GW2 Desert Highlands Achievements Guide

A guide to all the achievements on Desert Highlands map in Path of Fire.

General Achievements

Renowned Adventurer: Desert Highlands – 12 AP

Complete the four hearts in Desert Highlands

  • Help out around Highjump Ranch
  • Help the Makali community
  • Help the Pricklepatch Hollow choya
  • Pitch in around Lommuld Kraal


Bleeding Heart – 5 AP

You have to do the heart by Makali Outpost Waypoint (Diviner’s Reach) 5 times for this achievement. So basically complete the heart on five different times. You can either do this over 5 days or do it in less with alts. There is usually a lot of event in that area so completing the heart is pretty quick.

The Pied Piper – 1 AP

Tame four different species of animals for the ogres.

Go to Lommuld Kraal Waypoint and talk to NPC Irukka near the bounty boards. Ask him what you can do to help and select the Tame new pets option. Doing this may spawn the event if it is not on cooldown or running already.


Now for the event you have to grab an ogre flute first before doing anything. The flute will be around the collection NPC for the event. Interacting with it will give you a special action key that allow you to play the flute.


How you take tames is basically you are looking for mobs in the event area with the raised fist icon. Defeat them and they will turn green and become dazed for ~60 seconds, giving you time to play the flute next to them and tame them. Rock Gazelles and Hyenas are found mostly around north of the event circle while Sand Sharks and Sand Eel are around the south.


Tame the four different kind of creatures for the achievement.

  • Hyena
  • Sand Shark
  • Sand Eel
  • Gazelle

Springer Backpacking – 5 AP, 1 Mastery

Complete the heart at Highjump Ranch first.

  • Letter from Unja – Obtained automatically once you completed the heart at Highjump Ranch and got your springer mount.
  • Highjump Ranch Springer Treat  – Talk to Unja after completing her heart and ask her about a letter about traders needing help.


After that, recover the Highjump Ranch Supply Barrel.

  • Highjump Ranch Supply Barrel – Located high above the waterfalls with a springer jump path to it. It is just west of Radiant Falls POI.


  • Pricklepatch Hollow Springer Treat  – Trader Berjas is just east of the Highjump Ranch, talk to him after you have recovered Highjump Ranch Supply Barrel for the treat.


  • Ogre Supply Crate – Given by Trader Berjas after returning the Supply Barrel.
  • Diviner’s Reach Supply Crate – Given by Trader Berjas after returning the Supply Barrel.
  • Brightwater Supply Crate – Given by Trader Berjas after returning the Supply Barrel.

Next, port to Lommuld Kraal Waypoint and talk to Merchant Ollgi. He will ask you to gather some lentils. You can find some lentils just south of the merchant. Return to Merchant Ollgi after for your treat


  • Ogre Springer Treat – Given to you after you gathered some lentils for Merchant Ollgi

Now, Port to Diviner’s Reach Waypoint and locate the Haresfoot Herb

  • Haresfoot Herb – You will find the Haresfoot Herb on a rock outcropping just south of Griffon roost.


  • Diviner’s Reach Springer Treat – Go back to Diviner’s Reach and talk to Merchant Ouna for the treat. You will need to talk to her twice, once to deliver the supply crate and then a second time for the treat.


Next port to Brightwater Waypoint and go above and north of the Choya heart camp. You will find the Bag of Shinies there.

  • Bag of Shinies: Above and to the north of the Choya is the desert bandit camp. You can use springer to jump up on the rocks above the Choya camp and proceed there.


  • Skritt Springer Treat: Talk to Merchant Ket’abatchk near Brightwater Waypoint for this treat after you have the Bag of Shinies. You will need to talk to him twice, once to deliver the supply crate and then a second time for the treat.


Race to the Finish: Desert Highlands – 1 AP

You need to place top 3 in the raptor race that starts in Brightwater Inlet. Unlike Crystal Oasis, this map doesn’t have many players doing the races so getting top 3 should be easy unless you messed up somewhere.


Freezing Leap – 1 AP

The diving goggles you need to use are just in front of the Palace of Aban. While diving you need to land in the vase in the water.


Fire Dancer – 1 AP

At the Choya heart, stand next to the fire and do /dance for this achievement.


The Lost Dolyak – 1 AP

For this achievement, you have to find Jeppa’s lost dolyak Bismuth first. Luckily he is stationary and relatively easy to find.


Then you have to find Jeppa. Jeppa is a bit annoying to find. She can be at two spots: her camp up north or dead at the event start location at south near Brightwater Inlet. Her southern spot at Brightwater Inlet is usually the most common as usually no one does her event and she just lies there dead forever until someone revive her. You will need to finish her escort event for the achievement.


If you or someone else finish her escort event, she will be at the camp up north. Talk to her about Bismuth to complete the achievement.


A Family Heirloom – 2 AP

For this achievement, you have to find Unja’s lost necklack. Unfortunately this achievement is bugged so that when the first person in a map get the necklace, it disappears for everyone in that map and doesn’t respawn.


Once you have the necklace, return to Stablemaster Unja, the heart vendor in Highjump Ranch for the achievement completion.


Nap Time – 3 AP

Prevent damage to Yumug as he naps midway along his journey to Lommuld Kraal. For this achievement, you need to do the escort event that starts in Diviner’s Reach/Makali Outpost by Yumug. You will need multiple players for this as the achievement is hard to do solo.


The important part of the event occurs during the middle of the escort event when Yumug says he needs to take a break and you can feed the dolyaks extra supplies if you want to. During this part, Yumug will sit still and you will need to defend him against enemies that are spawning. You cannot let Yumug get hit at all by any enemies for the achievement. Especially problematic are the sand sharks that goes underground and then just pop up under Yumug.


Night Lights – 3 AP

This achievement is only obtainable at night and you need the Jackal Shifting Sands mastery (it is a bit high up for mesmer portals but you can teleport to friend someone already there). Go through the sand portal marked on the map, you will come on a rock outcropping near the griffon roost. Take one more portal and you will be in the sky on the sand path. Follow it until you reach the building in the air with the mastery insight. Stand where all the ghostly villagers are and you will get the achievement.


Riddle Me This – 10 AP

This is the achievement involving a legendary bounty and a hero point djinn. You have to defeat Ellutherius Wintergust the legendary bounty from Derelict Delve and Jubua the Wildfire, the hero point south of Derelict Delve that is inside the dwarven tunnels. Up on doing so, you can talk with them and solve a riddle once per day. It will take at least 5 days to complete this achievement (faster if you use alts)


First Riddle

  • Jubha the Wildfire I am always hungry and never thirsty. I roar and hiss but do not speak. A welcome friend to some but a swift foe if not treated with care. What am I? – Fire
  • Ellutherius Wintergust – As you move forward, you leave this behind. Step carefully, for it is your person defined. What am I? – Your legacy

Derelict Delve Achievements

The Curious Bowl – 1 AP

Go into the dwarven ruins just south of Derelict Ruins waypoint and run past the mastery insight/vista until you get to the room with a bunch of priory NPCs. From there, look for another room with a bunch of broken cart tracks. Once you are in that room, you want to look for a small opening to your right that will lead you to the room for the curious bowl.


Once you are inside, stand on the runestone before the curious bowl for the achievement.


Breaking the Bank – 0 AP (Repeatable)

Interact with the Curious Bowl, deposit 1 gold and you will be ported into the room. There are two chests, you have to 50/50 chance to get it right the first time. Otherwise deposit 1 gold and go at it again.


Guessing the correct chest will give you a Chest of the First Room which will give you 1x Spool of Deldrimor Thread used to crafting larger bags. This will also port you to the second room, with the Chest of the Second Room giving you 1-2 Spool of Deldrimor Thread. Same for the third room. The chest at the final room with the Glorious chest has a chance to give you the recipe for craft the 24 slot bags or give you 24 slot bags but that is about it. Statistically speaking, if it is truly random, you have a better time of sticking to one side (i.e. all left or all right). You have a 1/8 chance to making it to the final room with the Glorious Chest.


Rune-Locked Doors – 11 AP

This is a mini puzzle/dungeon. Go into the dwarven ruins area south of Derelict Delve Waypoint and find the Priory room. Take the runestone from the table and go outside and place it on the door to your left as you exit the room. This will unlock the first door and you can teleport inside.


First Room

The first room you enter will have a runestone up on the bridge, and then a Dwarven Axe Shaft and a Dwarven Axe Poll up top as well. Grab the shaft, poll and runestone and then drop down in the hole at the back.


The bottom floor of the first room will have Axe Head, Axe Pommel, and Axe Grip with another runestone at the back. There is also a Dwarven Staff Shaft below the runestone in that room for another collection.This room should finish up your Stonespite Cleaver collection save for the last item.


You can only carry one runestone at a time so just grab one of the runestones and head for the second room. Note that you cannot waypoint out so just go back to the entrance of the room and teleport out. Then drop down to the very bottom of the lava floor and you should see a teleporter that port you back up.


Second room

The entrance to the second room is next to the lava waterfall inside the ruins. If you are facing the lavafall, it should be to your right. You need to carry both runestones from the first room to this door to unlock it.


On the top floor of the second room you will find two sets of Dwarven Shield Spikes for the Gate of Good-Byes collection among the gargoyles.


On the bottom floor of the room you will see a Dwarven Shield Back and a Dwarven Shield Boss and a Dwarven Staff Rune in the middle. This should complete your Good of Good-Byes collection for now.


For the runestones, the first one on the bottom of the stairs you come down entering the room. The second and third runestones are in the main room and on the floor above.


Third Room

The entrance to the third room is directly across from the second room on the other side of the lavafall. You need three runestones to open the door.


There is a Dwarven Staff Pommel right at the entrance, look up.


There is a Dwarven Dagger Crossguard at the back right of the room on the ground floor.


On the top floor, there are Dwarven Dagger Pommel and Dwarven Dagger Grip to collect. There is also the Dwarven Dagger Blade up top as well. This should finish up the Final Sting dagger collection for now.


For runestones, there are two on the ground floor and then two at the top floor resting on the spider webs.


Fourth Room

Entrance to the fourth room is directly across from the lavafall on a ledge (to the right of the entrance for room 3). You need four runestones from the third room to unlock the door. This will complete the Rune-Locked Doors achievement.


First thing you will find as you enter this room is the Dwarven Staff Head. This will complete the Staff of the Lost collection for now. Drop down and on the broken bridges above the water, you should see a Dwarven Hammer Pommel that will start the Might of the Vindictive collection.


Dwarven Hammer Head can be found in the back of the room among the veteran air djinns. Dwarven Hammer Rune can be found near the Grand Forgotten Chest on the water level.


The last piece, Dwarven Hammer Shaft, is a bit tricky to find. It is near the ceiling of the watery cave below. You can try reach it with a springer (I find it pretty difficult) or fly down using a griffon/glider.


Finishing up the Collections

After you are done with all the rooms, it is time to finish up all the Dwarven weapon collections. Go to the Hero Challenge in Derelict Delve (it is near the Priory room but in a different tunnel) and use the Dwarven forge to finish up all 5 collections for 15 AP and 5 exotics you can salvage or keep.



Carrot Collector – 5 AP

Hidden Carrot Hunt – 6 AP

Dwarven Remnants – 5 AP

Lost Lore of Desert Highlands– 3 AP, 1 Mastery

Bounties and Adventures

Highlands Bounty Tour – 6 AP

Complete a bounty from each bounty board location.

  • Makali Outpost
  • Lommuld Kraal
  • Derelict Delve


Desert Highlands Legendary Bounties – 6 AP

Defeat each legendary bounty in the Desert Highlands at least once. Each bounty board has a specific legendary bounty. Legendary bounties usually respawn 30 minutes after it has been killed/despawned. Of the three Legendary bounties, Ellutherius Wintergust is the hardest and has achievements for doing him multiple times.

  • Forged Tormentor – Makali Outpost
  • Wissper Inssani – Lommuld Kraal
  • Ellutherius Wintergust – Derelict Delve


Desert Highlands Champion Bounties – 10 AP

Each bounty board has a specific set of champion bounties as well. Complete all 15 champion bounty targets for the achievement.

  • Makali Outpost: Snag Seizeclaw, Dhael Skyspeaker, Grinteeth, Awakened Occultist, Warfarer
  • Lommuld Kraal: Crackling Brandspark, Balthazar’s Lost, Chieftain Krella, Mandulis, Sandsnare
  • Derelict Delve: Havocwrecker, Silkears the Fierce, Ignis, Avel Stonejaw, Matriarch Sheerfeather

Smashing! – 5 AP

This is the achievement related specifically to Ellutherius Wintergust the legendary bounty. He has a pot attack telegraphed by small red circles. Each time you successfully avoid it, you gain a stacking buff. If you get hit by the pot attack or get downed however, you lose all the stacks. You have to kill Ellutherius with 3 stacks of this buff on you for the achievement (when Ellutherius is dead, you must have 3 stacks).


Cavalier Express – 3 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, Gold = 2 AP

Unfortunately the content is still disabled at time of writing. Should be renabled soon.


Desert Highlands Griffon Expert – 2 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, Gold = 1 AP

A bit lenient on time as long you don’t hit anything on the way down.


Desert Highlands Griffon Master – 3 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, Gold = 2 AP

Getting to this adventure is a bit tricky. It is way at the top so you will need to climb it from the NE foot.


  • Blah

    Separate guide for Lost Lore of the desert highlands?

  • Zynna

    The curious bowl room, as I’ve found isn’t random. I did several attempts, and noticed it’ll do the right one once, followed by the left one twice before resetting. My recommendation is to spend the gold until the right one procs, then choose the left one in each of the following rooms. It may change daily on reset. Haven’t been there, but if I notice a change, I’ll update.

    • Zynna

      This time, it was right, right, left. So, I was wrong on it not being random. I tried it again right after, no dice. So it may be random after all.

      • Zynna

        Just spent 41 gold, and kept track of what was going on with each attempt. This is what I have:

        R, R, L





        L, R, L



        L, L


        L, R,

        L, L, L,


        L, L,

        L, R,



        R, L,


        L, R, R

        L, R, R

        L, L, R




        L, L,


        R, R, L

        L, L,



        L, r

        L, L



        L, R





        L, L, R

        Attempts without a letter next to it are failures.

  • Thanathos

    “Smashing!” is bugged atm, right? Since like yesterday, Ellutherius only stands idle without doing any attacks (apart from his leyline magic random abilities) and still killing him multiple times isn’t granting the achievement.

    • Sefer

      He is disabled as of yesterday

  • Syliii

    Its also possible to finish the bleeding heart achievement in one day doing the heart with 5 different characters

  • Jay Kay

    Be careful my computer was infected with a Trojan (PowerShell/Falsip.A) after visiting this webpage. Not sure which part of the page it was but noticed the windows defender pop-up message while surfing this site. I didn’t have any other webpages up so it seems this was the page.

  • Stefan Huber

    for riddle me this: every character can solve a riddle per day, at least for the hero point djinn (can’t test ellutherius as he’s disabled), so it can be finished a lot faster with alts.

  • york

    for riddle me this: every character can solve a riddle per day, at least for the hero point djinn (can’t test ellutherius as he’s disabled), so it can be finished a lot faster with alts.

  • MettleMeat

    Hi Dulfy,

    for Breaking the Bank :
    only the rooms in which they appear to player are random I believe. Got it the first time as I was thinking along the lines of the Keen Eye achievement from PoF’s story journal: Act 2 (which your guide helped me as usual! tyvm).

    I chose the one with extra markings on the wall towards middle of statue or has something indicating an object showing in line of the middle of the statue.

    The icy-looking ancient ruin room has an extra brown-like object above the statue’s head covered between ice.
    One ancient ruin room has a different marking on the wall in the middle above the statue’s head.
    The other ancient ruin room has another object-like thing above the statue’s head.

    Think something along the lines of “oh, I’m curious why there’s something different there” and hopefully this works for others out there

    • Gewgulkan Suhckitt

      I’ve only done a little testing using squad markers as I am low on gold, but I think the room choices remain constant up to the point that you find the final room. So if in the first room you should choose left, it stays that way (for you at least) until you figure out the correct path to the end.

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    Is Trader Berjas broken?

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    Cavalier Express is available now, will you update it?

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    If you’ve already answered 5 riddles, you can’t get another one even with an alt. I just tried. Wish I’d known before getting halfway there. :/

  • Raizel

    Any news for A Family Heirloom achi? It doesn’t appear in its location every time i check. Is it still bugged?

    • Still bugged

    • Kissa

      Its been fixed now.

      Update – October 17th, 2017
      Fixed a bug that prevented players from finding Stablemaster Unja’s necklace.

      Also the issue with Zunja’s Necklace (amulet) that you can buy after doing this one though was fixed too as I just bought it.

  • Felix Zanzibarsky

    Kinda useful tip which I found missing in the guide: in Rune Locked Doors achievement 3rd room you can use a Jackal to blink through spider webs. It saves a lot of time because every other mount gets hit by those webs and triggers a fight with 3-4 spiders – very annoying.

  • Paul Tan

    hi dulfy, the dwarven hammer shaft is difficult to access to using the springer, would u mind elaborating more on the gliding method instead? thanks

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    does anyone know if theres a hidden achievement for getting that kids ball out of the tree at highjump ranch? i’ve probably done it 500 times now lol just wondering what the deal is

    • Kissa

      Haa I’ve wondered that myself but haven’t done it that many times. LOL He’s a little ungrateful full too. Doesn’t even thank you.

      • Ares Zax

        Not that I know of. It might possibly count towards Heart completion?

  • Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    For “Riddle Me This”, with the hero point NPC Jubha, an alternative to fighting him 5 separate days to ask him 5 questions, one each day, is to bring in 5 different characters to fight him in one day. I fought him with three characters one day, parked them there overnight, fought him with one character on day 2, and for question 5 didn’t have to fight him with the next character because he was still in riddle mode. And if you miss a riddle, it lets you try again.

  • South

    “riddle me this” is an achievement from “head of the snake”, the one in desert highlands is called “Speak in riddles”

  • Sgt. Phleminator

    Rune-Locked Doors .. so i started it last night, but I didn’t know you had to keep the pieces for the weapons. I consumed them for the karma… So does this reset after the daily or did I totally screw up ?

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