GW2 Bleached Bones Crystal Oasis Achievement Guide

GW2 Bleached Bones Crystal Oasis achievements guide. This achievement require you to find 24 bleached bones throughout Crystal Oasis (lootable daily).




  • 1. Free City of Amoon – 0:00
  • 2. Bay of Elon – 0:46
  • 3. Amnoon Southern Skirts – 1:41
  • 4. Bay of Elon – 2:22
  • 5. The Sinking Ruins – 3:49
  • 6. The Sinking Ruins – 4:49
  • 7. Sifuri Sand Sea – 5:22
  • 8. The Sinking Ruins – 6:49
  • 9. Sifuri Sand Sea – 8:05
  • 10. Mekele Bluffs – 9:10
  • 11. Omiramba Sand Sea – 9:56
  • 12. Omiramba Sand Sea – 10:46
  • 13. Kusini Crossing – 11:36
  • 14. Kusini Crossing – 12:16
  • 15. Hatari Tablelands – 14:08
  • 16. Hatari Tablelands – 15:06
  • 17. Diviner’s Passage – 15:53
  • 18. Elona Reach – 17:00
  • 19. Elona Reach – 17:30
  • 20. Forged Foothold – 19:06
  • 21. Maculate Fringe – 20:11
  • 22. Maculate Fringe – 22:35 2
  • 23. Glint’s Legacy – 23:02
  • 24. Mekele Bluffs – 25:23

1. Free City of Amoon

This is on top of the pyramid. Use springer to get up.


2. Bay of Elon

This Bleached Bones is underwater.


3. Amnoon Southern Skirts


4. Bay of Elon

Next to the mastery point. Use springer to get up.


5. The Sinking Ruins

Inside the Seeker’s Village


6. The Sinking Ruins

Leap across using your raptor.


7. Sifuri Sand Sea

Next to the mastery point. Use a skimmer to reach the island in the middle.


8. The Sinking Ruins

Run up this ramp outside the pyramid. May need to dismount to boost yourself up. Glide to the Bleached Bones.


9. Sifuri Sand Sea

Inside the Forged base.


10. Mekele Bluffs

Next to the vista. Use springer to get up


11. Omiramba Sand Sea

This Bleached Bone is right on the ground.


12. Omiramba Sand Sea

Near Retreat of the Resolute PoI in a corner of the left.


13. Kusini Crossing

Near the waterhole PoI


14. Kusini Crossing

Springer jump the side of the wall to get to the mastery point via gliding and then glide to the bones.


15. Hatari Tablelands

Near the Hero Point.


16. Hatari Tablelands

Need Raptor’s Canyon jumping mastery to get up here. It is next to the Altar of Gods PoI guarded by several veteran mobs so beware if you going in solo.


17. Diviner’s Passage

It is along the wall, use the raptor canyon jump to get it.


18. Elona Reach

Use springer high vault to get up here.


19. Elona Reach

On the very top with the griffon roost.


20. Forged Foothold

In the middle of the Forged camp on the ground.


21. Maculate Fringe

Need Jackal shifting sands for this one. There is a portal on your way to the hero point in Maculate Fringe (ramp).


22. Maculate Fringe

Next to the vista


23. Glint’s Legacy

Need access to Glint’s Legacy area for this one. There is an easy path through Destiny’s Ascent that involves springer high vault. Watch the video if you aren’t sure of how to get there.


24. Mekele Bluffs

Take the tunnels near Seeker’s Village and then at end of the tunnels you will see a ramp you can leap from using the raptor that will take you to a hidden cave with the hero point.


  • Zavos

    Bleached bones (and equivalents like lost dwarven chests and joko busts) are worth a fair amount of xp, making them great for grinding masteries. Thanks for putting together this map.

  • Burn Bicz, BURN

    Bleached Bones should drop Plan for Officer’s Warbeast Coat, but i didn’t get any…..

  • Scutilla

    #16, the second picture incorrectly shows the location of #15.

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