GW2 Desolation Mastery Insights Guide

GW2 The Desolation Mastery Insights Guide.

Guide is organized so that insights that require less mount masteries are at the top. There are three insights here that require the Jackal Shifting Sands mastery.

Video Guide

  • Desolation Insight: Silent Isle – 0:00
  • Desolation Insight: Shattered Ravines – 0:34
  • Desolation Insight: Arena of Vayu – 1:53
  • Desolation Insight: Tarstone Weeps – 3:42
  • Desolation Insight: Henge of Joko – 5:09
  • Desolation Insight: Sandfall Sanctum – 6:38
  • Desolation Insight: Sand Jackal Leap – 7:21
  • Desolation Insight: The Mouth of Torment – 8:27

Desolation Insight: Silent Isle

Requirement: Base Raptor.

Pretty easy to reach if you are coming from the zone entrance from on the far east via Elon Riverlands, just need a raptor jump over the rocks.


Desolation Insight: Shattered Ravines

Requirement: Base Raptor

Coming from Joko’s Domain waypoint, just follow the path and it is pretty straightforward. Just watch for enemies and mines that can dismount you.


Desolation Insight: Arena of Vayu

Requirement: Base Springer

Easiest way I found for this is to reach the griffon roost with springer and then just glide to the mastery. There are two vets down there guarding the mastery insight so be prepared for fight or stealth. If you are not sure how to get to the griffon roost, use the springer to jump up the wall to your left at where I turn on the map. Otherwise follow the video.


Desolation Insight: Tarstone Weeps

Requirement: Base Springer

Follow the path from Joko’s Domain waypoint. At the starred location on the map is a tunnel in the wall you can jump in with the springer and the mastery insight is at the end with lots of tar elementals.


Desolation Insight: Henge of Joko

Requirement: Base Skimmer and Base Springer

Easiest to reach from Sand Jackal Run waypoint, skimmer you way to a bunch of forged and then springer jump your way to the mastery insight.


Desolation Insight: Sandfall Sanctum

Requirement: Jackal with Shifting Sands Mastery

Run through Clanmarshal’s Pergola POI. When you get to the room right before the mastery point, you will notice that the way forward is blocked by a sand wall. Turn a 180 and look for a sand portal on the ground. This will take you to the sand portal in the air and you just have to blink through the air to reach the last portal that lead you to the mastery insight.


Desolation Insight: Sand Jackal Leap

Requirement: Jackal with Shifting Sands Mastery

Use the portals near the waypoint to get up to the Djinn Enclave and then use a sand portal you can reach at top of the building (take the small stairs) to get ported directly to the mastery point.


Desolation Insight: The Mouth of Torment

Requirement: Jackal with Shifting Sands Mastery & Springer High Vault

This one is easy to get with a griffon but you can get there without it using springer high vault. There is a jackal sand portal at the starred location. Use it will port you close to the mastery insight but not enough for a glide. Either use griffon here or use springer to jump the big rock next to the portal and hope you land on the very tip and then immediately glide after dismounting to glide to the mastery insight.


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