SWTOR Fall Update Roadmap

Bioware has released a comprehensive roadmap for the Fall Update.

Hi everyone!

This edition of my Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Roadmap offers a first look at the upcoming direction for the game, provides a brief review of our last few months, and offers insight into what you can expect for the remainder of this year. I look forward to hearing your feedback and reading your comments about our Roadmap.

As the Lead Producer, I feel like it bears repeating our team’s priority is to continue providing great story-driven gameplay along with multiplayer Star Wars™ content. Most importantly, we want to ensure everyone, including those who prefer solo activities, has an enjoyable experience every time you play our game. To help make this happen, we believe it’s the right time for our galaxy to come together.


Starting on October 10th and through a series of updates through November 28th, we’re making improvements to the way players come together in multiplayer experiences that make everything more accessible, convenient, and rewarding. We’ve outlined United Forces in the announcement blog where we describe the changes that help you find other like-minded players to join in group gameplay at almost any time, reinvigorating the fun of playing multiplayer. As part of this rollout, we have made a substantial investment in hardware, software, and network infrastructure to dramatically improve our service and make your experience awesome. I’m very excited about these improvements, so be sure to check out the blog and FAQs to find out more and get ready to come together in the United Forces Campaign.

Here’s the upcoming rollout schedule:

  • October 10, 2017 – Game Update 5.5 – United Forces Foundation – in addition to a variety of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements, this update includes the underlying foundational structural changes needed to support United Forces.
  • October 24, 2017 – United Forces Formation – on this day, the game will be unavailable for an extended time as we’ll be setting up the formation of the campaign, replacing existing hardware and software with all the new Game Servers and supporting components. It will also include additional changes needed to support the deployment of the United Forces update.
  • November 8, 2017 – United Forces Update is rolled out and everyone moves to five new servers with new names as follows: Two servers in North America and three servers in Europe – one each of English, French, and German. You can expect extended downtime as we make the final improvements to the Server environments. Check the blog and FAQs to discover our new Server names.
  • November 28, 2017 – Game Update 5.6 – A Traitor Among the Chiss becomes available and includes something new for everyone!

Over the past several months, we delivered the first two Boss Encounters of a new Operation, ‘Gods from the Machine,’ brought back Companions, made huge changes to improve the balance across our Classes, deployed two new Galactic Strongholds, revived the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event, made the Galactic Starfighter (GSF) space combat experience even more rewarding, and most recently, revealed a traitor in your Alliance through a new Flashpoint. We’ve also made quite a few Quality of Life improvements, adding new character and legacy perks, increasing the ease of gaining Influence with your Companions, and enabling the ability to summon your Companion while moving.

Based on the feedback we’ve seen on our forums, fan sites and social channels, we still have lots more to deliver. On November 28th, following the United Forces update, we are going to release our biggest multiplayer update of the year. We’ve got something for everyone! If you like story-driven Star Wars-style battles, you can jump into a new Flashpoint, ‘A Traitor Among the Chiss.’ If you like blasters-blazing big boss battles, get ready to face Nahut, the 3rd Boss encounter in the ‘Gods from the Machine’ Operation. For those of you looking for dogfighting in space, we are releasing a new Galactic Starfighter map that places you around the orbit of Iokath. For those who want to face off in PvP, we’ve got a new location for you, too.

Plus, the update will include a multitude of additional features. My favorites include an enhanced Group Finder that makes grouping up quick and easy, Legacy bank improvements, a means of boosting a character to Level 70, and some cool United Forces rewards. We are also hard at work on features planned for early 2018, including overhauling the Conquest system with a stronger focus on Daily Activities and giving all guilds and players access to some great rewards.

As you can see, we want all our players to benefit from the variety of new gameplay that’s coming. It’s going to take us a couple months to bring it all to you, but it’s also going to be fun discussing the updates, answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and watching your reactions. We will make our 6th year very memorable!

Story and Companions

In our most recent Crisis on Umbara update (Game Update 5.4), players faced a deadly decision for your Alliance as you were forced to track down a traitor in your midst! There’s been lots of speculation about why this has happened, why anyone would betray the Alliance, and how we could allow such a horrible situation to occur. We know how impactful this has been on you, so perhaps knowing the story transitions to the Chiss on the planet Copero will give you a bit of insight as to what may happen on November 28 in A Traitor Among the Chiss (Game Update 5.6)! Although I won’t reveal where things are going after that, I can confirm that the thrilling conclusion to this chapter of the story is coming early next year… on a planet you probably wouldn’t expect to return to.

We know Companions make this game feel totally different while pulling on your emotions and making conversations exciting, frustrating, and extremely entertaining. We’ve given you the ability to customize many of them including Theron, Lana, Shae, Koth, and Senya, while at the same time changed how some interact with you. We continue to discuss ways of reintroducing you to your original Companions and will be returning several of them over the coming months. As we did with Crew Skill Missions, we’ll look to improve how you gain Influence with your Companions to increase their overall effectiveness.

Galactic Command

Since its introduction back with Knight of the Eternal Throne (Game Update 5.0 – KOTET), ranking through Galactic Command and upgrading your gear has remained controversial. We’ve made substantial improvements such as adding Gear Tokens in Operations, increasing Command XP (CXP) throughout the game, improved the drop rate for higher level gear, eliminated green drops for Tier 4, added set bonus stats to Prototype Tier 4 (Blue) gear, allowed you to purchase a full Tier 1 bonus set with command tokens, and enabled the ability to directly upgrade your gear with Unassembled Components.

Based on your most recent feedback we are going to make additional changes which include the following:

  • Galactic Crate content improvements – we’re adding another slot in each crate that, no matter what Tier you’re in, grants a small chance to receive a higher tier Mod/Enhancement, Grand Chance Cube, CXP Buff, or CXP consumable.
  • Legacy Perk – For each character that reaches Command Rank 300, we will automatically add an additional 25% bonus CXP to your entire Legacy up to a maximum of 100%. You do need to purchase the initial 25% perk, but the additional 75% will be free. And, YES, this Perk is retroactive, so you will immediately benefit once we deliver United Forces Foundation.
  • CXP for all areas of the game is in review – as some players experienced with the Planetary Daily Areas, increased CXP makes us happier, so that’s our plan for all areas throughout the game and will coincide with A Traitor Among the Chiss update.
  • Also with A Traitor Among the Chiss, we’re changing how Disintegrate works – instead of receiving more CXP, we will provide you with Unassembled Components for armor and weapons. In addition, you can send those components to any character in your Legacy as we’re changing these to be Legacy-bound consumables.

Please note we will not introduce a new set of Tier gear for Galactic Command this year! Instead, we will be offering a special set of Augments to enhance your existing gear. These will drop in the Copero Flashpoint or can be purchased from a Copero vendor. In addition, we’ll offer an even better version of augments you can craft from materials gained through both PvP and PvE activities.


We will continue to use our Public Test Server to get your feedback on each Boss encounter. We are in the process of finalizing Nahut, The Son of Shadow, who has new mechanics that will make the fight very entertaining for everyone yet very challenging for our most veteran of players. Next month, we’ll begin testing our 4th Boss encounter, Scyva, who will also deliver new mechanics to give progression groups a major challenge while getting them ready for the final Boss encounter with Izax. You can expect Izax will not go down easily and will be the most exciting encounter for ‘Gods from the Machine.’ Both Scyva and Izax will be made available in early 2018 and for those of you who enjoy the ultimate level of challenge.  Our plan is to follow up with Master Modes of each boss figh, too.

Beginning with United Forces Foundation, we’ll begin to include Unassembled Components as rewards on Master Mode Operation Boss encounters. This will allow players who gather enough components to directly upgrade their Tier gear pieces.

Class Balancing and Gameplay Experiences

Some of the most impactful and controversial changes we made recently were those related to Class Balancing. Over the past few months we also determined many areas of the game were also imbalanced. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to refine Advanced Classes and adjust various World Bosses, plus Boss encounters in Flashpoints and Operations to ensure you can play whatever character desired.

Player versus Player (PvP)

Starting with United Forces Foundation, we are increasing Bolster to 242 for non-ranked Warzones and Arenas which doesn’t remove the gear chase, but gives everyone a fighting chance. It still gives those who have made the effort to get Tier 4 gear to benefit from their time investment.

Since many of us like to PvP on a variety of characters, with A Traitor Among the Chiss update (Game Update 5.6), your Unassembled Components will become legacy-bound. Now you can focus your entire Legacy on gearing up one or more characters a lot faster. In addition, we will release a new PvP map along with a new Galactic Starfighter map located in orbit above Iokath.

In United Forces Foundation (Game Update 5.5), we will introduce extensive ship and component balance changes to Galactic Starfighter. Additionally, we will be adding some quality of life improvements to GSF.

Quality of Life

As a reminder, Quality of Life (QoL) is a term we use to reference improvements we make to enhance your gameplay experience. QoL improvements include changes to existing game systems, improvements to the User Interface, simplifying ways to do things in-game, increasing the speed of mounts, adding Legacy Perks, and more.

A cool change we are delivering with A Traitor Among the Chiss is the ability to add Credits to your Legacy Bank. You will retain the ability to have credits on your character, so this will work very similarly to how you use your Guild Bank, but it’s for all your Legacy characters. After reviewing your feedback, we decided to limit currency changes to Credits and Unassembled Components as those provide the most positive and impactful change.


Here’s the plan for the remainder of this calendar year:

New York CANTINA – October 6, 2017
  • Cantina on October 6, 2017 at Stitch Bar and Lounge, located at 247 W 37th St, New York (7-11pm ET)
  • We have a special guest attending who will provide insight about Game Update 5.6 – A Traitor Among the Chiss!
  • Members from the SWTOR Dev Team including myself will be there. We can’t wait to meet you!
  • Lots of free swag, food, and drinks to share with friends and guildmates
United Forces Foundation – Game Update 5.5 – October 10, 2017
  • Unassembled Components now drop off all Master Mode bosses
  • Improvements to Galactic Starfighter
  • PvP Bolster increased to 242
  • The Dark vs Light pop-up will now display less frequently and once a side has won, they will remain in a victory state much longer. This allows more time to work to defeat the world bosses and to reap the benefits!
  • Substantial improvements to the Iokath Daily Area – we’ve dramatically reduced the Iokath currency requirements for a variety of the daily quests
  • New Galactic Command Rank Legacy Perk that will give up to a 100% CXP bonus under Command Rank 300!
  • New Companion Customization Vendor available in the Fleet Bazaar. The vendors will sell older Companion Customizations for “opposite-faction” Companions. Ex: A Republic player could now get an older Vette customization.
  • Additional Class Balance changes
  • Introduction of taxi points into the Yavin and Tatooine Strongholds for faster navigation
  • Cartel Market Store changes
  • United Forces structural changes (improvements not visible)
United Forces Formation – October 24, 2017
  • As we prepare for the United Forces update, we are planning an extended downtime on this day as we need to rollout all the new hardware and vital infrastructure changes.
United Forces Goes Live – Game Update 5.5.1 – November 8, 2017
  • Today, we forge our new United Forces galaxy from a broader set of server communities into a set of larger, but fewer Servers. An extended downtime is planned for this effort.
  • For a full week, we’re bringing back Double Rewards (XP, Command XP, Valor, Requisition)
  • Simply log in to play and qualify for the new Mini Mogul NM-1 mini-pet, inspired by one of our classic Operation bosses, Karagga the Unyielding!
  • Unlock new achievements when you complete multiplayer activities using Group Finder and earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion!
A Traitor Among the Chiss – Game Update 5.6 – November 28, 2017
  • NAHUT – The 3rd Boss Encounter for Gods from the Machine Operation
  • New Flashpoint on Copero – Find out what Theron’s been up to with the Chiss
  • New PvP map
  • New GSF Map set in the Orbit above Iokath
  • Group Finder Revamp – Significant upgrades to how you queue for multiplayer and solo activities – huge bonuses for all Random play choices, but also allows for easy selection of individual activities such as Daily Areas, Flashpoints, and Operations.
  • Class Balance changes and a variety of utility adjustments
  • Launch of Legacy-wide currencies for Credits and Unassembled Components
  • Galactic Command upgraded disintegrate system – this QoL improvement changes how disintegrate works and instead of CXP gives you legacy-bound Unassembled Components
  • Ensign Raina Temple returns!
  • Distribution of Special United Forces Rewards
Anniversary Celebration – Game Update 5.6.1 – December 12, 2017
  • Quality of Life changes
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Six Year Anniversary Celebration!
  • Wookiee Life Day Celebration begins
A Look Ahead to Early 2018

And, just a few tidbits about what’s right around the corner:

  • The conclusion to this chapter of the story is coming where the Traitor reveals his true plan once and for all via a new Flashpoint
  • The final bosses and details about Master Mode for Gods from the Machine Operation
  • An upgraded Conquest system and new Daily Activity system with great rewards
  • More multiplayer gameplay experiences for both PvP and PvE

Over the past few months we have worked to increase communication and transparency. The amount of feedback and input I have received from you as part of this process is overwhelming and humbling. I feel proud to be at the helm of a game that has such dedicated fans. We make games because we love to watch the fun and competition they bring to gamers like us. Thank you for listening, reading and responding and please continue to share your feedback with us on the forums, on Reddit, on social media and on other fan sites. We value your comments and we are listening!

The next Roadmap update will arrive in the early part of 2018 and will highlight the changes we plan through subsequent months. I’ll leave you with this quote as it sounds like me: “I’m not one to dismiss an idea just because it sounds a little crazy.’ —Sith Inquisitor, in a conversation with Talos Drellik.



Lead Game Producer
Star Wars: The Old Republic

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

148 replies on “SWTOR Fall Update Roadmap”

so a server merge coming and i get the chance of seeing my names of toons reset again … server merge isnt gona fix the underlying problem.

Yet it was a really sought after change that people where asking for years, while it wont fix most of the game problems, it may at the very least make old players that where left in a empty server and didnt want to transfer to come back (Not that it matters that much in the long run, after all, as you said, that wont fix the underlying problems with this game)

“I can confirm that the thrilling conclusion to this chapter of the story
is coming early next year… on a planet you probably wouldn’t expect to
return to.”

Mark my words, it’s Ilum.

i think its Hoth. i mean if you played a certain class, you come across the secret chiss agency or something. So i think Hoth

I say they’ll do Oricon just so they can take a squat over the one area of the game that was truly great.

Interesting stuff, but I don’t think it’s going to do much to fix the issues made me let my subscription lapse in the first place. Unless along with the improvements to queueing and such they also make some tweaks to fix the ghost-towns of old content, it’s still going to be impossible to play new characters for the whole story.

Granted, maybe those ARE included. But I think I’ll at least wait until the event is on before re-subbing. Of course, if that results me losing a name on one of my mains, I might still not WANT to play anymore.

Gonna wait and see…

Nothing about next expansion. Interesting. If early 2018 wraps up this story I wonder whats coming next and hoe long were gonna have to wait for next main expansion.

Are you really expecting a new expansion???? That’s laughable, with the server mergers, I highly doubt there will be a new expansion.

There will be. There cash grab store still generates enough money. And as long as the make money they will release new expansions. Otherwise they wouldnt even bother with these server merges and just let game fizzle out until they close game down.

Except that money generated is not being put back into the game whatsoever as 2016/2017 proved. Compare past true expansions like ROTHC or SOR vs the last so called expansions (KOTFE/KOTET). There, right there is all the proof you need that proper expansions are now dead with SWTOR and all we will get is these little piecemeal efforts to try and drag out as much money from the subs/whales left til this game goes full maintenance mode. And with 5 Servers left, It isn’t long now.

You must be thinking about a different EA than the rest of the world has to deal with.

There is not going to be a new expansion for SWTOR – ever. The 5.0 expansion was cut mid-stream (thus the rush to wrap the story up in the chapters provided, the cut-and-paste Uprisings, and the atrocious hamster-wheel gear grind with GC). EA is BARELY putting money in now. There is no way they are going to invest enough in an expansion.

The game is moving into maintenance mode in 2018. The writing is there. They are going to finish up what little content patches are left and then it is just going to be CM stuff for those still willing to pay $180/year in subs plus $100s in Cartel Packs to play space barbie.

You guys are way too funny; the server mergers is only a band-aid, the server population have been light since KOTFE, these next few updates is just them masking and getting as much cash from people as quickly as possible, before they close the servers. History repeats itself, go look at the history of SWG; same thing is happening, there was one update/expansion that really pissed off the gamers; just like KOTFE, and since, the population has been dwindling down to what they are today, not even a shadow of what they used to be 2-3 years ago. Take your pink glasses off and you’ll see the truth. Even Battlefront 1 and 2 are subpar for games, they could make millions and millions of cash, if they were to make excellant games, but I do not know what their problem is. It makes me sad, because this game could have been a real success, I love Star Wars, I’m a huge fan since 1977. I was pissed off at Disney when they announced that EA was their go-to game maker. But EA has it’s reputation. Disney needs to get rid of EA. If I was working for Disney, I would be pissed at EA for making subpar Star Wars games, like Battlefront and SWTOR.

Galactic command stays 🙂 many subs leaves 🙂 they say people are controversial about it 😀 everyone hates it 🙂 nothing controversial about that. They merge servers because people are leaving. And they wont do sh*t about it. Ive been from beta and sub from the beginning. After reading your s**t map i proudly unsubscribed.

Well, this was a bit disappointing.

I like that they are removing all those empty servers, but that should have been done ages ago.
The rest of the info may please the most hardcore fans.
I had however hoped that they would add something pull back in, all those that have left the game, including me.


Being a sub gives you so much. You get priority to keep name at server merge and ….. well that’s it.

For some of us, names are important. They’re a part of the character’s story, and story is the main reason to play for me. I’ve used a certain name for my main Imperial, an Assassin, pretty much since launch. I kept playing him on a server where I hated the community in part because I couldn’t use that name on any other server. And it’s a “basic” enough name that I highly suspect it’ll be overwritten by someone else’s character.

Granted, knowing I’m going to effectively lose that character as I know him forever still isn’t quite enough to make me want to re-sub, but it IS enough to make me not want to to ever sub again if I can’t play him.

What about adding a surname to the original name if the game prompts for a new one? As the system allows for a space character separator, things aren’t as dire as it used to be (in fact I wish I’d have been able to build names in this way since the beginning).

I am going to be optmistic. Game will eventually end. I am still enjoying it when i have the time to.

At least before it ends they are finally doing the merge that people have been asking for for a few years. Because lets be honest. They started with too many to begin with.

In the mean time before it ends now i will (hopefully) have more availabilty to hop into the group finder. We will see what will pop up.

How long to get this “road map” ready and this shit is actually posted on the SWTOR website like this (thought maybe it was just a mistake on Dulfy):

“Both Scyva and Izax will be made available in early 2018 and for those of you who enjoy the ultimate level of challenge. Our plan is to follow up with Master Modes of each boss figh, too.”

Absolute clown shoes.

It doesn’t make for good news regarding the OP. Next boss end of November and the final two sometime in 2018. Considering it’s taken them this long to get half an OP out there needs to be some dates dropped in early 2018. They can’t take half a year to finish this and then string the community along with the next announcement for the rest of the year.

Even GW2 managed to put out another expansion. They clubbed off F2P’ers to get more subs they need to show us the returns on that.

So my point seems to have been lost a bit. Yes, they are half-asses who will take probably over a year to deliver 5 bosses when other games deliver six times that many (among other things) but they can’t even have spelling and grammar correct on something posted on their official site. A major announcement about the future of their game and it reads like a 7 year old wrote it.

And this is supposedly something that had to be looked over and scrutinized by people before it was ready for release. Just pathetic.

Let’s hope they don’t merge rp with pve servers. I raid on Harby but it’s so full of fucktards that I actually play content on EH. The communities are completely different and would never mesh.

BW have made it clear they don’t give a fuck about the RP community. I know for a fact Eric was asked in person if they could restore the server tag for RP servers to make sure any new RPers knew where to go. Surprise surprise, he ignored that request.

Looking forward to the QoL improvements and especially the long awaited updates for GSF! After 3.5 years of neglect they are finally giving the GSF community some much needed love.

I’ve been subbed since launch and I still enjoying playing. Being part of a really great RP community makes all the difference.

I like it, they’re adressing pretty much all areas. People are just going to have to put up with each other in the server merge, RP, PvE and PvP folks.If we’re tolerant and accepting then we can play together, don’t have to be on seperate servers.

Lol well, I don’t play anymore so I’m not sure how well they address anything, but at least they deign to touch multiple areas of the game instead of leaving them to dust up on the shelf :P. PvP, PvE and story are to me at least the most important stuff, and that’s pretty much everything 😛 even though it isn’t.

What did we expect? It’s just the same as usual. I never got excited as I knew it would the same old shit just dressed up differently. How can anyone be excited for server mergers? It may solve population problems in the short term but the overriding problems remain, they have done nothing to address an overall dwindling population. But when you advertise mergers as content that’s a new low.

Operation is still unlikely to be done much before Spring, Galactic Command remains despite them acknowledging that everyone hates it. PvP and GSF getting something, but I guarantee PvPers would much rather have Ranked back to normal, rather than the piggybacking and wintrading fiasco that has become.

As for the current story, I have little interest in anything related to Zakuul/Valkorians/Alliance, the only thing that would’ve brought me back was a return to Rep vs Empire storylines. Ending the current story on a planet we’ve all been on before is also just cheap and lazy. Couldn’t they just add a new planet? It’s not like we can even explore them anymore so why shove us back to what I assume will be Hoth, just use some imagination or look up Chiss planets on Wookiepeedia 🙁

I have to agree with the current story. I thought this was supposed to be done with by now. I guess the people who enjoy it outweigh the people that don’t. That or they are still sticking to the path that existed back when Irving left.

Could be stubbornness, a change in story direction could be interpreted as an admission from BW that the Alliance story has been a pretty poor.

Ok. Lots to digest here. Just the fact that there is indeed a lot to take in is a good thing.

Let’s look at the good stuff:

– United Forces: Good. No, scrap that. GREAT. Finally server merges. Although you guys slyly went around the issue WHY there are server merges in the first place. It’s good news. Not game-saving good news, but good news none the less.

– New FP: Ok. Hope it’s better than the last one.

– New GSF and PVP map: hey, personally I couldn’t care less. But unlike so many out there, I know that a game to be successful has to cater to many needs. Show some love for my pvp fellow gamers. Good move.

– Story: I think the last developments of the story have been a bit weak. But bringing in the Chiss is a wonderful move for me. I have 4 Snipers in the game, ALL CHISS. Hope you don’t screw that one up, because it might be worth a sub to me.

– No new Tier: Thank the Force. More on this bellow…

Now for the bad stuff:

– Galactic Command: “Since its introduction back with Knight of the Eternal Throne (Game Update 5.0 – KOTET), ranking through Galactic Command and upgrading your gear has remained controversial.”
No it hasn’t. It’s shit. GC has to go. Get rid of it, acknowledge it was a REALLY bad idea and move on. Or move back. Either way works fine for me.

– Operation: One more boss. But you see, the problem is we should have a FULL Operation by year’s end. Where’s the explanation? Where’s the new schedule for the FULL Operation? Better communication with the playerbase is a two way street. Pitty.

– Class Balancing: Contrary to popular belief, your attempts at class balancing are clearly motivated by having to keep your at least three year old material. At least you made the good move of not introducing a new Tier. That would only lead to more frustration from the players. Please don’t introduce new Tiers without pairing it with PROPER content. We don’t need new gear to run the same stuff all over again.

There. I may have overlooked a few things, but these are my thoughts on your by now (in)famous Roadmap…

The changes to Galactic Command with disintegration’s and legacy uc’s sounds decent. As does the change to drops in crates.

I really wish there’d be some big shiny content announcement. But it is what it is they have me until the new gsf map drops and server changes so I can fight for character names. I just hope that it is not May before the next roadmap as their idea of quarterly seems to be twice a year.

Yep, I forgot the Legacy thingy. File it under “good”.

But I hate GC so much I have a hard time just thinking there might be something positive about it.


“ALL CHISS. Hope you don’t screw that one up”

You know they will. A retarded seven-year old could probably come up with better material than the so-called ‘writers’ at BW have been shitting out. If anything, the Chiss coming into things is just terrifying. Chiss are cool. Now, BW is going to completely ruin them the same way they ruined Revan.

I’m also excited about the Copero FP. I don’t have any Chiss on my main server, but I do have a Chiss Operative on my other server. Either way, I’m excited about another companion LI coming back (my male agent chose Temple over Kaliyo).

I’m assuming she will since it’s Chiss-related. I’m just a bit concerned that it’s going to be like Iokath, where the returning companion(s) played next to no role in the story outside of a few cutscenes. :/

Oh Paulo, don’t take a sip from BW Austin’s Kool Aid dude. It’s what they want you to do.

They are hoping you fall for their bullshit if they type lots of words that say nothing or cover up the facts.

Case in point: United Forces. This is DVL Mark 2.0. How?? Remember how they talked up the DVL event which, when it came out, was basically just a repackaging of existing content already in the game and calling it new. Now United Forces is just a fancy name for “We have Low populated servers, we need to save even more money by closing them before we go Maintenance Mode and to make it look like the game is thriving queue wise. Let’s consolidate all the remaining players into just a handful of servers and pretend it is a big thing”.

This “United Forces” finally proves what state this game is in that there will now only be 5 servers left but according to BW Austin, it is something to celebrate.

Remember Paulo how BW Austin said they had a solution for the calls asking for X-Servers that would be better? You are looking at it. A simple plain old server merge they are now pretending is something great to cover the decimated player base as you pointed out. Only BW Austin could ever be so stupid to try this, but then looking at the ass lickers left on the SWTOR forums (not counting the seriously unhappy players taking BW to task), it isn’t surprising given those fanboi’s are just as stupid as BW Austin.

And the rest………….

New FP: Look at the bigger picture. Nothing since SOR has been any good.

* Their last Fp was a joke

* Uprisings was just hacked up bits from old Ops and fp’s,

* KOTFE/KOTET had nothing to do with your character and the actual gameplay between cutscenes was nothing but tunnel play.

* Rehashing just about anything they could from original content like Heroics etc.

* After 8 months of dribbling out content, their new method of releasing Op’s has been shown to be nothing but bullshit. They chose to release an op boss every few months, here we are in the last quarter of 2017 where they said it would be completed, and not even an acknowledgement by Keith that they didn’t make THEIR OWN TIMEFRAME.

So I fully expect two things from this new FP:

1) The story around and inside it, will be equally as stupid as their last one

2) It will be buggy and have zero replayability once done.

GSF: The only thing that surprised me was a new GSF map. I can’t see why they are bothering since from what I understand, GSF queues are the worst out of all the queues in the game (FP, PVP, Op etc) and with the decimated player base, how many of those left even play GSF to warrant a new map? Hell, when was the last time GSF got any tweaks?

PVP Map: I loved SWTOR PVP, but PVP has become utter crap since 4.0 so can’t say a new map would help, especially since the last pvp map was god awful. They just never could beat the original pvp maps. A new map will not address the many other issues pvp’ers have been screaming at the dev’s to fix.

Story: Ironically, for a company who prides itself on story, they have failed so damn hard on this since the original class stories. The way everything has gone since KOTFE/KOTET, I am expecting more of the same garbage. Plain and simple – the story writers left at BW Austin are garbage. Oh and it is a safe bet the planet we will return to will be Hoth given the Chiss presence there.

No new Tier: THIS YEAR. And I quote “Please note we will not introduce a new set of Tier gear for Galactic Command this year!”. But next year??? Ahhh well assuming 2018 isn’t the year this game finally hits Maintenance Mode, 2018 is where T5 happens.

And your negative points are spot on.

I have said all along Keith is more of the same like Ben Irving and And the proof that Keith and BW Austin have zero fucks to give about player feedback is in their trying to still put on a new coat of paint on a pile of shit called Galactic Command.

BW/Keith really can’t accept that the majority of the remaining player base (including those who left because of it) do not want GC.

And their self imposed method of Op delivery failing to deliver a completed Op for 2017?? Not a word about it.

And Class balances? All the feedback on, reddit, Dulfy etc. And they listen to not one single Iota of it. And we all know why as you pointed out, there is an ulterior motive to them doing it. It has absolutely nothing to do with actual class balance.

And yet they keep talking about how they communicate and listen. It is plain and simple, even to some of the defenders that BW Austin are just talking shit. This should be the clue to everyone finally that while SWTOR is under BW Austin, this game is never going to return to greatness nor release anything worth while.

Look, I cannot fault one line that you wrote. I really can’t man. I’m not drinking their Kool Aid, I’m just trying NOT to be very negative about this.

I can’t really grasp what United Forces is about. Is it just the server merge? Or is it DvL all over again? Well, if it is, disregard what I said. ANOTHER DvL “event” would be terrible.

I have little faith that this will turn this game around. But when these announcements come out I always try to take a step back and dial down on the criticism.

Now if they mess these things up… That’s another story altogether…

I see where you are coming from but let’s not do what BW Austin are doing and try to dress up their announcement for anything more then what it is – a delaying tactic to get as much money out of the left over suckers before this game hits Maintenance Mode. Hell, even when that happens, I bet there will still be quite a few idiots who stay subbed til the end.

“Hell, when was the last time GSF got any tweaks?”
Minor bug fixes in 2015 was the last time they looked at GSF balance. The last map to be added was in 2014. Tweaking currency gain doesn’t count. There are far more regular GSF players than anyone cares to notice. GSF queues are fine on harb, at least during primetime.

Knowing biofail’s stance on GSF since then, they will screw up the balance worse than they have before.

If this new pvp map is another huttball variant, the pvp community will explode, with Keith walking away from said explosion with sunglasses on.

What scares me is he specifically calls out that there will be no new tier “this year”. Which makes me think there will be one when either Boss 4 and 5 comes out, or when Master Mode version of the operation is introduced. Or worse… two new tiers.

At least one of the servers in the zones i play could had been called Darth Marr 🙁 Sorry,but is my preferred char in the game (you guys,devs,should be congruent with what you say about respecting players,listen to them and blah,blah,and let us the players choose the names of the servers we going to be on,would make as feel more participative…kinda),but that’s just me.
As for the rest,sounds good,but like the blind man said “I’ll wait and see” 😉

He keeps saying “multiplayer”, and talking about it as if it’s like that shallow, meaningless, and blatantly tacked-on drop-in/drop-out lobby shit in Mass Effect 3 or something (Yes, people still do play that, BTW)…

IE, a totally separate thing from the main game that some people sometimes do when they’re bored with the main game, and whose real purpose is to try and sell droolers RNG gambling-bags in the cash-shop.

But then, why am I surprised?

It was long, long before this happy derp-derp guy came along that it became clear that BioWaste doesn’t have, never did have, and refuses to even try to get, a single fucking clue as to what makes a proper persistent-universe MMORPG.

(HINT: You can start by not instancing everything seven ways from Sunday, and by not designing your zone-maps in ways that keep people away from each other, whilst they railrtoad along to the next solo instance. You continue by not rigging your entire in-game economy around a fucking cash-shop ether, with crafting being an afterthought that you blatantly couldn’t care less about.)

Ok I’ll bite. Are you really that blind or have such low expectations? Indulge me, how is this pile of bullshit and lies really the best thing to happen since SOR (3 years)?

Well, the game never needed anything that KOTFE or KOTET brought to the table. In fact, most of what it brought was counter productive, such as the GC system. It HAS, however, needed server merges, pre-tested op content, class balance, and minor QOL changes for a long -ignored- time. Even acknowledging is a huge improvement over Irving pretending it wasnt happening and ignoring comments in the live chat because he was focused on his story-thing that didnt really matter in the long run.

Yeah fair points, except the reality does not match what you said or hope for.

Server merges: People wanted a mega server or X-Server. Not to be consolidated into a new server and risk losing names etc. Was the server merge needed? Well yeah because the player base is decimated. But this server merge won’t fix the problem. As Paulo said earlier, it is a band aid solution and right now, the patient (swtor) is riddled with bullet holes. Putting a band aid on a single wound isn’t going to fix shit, especially with the woeful content being produced and released.

Pre-tested Op content: So I assume you didn’t see how buggy GOTM was despite all the supposed testing before release and on the PTS? Don’t be fooled by their talk of testing the new content. Look at their history. They have never released perfect content (To be fair, no game has that) but the bugs BW Austin release are often caught by players on the PTS but BW never bother to fix it before it goes live. And when the issues remain on live, it takes them forever (if ever) to fix. Look at the GTN preview window or the romance companion gift bug still alive and well to name but two.

Class Balance: Assuming you have read the changes, the nerfs made by BW Austin are so far gone from class balancing that it barely hides the true reason why they are doing it – To force peeps to grind harder on existing content until T5 comes along next year.

Minor QOL changes: The changes made are so minor, the game could and would kick on without them. But the changes made should have been done years ago, not now when the Exodus of SWTOR is in full swing.

And Keith is not a single iota better then Ben whatsoever. Both are bullshit artists, both ignore players to suit their agenda and both never explain much outside of their prepared talking points. Said it before: Different shit actors, same shit swtor script.

*shrug* That’s why I originally said “potentially”. I don’t exactly think I’m considered an optimist on this site.

I guess the encouraging part is they are investing in the game. Server merges and infrastructure is an investment. But the relative lack of new content is very depressing.

Not really, Server merges is actually saving them money with less hardware to look after if everyone is consolidated onto 5 remaining servers. I just hope that “The Hot Prospect” is not Harbs renamed because that poor little Hamster that kept that server alive, can only take so much.

That’s what I’m worried about. You take Harbinger’s population and add a few more smaller populations to it, and who knows how much downtime it will have. :/

I’m usually not that negative about the game, but it’s a legit concern. Unless these consolidated servers have better hardware, we may be in for a bumpy ride. :/

Except they are investing NOTHING in servers or hardware. All EA online services are run through EA in Redwood Shores. SWTOR uses some of that server capacity, that is all. They are getting a smaller sliver of those consolidated services because they barely have enough players to keep the lights on at this point.

Going down to five servers is pretty much telling everyone 2018 is it for SWTOR. After finishing their little content updates in the first half of 2018, it is probably safe to assume the only updates after that will be in the CM.

I’ll say this for Keith, he is much better at sugar coating and blowing smoke up peoples ass than Ben was.

Pretty sad that games like World of Tanks, Warships and hell even Planes has more active players then SWTOR and all you do is blow shit up in those games [ hell in tanks you can die within a minute of a match…] Anyone that plays those games will tell you buying premium tanks, ships & planes are hell of alot more expensive then cartel packs here, those are cheap in comparison…

Anybody here wanna spend $100 on a ultimate package for a ship, tank or plane? *loooong silence*
ohhhhhh better shutup, somebody from bioware might suggest to imitate Wargaming business….*sssssssssssssssssh*..pretend I said nothing!

Want to get more depressed? Head over to Dulfy’s BDO or GW2 pages and see how much more content B2P games like those get over a sub/F2P game like SWTOR gets.

So from Jan to Dec 16, there was chapters 10 to 16, if you were subbed the HK55/ZOOM bonus mission, then KoteT 9 chapters, a bunch off comps back, some new comps, wasn’t there new pvp maps.

This year, we had crappy Iokath with the worst daily area, Umbara the worst FP, an up coming FP, pvp map, space pvp map, and what Three Fifths? of an op, and 3 comps back.

What happened to all their staff?.

HA HA, its sad how little content we have/will get this year, Iokath maybe about 1 chapter of story, 2 FP maybe half if that.

It is obvious they have very little full time staff on SWTOR anymore. I have a feeling the reason that these roadmaps take so long and the content is so sparse, is they are borrowing development resources from Anthem part time to do a little work on SWTOR.

Consider for a moment that when this year is over, SWTOR, with a whole year of development, will have released less content that other AAA MMOs are releasing in one patch.

Want to get an even better picture? Look at what ESO, FFXIV and WoW released in one year compared to SWTOR. Heck, even LOTRO, a 10+ year old title backed by a small studio released more new content than SWTOR.

You know it is really bad, however, when half of the roadmap is dedicated to talking about a server merge like it is a ton of new content.

Basically, they are moving the game into maintenance mode for 2018.

I just can not understand how with yet another movie coming out in 2 months there is no word on the next xpac, there should be one this year.

I think part of it is me being stupid, 4 years 10 months almost of being subbed non stop to this game I keep hoping for the best, but with no xpac till at least Feb next year, an 1 new FP there is really nothing to keep me subbed.

I hate to admit it, but after 4 years of hearing people saying this game is dying, it is getting harder to ignore.

at first I was intrigued. and then i remembered that..

1.. I have more characters between 2 NA servers that I play on, than I have character slots…
2… they have similar or the same names, which means my duplicates will likely have to be renamed and/ deleted
3…. server communities can already be a crapshoot… merging while increasing pool of players.. can also worsen the general feel of the community.
4… this still blocks preferred players from end game content as I’m not seeing anything there about return of the ops/flashpoint/etc passes. or galactic command being accessible outside of subscription in any way, shape or form.
5… and this one took a moment for me to occur… my legacy banks on both servers are full.. so that should make for a fun merge :/

ah well…

at least they are trying?

What is there 12 people left on BC? Usually when I check there is no more than 5 to 10 on fleet. I’m sure if the rp’ers want to survive they will find a spot where they can rp in peace.

“addressing your concerns, and watching your reactions”

…….this feels like a:
“show unexpected players the 2 girls and a cup video and watch their reactions”.

Aaaaaaaall those long lines and I’m interested in just one single word in there: Chiss. Oh my God, yes please. Hope they won’t screw this opportunity to do something great. Oh that, and Temple is coming back.

Rest is “yeah, whatever” for me personally, really. Server merges is cool though.

Oh I sincerely hope they don’t mess that one up. I’m a big fan of the Chiss. As I said in another post, I have 3 Snipers spread around the game servers, and they are all Chiss.

Furthermore, and getting ahead of myself, it would be a great idea for an actual expansion. Returning to the Star Wars universe we know and love. No more Valkorion Family Blues. The Chiss trying to take over the galaxy.

IF done correctly, I would definitely pay for that.

If Chiss would try to take over the galaxy, I think more than half of my characters would want to join them :).

At the moment I’m really looking forward to my Chiss Sniper’s reunion with his wife Raina Temple. I really do hope they did it right though, because my Vanguard’s reunion with Elara on Iokath was a complete disappointment. Just 3 lines of dialog and that was it.

“Starting with United Forces Foundation, we are increasing Bolster to 242
for non-ranked Warzones and Arenas which doesn’t remove the gear chase,
but gives everyone a fighting chance. It still gives those who have
made the effort to get Tier 4 gear to benefit from their time

They just don’t get it, do they ?

So no more expansions or at least new planets for the daily area come on, Many people would like many of these choices for add on Kasshyak as a planet or Dantione, Christophsis, chandrila, Dathomir, kessel, malachor, mandalore, mygetto, ryloath , sullust etc
One of the best parts of SWTOR was exploring planets

I think there’s a lot of good stuff in there, particularly looking at the larger picture. Sure, there’s some things I wanted that aren’t in there but I think it’s a very positive sign for the game and as a road map it’s well written and very balanced in my view. There is one item that does worry me and that’s what happens with character names during the server merges. I did already suspect that we probable wouldn’t get to 6.0 till spring next year so that was not a surprise to me. A big positive for me is the changes to GC crates. Getting UCs from disintegration instead of CXP is something that can really bring down the RNG element of the gear crates. The discussion will be about how many you’ll get for disintegrating stuff but that can be tweaked. In principle this is a good thing that will make us less dependent on having to PvP for BiS gear and adds more of a feeling of reward from the crates themselves. You can work towards something again. This is definitely a good thing.

Subs beat F2P/Pref.

Sub with longer play time on specifically named toon beats sub with lesser play time on specifically named toon.

Hey folks,

Eric Mucuso here, in true Biowurr fashion I would like to announce my announcement that I will be posting an updated Fall Update Roadmap with GPS instructions later today. But if my father, brother or sister comes to visit within the next three hours I’ll have to delay my post by a week.

Eric Mucuso
Community Gungan Expansion Cartographer
Star Wars The Traitorous Republic: Knights of the Please Buy from the Cartel Market

“almost half way through Autumn”. Autumn officially started less than 2 weeks ago. How is that almost half way through? Lol.

Umm say what? Ahhhh wait, I see what you mean. Since Fall as Americans call it, begins at the end of September (usually September 22nd) and ends at the end of December (usually December 21st), you are equating Autumn that way. However the traditional definition of seasons as per hemisphere is one based on months therefore September, October and November is Autumn in the Northern hemisphere like the U.S. while Spring for us down here in Australia. Hence my comment.

On the plus side for Dulfy, all this minimal content coming out for SWTOR means she can focus on games with actual content like BDO, GW2 and the recently released Destiny 2.

With the pitiful content coming out in SWTOR in the next couple of months, she could update this section of her website during a toilet break lol.

This community is toxic. Why would anyone want to develop for it when the response is always bashing the studio, largely for marketing problems like lockboxes or downsized teams for which they have no control over?

Keep experimenting please, bioware. Screw the haters – there are loads of players still playing that enjoy the game, paying customers that are currently drowned out by angry lapsed community members. The game needs to change to survive, to take a risk in order to find improvements that will draw people back. Dream big, even if it means you under-deliver in the short term.

If you want to appeal to those of us in game (such as a poll), please do so in game so that trolls are cut out of the conversation. We can make something great together. Talk to roleplayers, find out which changes could be really easy updates (maybe companion move ability for RP, for example) and which ones might be too much work (permit guilds to build a database of item texts, so that every item has editable ‘guild lore’ when looted. This could assist guilds in building story and quest content together). Or ignore the community entirely and try something completely unexpected that the team is passionate about building and playing. Your love will bleed over into the community, even if those changes are divisive. Your community has mappers, modelers, and writers. If you ever run out of content, give us the tools and we can make content faster than any one team ever could.

So many other companies would have given up ages ago. So many lesser developers would let forum post flaming get to them and leave. We appreciate you – more than you know.

Oh you poor, poor deluded, blind fool.

Take a stroll through Reddit swtor or itself and look upon pages upon pages of suggestions and feedback by many subbed players (and non subbed), all ignored or brushed aside by your heroic BW Austin. Much of the feedback makes common sense, a lot more sense then anything BW Austin does, especially with class balance. Many other types of suggestions and feedback comments are great and highly constructive. If some of them were followed, good God how SWTOR would shine. But the only thing they all have in common is how BW Austin ignored them all equally while putting in place pure facepalm changes.

You act like the community on Dulfy is toxic for the sake of it. Far from it. I have no idea how long you have played swtor for, but many of us have been here since the beginning and you only need to look at the archives on Dulfy to see the difference the community was up to 4.0. From 4.0, the game started it’s decline into utter facepalm and well, here we are. But before 4.0?? there were maybe one or two people griping or complaining but nothing like what we have now where it is near universal here on Dulfy how everyone hates what BW Austin has done to this game post 4.0. Even class guides are a dying art now since 4.0.

To make matters worse is how BW Austin promise much and deliver so little. BW Austin says they listen to our feedback but then go and do things everyone didn’t want. GC is a fine example of how they are trying desperately to push a system very few like onto us despite our feedback. If they listened to the majority, they would revert back to the comms system and be rid of GC but alas, BW Austin pretends to listen and nothing more.

Keith in April of this year promised much when he became Lead Producer:

“Regardless of your play style, there’s a lot we have planned
for all of us this year. We’ll have fun activities for you whether
you’re a player who loves Star Wars™stories, or the veteran who is
looking for new challenges and more options to play with friends, or if
you simply want to play on your own. Look for the SWTOR Roadmap in the
coming weeks where we’ll offer insight about what’s happening this year
and what you can expect in the coming months.”

The fun activities?? Just the same as past years, that is recycling the existing world events we have all done to death. The so called veteran looking for new challenges got ignored. Look back on 2017 and see what a fail Keith has been and then begin to understand why people are reacting to BW Austin as they do.

Another example? Sure. Keith in May 2017 said this about the new Op roll out:

“Delivering an Operation is a fundamental change in our direction this
year and our plan is to provide you with a new Boss encounter every few
months. By doing it this way, we can deliver high quality, challenging
Boss fights much faster than making you wait until the end of the year
or for an expansion.”

Here we are with 3 months to go and according to the road map, only the 3rd boss of GOTM will be delivered with the last two God knows when in 2018.

They changed the way they roll out an Op (Piecemeal instead of completed) and they can’t even keep to their own self imposed system with not even a sliver of info on why GOTM will not be completed in 2017 as promised.

As for your comment:

“Or ignore the community entirely and try something completely unexpected
that the team is passionate about building and playing. Your love will
bleed over into the community, even if those changes are divisive.”

They did. They rolled out GC among other things but the so called love you think would bleed into the community never happened. And why??? Because stupid changes will never be met with open arms when there was an existing system, a WORKING SYSTEM in place before that everyone was content with.

No dude, you have blinkers on pure and simple. There is nothing heroic in what BW Austin have done or are doing. They are driving the game into the ground while milking those left for money while returning very little content in return. The server population is a testament to that. Compare SWTOR to just about any other MMO out there and see what REAL content delivered looks like. Hell, compare SWTOR pre 3.0 to post 4.0 if you like. And the fact they have the audacity to talk up the new server merge as new content is a middle finger to the community in ignoring the declining player base and all the other outstanding issues this dev company ignores.

Bottom line – BW Austin brought this on themselves. Don’t blame the player community for the continued stupidity of this out of touch and out of its depth dev studio whose one job was to maintain and run SWTOR, not fucking kill it.

P.S. Nice touch upvoting your own comment rofl.

Could it be a BioWare shill, perhaps? (We all remember Andryah and people like Leehambly all too well, now don’t we.)

I’ve been seeing some hideously blatant ones over on GlassDoor and Indeed’s employee-reviews, most of them posted in the initial furore over the Mass Effect: Andromeda débacle.

It stinks of the same old post- Mass Effect 3 BioWaste shit, but it’s not in the least surprising that they might have infiltrated here, too.

Not even trying to hide upvoting its own comments, though….Christ, even Andryah had more class than that, if memory serves.

‘Or ignore the community entirely and try something completely unexpected’

They did that already. It’s called KotFE. Can’t say it worked out well.

I had a lot of fun with the KotFE and KotET stories. They were better than a lot of the story content from 1.0. Trying to think of a major decision I didn’t like that a development team has control over…I can only think of the cxp system. Lack of content is bound to happen with losing so many people on the development team.
If you want to say that your 15$ per month isn’t worth it, then unsub and go away.

OMFG!!! I had to laugh for a couple of minutes before even attempting to fully grasp the enormous amount of nonsense you just wrote…

First: yes, the community is toxic. Now ask yourself WHY that happens. Maybe, just maybe because we’re getting approximately a third of what every other company out there is delivering. Even LOTRO manages to produce more content.

Second: Keep experimenting??? Hey Einstein, why do you think they are going to merge servers? Because they experimented with KotFE/KotET. Let’s not get into a discussion how THAT turned out, I think it’s pretty pointless….

Thrid: Oh boy, this is priceless – “If you ever run out of content, give us the tools and we can make content faster than any one team ever could.”
LOOOOOOOL!!! Yeah right. And maybe EA will actually charge for that, in the alternate reality you live in. Like they would pass the chance to make money out of the playing community… Yes, that sounds about right: you guys can’t do YOUR job, let the community do it for ya. AND keep paying your subs for playing content THE CUSTOMERS made!!! Just… LOOOOOOL!

I gotta hand it to you. you deserve the award for “Fanboy of the Month”. At least you made me laugh. Keep’ em coming. I’m sure EA loves your mon… Sorry, loves you back…

And you even upvoted your own comment… Priceless stuff here…

Boy, that was fun…

Newsflash. Gaming companies like Bioware and EA don’t care that much about the enjoyment of the player, unless it brings them profit. If the player enjoys the game, they will pay for it. It’s simple as that. Poor management brings less enjoyment and less money, so everyone loses. It can happen to any business, not just to gaming.

No one is a “hater” simply because they are not thrilled and excited to pay money every month for poor results. And if there are so many complaining about the status of the game during the last 2 years, but also so many more that have actually completely quit the game, then that means something.

Under-delivering for 3 years is not exactly a short term. What development team are you talking about? The one that has been putting out extremely limited material for 3 years straight? And it isn’t even top quality material, it’s just blunt. Ignoring the community doesn’t really work as you can see, they have been ignoring the community more often than not, since launch. And this game is worse every year.

What forum flaming? Negative posts are deleted. You truly live in a bubble.

Deleted if you’re American, banned for life if you’re an Eastern European, even if you prove that your account was stolen and you did not posted any nasty stuff. Talking about official forum, not about dulfy.

This is just priceless.
Priceless, I’m tellin’ ya!

But it’s priceless for all the wrong reasons.

So how’s the weather in Stockholm?

Glad I un-subbed so I don’t have to play with idiots like this anymore.

having respect and liking charles eric and kieth has nothing to do with the game crapping out and shitting on vet players like they do and lack of keeping player interest that just plain out right sucks and makes a customer feel like a peon SIGH

Companion news summary:

Patch 5.5 (October 10)
-“Companion Customization Importer” vendors that sell opposite faction customizations will be added to each fleet

Patch 5.6 (November 28)
-Ensign Raina Temple returns
-Darth Hexid, the other companion introduced during DvL last year, will be awarded to those who participated in the launch of the United Forces server merger

The items “Arcann Customization 1” and “Arcann Customization 2” were datamined for 5.5 awhile back. With all the recent KotFE/ET companion customization additions and the new customization vendors coming with 5.5, we might be getting these Arcann customizations from them. I’m assuming that they will allow us to give Arcann his classic (masked) look from KotFE and his Dark (armored) look from KotET.

So if all NA servers are being merged into 2 servers, and I have 16 toons on 2 East coast servers currently, will I then have an account on one server with 32 toons? If not, how is this going to work?

Just read through the FAQ that has been posted, looks like we get a max of 52 toons per server now, so doesn’t look like its going to be an issue for me at least.

Not for anything, but take a browse over to Dulfy on GW2. What is there? Guide after guide after guide on gameplay.

What do you have with SWTOR?…. Nothing to see here but empty promises and an embarrassment of a AAA MMO.

Speaks volumes…

The fact that they are consolidating 5 servers into 1 speaks volumes about the lack of people playing this game anymore. I really miss what this game was years ago, and it sucks that EA just stopped caring. The first 2-3 years was so much fun.

Even worse. That they have the gaul to treat server merges like it is some sort of great new content update. They add a couple of goodies you can get and suddenly a server merge is a massive content update.

SWTOR is definitely a lesson in how to make so little try to look like so much.

thats because REAL MMO games like GW2 and WOW have shit to do and all swtor can do is PVP shit or Cartel market crap BW needs to either piss or get off the dam pot im tired of wasting my money on the same shit over and over and over they need to take some ideas from other MMOs and start with content

“Patch 5.6 (November 28) – Ensign Raina Temple returns”. Can’t stand that ugly bitch, she and DS Jaesa can fck off, i hope we will not be forced to recruit them, like we were with Kalyio.

just don’t bring her out if you do get her. there are companions that i still haven’t brought out since they gave them to us

I never use Arcann,Senya,Koth,Rusk.. Got 8 rank 50 for crafting and one for healing, but thats it, the rest of them are pokemons, nothing more.

Can I just get a couple new PvP maps, 2 new raids, and a new class? thats all I want keep everything else. I will pay $50 for that…also a new level cap with new gear 😉 thanks Keith

Well, NGAF about what the others think, this dude will be subscribing by xtmas and will love to explore the “new” stuff since I don’t pop in for a while.
Population is low? I’m a solo so don’t care.
If I could create my own private server of this game I would enjoy it just the same so…
At least while the game isn’t shut down for good. 😛

I do feel sorry for the ones who do worry about the issues the game has, but since this game went f2p with micro transactions that I’ve predicted its extinction in the back of my head.
It felt like EA was saying “you’re not big enough for us to care so there, just take some pain killers until you’re dead so we can bury you”.

Never saw a MMO with such a great universe and potential “content wise” be so fucked up by its “owners”.
When it launched, it was fucked up by “WOW killer standards”, but after that, it was fucked by the people running it.
If you’re going to make changes to a product, make the ones that the costumers using the product want.
Otherwise, is better to leave it as is.

Because if you’re developing the game to play it yourself and you don’t care about what others say, at least say it up front so people don’t waste their time raising expectations.
Its acceptable to do so if you warn us of it. 😛

Anyway, really eager to spent my time exploring that content.
Just don’t shut it before 2019. 😀
(or ever… I do love the content)

what the hell are you talking about there is no dam content thats why they have low servers they cant keep the intrest of the players yea try and solo a opp..lmao

You failed to understand that to me, much of the content is still new
and that we clearly don’t have the same goals for the game.

Oh I am having a blast, at least while the servers aren’t shut down for not being worth the cost.

This game ending like it is was predicted for a way long time.
At least to me.
Lower population means slower development, slower development means lower population, and so on until it stalls.
F2P meant that EA was not investing more cash in the project, either it would survive by itself or get the mercy shot.
Which one do you think I am betting?

Anyway, I am playing it and enjoying it.
At least when it goes to rest, I’ll take some good moments from it.

Yeah even when you solo you wont be able to enjoy ALL the content, which is funny considering ALL of the content we have over this 7 year period is so pathetic compared to most all other MMORPG’s. More effort is put into the Cartel Market on a month to month basis then the actual game, which we all know exactly why that is and if you think the content is just fine and the Cartel Market isn’t the focal point of EABioware for SWTOR, then you are in a serious ignorant bliss. Its beyond depressing because of the potential this game has, and the declining player base that is continuing to drop is a sure sign of what is to come for the game because of EABioware’s lack of care for the actual game and its fanbase.


I love to PvP and I Love SWTOR’s pvp…. BUT I agree with you that the lack of content for PvE is nothing short of Laughable, I don’t know one MMO that was so slow to release new Raids/Dungeons and release the raids incomplete with not all the bosses there, and we are suppose to look at the new additional bosses as nice when the raid should have been full and complete with all bosses and we should have a lot more raids by now. The money SWTOR makes just from the Micro-Transaction store annually is 8million EVERY YEAR. That’s more then 4x the amount the base game cost to make based on BW & EA’s budget to create the game and market the game and to create physical copies and merch. They get more then enough money to put a hefty development team in there and create the content we fans who have given money to these guys and continued to support this game and them, so they have money to feed there families, without the fans they don’t have money. Sadly the game doesn’t matter only the revenue it makes. So we are left with a development team equivalent to a college campus dorm with 3 kids dev’ing and managing a game. They could do better with the game. “Armchair Developers” would quash BioWare and what they’ve done for the game. Most mod creators who aren’t apart of any big development company or production company destroy the work BioWare has done for SWTOR. Its half-assed and is like spit in our face for the support we give and the little to nothing we get in return because to them, even the little support they get isn’t enough to keep what they do have happy or even to want to try and increase their fan base, in turn increasing their revenue. Cause like I said, the money they make from Micro-Transactions in SWTOR is more then enough to have this game screaming with both PvE AND PvP content. But it isn’t. Why? Because management rather keep their quality of life lavish lifestyle riding in their 100k$ sports cars and keep their 2-4 homes and bloating their guts with all the wealth they get from us rather then give back to the fans who’ve given them that wealth to begin with cause we didn’t expect to get robbed and left with with a mediocre experience for a franchise most of us adore and have a real love and passion for. How frustrating and depressing it is how much this game could be and that it wont simply because EA doesn’t want to put the effort towards SWTOR any more, only make more games with micro-transactions and make more money. BioWare is now owned by EA now BTW, if any of you weren’t aware of that.

I hate to break it to you there captainallcaps, number one selling game on steam is a pure PVP. Were talking millions of copies sold for something that literally could be a single pvp map in Swtor. Now I get you want a story, we all like stories but this holds true with every mmo on the market…if you have been playing for multiple years no matter what they add you will find it stale fast. Most of you people rip through the content in a week and then grind out whatever new lvl/gear cap there is. Then you go back to boredom. It’s time for you to move on and play something else for awhile. I love EQ, I love WoW. I am active sub in EQ for what the 17th year or so year now? I don’t play them anymore because ive done everything or close to everything and it’s just gotten boring. I won’t trash them though because they are good games with many great features graphics aside. What keeps me going in games like that is now PVP. I can lvl a character in wow in pvp never run a quest and happy for it. Same ol maps who cares CS:GO//League of Legends same old maps and still their the top eschelon for competitive gaming. I hate CS:GO but it works. PVP doesn’t get so boring for many folks and that I bet is what is keeping some of Swtor alive right now…So stop trashing it were not trashing your storylines. Show me an MMO that has state of the art graphics that isn’t P2W and IS doing something new and groundbreaking… can’t do it and I have played them all. Archage was the closest thing we had to new content in the form of ocean/ship battles and Trion/XL games bent everyone right over the counter and totally screwed their own game right out of existence. BDO…theres nothing new in BDO but it looks pretty and it mainly focuses on PVP. It’s not tab targeting but its rotation based and usually first stun wins in higher gear tiers. Then one shot or two at most follows.

In all honesty go look around at MMO’s right now. There isn’t anything new out that is worth spitting at. Wow is still ranked high because there are many things to do still in game ASIDE from raiding. PVP/BG’s/Arenas/Pet Battles/Pet/mount collecting. Love or hate the graphics it’s a leader in the industry because of the many friendly features it has going for it. GW2 supposedly is still kicking around I haven’t played in years because they strayed so far off GW1 that at that time I just couldn’t get into it. I hear it’s got good pvp still so kudos. I was an alpha/beta GW1 player and I liked the game as it was. BDO Korean grind fest, you think Swtor has grinding…pfft PALEASE. Swtor ain;t got nothing on Korean mmo grinds and BDO isn’t even the worst offender. BDO is a great game and pretty, the pvp is a bit clunky and doesn’t flow as good as other games due to the skill based movement mechanics which is intended but dumb imo. (My opinion ofc) The number one thing about BDO is that it’s Korean which means if your two levels above with appropriate gear then you will wipe out near entire groups. Same lvl pvp high end comes down to whomever gets the first shot in most times. End of the day the movie I watched when I boosted my toon to 65 today was enough to make that free expansion paid. The housing while not a ton of choices is still by far better then any other game on the market. No upkeep… more mounts and companions/pets then almost every other game aside from EQ/WoW maybe. The mean community is what scares some folks off….

Want Swtor to get more peeps get pvp maps and balance in check. Look at the trends in pvp right now not hard to figure out what will get more players… PVE content yes new class is great it’s time. You just got new content, tons of it from what I see. Now PVE wise want longevity and returning players add Farmville to housing and figure out a relevant use for it in game with it’s own economy maybe even go mini RTS with workers if your a Darth etc. Or maybe your Siths passion and stress relief revolves around gardening lol who knows. Most EVERYONE in the space game community is craving like crackheads something good to play. Eve has lost it’s luster for many of us who have again years and years in play. Work a bit on your space game side and add more content and areas and you will have people by the thousands here, you have to make it competitive though…Elite Dangerous is space hauling single player game with a bit of combat but not enough to make combat junkies happy. Not enough pvp either…FAIR pvp. One thing SWTOR has that no other MMO has access to…tie fighters and xwings the one thing every 40+ kid like myself would love to fly in combat and not just 1 minute at a time like in BF2. I know different era but you get the picture it’s star wars not speeder wars!

Also theres only one other game that matches the amount of varied costumes I have seen in Swtor and that is WoW and the transmog system which is huge to most gamers HUGE. Problem is the republic side of Swtor has the drab crap costumes and no one wants to play republic because of it. I came back 5 days ago and wrestled with switching to republic for 5 days because I wanted a lighter hearted storyline, I wanted to feel good and not be cruel in all my choices but I get to fleet and it’s like a dockers convention with all the drab brown bleh and a few good smuggler operative sets. The class ships are BLEH..Empire get Phantom and Fury Republic gets shoehorn and balpeen hammer. I know it’s how it was meant to be but you want players then fix the problem and if you don’t like going into a fleet filled with BDSM, evil super hero, evil clowns everywhere then put yer brown robes and dockers on and stand around waiting for someone to mistake you for a UPS driver. First thing I said when I mentioned republic fleet and lack of flair in costumes was a bunch of people saying…now you see why everyone rolls empire, cause we got the coolest ships, costumes etc.

Been playing this game for years now, and still have never queued for pvp. Maybe it’s just me but the appeal in this game is the story and it’s the sole reason I remain subscribed.

I hope there will be more of it soon that’s beyond just a flashpoint. There’s only so many times I can restart my sw before I lose my mind, lol.

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