SWTOR Deception Assassin and Infiltration Shadow Changes for 5.5

Here are the class changes for Deception Assassin and Infiltration Shadow for Patch 5.5.

Class Changes: Deception Assassin / Infiltration Shadow | 09.25.2017, 12:45 PM
Hey folks,

Below you will find the planned changes for Deception and Infiltration in Game Update 5.5:

Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.


  • Reduced the damage done by Ball Lightning by 5.15%
  • Amped Voltage no longer increases the damage of Discharge, but retains the rest of its effects
  • Dominating Slashes no longer increases the damage of Assassinate and the damage bonus it gives to Lacerate and Voltaic Slash has been reduced from 10% to 5%
  • Reduced the critical damage bonus given to Discharge and Ball Lightning by Crackling Blasts from 10% to 5%
  • Reduced the low-health damage bonus given by Sith Executioner from 5% to 3%


  • Reduced the damage done by Psychokinetic Blast by 5.15%
  • Fracturing Force no longer increases the damage of Force Breach, but retains the rest of its effects
  • Prevailing Strikes no longer increases the damage of Spinning Slash Strike and the damage bonus it gives to Whirling Blow and Clairvoyant Strike has been reduced from 10% to 5%
  • Reduced the critical damage bonus given to Force Breach and Psychokinetic Blast by Deep Impact from 10% to 5%
  • Reduced the low-health damage bonus given by Judgement from 5% to 3%

DevNotes: The Deception / Infiltration discipline was overperforming, so we made multiple changes to bring their DPS down to target levels. We reduced the damage of Ball Lightning / Psychokinetic Blast in addition to changing a couple passives to reduce the damage of other abilities.

Additionally, we reduced the critical hit damage on Discharge / Force Breach and Ball Lightning / Psychokinetic Blast through a passive, and slightly reduced the magnitude of the damage bonus given when enemies are at low health. These changes put Deception / Infiltration at their DPS target.


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71 replies on “SWTOR Deception Assassin and Infiltration Shadow Changes for 5.5”

So does this mean that, at least, that if I’m gonna play Assassin in the first place, I no longer have to feel like I’m gimping myself by picking Hatred for the less silly animations?

You are nerfing all the classes based on pvp but in the other hand you are making all the check ( dps and heal) harder and harder in pve but it will be impossible to get those check soon with all these stupid nerf …

Based on the way they describe their rationale, I’m pretty sure making DPS checks harder is their goal in the first place. 5% here and there isn’t going to make a difference in PvP where players don’t just sit there and let you rotation them repeatedly.

ok then but i’m sure that some classes won’t get nerf and they deserve it, like mara carnage who is one of the top dps, or powertech ^^ .
But wait they could nerf the sin but here it’s not a nerf it’s an assassinate with the global nerf of 2% and moreover they are nerfing all 3 most used spell with 10% in addition that’s just destroy the class . and the most performing class had just a 6% nerfing on one spell that’s ridiculous.

WTF, they are nerfing all classes to bring them down to “target” What is the point of nerfing all classes to bring them down to a target. That seems like a waste of time to me. Mantra for next patch is that all classes are overperforming so we nerf them all with zero balance changes.

But i guess they only have 2 or 3 people working on the game at this point and changing some values in the code is pretty much the threshold of what they are capable of these days.

It’s because we have a new tier of gear mostly which causes dps to go up while raids remain the same. It’s their way of making sure the raids don’t become easier as new tiers of gear get added to the game.

That maybe so, I wouldn’t know as I’ve stopped playing, but this is counter productive. No new content, only nerfs so all the old content can stay relevant. The negativity and frustration his causes is something BW should be avoiding at all costs, they’re already clinging on for dear life and this creates so much unneeded extra unhappiness.

You gotta hand it to these guys Rob: they can always come up with the worst strategy to develop this game. In all the years I religiously played and even more so after that, they never ceased to amaze me with their complete ineptitude. What a bunch of morons.

Indeed Paulo, it’s hard to use any other word to describe them. The only thing they can seem to guarantee is more gear tiers for you to grind through and nerfs to prevent that grind being too easy.

How much sense does it really make to have a new gear tier and then only allow a player to hit as hard as they did at the previous tier? And that is assuming BW don’t screw the balance up further by tweaking them all again.

But Rob, the problem is that people eat this shit up like it’s French cuisine.

You had this one guy a month ago or so, saying the grind was not so bad. After doing all the Dailies and Flashpoints for a whole week or more he had his toon with full BiS gear…

Excuse me??? A whole freaking week of doing Dailiies AND Flashpoints?

And people are happy about this? You mean you do everything EXCEPT raiding, so that you get the gear needed to go raiding???

Taking the risk of sounding like an elitist (that I AM NOT), the only people happy about this are the ones that would NEVER lay eyes on a BiS piece of gear in their lives with the previous gearing system… That worked JUST FINE!

Well, since words cannot seem to get through, maybe a picture will…

Yeah the old gearing system worked just fine 🙂 I seem to remember them changing it because it was too ‘complicated’. Nothing to do with them forcing an old content grind, to make all their old content remain relevant 🙁

I’m no Elitist either Paulo and I appreciate that not everyone has the time to raid constantly and do progression. But as you say, there is literally no point in having BiS gear if you’re not going to at least TRY the most challenging content. With level sync and a super charged companion, I could log on tomorrow and do everything in blue gear except HM FPs and Ops.

I supposed I should really thank BW for implementing GC as it at least broke the routine I was in. I would likely be still be playing now and giving those old raid bosses what for. But I’d probably be even unhappier as I imagine it is much worse to watch a game die from the inside. I remember good friends leaving during 3.0 and 4.0 and it was heartbreaking.

Two went to WoW as noobs a couple of years ago, I wish I’d gone with them now as they seem to be enjoying it. I dismissed it as cheating on TOR, ‘give BW time’ and ‘it’s not Stars Wars!’ I said. Now in hindsight I wish I’d moved games when I had the opportunity of learning a new game with some friends.

I feel a rant coming on. Brace yourself Rob…

Yeah, I had a similar problem. One of my kids bought 3 ESO accounts, one for him, one for me and another for a close friend of ours who is also a gamer. Unfortunately they both started playing Overwatch and left me stranded in ESO lol. Being a bit burned on TOR for playing alone I just stopped playing altogether.

But the problem I have with TOR is exactly the same in ESO… Only in reverse. I could not keep up with the pace at which their deliver content. You might think I’m exaggerating, not I assure I’m not. You cannot keep up. Talk about nice problems to have…

As for this gearing issue in TOR: it’s just moronic. They broke one of the fundamental rules of MMO’s. Set bonus gear should be for people who do the content. Period.

And this is why I don’t consider myself an elitist: I couldn’t care less who has BiS gear. I really don’t. What I DO care about is throwing away the learning curve you have to experience to tackle harder content.

Let me give you an example:

In of of my dailies runs, I was doing Oricon. You know, in the old days. As I’m going through the missions, a message comes up on General Chat. Someone was having problems killing Commander Zaoron. Well, being in the neighbourhood I decided to lend a hand.

I go to the guy. We group up, I help him kill the Commander. But always thinking of helping other fellow players, I proceeded to explain how you kill Zaoron solo. How you had to interrupt him.

He replies: “Oh. I don’t have any Interrupts. My class doesn’t have that”.

I go “Dude, EVERY class has Interrupts. You might not have it in your Quickbar, but you have one. Search for it.”

“No, you’re wrong. I don’t have any Interrupts. I know for a fact my class doesn’t have any.”

“Oooooook… Listen, since I’m already here, I’ll just step outside, come in again and kill Zaoron too. Good to group up with you, cya ’round.”

“Thx for the help. You want me to help you?”

“No, that’s ok. My class does have Interrupts, no need…”

See what I’m getting at? This guy was an Endgame player. There used to be a learning curve in this game. You had to know certain tactics to actually do stuff. Remember the Consular story, in Borellia… sorry, Corellia, where you had to interrupt Syo Bakarn to finish the story? That was GENIUS! Even though I didn’t think so the very first time I came across that as a noob hehehehehehe… But that was the point! If you didn’t know the mechanics you couldn’t do it! Learning curve! Google it, watch how someone else did it and LEARN, ffs…

Now I haven’t played in a while, but I figure the request for killing Achievements at the Fleet must have tripled or quadrupled since I played. You just imagine the number of guys that never set foot in a HM Flashpoint, trying to PUG on Ops. It must be insane. These people don’t know what an aggro drop is. A cleanse. When and what Def CD’s to use, and when NOT to.

This is NOT being an elitist. It’s being a REALIST. It’s not lack of gear that kills you in Ops, IT’S NOT KNOWING THE GODDAMNED MECHANICS!!! Sure, gear is important. But knowing the ropes is more so.

Lol, no apologies necessary Paulo, I feel your pain. If I had a pound for every time I heard ‘my class doesn’t have an interrupt’ I’d be pretty rich.

So ESO is actually giving their players new content to do? I honestly can’t believe it! I refuse to believe it! So it’s only BW actively trying to drive players away? Other games actually want you to play and have fun? I’m SHOCKED


You’re right.

But you know why this is a major fail?

Because a new tier of gear often comes with a new expansion, as is the case in most MMO’s. That means new content, new stuff in which you want to get geared up to run it.

When I say proper expansion I’m referring to something like SoR.

Having a new tier without proper content is pointless, because gearing up to be running the same old shit you were running before is just frustrating. This is just their way of perpetuating the hamster wheel, keeping all their old material challenging while pulling all, or most of the specs back.

Ultimately it just pumps up the frustration level of the players. The few that still play this game. This game has turned into a gigantic grind without purpose.

I’ll pass on this, tyvm.

I’m actually surprised they haven’t lowered the enrage timers on some bosses, to make it more “challenging”. Then again, these guys may not have enough knowledge on how to make that happen, or even where the enrage timers are located in the code.

Fucking idiots. They have completely ruined this game. And now this game is total shit. And Bioware is just making it even more shit.

And you were telling me not very long ago how Deception was not going to be nerfed, it was perfectly balanced…

Well, it seems these guys think otherwise…

Well, I had only said that, because this was not one of the specs in that long list of specs that would be nerfed…. but I guess I underestimated their idiocy. I am so pissed right now.

There is ONE thing left for me to do in this game, and it’s raiding with my guild twice a week for 2 hours each day. And they will make that even less fun than what it already is. And that’s a second nerf on Infiltration in just a couple of years.

Seriously, these guys are plain simple idiots.

Well, to be honest the first nerf wasn’t really a nerf. It was a fix, because of the double stance bug. But I agreed with you then, and must agree with you now. The class seemed balanced.

They look at their precious numbers, and forget one fundamental thing: they’re taking all the FUN out of the game. The little fun people like you managed to retain. Not me, I jumped ship long ago man.

Sad. Just really sad…

Where is the Road map and new content? Instead you are worried about nerfing DPS on all the classes so they meet the target What target the players use to do ops and pvp and have left the game and get them back or making sure you drive those that are left from the game So that all are left is Rpers and those that run solo story play And the rest of your subs disappear to become F2P ???? Let me guess you Devs hope to move on to other games in BW/EA LOL You have been destroying this game since Revan came out with your stupidity !!!

I stopped in March but still keep tabs on the game as I still got friends playing. Before leaving, some of my NIM friends said I should wait, this Keith guy will save the day. I explained that the well is so dry nobody can bring the glory days. Not even Kephess our Lord and Saviour. I also claimed that one boss a month will never happen and this will never work.

We are in October almost and the game has not changed at all. The same old tactic, nerf classes so indirectly the 5 year old content we have is still relevant. This game is running on cartel market scrap income and EA is happy like this. The stats are in their favour to shut it down as soon as they can.

I had some good times on TOFN and TRE but we all know the old adage, everything comes to an end. The game is beyond redemption and everyone still hoping for a change, we know, hope dies last :).

Ok, Ok… I get it. You are too lazy to touch your pve content, so you nerf classes to compensate. Hell, it’s not like I’m raiding, or will be in the near of far, far away future… Have it your way, I don’t care.

But please, pretty please:


Brilliant idea! let’s introduce a POINTLESS new tier, and then spend months afterwards nerfing the classes… Because our several years old content must be challenging. I mean, it must be an adrenaline rush for some people to gear up to run 3 years old Ops (at best)…


Well, let’s see:

Either he is glad because, as Blackfrost says he just doesn’t know how to go up against a Deception Sin in pvp (I don’t think they’re OP in pvp. At least last time I checked they were middle of the road-ish).

Which makes him a noob.

Or he’s glad because somehow he believes they’re OP in pve. Now, I’ve NEVER seen a proper raider being happy about another class getting nerfed in pve. If they are OP (which is not even the case), the better for the group.

In that case, he really is an idiot.

You’re right.But you know why this is a major fail?Because a new tier of gear often comes with a new expansion, as is the case in most MMO’s. That means new content, new stuff in which you want to get geared up to run it.When I say proper expansion I’m referring to something like SoR, which will soon be 3 years old. THREE YEARS OLD!Having a new tier without proper content is pointless, because gearing up to be running the same old shit you were running before is just frustrating. This is just their way of perpetuating the hamster wheel, keeping all their old material challenging while pulling all, or most of the specs back.Ultimately it just pumps up the frustration level of the players. The few that still play this game. The game has turned into a gigantic grind without purpose.I’ll pass on this, tyvm.

Hey, great comment! This looks EXACTLY like something I would say.

In fact, I did. Great going there. Glad to see you agree with my comment so much you put it up as your own.

Next time, just upvote MY comment. Or come up with your OWN opinion on the game…

Wtf? They should separate pvp and pve. This change makes no sense for the hardest pve content whatsoever. And we do not need more grinding for a new tier of gear.

Need or dont need, i think thats what we will do in the future. Its funny how swtor brings many not good aspects of mmo’s and not much right decisions.

Well, to be fair, the most difficult current content was created to be done in 242 gear. Once 248 gear came out, raids became easier(not by much though). I was happy when 248 came out that I would finally be able to get some last remaining raiding achievements but now I’m sad again.

So we came to the point where one doesn’t even have to read the news, it’s sure as hell Bioware is still actively trashing their own game. “Nerf the worst ranged DPS specs in game, nerf Deception because bads can’t handle it in pvp, add “roadmap” about roadmap because you have no clue what to do” – lesson nr. 31611, room C on 5th floor, only for Biowhore employees.

I’m certain it has more to do with EA’s lack of caring to put $$$ into a game That no longer has 1,000,000 subs. They can crank out the Cm junk every week. Endlessly balance stuff that mostly has no significance to anyone but a minority section of the fans. They don’t probably have half the staff they used to. EA’s moving onto things that are guarentted to make more mony per unit… Greed and want of more income is destroying whats left of a work of art. That’s just what i think is happening.

Game lost more than 60% of playerbase since 5.0. Just check TOR servers status. It speaks for itself. People can try to defend TOR as much as they want, but game is trash compared to what it was at time of Oricon launch.

Tor is the way it is because of the entities that make it. Its not the Impala’s fault gm gave it a shit exhaust system… It’s not Swtor’s fault Ea, and Bio don’t want to put effort into it anymore.

During this time on FF14 : expansion brings 8 new dungeons, 7 raids bosses (3 primos and 4 on Omega raid). Next patch will add a new dungeon, a new raid boss and a 24 players raid. No RNG stuff, almost no bugs. Oh, and when I enter into the game there are players in every cities…

So I said goodbye to my 18 swtor characters. Sad, but this kind of news makes me say that EA deserve the end of my sub once again.

G Damn them , they Nerf our favorite class once again, sht hit the fan this time !
And all these shty Nerfs because of all the complaining and whining newbilions that dont know and cant play Jack sht in Pvp and nowhere else to be exact.

So G damn you Devs for making me quit this game that I liked and making me go play the shty Pacman again.
Who can believe this sht the Damn devs are making us all quit the game and force us into Pacman in 2018, Damn them all !

Only the Quitters, the Tardies The Newbilies and The left overs will be left inside this game, thats sad people just SaD !

That’s the biggest shit i’ve ever heard. Assa Deception was NEVER overperforming. I never saw an Assasain in pvp who had such a strong burst, that they had to nerf it. If you’ll continue with your fucking stupid nerfs, the game will die. Forever. You guys ruined the whole inquisitor class. Just don’t touch them!!!!

Well they need to nerf all the classes, so they can release a new tier of gear for people to grind….. you know, keep the cycle going…

Thrill of the hunt (and nerf).

Can not believe they do everything they can to make this Game suck like sht and driving all our last good remaining players to other Junk games out there.

For Sure there are traitors inside the Star wars Devs team and are paid by the competition to make our favorite Game suck to oblivion !!!

Send all the Damn traitors to a black Hole we don’t need them around !

I can’t say i am surprised that they NERF everything, but damn they are out touch with the playbase and now active doing things to turn away what is left the population.And i bet not one these changes will fix balance issues.

Whats left nim raiding groups will probably leave. then again my account dub ended a week 2 ago so i dont think i care anymore pvp was one thing i really still enjoyed in 5.0 put end to that cause they forced people that want nothing to do with pvp in to it to get quick cxp, and after this no way in hell i resub, if my nim group wants me to stay, they can go get me gamecards. cause after reading all this 5.5 change. The shadowlands is already pretty much dead population wise this will make worse and it will be same on other servers.

last 3 times i pay for sub my self i regretted in with weeks. cause only got on to raid with my group twice week.

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