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GW2 Lost Lore in Crystal Deserts Achievement Guide

GW2 Lore Lore achievements in Crystal Deserts complete with achievements for all five maps.[toc]

Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis

Completing this achievement gives you 3 AP and 1 Mastery Point with a lore book you can read. You will however need springer high vault and jackal shifting sands mastery to get some of the sand-worn pages.



  • Garden of the Gods Page 1 – 0:05
  • Garden of the Gods Page 2 – 0:53
  • Garden of the Gods Page 3 – 1:24
  • Garden of the Gods Page 4 – 2:28
  • Garden of the Gods Page 5 – 5:15
  • Garden of the Gods Page 6 – 6:18
  • Garden of the Gods Page 7 – 8:08


1. Garden of the Gods Page 1

Next to the mastery point. Need springer to get up to the mastery point location.


2. Garden of the Gods Page 2

Inside the City of Amnoon


3. Garden of the Gods Page 3

Near the Hero point in Hatari Tablelands


4. Garden of the Gods Page 4

Go inside the Pyramid at Maculate Fringe and there is a ramp leading up. Before you reach the hero point, there is a sand portal that your jackal mount can go through if you have shifting sands mastery.


5. Garden of the Gods Page 5

On the cliffs just to the east of Temple of Kormir. Need springer with high vault to get up on those cliffs or glide to here from Page 4. If high vaulting, I recommend going from the back of the temple as there is an easier cliff to climb on.


6. Garden of the Gods Page 6

Near the vista just west of Maculate Fringe.


7. Garden of the Gods Page 7

Inside Glint’s Legacy area, pretty tricky to get to so if you don’t know how to get up there, watch the video. Requires springer with high vault.


Lost Lore of Desert Highlands

Completing this achievement gives you 3 AP and 1 Mastery Point with a lore book you can read.



  1. Book of Vlast Page 01 – 0:00
  2. Book of Vlast Page 02 – 1:07
  3. Book of Vlast Page 03- 1:49
  4. Book of Vlast Page 04 – 3:24
  5. Book of Vlast Page 05 – 4:24
  6. Book of Vlast Page 06 – 4:56
  7. Book of Vlast Page 07 – 5:31


1. Book of Vlast Page 01

Inside the Tomb of Primeval Kings


2. Book of Vlast Page 02

On a cliff/ledge above Auburn Hills


3. Book of Vlast Page 03

South of the griffon roost by a small tree.


4. Book of Vlast Page 04

Right to a campfire by Windshear Scarps


5. Book of Vlast Page 05

From Derelict Delve’s Waypoint, start jumping up with your springer. You will see soon the sand-worn page guarded by a veteran griffon.


6. Book of Vlast Page 06

On one of the lava falls half way down Overreach Chasm.


7. Book of Vlast Page 07

Very close to Vantage Scree POI, just above and slightly NE of it.


Lost Lore of Elon Riverlands

Completing this achievement gives you 3 AP and 1 Mastery Point.



  1. The Legacy Page 01 – 0:00
  2. The Legacy Page 02 – 1:23
  3. The Legacy Page 03 – 2:24
  4. The Legacy Page 04 – 4:29
  5. The Legacy Page 05 – 4:54
  6. The Legacy Page 06 – 6:05
  7. The Legacy Page 07 – 6:31


1. The Legacy Page 01

This one is located inside The Deadhouse (not Deadlock Sweep) and requires Jackal Shifting Sands mastery. Go through the portal outside and you will see it in the first room next to a statue.


2. The Legacy Page 02

On top of this rock outcropping with lots of forged


3. The Legacy Page 03

This page is on a rock ledge on the exterior of Augury Rock. Easier to get to from the inside when Augury Rock is open but you can also get it from the outside with springer (a bit difficult).


4. The Legacy Page 04

On top of a small building.


5. The Legacy Page 05

Next to the champion Unbound Djinn.


6. The Legacy Page 06

On top of a broken building in Arid Gladefields


7. The Legacy Page 07

Cave behind waterfall.


Lost Lore of Desolation

Completing this achievement gives you 3 AP and 1 Mastery Point. Special thanks to Bandicootz for the locations.



  1. Dispatch Page 01 – 0:00
  2. Dispatch Page 02 – 1:35
  3. Dispatch Page 03 – 2:27
  4. Dispatch Page 04 – 3:08
  5. Dispatch Page 05 – 4:09
  6. Dispatch Page 06 – 4:58
  7. Dispatch Page 07 – 6:10


1. Dispatch Page 01

On top of the rocks high above within sulfur quarry.


2. Dispatch Page 02

Slightly above the sulfurous ground


3. Dispatch Page 03

Above the circular roof of the building


4. Dispatch Page 04

On top of a rock pillar. To reach this pillar you will need to get on the nearby rocks and then leap/glide over.


5. Dispatch Page 05

Drop rock from the cliffs above.


6. Dispatch Page 06

On top of a large rock. You need to go around and use springer to get up as there is a large sulfur gap that is too large for the springer to jump over.


7. Dispatch Page 07

On top of a rock pillar in Boundary Preserve.


Lost Lore of the Domain of Vabbi

Completing this achievement gives you 3 AP and 1 Mastery Point. Special thanks to Bandicootz for the locations.

Note: You will need the griffon mount to reach two of the pages (Page  5 and 7).


  1. Palawa Joko I Page 01 – 0:00
  2. Palawa Joko I Page 02 – 0:27
  3. Palawa Joko I Page 03 – 2:56
  4. Palawa Joko I Page 04 – 4:42
  5. Palawa Joko I Page 05 – 5:14
  6. Palawa Joko I Page 06 – 7:21
  7. Palawa Joko I Page 07 – 8:55


1. Palawa Joko I Page 01

Found right below the Vehjin Palace. There is a small ring structure.


2. Palawa Joko I Page 02

If you have the Spearmarshal’s Plea from doing the griffon quest line, you can port pretty close to the page.


3. Palawa Joko I Page 03

Go to the Boneyard POI in the Necropolis and then take any of the sand portals inside the bone yard. After you go through the portal, take a look to your left and you will find the page.


4. Palawa Joko I Page 04

Near the Market Ruins waypoint on top of a structure with some trees.


5. Palawa Joko I Page 05

Unfortunately you need a griffon to reach this one. You have to get up on this higher dome first and then griffon your way across to the top of the big red dome. You should reach the top of the dome just barely with the griffon.


6. Palawa Joko I Page 06

To reach this page, you also need to climb up on the higher rock near and then glide/griffon across. Luckily you don’t need to use the griffon for this one and glider will do just fine.


7. Palawa Joko I Page 07

You also need a griffon for this page. Go straight from Market Ruins waypoint and jump up to King Joko’s Sky Garden POI. Then use your griffon to fly to the dome nearby that has the sand-worn page.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

49 replies on “GW2 Lost Lore in Crystal Deserts Achievement Guide”

Side note: the book you get for the reward for this achievement (and for each zone) is not yet enabled, so don’t throw it away yet!

I found Book of Vlast page 5 near the large chest guarded by a Veteran Owl Griffon on the building south above Derelict Delve WP.

I am doing the Desolation Lost Lore Achievement right now. If you need the locations, please let me know how I can send you some pictures.

I have it, but unfortunately I don’t recall where I got it from. Either the delves or a branded area, but that might not be helpful. I could also be wrong about even that much. Sorry. 🙁

Page 4 of Vlast is just south of the “sheltered tree” from the griffon egg collection. Northwest where there’s a mastery and a vista right by each other. There’s a campfire with two veteran ogres by it. The page is sitting by the fire.

Shoot. I didn’t realize page 3 wasn’t in the guide yet. All I can add is that I found it either escorting Second Spear Nayrim or while going to the griffon eggs. That narrows the map a little.

Here’s pages 5-7 for Lost Lore of the Desolation. I don’t remember pages 1-4. I wasn’t paying attention when I found them.

Page 5. West of Joko’s Domain Waypoint and east of Lone-Tree Hill Vista. On top of the pillar near the eastern side cliff.

Page 6. Southeast of Wayward Watch in the cliffs with scarabs.

Page 7. Located in the cliffs above the Jackal portal from Springer’s Ladder. Easiest way there is to travel east from Village of Purity.

Feel free to reply with pages 1-4. 🙂

Thx bud, Gonna try to add some more info if you haven’t found the rest yet. #6’s closest waypoint is [&BMEKAAA=] Lair of the Forgotten.

Pages 1-4, Desolation. Enjoy

I believe that top picture (first and second pictures) by [&BNwKAAA=] (Bonestrand Waypoint) is #3, because I had already had that one.

Images 3 and 4 are page #1. I springered nw up from The Darklands Waypoint [&BKMKAAA=], rode nw, and griffon’d the rest of the way. Pretty simple.

Images 5 and 6 are page #4. From Sand Jackal Run Waypoint [&BHcKAAA=], Jackal through the first portal nw, jackal across breach, and through another portal. Turn around, and backtrack across wooden bridges, then griffon across.

And the last two images are page #2. Simple ride from The Darklands Waypoint [&BKMKAAA=] east, then jump down and glide to the yellow outcropping below.

I will go there and look. It’s either on the ground at the back of a cave or behind a jackal portal.

I found it, you use any portal and brings you to the page, will post later. Thanks again!

Thnx for additional info, I just posted pictures cos I am working on Vabbi ones, so I didn’t have a time for it 🙂

I finished all the maps and the “use” on the books still says that the content is currently disabled. 🙁

Vabbi #7 does NOT require Griffon.

Springer up onto statue’s boot, dismount then jump and speed fly to dome.

Vabbi #5 does NOT require Griffon.

Springer up from the ledge, that accesses the Vista, to a “sticking point” on the Dome. Springer to top of dome.

Finding the proper spot took about 15 mins. (It’s left of where you would land flying from the dome with
the spire)

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