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GW2 Dwarven Remnants Lost Dwarven Chests Achievement Guide

GW2 Dwarven Remnants achievements guide with locations of all the Lost Dwarven Chests in Desert Highlands.

This achievement rewards 5 AP and requires you to find 25 Lost Dwarven Chests on the map, which can be looted daily for Trade Contracts and unidentified gear. Two of the Dwarven chests (17 and 18) requires jackal shifting sands mastery to reach.




Video Guide


  • 1. Salt Flats – 0:00
  • 2. Brightwater Inlet – 0:40
  • 3. Tomb of Primeval Kings – 1:28
  • 4. Tomb of Primeval Kings – 3:17
  • 5. Lifeblood Ravine – 4:09
  • 6. Stampede Uplands – 5:03
  • 7. Brightwater Inlet – 5:53
  • 8. The Sunderlands – 7:39
  • 9. Fortune’s Vale – 8:26
  • 10. Enchanted Bluffs – 9:09
  • 11. Winter’s Teeth – 11:02
  • 12. Fortune’s Vale – 12:38
  • 13. Tomb of the Primeval Kings – 12:56
  • 14. Fortune’s Vale – 14:05
  • 15. Fortune’s Vale – 14:55
  • 16. Transcendent Bay – 15:30
  • 17. Salt Flats – 16:44
  • 18. Transcendent Bay – 18:20
  • 19. Stampede Uplands – 19:38
  • 20. The Sunderlands – 19:52
  • 21. Prophet’s Fall – 21:28
  • 22. Salt Flats – 22:38
  • 23. Auburn Hills – 23:24
  • 24. Fortune’s Vale – 23:58
  • 25. Brightwater Inlet – 24:09

1. Salt Flats

Right next to the vista, can use either raptor leap from a nearby ramp or springer jump.


2. Brightwater Inlet

On the wooden walkway at the top. Need springer to get there.


3. Tomb of Primeval Kings

A bit annoying to get to due to all the branded stuff along the way. You basically have to do the route from The Sunderlands to the mastery insight and go further, jumping over one more gap using canyon jump on your raptor. You should see the chest for 20. The Sunderlands on your way near the mastery point as well.


4. Tomb of Primeval Kings

On a little stone pillar next to the fence.


5. Lifeblood Ravine

Next to the mastery insight. Can springer high vault to there or use raptor + base springer.


6. Stampede Uplands

On top of a pillar, can either springer high vault to it or use the nearby path leading up and then raptor canyon jump it.


7. Brightwater Inlet

On the cliffs above, either use jackal sand portal shortcut or use springer to jump up.


8. The Sunderlands

Near a tent on one of the rock outcroppings. Easy to reach from Lommuld Kraal waypoint by following the path.


9. Fortune’s Vale

North of the broken bridge, on the western cliff on top of some rocks.


10. Enchanted Bluffs

It is inside the Palace of Aban next to the mastery insight. Can springer high vault to this from the bench below.


11. Winter’s Teeth

Below the vista on a little hill east of Enchanted Bluffs.


12. Fortune’s Vale

Near the Derelict Delve’s waypoint, up a wall.


13. Tomb of the Primeval Kings

On top of the snake statue. Jump on the tail end of the snake first using springer, and then jump to the head.


14. Fortune’s Vale

Next to the mastery point here, either go through the delve south of the waypoint and then use the springer to jump up on the big rock near the mastery insight or south from waypoint from the top and then drop down with gliding.


15. Fortune’s Vale

From Derelict Delve waypoint, go south through the tunnels and drop down all the way to the lava riverbed below.


16. Transcendent Bay

This one is inside one of the discarded vessels next to a jackal portal. Just the base skimmer should work but you want to raise your skimmer by pressing spacebar, then let go and quickly press X to boost up while dismounting.


17. Salt Flats

This one requires use the jackal shifting sands mastery. Go to the area around the mastery insight in Salt Flats and you will see a sand portal. Go through it, and it will port you up to a cliff with another portal you can take that will put you high in the air with the sand path. Follow it to the end for the mastery insight. This lost dwarven chest is just behind runeforger’s chest.


18. Transcendent Bay

This Lost Dwarven Chest is inside the vessel with the mastery point and requires skimmer and jackal shifting sands mastery from a nearby vessel as there isn’t a way to get inside otherwise (other than mesmer portal/teleport to friend). You should see 16. Transcendent Bay chest on the platform before the sand portal as well.

To get to the platform, just the base skimmer should work but you want to raise your skimmer by pressing spacebar, then let go and quickly press X to boost up while dismounting.


19. Stampede Uplands

Literally next to the waypoint.


20. The Sunderlands

Next to the mastery point, a bit of a pain to get to due to the all the branded in the area. Follow the path and use raptor canyon jumping to cross over gaps.


21. Prophet’s Fall

Middle of the crater inside Prophet’s Fall.


22. Salt Flats

On the ground.


23. Auburn Hills

Out in the open next to a tree.


24. Fortune’s Vale

Next to the waypoint in a room.


25. Brightwater Inlet

Out in the open next to some palm trees.


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For no.3, you can hug the tomb outer wall to the hero point – there is a jackal portal there leaving you pretty close to the chest, with just a few mobs around. Drops you a bit, so you’d need to blink to soften the landing.

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