Black Desert Kamasylvia Opening Events Guide

There are three events running with Kamasylvia release on Sept 27 on Black Desert Online.

Kamasylvian Alchemists

This event runs from Sept 27 until October 25.

New Event Items

There are two items you need to obtain for this event. They drop all over the entire world, not limited to Kamasylvia.

[Event] Steppe Seal


  • Obtained by killing monsters, fishing, gathering
  • Also available as login reward (Y) – you can claim three seals per hour and up to six times per day (18 seals/day)

[Event] Meadow Shadow


  • Obtained by killing monsters, fishing, gathering
  • Also available as login reward (Y) – you can claim 1 per day after six hours of playtime.

Crafting Kamasylvia Boxes

You can craft these boxes via two methods.

[Event] Kamasylvia Box

20x Steppe Seals can be converted to [Event] Kamasylvia Box via Simple Alchemy (press L to open the processing tab and select simple alchemy)


[Event] Shiny Kamasylvia Box

20x Kamasylvia Box can be combined with 20x Meadow Trails for the Shiny Kamasylvia Box via Simple Alchemy



Shiny Kamasylvia Box will give you boss accessories while the regular box just have black stones, hard/sharps, memory fragments, and beer/tea.


Grow Young Kamasylve

This event runs from Sept 27 until October 4.

This event is exactly the same as the Kamasylve Tree event that occurred back in June with the addition of benefits if a certain number of channels have completed it.


The special rewards for this event is that as more channels (servers) have completed and received a grown tree, you will get special benefits that starts up with then event ends.


Go for the Golden Treasure Chest

This event runs from Sept 27 until October 18

Basically a login for 5 hrs daily event. Everything can be claimed from the daily rewards window (Y).


Golden Treasure Chest Rewards


  • M. K.

    Thanks for the compilation!

  • Thanks Dulfy-

    Looking at the Kama area I suspect ranger costume sales to spike…lol

  • Andy Jin

    Yes, this is a compilation, not a guide. No useful self input.

  • Patryk Potoczny

    great guide mate. what about that 2nd key for a chest? like a batter version of a golden key. lustrous i think

  • Andy Ant

    Just logged in after a 4 months break, waited 5 hours afk. I opened a golden treasure chest and got a dandelion weapon box lol… guess it is a sign to start playing again xD

    • Joseph Petersen

      All I’ve gotten from them is Cron stones, weapon stones, and potions. That’s all I’ve gotten from these events entirely actually.. lol..

    • DIE


    • Andreas Demetriou

      I’m almost certain they rig it so that returning players get those kind of rares just to try and get them addicted again. I’ve heard a few returning players say they got dandelion box.

    • Paul 🔑🔥🔥

      so… I have to quit for 4 months and ill get one? xD

    • Souda

      I got mine from the harpy world boss ages ago lol grats

  • Eidolon

    Meadow trails aren’t dropping for me after grinding, fishing and gathering a ton. Are they only from the new Kama area?

  • Andreas Demetriou

    I have been grinding, life skilling and afk fishing a ton and not a single meadow trail has dropped for me?

    • Fanatoli Guyoff

      I’ve done 10 hours grinding a day since the event started (trying to hit 62) and nada either. that’s what 150 hours or something?

    • Mirvet Maslo

      Dunno got 3 today, prob rng

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