GW2 Mastery Insights Path of Fire

GW2 Elon Riverlands Mastery Insights Guide

GW2 Elon Riverlands Mastery Insights Guide.

Guide is organized such that the masteries requiring the least mount masteries are at the top while those requiring the most are at the bottom. Two of the insights require skimmer mount, one requires springer high vault and one requires jackal shifting sands mastery.


Video Guide

  • Elon Riverlands Insight: Ossa’s Defeat – 0:00
  • Elon Riverlands Insight: Heroes’ Overlook – 0:26
  • Elon Riverlands Insight: Pillars of Sovereignty – 1:06
  • Elon Riverlands Insight: Sovereign Ridge – 2:28
  • Ebon Riverlands Insight: Leviathan’s Gullet – 3:19
  • Elon Riverlands Insight: Shallows of Despair – 4:27
  • Elon Riverlands Insight: Vulture Drifts Summit – 5:40
  • Elon Riverlands Insight: Deadhouse Vault – 6:48


Elon Riverlands Insight: Ossa’s Defeat

Requirement: Raptor with Canyon Jumping (Mastery Rank 3)

This mastery point can be reached with just the Raptor Canyon jumping mastery. There are some quicksand just west of Angury Rock on both sides of the path that you can bypass by going through Heroes Overlook POI.


Elon Riverlands Insight: Heroes’ Overlook

Requirement: Base Springer

If you have High Vault on springer, you can jump to it directly, otherwise follow the path and it should be low enough for a base springer.


Elon Riverlands Insight: Pillars of Sovereignty

Requirement: Base Springer

Use the springer jumps to get on top of the tower filed with forged (the last stretch is a slanted beam leading up) and then glide to the Mastery Point.


Elon Riverlands Insight: Sovereign Ridge

Requirement: Base Springer

You need the springer to jump on top of the big rock near the mastery insight. Once you get up that big rock you can just use raptor canyon jump to close the gap.


Elon Riverlands Insight: Leviathan’s Gullet

Requirement: Base Skimmer

Need the skimmer to get to this mastery insight. Gliding from nearby areas isn’t high enough to reach the little island in the middle of the quicksand.


Elon Riverlands Insight: Shallows of Despair

Requirement: Base Skimmer

You need skimmer to get on the little island with Bahdaj Vigil POI. From there raptor canyon jump across to the Throne of Pellentia POI island and then head towards the island with the mastery insight. You may need to use springer jump to get up a bit higher before gliding.


Elon Riverlands Insight: Vulture Drifts Summit

Requirement: Springer with High Vault

Use Springer’s High Vault to climb up this very tall rock outcropping.


Elon Riverlands Insight: Deadhouse Vault

Requirement: Jackal with Shifting Sands (Rank 3 Mastery)

This is one of the more annoying mastery insights to get due to the bombs inside the Deadhouse that can instantly dismount you and force you to fight groups of Awakened with 1-2 Veterans in the mix. You have to go through the sand portal right outside the Deadhouse, then evade bombs and go through the next sand portal, and repeat again for the third portal that grant you access to the big room with the Mastery Insight where you have to fight more Awakened. A tip for this is that if you ever get dismounted, you can relog back to character select and then log back in to remount again.


By Dulfy

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28 replies on “GW2 Elon Riverlands Mastery Insights Guide”

So that one is in the quicksand cave you enter through the story instance for the lost city. It is right outside the instance but in the same cave, just a different room. You gotta find that opening on the ground you dropped down before for the story

i did find it, thanks! i hadn’t done that part of the story yet… too busy getting mounts and mapping lol!

For anyone still having trouble locating it, the entrance is north of the northern Jackal Portal (it is the exit from the Jackal Portal north of Skimmer Ranch). There is a crack in the desert that takes you underneath.

You have to do the puzzle by touching the pillars until they all light up like in the LS3 story puzzle. Solution is touch 3 in a row going clockwise and then touch the opposite corner.

Thanks Dulfy, I found the link redirect in the utub. But it would still be nice to see them all together in one video for a nice flow. I appreciate your hard work and look forward to seeing more you come out with

This guide is very helpful- except for the one that’s been boggling my mind since I started the Crystal Desert. How in the blue blazes to you get to the underground mastery West of Champion’s Gap? I don’t understand it… (/_)

Elon Riverlands Insight: Leviathan’s Gullet
Actually u can get there with raptor leap (Skill3) from the NW west side. There is a Rock out cropping you can leap towards the middle and u land on an rock bed just below the surface of the quicksand that doesn’t dismount you and hop again to the middle. Found because i don’t have a skimmer yet on my alt account 😀

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