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SWTOR NYCC 2017 Cantina Tour Code

You can redeem your STOR New York Comic Con speeder early with the code NYCANTINA17.

  • Go to
  • Enter NYCANTINA17
  • If you are already ingame, close the game completely and restart it.
  • Check your ingame mail for the new Korrealis Viceroy speeder.


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21 replies on “SWTOR NYCC 2017 Cantina Tour Code”

I am surprised they haven’t put Wings of the Architect on the CM yet or made some sort of variation of it. Maybe they are saving that decision for when this game hits full maintenance mode to try and bleed the remaining players for more cash despite the game being shut down at that time.

Could that code have been any more predictable? Good Christ, EA/BW missed an incredible opportunity from the near very beginning to promote this game with code unlocks from food products – such as on Energy Drinks and the like. Free codes for unlocking little things like pets or RNG lockboxes / game chance cubes, or exclusive gear pieces / weapons –
or even small amounts of cartel coins. But NOOOO~OOOOO….

Why they keep re-skinning that same speeder and the r2 droid is beyond comprehension. Why not a blue jet pack? Or anything other than a korealis.

How is it they don’t feel ashamed by giving people reskin of same mount? It has been like that for 2 years already.

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