GW2 Path of Fire Act 3 Story Achievements Guide

GW2 Path of Fire Act 3 Story Achievements guide.

There are 16 visible achievements in Act 3. Three of the achievements are hidden. Completing all the achievements will give you 15 AP and Jahnus’s Stained Pectoral.  (All three hidden achievements have been found!)


The Departing

This instance has some encounters that players may struggle with.

Search for Weapons

The weapon can be found in a crate in the middle of the map, close to Brapp.


Eater of Souls

To defeat Eater of Souls, make sure you bring some CC abilities and movement enhancing abilities that allow you to get away from the boss quick (i.e. blink).

When Eater of Souls jump towards you (small telegraph circle projects the area he will land), get as far away from him as quickly as possible. This will cancel out his health drain attack on you since it is distance based.


Immediately after this health drain, the Eater of Souls will start casting a circle undernearth his feet and show up with a breakbar. Use your CC ability to quickly break his breakbar. If you do it too slow, he will heal back to full HP.


The Whole Story – 2 AP

One of the more annoying achievements if you somehow screwed it up the first time. During this step you will need to follow Your Purpose and you will be shown events of the game so far leading up to Path of Fire. Never leave a memory without it finishing watching it and if you see if a NPC in the memory run to somewhere, follow it. This is especially in the case of the memory where Caithe steals the egg because if you don’t follow Caithe, the achievement will fail and you have to do it all over.

  • At the end when Balthazar spawns in the last memory, do not go up to Balthazar or the achievement will fail!

Enemy of My Enemy

Clogged Drain – 3 AP

Defeat Archon Iberu without ever letting him drain. When fighting Iberu, he will use his drain attack from time to time. What this attack does is that he will go invulnerable and then lift up one of his Awakened soldiers to drain its health. Kill that soldier quickly before Iberu finishes his drain channel and you will break his breakbar. Do it for the whole encounter and you will earn this achievement. The soldier being drained will have a timer icon above his head and Iberu will usually announce it in voice when the drain is happening so you can spot it quickly.


Iberu, We Hardly Knew You – 2 AP

Defeat Iberu within 2 minutes. The timer is fairly lenient as long you interrupt his drain every time as doing so cause him to take extra damage for a few seconds. If you having trouble doing it solo, group up with another player for an easier experience.

Master of Mummies – 3 AP, Mini Archon Iberu

Close the portal without ever switching to your personal skills. If your awakened army get low in numbers while fighting Forged near the portal, just run away and free more Awakened soldiers that have respawned. The Elite Forged that guards the portal constantly switches between melee and ranged immunity so be sure to keep an eye for his buff icons and swap between melee (#1) and ranged (#2) to counter his buff. Once you get this elite down, the portal is pretty easy to down with just a few Awakened.


Mummy Legion – 2 AP

Have at least 15 mummies under your command. This achievement is really easy to get. You can just run around and look for Awakened soldiers to join your army without engaging the Forged as doing so can cause you some loss via combat. The Awakened soldier locations are all marked on the map so you just need to use the #5 skill on them to get them to join your army. There is a counter on your buff bar to see how many mummies you have amassed. If your awakened soldiers are dying, remember that they respawn on the map so you can free them again if you run low.


Explosives Expert – 2 AP

On the bottom floor of that instance are two group of Forged mobs that together is about 12-13 in number. You gather the two groups up, run around and kite the mobs for a bit to make sure they are all grouped up together (I use the nearby cauldrons to LOS the ranged mobs). Then you use your #3 skill to send one of the Awakened soldiers to attract all the Forged to him before pressing #3 again to blow all of them up once they get near. There is also a group of Forged Scavenger nearby too you can pick up for extra numbers.


Tag! – 2 AP

You have to drain Beast of the Valley five times in a single lap of the race circuit. Some tips for doing this successfully is that you can drain other creatures on the race track like sand eels and choyas to give yourself a speed boost to catch up to the Beast. Once you drained the Beast twice, he will start dropping off crystals. Avoid them as they will immobilize you if you get too close, costing you precious seconds. If you can stay ahead of the Beast, you can avoid all the crystals and get easy drain whenever the Beast get close.


Beast of War

Speed Bumps –1 AP

There is a quicksand section right after the big battle with Forged army that you have to navigate with your skimmer. For this achievement you have to get past through that section without hitting any of the branded crystals. The additional challenge is that some of the branded crystals despawn and spawn so you may get hit by a spawning crystal sometimes. .


Destroy Additional Pylons – 2 AP

On your way to the Warbeast will be additional pylons you don’t really need to kill as they don’t shield the nearby assemblers. For this achievement you have to kill all of them on the path without dying (downed is okay). You kinda have to be really careful and run out if your health gets low. This of course means you can’t fail any of the jumps either as that is an instant kill.


Beastcacher – 5 AP

Reach the Warbeast in under 15 minutes. This achievement is really easy, especially if you not going for the Destroy Additional Pylons achievement as you can skip all the extra pylons that don’t shield the Assemblers. 

(Hidden) Won’t Get Killed Again – 3 AP

Don’t get killed by Balthazar’s Ultimate Attack. Basically when Aurene is trapped, rescue her and stand in the blue circle that pop up. Use the special action key to stun Balthazar and prevent him from using his one shot ultimate attack.


(Hidden) Who Needs a Magic Sword– 5 AP

Kill Balthazar without using Sohothin. Right at the start of the fight, drop the weapon by pressing the weapon swap key. The weapon will go into your special action key slot so you have to becareful when you use special action key to stun Balthazar’s ultimate attack as you can accidently draw it out again and damage Balthazar.


Small Victory

Social Butterfly – 1 AP

Talk to the following guests before your speech, they are all marked with the green star symbol above their head. There are 9 guests.For Canach, Rytlock, and Kasmeer, they all have long dialogues that must finish before you can talk to the next one. 

  1. Chief Councilor Imann
  2. Captain Rahim
  3. Shadow Agent Kito
  4. Captain Ellen Kiel
  5. Master Chef Laraib
  6. Wurmmarshal Osa Ekolo
  7. Canach
  8. Rytlock
  9. Kasmeer

(Hidden) Saturday Night Fever – 1 AP

After talking with Chief Imann, you will be given the option of check in with others or give your speech. Go to the three casino musicians on the stage and stand right under them, literally hugging the stage.  Type /dance and you will get this achievement.


  • milk

    2 of the hiddens one are in the final fight instance – one for completing and one for completing without dying

  • Fuck Anet

    Fuck the part where I have to find my weapon. I searched a few times around Brapp, found nothing. So I walked throughout the map, with that fucking slow pace. If not for this guide, I would have wasted hours for this shit. Seriously, Fuck You Anet! How about a clearer indication next time!

  • Can’t get Search for Weapons

  • BS

    “The whole story” fails for me at the end….when seeing Balthazar…..the achievement icon just dissapears wtf….tried twice now

    • That is very odd and very annoying bug. I remember I had to move pretty fast since Balthazar spawned up top so I didn’t want to be far from him when the memory started.

      • Archer Sumprer

        I finally got the achievement by NOT getting close to Balthazar. Once i tried staying near where the purpose bird was perching for the last step, it clicked through and I got the achievement.

    • Sefer

      Didn’t have the icon to begin with. god damnit 🙁

      • Sefer

        Do you have to do the fight with Bal again, too?

        • Yup

          • Sefer

            Great… Won’t do it again then, seems like its bugged since more people are complaining 🙂

  • Speed Bumps achievement – You can use Raptor and Springer skip over the roof of the building on the left.

    • Ainseland

      it kicks you out of the instance

      • Mad

        It does not. If you do it well, you can get through without even seeing communicate to pop up. (at least as of 08/10/2017)

    • Mad

      Can confirm. If you use springer/raptor combo and just get as high as possible, and jump from building to building, you can get to the end without even going into quicksand. It does give achievement normally. (at least as of 08/10/2017)

  • Serenawyr

    For the Social Butterfly achieve, person 6 that you talk to varies based on how Amnoon chose to ally. If you picked the Sunspears, it’s Second Spear _______(forget their name, they’re at the event right when you enter Desert Highlands). Not sure for an independent Amnoon

  • godsie

    I have also found the whole story achievement bugged as mentioned before – so disappointing tried it several times bubble always goes at Balth steps

  • Raizel

    Nice story but disappointing ending, such a too big cliffhanger for an ending…

    • Suan

      I mean, the story is gonna pick up in a 3-4 months with FREE living world season 4. It’s not like they could end it without cliffhanger. They need to keep us interested. And that last cutscene was a fucking amazing in my opinion.

      • guest

        well they could. but they are scared people won’t care for the next part of the story otherwise.

  • godsie

    just tried the while story achievement again and still bugged even after recent updates exactly the same as before lose bubble right at the end with balthazar

  • мoмoGasm™ 😜

    When you’re on a ranger, you have to use beast mode during the story. You have to keep your pet with you and keep your pet passive. The Eater of Souls acts like the vampires from Heart of Thorns, so be sure to be careful on Necromancers when you do the story.

    • Luis Pereira

      i did it with a necro. step one: deploy all minions. step two: send your minions to attack the boss. step three: stay away from the boss, but close enough for your minions not to come back to you. step four: have patience, and eventually your minions will have killed the boss.

    • I facerolled him on reaper. Flesh of the Master/Necromantic Corruption equipped, Rise!, Shadow Fiend, Flesh Golem, go into shroud, frost field, and spin to win. Took no time at all.

  • Crissy

    Worth noting that for “Who Needs a Magic Sword” if you get downed, you rally with the sword equiped, so be careful not to fat finger balth before dropping it again.

  • Stef Delf

    I’m wondering if the last hidden achievement could be about the discussion choices at the end when you have to do the speech ?

  • Alexbull

    Found a hidden achivement yesterday.
    I got it front dancing infront of the band that is playing during the celebration.

    • Thank you!

    • Eren Jaeger

      Thank you so much!

    • DunkMG

      I need a little more information to work with. Do you mean the three Casino Musicians on the podium? I danced in front of them during all parts of the mission but nothing triggered.

  • Matthew Hill

    Fuck the part where I have to find my weapon. I searched a few times around Brapp, found nothing. So I walked throughout the map, with that fucking slow pace. If not for this guide, I would have wasted hours for this shit. Seriously, Fuck You Anet! How about a clearer indication next time!

    • Andrew McCunn

      Are you double posting and hoping we all think you’re a different person, or just copy/pasting someone else’s complaint word for word?

    • FU Anet

      lol, dafuq. Why do u repost my comment? I’m glad someone else has the same gripe, but please don’t copy and paste exactly what I wrote.

  • sam

    thanks as usual, dulfy, for the fantastic guides. 🙂

    i’m struggling a bit in the departed instance; i have the buff for the achievement (to watch all of the scenes from your story) all the way until the end — to avoid incidental spoilers, i mean the buff is active until i reach the top of the tower, but then disappears.

    anyone have any ideas of what i may be missing? thanks!

    • It might be bugged, several people reported happening to them but I was able to get it fine.

      • sam

        thanks! maybe i’ll try it again on an alt and see what happens.

    • Tim

      Had this issue the first time, not sure exactly when it disappeared, but it was close to the end. The second time I made sure to stay till after all the scenes disappear. In particular with the last scene, I made sure not to go up to Balthazar but stand where the scene triggered (on the lower floor) instead. Maybe that might help 🙂

      • Riplie

        I had the same issue and what fixed it for me was exactly what Tim said. Don’t go up to Balthazar’s platform. Stay where the scene triggers. That’s pretty much the advice for the whole thing. Stay where the scene triggers till it ends.

      • wQnxy

        can confirm this; i was not going to the top, but was staying at the place were the parrot disappear/scene starts and got the achievement (14cet on sept 29).

    • You can’t move on at all until the scene finished playing. 🙁

  • qwerty1407

    is the pylon achi buggee? clear the instance twice and got nothing…

    • Tim

      Same, made very sure to destroy every pylon without dying, twice, icon is present till I reach the warbeast, then disappears shortly after the start of the fight, with no achievement granted.

      • It seems that you must destroy the pylons without the mount damage or insta destroy, i did it 2 times first time all destroyed with mounts and the second time only with Sohothin sword and got it in the second time

        • Ze dos

          did you get the achieve in the last 2 days or on the launch day?

          • In the same day i wrote this comment 🙂 i did it with only breaking them with Sohothin sword and didn’t damage them with the mount. Don’t know if its bugged but it worked

        • Tim

          Thanks a lot, can confirm it does seem like the mount damage is somehow interfering with the achievement. I got it when I actively avoided using mount damage. Thanks for the information!

      • wQnxy

        edt. wrong post to reply =.=

  • Dagon Komodo

    Did you Forget about the Veteran Choya Chief in the Social Butterfly ?

    • I never talked to it.

      • Dagon Komodo

        But it counted for me. Cause it has a marker counting it. :S

        • NPC arent the same if you have choice to have Joko or Not to defend Amnoon ! For me at end there are never any Awakened ! and not the same place for NPC… it depend of you choice

          • MaisBienSur

            A teenager, I knew it.

            Unfirtunately, we’re blind when we’re young.

            • Mon commentaire sur la news d’information a du vous toucher pour en etre a venir voir ce que j’ai pu ecrire sur d’autres sites… ah les beau stalker sans ame et plein de cliché pour parlé de teenager sur un jeu dont la moyenne d’age est 30 ans lolilol restez beauf surtout.

  • ACR

    Is “The whole story” bugged? I follow Caithe and Braham but short bevor Balth the av icon disappear and I don´t get the av 🙁

    • wQnxy

      look for my comment below

  • Jdawg

    not finding the weapon near brapp. where else might it be?

    • Make sure you search every crate

  • Matthew Gador

    hey how do you get the exotic or rare version of banners of ancient elona

    • wQnxy

      its reward for the story choise (when you suggest ppl of amnoon to stay free/kneel be4 joko/join sunspear)

      • The Banners of Ancient Elona are not rewarded for a story choice. Sunspear/Amnoon/Joko banners are.

    • Not sure about that one. I’ve only seen the ascended version for completing the collection for Joko’s Banners, Banners of Amnoon, and Banners of the Sunspear Order.

  • wQnxy

    /dance achievements doesnt work
    same goes to pylons one
    jsut finsihed 2 missions in a row and didnt get either of it

    • MtS

      u cannot use ur mount to dmg the pylons… it bugs them out sometimes.

      • wQnxy

        thanks, good to know =.=

        • Victor Maze

          also for the dance seeming to go and dance infront of ehm befor the senator(or watsh her name) finishd talking bugs the achivment

  • Matti6950 .

    Won’t get killed again, is written poorly as guide section. It was no use to me to get achievement. First of all there’s a lot of requirements that must be met and aren’t that clear in such a ‘look out every second or die to balthazar’-fight.

    Here’s how i would write it:

    Sometimes Balthazar shouts ‘Enough of this’. He becomes immune to damage then. Do not confuse this with when he summons shield generators (he is also Immune then). When he starts his ultimate attack for first time, you are immobalized, and Aurene saves you from it, then a few seconds later a blue circle appears on the far side of Aurene, stand in it, and press Special action key once. You don’t have to face the boss (works any direction), so don’t be afraid to use it quickly. If you plan on doing the other achievement (who needs a sword), make sure to not press Special action key twice. Later in the fight, not you but Aurene is immobalized. As long as this happens, she cannot summon blue circle for coordinated stun. If you fail to rescue her from it, you fail the achievement. Go as fast as possible to her (a red arrow is above her head). Then use Pbaoe, melee, or aoe’s to easely kill the source of the immobalize under her. Once the immobalize is gone, not much after that, a blue spot appears, and press Special action key again. In the next ‘ultimate attack’ phases, it’s always Aurene who is immobalized, not you.

    Now with this section read, it will take someone one attempt. Took me 2 hours to figure it out (basically it’s like doing it without a dulfy guide in existance).

    This is feedback, not criticism, and help for other people doing the achievement.

  • Desirée du Tour

    I thought I talked to every NPC there was. But apparently Wurmmarshal Ekolo was out and about somewhere, despite my charr not allowing the Mordant Crescent to aid Amnoon. Where can I find her in the celebrations?

  • Raizel

    I find Explosives Expert to be quite hard in truth, I can’t manage to get 10 mobs packed, either they go away/attack me ranged, or worse they focus my mummies killing them before i pack them together, any tips?

    • Ainseland

      did it with guild and a pug, the owner stayed back while others lure/kite the mobs till they’re stack and the owner trigger it

    • Thalies

      Try to kill all range mobs first (which on the second pic of the achi), aggro melee mobs, then aggro those forged who stays on the boards of the central field (1st pic), and only then press 3 to pack and blow them up.

  • DD

    Destroy Additional Pylons also include those during the Warbeast fight?

    • DunkMG

      No, only the ones leading up to the fight. You should get the achievement before the fight starts.

  • Swishee

    Just wanted to share to those who struggle on The Departing – The Whole Story

    I tried more than 5x to figure it out(Please no bully!),
    – Finished each scene after i trigger the spirit bird name “My purpose”.
    – Do it solo to avoid any problem like i had in my party when someone got dc’ed all our achievement icon disappear.
    – (Most important) The last part where you climb up on a cliff with mossy stairs let the scene finish first before moving up and triggering the spirit bird. For the last part after triggering the bird don’t move up stay where you are to get the achievement.

    Here’s the screenshot where i’m standing and got the achievement.

    • Erik Dickman

      Yep! I moved down the staircase a little bit so I did not engage balth and MISSED the achievement, must stay on that platform!

  • DunkMG

    The whole story still fails for me. I have tried it 4 times now and it keeps failing the memory before the one with Balthazar. Every time it fails there. Does anyone have experience with this and a possible solution? Thanks

  • Thalies

    1. Do not use engage attack of the mount on the pylons, cuz it may to oneshot it and it’ll fail the achievment with pylons (the pylons must be destroyed by your own hand)
    2. In the last instance try to dance just after talk with Imann, before talking to other else or you’ll fail.

  • Pawel Trauth

    If you’re having problems with Speed Bumps – you can use griffon to get over this part

  • Jas

    For the achievement “(Hidden) Who Needs a Magic Sword”, be careful when you get downed then rally, it will equip back Sohothin automatically, so if you’re autoattacking, high chances it will ruin the run. It’s maybe better to just die and respawn to give you the second needed to un-equip it again.

  • Raphael Betz

    I just did the explosives expert achievement by pulling all the mobs in the southern part of the stairs and the southern group at the bottom to the middle stairs part and kiting them a bit there. note that when i tried to bomb the scavengers the previous times, the had about 5% hp left from the bomb, so they wouldn’t count to the achievement. this time i got a bit of might and banners, maybe thats what helped me, idk.

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