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GW2 Forgotten Debris Elon Riverlands Achievement Guide

A guide to the Forgotten Debris achievement in Elon Riverlands.

The Forgotten Debris achievement in Elon Riverlands have you gather 26 Forgotten Debris scattered around the map that can be looted daily. In return you get 5 AP as a reward.






  • 1. Skyward Reach – 0:00
  • 2. Skyward Reach – 0:30
  • 3. Beneath Skyward Reach – 1:50
  • 4. Near Sandbound Towers – 3:11
  • 5. Within Augury Rock – 4:04
  • 6. Within Augury Rock – 5:23
  • 7. Godlost Sandfalls – 6:18
  • 8. Ustulate Barrens – 7:31
  • 9. Whispering Grottos – 8:27
  • 10. Deadlock Sweep – 9:29
  • 11. Overlooking Deadlock Sweep – 10:55
  • 12. Overlooking the Scavangelands – 11:31
  • 13. Beneath Champion’s Gap – 12:32
  • 14. Beneath Champion’s Gap – 13:29
  • 15. Vulture Drifts – 14:02
  • 16. Overlooking Vulture Drifts – 14:49
  • 17. Arid Gladefields Pool – 16:08
  • 18. Overlooking Arid Gladefields – 17:02
  • 19. Deep Below Arid Gladefields – 17:59
  • 20. Skimshallow Cove – 18:34
  • 21. Elon Flow – 19:17
  • 22. Eastern Elon Riverbank – 20:36
  • 23. High Above the Elon Riverbank – 21:27
  • 24. Shallows of Despair – 23:05
  • 25. Shallows of Despair – 23:57
  • 26. Overlooking Shallows of Despair – 25:07

1. Skyward Reach

On the ground between some broken ships


2. Skyward Reach

On top of a rock outcropping with wind riders.


3. Beneath Skyward Reach

This one requires Jackal Shifting Sands mastery. Enter through the sand portal marked on the map and then use springer to jump up once you are inside the hidden cave to reach it.


4. Near Sandbound Towers

This is in one of the ruined buildings inside the quicksand. Jump to it via the raptor canyon jump.


5. Within Augury Rock

On the bottom level with all the ghosts. There is a an opening that leads below as you enter Augury Rock.


6. Within Augury Rock

Instead of going to the cave below Angury Rock, take the opening just above the cave and then take right to get up Augury Rock. The Forbidden Debris is not too far up.


7. Godlost Sandfalls

Inside a bandit cave by the quicksand.


8. Ustulate Barrens

On the ground.


9. Whispering Grottos

There is a big cave system you can drop down in the Whispering Grottos area. The Forgotten Debris is in those caves on one of the ledges.


10. Deadlock Sweep

Across the quicksand river on a little island with a Water Djinn.


11. Overlooking Deadlock Sweep

On top of the rock with the vista.


12. Overlooking the Scavangelands

On top of the scaffolding near the vista.


13. Beneath Champion’s Gap

There is a gap in the ground at the marked location that allow you to drop down to the underground layer. This debris is just past the quicksand.


14. Beneath Champion’s Gap

Found in a cave filled with Forged enemies near the quicksand beside Skimmer Ranch


15. Vulture Drifts

On top of a rock island.


16. Overlooking Vulture Drifts

On top of a very tall rock. You can get up to it from the SE corner of the rock.


17. Arid Gladefields Pool

On the bottom of a very shallow pool.


18. Overlooking Arid Gladefields

On top of the island.


19. Deep Below Arid Gladefields

On the very bottom level of pool next to Olishar’s Oasis Camp Waypoint. The deeper level can be reached by swimming below the layer of seaweed.


20. Skimshallow Cove

On a small island.


21. Elon Flow

At the back of a little cave by the water.


22. Eastern Elon Riverbank

A bit up the rocks with some bandits.


23. High Above the Elon Riverbank

On a really tall rock with fire wyverns. You can get there by jumping with your springer from the south side.


24. Shallows of Despair

In a small cave with a river drake broodmother.


25. Shallows of Despair

On top of the building walls.


26. Overlooking Shallows of Despair

On top of another rock pillar.


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perhaps u should comment that #16 and 21 are guarded by 2-3 veteran djinns – quite hard for 1 player if no stealth class…

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