GW2 Gemstore Update–Choya Hammer Skin and Mini Choya Pinata

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Choya Hammer skin and the Mini Choya Pinata.

Trained Choya Hammer Skin – 600 gems


Mini Maraca Choya Pinata – 400 gems


Path of Fire Survival Package


  • Heroic Recover Container (5x Heroic Boosters, 3x Revive Orbs and 3x Repair Kits)
  • Makeover Pack (1x Makeover Kit, 5x Transmutation Charges)
  • Desert Explorer Kit (150x Trade Contracts, 15x Trader’s Keys, 5x Pieces of Common Unidenified Gear, and 1x Treasure Hunting Kit)
  • 5x Teleport to Friend
  • Black Lion Key Set – 10x Black Lion Chests Keys and 1x Golden Black Lion Chest Key
  • Anthony Cole

    And the mini couldn’t be a casino coin prize because?

    • thissiteistrash

      same reason why the sloth backpeice or the Xera helm or the sab mini couldn’t be Raid drops/rewards

  • Yevhen Snizhko

    Poor Wriggly…..

  • Alot

    That is the most beautiful hammer I’ve ever seen. Not sure I have an outfit that could do justice to its full majesty though. You’d need a crazy desert nomad attire to do justice to the choya-on-a-stick.

    Plus I’m fairly certain the choya pinata is not actually a pinata but rather a choya that blindly ran through a pinata.

  • Makarow

    they should call it… A CHOYSTICK.

  • Trillium

    What happened to Anet?
    All of a sudden, an absolutely great story, great zones, and now absolutely awesome skins in gemstore.
    What happened to old Anet?

    Also we now need a living skritt mainhand or something. To go with Choymmer and that quaggan shield.

    • wQnxy

      old anet is ppl that made gw; and you cant compare any of the gw isntances/stories to gw2 =.=

      • ShingYau Lau

        nah, I think they had swapped the design group of gw1 when making gw2

        • wQnxy

          exactly what i am talking about 😛

    • ggaymer

      that sarcasm dou boy

      • Trillium

        erm, I wasn’t sarcastic
        PoF story and zone design are indeed awesome
        and skins lately released are very cool

        Stark contrast to outfit-pumping Anet of just a few months back.

        • Alot

          GW2 has been in recovery mode since HoT flopped. Anet was forced to split their resources between maintaining a product which fell short in many regards and ensuring that the next expansion would be a quality product.

          With the release of PoF we are now seeing what the fully functional GW2 development cycle is likely to look like going forward.

          I said all this when Anet started to admit that HoT was not up to scratch (way back when) and if I may hazard one more prediction, I think we might start getting actual armor sets with each new living world release (instead of the customary trinkets).

          • Trillium

            I hope you are right.
            I would also really like if they cut outfits up into armors, like they did with Braham’s shoulders. I understand not all outfits may work that way, but at least bits and pieces would be nice.

    • Alot

      We need a focus which consists of a skritt cub reading a scroll.

      • Trillium

        A book. Upside down.

  • Tankréd Vatroslav

    i would buy a quaggan on the stick

  • kazerniel

    Ok it looks funny, but seriously WHY IS THIS AN ACTUAL WEAPON, OMG ANET WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING

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