kill all I found. One – an Elite Fleshreaver with Restorer ability was IMPOSSIBLE for my Druid to kill. I spent over an hour fighting it. I could get it to about 20%, but by then my dps was spent and it would get healed back up to 60-70% by the veteran coaelescences. It was mad. It was doing almost no damage to me but it healed incredibly!

Eventually, in desperation, I starting killing other elites only to find there were more than enough with other abilities (even Elite Fleshreavers) that were easily killable.

So, if you find one you cannot kill, leave it and find another!!

Thank you … I am happy to say that as of 5 minutes ago, I am the happy owner of a new Griffon 🙂 I literally rage quit, pulled myself together and attacked the elite Aatxe near the portal until I had all the keys and found the chests. I DID think that I had to kill all the individual elites but realized soon after I went back in that they respawned so easy keys.

Thank you Dulfy again your guides are amazing and so easy to follow <3

Thanks for mentioning that Jon!!! I was just stuck at the SAME elite and was so upset I had come so far. I shall move onto the other elites now with relief!

The reply about the Aatxe really helped. It might be worth mentioning that pulling the elite close to the checkpoint can often let you attack again quickly (after dying), before the elite heals.

The funny thing was I never came even close to dying to that fleshreaver. It had almost no damage, just access to obscene amounts of healing. Hopefully they will fix that before an NPC with that ability is really blocking an event that is meant to be soloable.

Dude why not put the Azure Riparian Griffon Egg right after the Warmed one, since that’s where you fly to it from? I did them in order, as I suspect many people are doing.

How about a note that says that while you have listed them in collection order, it’s easier if you do them in order.

Would it be possible to add formatting to your guys to allow users to collapse sections? It’d be fantastic to collapse things like Shadi’s Armor (both the Header, and each armor piece’s sub header) to make it easier to use when we have objectives completed.

Jalari event is bugged for me. I make it again and again, but nevr have the rune….. I’m from France in case of.

Thanks dulfy! Might I suggest to others to look at all Dulfy’s map markers first before taking waypoints. There are some locations where you can just use the griffon to proceed to the next nests. That way you can enjoy the riding the griffing along the way. 🙂

I found that if you go just a little north with the map up after hitting the M key that there is a map of Tomb of Primeval Kings map instance

I cannot get the egg at the Sanctum of Nabkha. There are too many Vets to take on and the jumps on the pillars are so finicky and throw you back to ground level if you miss.

If you go to the hills around the Sanctum to the Northeast and get as high as you can, you can glide to the pillar…and I mean using your glider. That’s what I did. I did see two people using a griffon from the Griffon Roost land directly on the pillar, but I had no luck with that.

I didn’t have luck landing directly on top of the pillar, and while I could handle the veteran djinns, the elite one killed my character once or twice. Finally, gliding from the hills, I managed to land without aggroing any of the djinns and hop about long enough on the springer to get the egg. I’m just starting to get used to pillar-jumping and this one took some patience.

Great guide.

Thank you for this guide, Dulfy! Desolation, Pale egg to Canyon egg — you can either use griffin mount or glide to it directly, no need to return to any waypoint. I logged out and back again so no longer had the griffin mount at Pale egg so just glided (with a bit of springer on cliffs) through [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Yup – that’s the way I did it. Ultimately, the vids just point you in the right direction, and for that, I’m grateful.

So for the Elites I could barely kill one. I tried a couple times to party up in LFG but it didn’t work. Finally after reading in the older comments I see that people are doing it. Then I realized that the LFG puts you in a “Squad” not a “Party”. Once I disbanded it and invited to a party, only one needs to go in and it acts just like a story.

So there you go if anyone else is having issues. Sooooo much easier with others!

Yay now I have a purple Griffon!

whew, I’m finally done with this! Thanks so much for the guide. The elites were definitely the hardest part, I kept trying on multiple characters and failing, fortunately I could bribe my gf into helping me. With two players it’s already a piece of cake. Bless anet for letting you take party members into the instance even if they don’t have the collection unlocked yet.

The boss was easy though, I was a bit scared that I would get stuck because it didn’t let party members in but whaddya know 😀

Thank you Kristina for all the effort and hard work that goes into providing these most helpful guides! This guide, like all I’ve used in the past was accurate and easy to follow. Of course I jumped around a bit in the order in which I obtained each item to add to the fun of things. I too am now apart of the Griffon Legion thanks to you! Most appreciated! ~Ernie

Am just missing the MINI Griffon mount.
I asume it’s putting all the other 4 mini into the mystic forge.

Dulfy, there’s a Jackal portal to the Vibrant Egg in the Desert Highlands (the one with the hostile griffons) that opens out along the cliff face west of Lommund Kraal and south of Highjump Gap (my directions are shit, sorry, but if you scout out the cliffs west of the village, you should find it)

Thanks so much, Dulfy! You got my PoF purchase referral btw. Just got my beautiful griffon and I’m loving it 🙂 Oh and non sequitor – the Mini Sand Shark is absurdly large and keeps making me think I’m about to get launched in the air.

I’m stuck on the very last egg. I missed getting to the charged vabbian griffon egg and I can’t find any way to get there without a griffon. Any suggestions?

Took me casual playing over the course of two days to finish and was one of the better scavenger hunt quests they’ve built. Great reward, and I felt like I was doing something special story-wise. Used this guide the whole way and had no issues.

yeah i did it in about two days too, trying to get the mysteries now

my comment was mainly a reaction to me foolishly finishing the first map and thinking i was done and then scrolling down through a huge list haha

Fantastic guide!
FYI – for the “Writings of the Last Spearmarshal” part, the library mini-map and map both work now. I assume they fixed this in a patch since you made the guide.

Desolation eggs: just wanted to observe that, having reached the egg at the marked roost, it’s easy to use the “temporary” griffons to fly a route to the other three eggs, in the order shown. No need to return to the roost.

I’m amazed that so many people were complaining about elites. Yes they’re hard but not that hard. Just soloed all types of elites except elite fleshreaver with my elementalist after like 2 deaths… And i usually die pretty easy in these kind of stuff.

These runes sure are exactly like the 8 virtues from the Ultima series of games, except with “Spirituality” replaced with “Loyalty”.

Lustrous Crystal Gryphon Egg (at the top of the teratohedron) is much easier to get by going through the sand portal and going up the sand path and then gliding down to the top of the teratohedron.

Finally finished this about 20 minutes ago. Took a while to get a good group for corrupted facet but I found one today and already had everything else completed for the collection. Great guide and as always very helpful and very appreciated!

Open Skies: Domain of Vabbi
The guide order is stupid at best. It should be Yasfur garbage then the Guard Bribe not Stone Carving tools, THEN whatever the hell else, i ran around and had to redo the heart due to reset.

If the counter argument = “you should have read the guide first.” GTFO. stupid is stupid.

Otherwise guide is okay.

The guide is good for each individual site. However, I recommend looking over all of the maps and locations as you can save some time moving around by doing them out of order of the guide.

Thank you so much for this Dulfy!!! After a day and a half of grinding and using this guide, I have my beautiful boy!!

For the Lustrous Coastal Griffon Egg in Crystal Oasis, i found it easier to take the Griffon from the roost, to the Teratohedron, climb up to the HP, and then use the griffon ability to fly up the outside. Griffon seems to perch easier on the smaller ledges.

Another much easier way I’ve found is to simply use the Sand Portal inside the pyramid (the same one you take to the Runeforger’s chest) to get high above the pyramid itself, and then just glide down to the egg.

For those witthh bugged curtains on Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Vol 5 and 6 take class with blink or some similar skill get near curtain and you can tp behind it, if you don’t have class with it or to bored to do it spam raptor near curtain and eventually you will bug through curtain

Scourge’s Sand Swell works great for getting behind those curtains (.Writings of the Last Spearmarshal )

I just did it today to help a friend. The regular Kormir map is graphed out. But the one where you have to fight elites is still greyed out.

I offer my thanks for the wonderful guide, getting the mount is actually not nearly as hard or as stressful as one could anticipate if you follow this guide. Everything is given simply and to the point.

The best guide . Simple and precise . If u properly follow the guide its really easy to get the achivements done and get ur own griffin . took me less than two days for my griffin <3

I don’t know what to tell you. on the mini map I had a map to look at that had the entire circumference clearly defined, pressing M brought up the same map. I find it hard to believe they added that feature then removed it within a month after my comment.

There is a map, but if you’re too zoomed out it just looks cloudy. Once I zoomed in you could see it.

Did everything in 1 day, the hardest thing was 250g, and that’s not really a problem for people who don’t waste gold on everything.

How did you end up getting a group for corrupted facet? I’m not sure anyone is doing this so late in the expac.

There’s always people doing that one so it’s not that hard to see a lfg for it or just a small group taking it out

As Shiro said there’s always ppl doing bounties on that map and at best you just need to join random map with facet bounty up and post lfg, shouldn’t be hard to fill up since when i was doing griffon collection i saw a lot of ppl in same locations.. The difficult part was probably the djinn as a pleb warrior. But saw a random necro doing map completition and we did it together rather easy, everything else was just stay at the event and post it in lfg/map chat so people would know about it.

I was thinking you should do that one as a healer character like a guardian because if you’re like me you include stats for healing power, boon duration, increased healing effectiveness, Rune of Altruism works well for me. I modified my Guard Dragon Hunter to be a autohealer with healing while dodging, bow of altruism skill, periodically healing just by being in combat, using bow and staff. Seems to work well against most bosses.

I’m not sure if this is a mess up or they changed it, but Shadi’s sword is not at the water djinn. The fire djinn on that altar thing is holding it. I sent in a bug report because I was positive I got the sword there and wasn’t getting the achievement. Now I feel stupid, going to blame it on being tired.

Thanks for the guide with your help I was able to get my griffin, good work man! Although some parts i had to look for others guide but in usuall i used this 90%.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. After I lvled my springer to lvl 3 it took me 2 days to get the griffin. The biggest time-consuming task was doing warden Jabari.

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