SWTOR United Forces Update and Server Merges

SWTOR will be undergoing a round of server merges with the United Forces update.

Our primary focus this year for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has been to build and release multiplayer gameplay experiences that you can play with your friends. We’ve seen thousands of players jump in to join these battles across the galaxy. Your overwhelming response to playing these new experiences has motivated us to continue to pursue more enhancements to making multiplayer the best it can be for you, our players.

Today, we’re excited to announce the United Forces update coming November 8, 2017. This new update will add a lot of value to all the gameplay systems that contribute to great multiplayer experiences. The primary benefit of this update is that it will be easier for you to join or reconnect with friends, discover new guilds and jump into multiplayer battles. To deliver these benefits together in one update we will connect multiple servers in each region together, uniting players across the galaxy. By joining servers as United Forces, grouping becomes easy and queues for your favorite Flashpoints, Uprisings, Missions, Warzones, Arenas, Galactic Starfighter, and Operations should be much faster.

The United Forces update expands your connection to a galactic-sized community of players. We will be integrating our existing seventeen servers to five new servers, one for each existing region and language. Our goal is to make this experience as simple and rewarding as possible.

When United Forces goes live, we will be offering new rewards for reconnecting with friends and guildmates in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Log in and play between November 8 – November 27, 2017 to get new rewards*:

  • Simply log in to play to get the new Mini Mogul NM-1 Mini-Pet, inspired by one of our classic Operation bosses, Karagga the Unyielding.
  • Earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion when you complete three PvE or three PvP missions through Group Finder by the November 27th deadline!
  • Plus, unlock the new ‘United Forces Group Recon’ achievement when you complete three PvE Group Finder activities and get the new ‘United Forces Warzone Recon’ achievement when you complete three PvP matches through Group Finder!
  • Finally, once United Forces goes live, get double rewards: Double XP, Double Command XP, and much more through November 14!
  • NOTE: All achievements are unlocked in-game as earned. The Mini Mogul Mini-Pet and Darth Hexid Companion are delivered via in-game mail on November 28, 2017.

We’re excited about what United Forces will do for all our players and the gameplay experience across the galaxy. Check out the FAQs below and join the SWTOR team on our Twitch Livestream on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 2PM PDT / 9PM GMT for more details:

We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the coming weeks!

-The Star Wars: The Old Republic Team


Why Make the Change?

Bringing players together as United Forces in larger numbers offers multiple benefits to players, first of which is the ease of jumping into multiplayer activities. Once the United Forces update is live, any group activity you would want to participate in will have a much larger volume of players queueing at any time that you are looking to play, including Operations, Flashpoints, PvP Warzones, Uprisings, and Galactic Starfighter battles. Communities of players, such as role-players, will have more like-minded players to join and play alongside. Plus, server-wide activities, such as Conquests, will have more fierce competition than ever before.

What Will My New Server Be?

As part of the United Forces update, your characters will be moved to one of five new servers.

How Am I Affected?

It is our intent that this process will have very little impact on you or your account. Since Character names must be unique on a server, it is possible that when we create the new United Forces servers, you may need to rename your character. As part of the process of uniting the galaxy, we will communicate a specific set of rules to govern the prospective scenario where two names collide:

  • Premium players (Subscribers) will have priority over Free-to-Play and Preferred Status players.
  • Highly played characters will have priority over characters with less play time.

To limit the challenge of duplicated names we will proactively remove names from characters that have not been played within the past 90-days or more and which are below Level 10. We know your character’s name is very important to you and so we are taking steps to ensure that you can hang on to the names you love to the greatest extent possible!

The new United Forces galaxy will have no impact on your Guild, Guild Bank, Achievements, or Strongholds. While all Legacy Family Trees will reset during the update, for most players, there will be minimal impact on your Legacy. For more details on the process and rules please see the details below.

What will happen to my character(s)?

Currently, a Premium (Subscriber) account is allowed a maximum of 52 characters per server. Following the United Forces update, accounts with more than 52 characters on a server will be accommodated. You will still be able to access and play each of those characters. However, if you wish to make any new characters after that point, you will need to delete characters until you are back at or below the cap of 50.

For Free-to-Play accounts, this process will work a little differently. Following the United Forces update, if your account has characters beyond the Free-to-Play limit of 2, then all your characters will be set to ‘deactivated’. This allows you to log in and choose which characters you would like to activate and play.

Character Names

In most cases, nothing will happen to your character name. Names will only be impacted when there are two of the exact same name on the new United Forces server at which point a governing system determines which character has priority:

  • Premium players (Subscribers) will have priority over Free-to-Play and Preferred Status players.
  • Highly played characters will have priority over characters with less play time.

To proactively offset unnecessary challenges around character names, we are initiating a process of removing names from long inactive accounts. Any character that has not logged in for 90-days or more which has not progressed beyond level 10 will be flagged to rename their character.

Friends List

Following the United Forces update, you may see some new names on your friends list. The list will automatically update for any of your friends who changed their character name following the update. If no one on your list changed their name with the update, your friends list will be completely unaffected.

Ignore List

Your ignore list will not be affected with the United Forces update. Even if someone on your ignore list has changed their name, they will still be unable to contact you.

Galactic Trade Network Listings

Your Galactic Trade Network (GTN) listings will not be affected by the United Forces update. When you log in following the update, you will see all of your listings still intact. The update will be combining multiple GTNs together, so you may see a lot more listings than you saw previously.


The contents of your mailbox will not be affected by the United Forces update. All mail that was present in your mailbox will be there following the update.

Appearance Designer “Stamped” Appearances

Your stamped appearances will not be affected by the United Forces update. All of your appearances will remain in place following the update.

How will Character Transfers work with the United Forces update?

Players will be able to continue using the Character Transfer tool until October 24th. We will be turning off character transfers at that time in preparation for United Forces. They will once again be online shortly after the United Forces update.

What will happen to my Legacy?

Legacy Name and Level

Since Legacy names are not unique, you will not lose a Legacy name as part of this process. However, if you have two Legacies which are brought together, the name and level of the highest level Legacy will be maintained.

Ex: You have the Level 10 “Skywalker” Legacy on The Bastion and the Level 40 “Organa” Legacy on The Harbinger; these will combine into the Organa Legacy at Level 40.

As always, if you wish to change your Legacy name you can do so via a Legacy Name Change from the Cartel Market.

Legacy Unlocks

Legacy unlocks are completely unaffected. If you have more than one Legacy, after the United Forces update, all your Legacy unlocks will be combined into one Legacy.

Legacy Currencies

Any Legacy-wide currencies, such as Command Tokens, are not affected. If you have more than one Legacy, we will combine these currencies together in your new Legacy. If this combination would push you over the cap, we will still grant you the currency. However, you will be unable to earn any more of that specific currency until you fall below the cap.

Legacy Bank

Legacy bank contents are not affected by the United Forces update. If you have more than one Legacy and they are integrated during the new United Forces update, then the sum total of the two banks will be added together. If this integration fills your Legacy bank slots, the extra items will go into a special storage called ‘Legacy Overflow’. This overflow will hold your extra items until you make space to withdraw them–you cannot place items into this overflow.


All completed Achievements will remain intact. If your Achievements are integrated during the United Forces update, the completed Achievements from both Legacies will be combined.

If you have an Achievement in progress, this will be unaffected by the update. If there are two Legacies which are being combined and they have the same Achievement in progress, the one with the higher progress will be retained.

Strongholds and Decorations

Active Strongholds will be unaffected by the United Forces update. If you have Strongholds from more than one Legacy coming together, both will be added to your list. If you have more than one of a specific Stronghold (such as multiple Coruscant Apartments), they will both be retained and accessible. If the combination of the two Strongholds takes you above the cap of eight, they will all be retained. However, you cannot activate new Strongholds until you return to a number below the cap.

Decorations are not impacted by the United Forces update. If you have more than one Legacy which are combined as part of the update, you will have access to each decoration equal to the highest decoration among your Legacies. Ex: On the “Skywalker” Legacy you have 4 Basic Metal Chairs, on the Organa Legacy you have 15 Basic Metal Chairs. After the update, you will have a combined Legacy with 15 Basic Metal Chairs. It is possible that you may end up with more decorations placed than you own after the update. If this happens, you cannot place any more of that decoration until you go below your owned value.


Reputation is not impacted by the United Forces update. If you have more than one Legacy which is brought together because of the update, the highest reputation between your Legacies is the value that will be retained.

Family Tree

All Family Trees will be reset during the United Forces update. After the update, you will have the ability to reassign affiliations freely.

Cartel Market Item Stash

The Cartel Market Item Stash’s current cap of 500 items will remain in place. If the United Forces update will cause there to be more than 500 items in your stash, those items can be found in your item stash. However, you will be unable to add any items to your stash until you go under the 500 item cap.

What will happen to my Guild?

There is no impact to Guild Banks, Strongholds, Flagships or other similar items because of the United Forces update. If your Guild name overlaps with another Guild name; each will have the name of the original server appended to the original Guild name.

Ex: Your Guild “The Jedi Order” from the server The Bastion collides with, “The Jedi Order” from The Harbinger; the Guild names will now appear as:

  • The Jedi Order – The Bastion
  • The Jedi Order – The Harbinger

Post-update, if either Guild goes inactive, disbands, or is renamed, the other Guild’s name will return to its original form – “The Jedi Order.”


To ensure a clean transition of Guild battles via Conquests, we will be running the “Time of Peace” Conquest from October 24th – November 13th. Conquests will resume normally on November 14th.

How is PvP Ranked Season 9 and the Leaderboards affected?

PvP Ranked Season 9 will continue as planned. You retain the rank you had prior to the United Forces update. Immediately following the update, the initial Season 9 Leaderboard will appear blank. The Leaderboard will automatically update after you play your first ranked PvP match and you will once again see your name appear on the Leaderboard.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

327 replies on “SWTOR United Forces Update and Server Merges”

What if I have a Tatooine Stronghold decorated on one server and a Yavin decorated on the other and they are using the same items?

The Hot Prospect and Star Forge for US servers???? Star Forge, ok maybe, but The Hot Prospect???? The EU servers have better names, Darth Malgus, Tulak Hord and The Leviathan

Notice how all EU servers are Evil Empire….they all must play IMP over there or the cold war is very much alive ;p

This is probably the first bit of news since KOTFE that has be excited, and this time we know what we’re getting.

It’s probably too early to tell if this is good news or bad news yet, but it’s for sure the most INTERESTING news in a good, looooong while. Seeing what mayhem happens is really secondary to what these moves actually mean for the game…

Can’t wait to see how the prices on the GTN get manipulated….better deals or same old headaches…?

More people equals lower prices. If you play on a less populated server prices are generally higher. So I would bet “better deals”…

To little to late fuckers, not to mention there is still no reason to run Nightmare OPs for the ppl who r way overgeared for HM. You are not getting your hardcore raiders back with this shit

Finally! Something the players have been asking for a long, long time. And they are actually delivering.

It’s a welcome change, even if it means I will have to make a sub. Even not wanting to do it. I value my toons’ names very much. Wouldn’t want to rename them.

As much as I think this is a positive thing, it does not mask the truth behind this server merge. Populations are dwindling all across the spectrum. This is a band aid, not a cure. A much needed change that does not change the fact that the game has to up it’s… game loooooooool.

People cried out for a mega server or X-server. No one wanted yet another server consolidation.

As for subbing to keep your name change, dude, being a sub guarantees nothing as I told another person earlier. If another sub has the same name you used with more play time then you, you will still lose your name regardless of sub. So it is a $15 lottery ticket you are buying for a game you don’t play much which is sliding into maintenance mode. Keep that $15 and buy yourself something nice on ESO. 🙂

More than likely it will be legacy. I would be very surprised otherwise. Given their promotions in the past couple years.

Thank god I only have one of each class on one server. I see people that are on multiple servers, 50 characters each, and I never understood why anyone did that. I just hope nothing gets fucked up on my legacy, or collection, or any other server-specific stuff.

Yep, same here, 8 chars, all on Red Eclipse, nothing else. No problems with multiple Legacies, SH, achievements,banks, etc.

But I still need to get Master Ranos…it’s bullshit that this so-called event let’s you the chance of Acquiring Darth Hexxid but not Master Ranos. :/

Here’s to hoping all formerly exclusive rewards are made available through some sort of marginal in game content as this shit show continues to roll up hill.

Just reading the headline I was hoping it was cross faction and almost got excited but maintenance mode is OK too I guess.

It’s cool how they are making an Event! out of it.

In other words, it’s becoming costly and merging many into one will save lots on maintenance cost and make it seem the game is alive and thriving with people.

“Why did these changes need to happen?”

Because very few people are idiotic enough (myself included) to still play this game.

I came back to it recently just to flop around on it. Used to sub to it off and on between other MMO’s. First time ever playing it preferred status. My word do they need to change a lot of stuff on there as I’m afraid to wipe my own rear on there without shelling out Cartel Coins to do so.

Its still a somewhat decent game though a lot of aspects in it need some tweaking. They should have kept the system that they had before Shadow of Revan and some stuff in Shadow of Revan. Felt pretty good then especially with the cartel crates.

I’m gonna stick around off and on of SWTOR. Just not going to play it deeply as I once did.

for those that want extra CC rewards, best get to grinding on each main class per server. If it’s worth it to you that is.

From 30 German servers to 3, now to one…
Many People already went to the T3-M4 server, on VC there isn’t much left…
And as always, server merges come way too late…

Also with the nerfs they will loose people, that’s what pisses people off!
If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. But they tried to fix stuff that ain’t broken. Why? Because they don’t want to differentiate between PVE Skills and PVP skills – wich is the biggest problem the game ever had. Take a look at some game that never intended to have PVP but implemented it due to ‘Player Request’. How did they do it?
They now have just a couple of skills for PVP, the Char is completely different in PVP than PVE. Because its the only way to really make it work…

Naa, that wasn’t the problem.
Their obsession with keeping the skills of PVP and PVE the same was. That messed up balancing of some classes for PVE.
That leads to inconsistent classes. Sometimes your main class is great, sometimes you have a hard time finding a RAID group because of that. THAT is one big part that destroyed the game.

The other is the inconsistent difficulty.
Sometimes the Hardmode isn’t that hard, sometimes it’s really hard. That combined with the inconsistency of the classes/skilltrees leads to frustration…

And of course lack of Multiplayer Content in many many years is the main reasons the people lost interest…

I am just going to remove my stuff from legacy banks. And just wish those with guild ships the best of luck. As much bugs as they have, I do forsee some….losses.

If these server mergers had happened a couple of years ago, this game would probably be in good standing today DESPITE the direction taken by Ben Irving. I’ve moved on to other games but I do stick around with a small glimmer of hope that someone at some point can bring back the glory days. Even if it means an entirely new game. For those still playing, I do hope you’re having fun but please I implore you. Be realistic. This is not a fix to a decreasing population.

Once these mega servers, if I can call them that, start to see another population decline, that will likely signal the end of the game. Cherish the good memories.

I agree. I now consider myself a casual player. Long gone are the days when i would schedule my time with guilds. Now i just come in on days when im in the mood to play. And yea I still sub. If anything this will be a slight boost to pvp pops. But for me this is a signal for the end, and i will just stick with it till it dies.

Doubtful. GC and the woeful Keeping up with the Valkorians would have killed the game regardless if the servers had been consolidated earlier.

Exactly, GC the terrible valkorion story but especially GC is what helped to hurt swtor. Combine that with a new content cadence that is so slow you’ll actually forget there was anything new because of the amount of time that passes between new content release. Then come to find out they either put caps on new content or it’s just not reallyworth repeating so they fill it with a special currency to entice you to do it again but by design it’s a failure and just not fun. (AKA the umbara instance).

While server mergers was a must have thing to do, there is still so much wrong with swtor server mergers are just smoke and mirror for the other problems.

Advertising Server Mergers as content. This is an all time low BioWare. 🙁

Please address the problems of why it has come to this, instead of dressing up your failings as an opportunity for everyone to come together and unite. 🙁

^this is exactly what they are doing.
Beat me to it.
It’s like the DvL event last year. Redo everything you already did in this ‘new content’ and this year’s new content its ‘United Forces Update and Server Merges’ !
Erm no Bioware its United Forces IS Server merges. It is not new content.
They are the masters are re-skinning.

Exactly. Grind all that 2-5 year old content again just with different people.

I honestly feel like I’m taking crazy pills, why is no asking why we’ve gone from what seemed like over a hundred servers at launch to just 5? The mismanagement is evident from this fact.

Space Barbie 😛

BioWare will put it on the CM for you, don’t worry about that.

Sorry mate, but out of all that post the one thing you ask about is the aesthetics?

bioware still cannot complete a single OPs in 12 months and thats after saying they would.

It too them 12 months to create 3 bosses and the 3rd is still 2 months away. Thats some pretty slow ass development for a game company. The last 2 not coming till early 2018 and thats a pretty vague statement at best.

A couple good QoL features added and server mergers have been needed for years the game is doing so poorly but the rest is lack luster and is very content light.

Sorry but not enough good to be honest but the fact they couldn’t even complete one full OPs is a WTF moment that takes the cake. However, the drama that is going to come but bioware screwing up server mergers will be epic beyond belief.

The best part of the GOTM Op failure is when Keith said this:

“To change our direction, we had to retool, reorganize, hire new talent, and get everyone on board with the changed direction. That takes time, so we made a choice and decided to release the Operation Boss encounters one at a time. This gave us more time to design, polish, test, and get insight directly from players, versus making everyone wait
all year before we released 5 new bosses.”

This was a self imposed decision and time frame. No one on the forums told them or demanded of them to do it this way and BW Austin still failed THEIR OWN METHOD.

The outright incompetence of this dev studio is now complete and is one for the ages and should be recorded as a how not to guide for other dev studios.

Keep in mind they are making history repeat itself with anthem. Watch it be a utter failure to if they can’t fix this game within 6yrs plenty of time btw wow is the proof.

Damn Jinx, even when you are taking them to task over this, you know BW Austin have truly fucked this game up.

Server population issues have had people demanding server merges for a long time. Now BW is finally delivering. Unfortunately, they are still some predictable problems with it, like name and legacy complications. :/

I applaud the merges better sooner than later, still not having a new expansion this year is a complete fail for this game.

History repeats itself:

Another StarWars MMORPG mismanaged into oblivion by money-grubbing incompetents who know they don’t know shit, but simply don’t care.

But at least they don’t have to lie about cross-server queues anymore. It was probably quite the strain on what little collective brainpower there is to spare at BioWaste.

I guess they found a way to make me sub up again just to preserve my characters’ names. I would’ve preferred more content.

Except that guarantees nothing by being subbed:

And I quote:

* Premium players (Subscribers) will have priority over Free-to-Play and Preferred Status players.

* Highly played characters will have priority over characters with less play time.

So say you have a toon named “BWAustinfuckedswtor” on your server with say 150 hours game time, but I have a toon also named on “BWAustinfuckedswtor” on my server with 300 hours game time, if we are both merging into the same new server, my toon will get the name despite you resubbing.

BW Austin are hoping for an influx of people to sub to keep their names but being sub guarantees nothing as I stated and really, if you do not play anymore, why sub? This game is slowly gathering pace to maintenance mode anyway.

I see you didn’t read what I said. My example was if we are both subbed, then being subbed guarantees nothing as the next filter becomes playtime. And you have no way of seeing how much playtime someone else with the same name had before you go ahead and sub to try and keep your toon’s name.

I get what you’re saying but subbing does provide one with an advantage to keeping your names over not subbing at all. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but it increases the odds. As another poster said, BW doesn’t deserve the money since they have not done anything to earn it. In the coming days, I will greatly weigh how married I am to my characters’ names compared to giving $15 to a brokenly incompetent company on the verge of collapse.

$15 lottery ticket for a company that does not deserve it. Considering the game is on the slide to maintenance mode and the fact I unsubbed early this year and no longer log in as f2p, I think I will give the middle finger back to BW Austin and not reward them just to keep a name in a dying game. That is what they hope peeps who unsubbed will do to get more money again just for one month. No thanks. BW Austin fucked SWTOR so they can go fuck themselves.

I love my old characters and I’ve got a Chiss Agent that is named Thrawn(with an accent or two) from way back but the likelihood of me ever doing any endgame content again with any character is so far away that resubbing to save that name seems like an exercise in futility. Plus there is no way BW deserve any of my money, what have they done to earn it?

I’m gonna play the Sith Warrior story as preferred before the server merge happens as a last hurrah. Then it’s uninstall and leave with mixed memories, good ones from the early days but bad ones from the recent present 🙁

I don’t think the level matters as much as what you have done on each legacy. My guess is assuming they don’t fuck up during this server merge (as they did last time for many players) is that your stats and achievements will be combined into one single legacy at max level.

My legacies are nearly equal in achievements since a did a two way transfer recently to unlock the Umbara SH on a second server.

This is my main concern as well. I have characters utilizing legacy names as last names on Harbinger, Bastion and Begerin. All are level 50 legacies. What is going to happen in that case and does it even matter because I’m going to be livid watching 2 out of 3 legacy names get screwed. I wish I could at least know how the “winner” of the 3 will be determined so I could rename the others accordingly if possible.
Not happy about this.

They say it’s suppose to stay the same for the characters from the old servers after merger so you can have several legacy names with new ones. But like everything else …..who knows what will mess up

I’m anticipating being very very pissed off once this goes down. The names alone are going to be a nightmare.

For the first time I am crossing fingers for them and I might come back in 2018 to check out new bosses. Server merges happen too late though, same goes for legacy bank which people asked for since BW released legacy cargo. Took them long enough.

Just checked… I’ll have trouble with three names. With two toons I have the class story creared up, but the other one is just leaving DK.
I’m not subscribing until I see some new content, anyway.

Conquer new challenges as you are forced to rejoin all of the toxic people you server transferred away from ages ago, put up with idiots in GF queues, and fight for the rights to your character names! All that and more coming soon!

I agree with everyone’s view on more content although…….I believe this is the start of something big…I hope LOL. Been playing since beta and have always subbed. Server merger is awesome I play on EH and SL so not worried about the toxic peeps lol. There everywhere, Hopefully the pug grps may get better. Not expecting it to tho. I have noticed the past year tho that pug ops groups have dwindled to nill. Since I work 60+hrs a week would be nice to pug again when I can log in for a few hours. It should be a + that they are focusing on group content again. So we shall see.

I feel for ya. I think everyone (including vet players who have long gone) still hoping like you do, but judging from the direction of this game, the probability is pretty small. We can see other MMOs that got expansions, even the ones with smaller budgets can deliver better.

Oh, and about the pugs. I’d say pugs will always be pugs 😛

Not to mention those other MMO’s can announce their upcoming expansions and content many many months in advance. BW Austin on the other hand have nothing to show the player base, so they have to dress up what is left as new content.

I don’t think I have ever seen a game company that tried to paint a server merge due to low populated servers as new content until today. And this roadmap is the end result for why they took many months of supposed “re-organizing” between 5.5 and 5.6???

Well this is last stretch before game goes under. They had no choice to cut servers cost and see how last population will do in coming months.
I predict it will still fail since nothing major will change

Three irks I have about this game are as follows:

1. The changing or removing the little things or small things in this game – if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

2. The constant Grind of old content to advance forward in this game.

3. Gamble Packs – Just provide an extensive complete catalog WITH SET PRICES of all Cartel items on Cartel Market.

Thank you! I really hate these “gambling packs” in games these days. Like supply crates in CoD. It messes with your head, and activates the reward center in your brain, getting you hooked on gambling.

Wow comments are filled with retards here. To all people who bitch about this update > fuckoff. Really this are great news, playerbase is so segregated that server merge was a necessity. Don’t wanna sub? Then don’t and fuck off.

This is not great news.
The servers are getting merged because there is no expansion coming and the population is at an all time low.
Oh and its cheaper to run 5 servers than 17 ghost towns.
You have to be a retard to see this as a good thing to be fair.

At least you understand how to read properly this big roadmap. And dont forget 1 more ops boss but they promised 5 until the end of 2017. That got silently scrapped.

Fuck you the resources spent on 17 servers being cut down to 5 They might actually get something made. EA certainly isn’t going to fund them anymore. What the fuck do you expect? This always has been and always will be a business first and foremost. You’re the fucktard if you believe anything else was going to happen.

Fuck me? Fuck you!
I’m a retard for expecting an AAA mmorpg would release an actual decent size expansion?
That they would release new content in the shape of ->
New World Events
New Class
New mini games (pazaak,pod racing)
Full Operations (2+)
PVP Warzones (2+)
New GSF ships
New GSF solo mode
New Crafting
New Story
New Flashpoints etc
And the ‘poor BIOWARE are not funded by EA any more boo hoo’ doesn’t wash, who’s fault is that by the way?
Sure as shit it’s the player base’s fault.
Don’t hate on me cause you’ve become a low expectation douche.

P.S. You’re fooking kidding yourself if you think for one second them dropping the number of servers down is going to increase the amount of content they push out, live in a fantasy land.

Stick around this time next year and I will hopefully remember to remind you of your ignorance in thinking BW Austin, trying to paint over the shrinking player base via server merges and pretending it is a new event/content, will be a way for them to pump out more content. You are in for a shock when you see how little 2018 will deliver despite having 5 servers now.

Fuck you! Go ahead and spend your Mommy’s money on this disaster if you must but do not call people retards because they see this for what it is, FRAUD.

I don’t envy people having to queue with you, the major problem here is there is no place away from the nasty people in the game now. Everyone is lumped in together for better and for worse.

Enjoy your “better chance for cxp gear drops” that you will get. Thats the fix i’m laughing so hard about. Server merging is just a FIX to bigger issue -total population. This wont save game just makes it more berable for existing subbers.

DAMN!!! Such pure ignorance and outright stupidity. I bet you make Keith and fucktard Musco’s Xmas list with the way you kiss their balls. You are probably one of those scrubs in swtor who cries because he can’t beat the wildlife on DK and wants their favored class buffed to compensate for your uselessness. I think you should fuck off instead. Players like you along with BW Austin are what ruined SWTOR.

players are so segregated? wtf does that mean – is there a blacks only server I was unaware of?
Once upon a time there were dozens of servers – all full with people. There used to queues in primetime and you had to wait to even log in. Now those servers are turning into ghost towns. That’s not “segregated” – they’re abandoned.

The merger will be nice, but don’t try to sell me on it as content.

This Unified Forces Campaign is nothing more than blatant FRAUDULISM – promoting a server merger as exciting (subscriber paid for) content! The sleeper(s) must awaken and open your eyes to this!

First off ‘United Forces Update and Server Merges’ is wrong, it’s ‘United Forces IS Server Merges’.
17 servers down to 5 is not a good thing at all.
This is camouflage for the fact the population is at an all time low and more importantly NO expansion is incoming any time soon.
It’s like King Keith walked up to a bald kid with cancer and slapped a wig on him and went ‘ look he’s fine’
Oh and do not think for one second that they will implement this successfully.
It will be a cluster fuq of bugs and server crashes/lag/glitches and people losing their stuff.

Reading through the Roadmap it’s 90% of whats already been done.
And how can you write a roadmap with about 30 paragraphs and deliver so little?
Keith could have saved himself hours of typing if he just wrote whats actually coming.

1.Prep for server merge then merge
2.One story flashpoint (called it)
3.One operation boss (called it)
4.One GSF map
5.One PVP map

Thats it. Where is the expansion?
How can you ask for a subscription for that amount of content?

And meantime SWTOR official forum is full off “thanks” for this “expansion” lol
I just find it so funny they actually think Keith delivered something good when it comes to LONG term plans for this game.

What i predict.
1. After server merges there will be full of pissed off customers loosign their names and legacy names.
2. New bugs and emergency maintenance after server merges.
3. New content will be tried out and dissapointment will follow in next 1-2 months (you will see threads thats it?)
4. Population will start to go downhill yet again in november-december.
5. Kieth and Musco will stay silent until end of the year about future plans
6. Somewhere march 2018 EA will release at that time fiscal year results and SWTOR will be officially not being supported for new big updates due to very low population after last server merges.
7. Towards end of 2018 EA will announce deadline pulling the plug. Might happen sooner depending how fast subscribers amount will drop.

Agree with your predictions, people are so short sighted to see that dropping down to 5 servers is in actual fact preparation for the end.
No expansion or even hint of coming expansion, that should be massive red flags for the current player base.

Spot on. It is exactly like what I said in a past post about how BW Austin have successfully trained those die hards/fanbois left in this game to accept mediocrity and minimal effort as a glorious feast. These whelps need to get out and look at what other MMO’s are providing compared to the farce that is SWTOR. When B2P games are shitting on you, hell even STO is at this point, you know SWTOR is sliding towards maintenance mode faster with every month.

Wasn’t this Tortanic? and the end happened at launch? 5 years later its still going. How can every news update be the end?

So what are you saying?
The game is doing well?
Better than ever?
Going from 100’s of servers to 17 to 5 is a good sign ?

no i’m saying people had said “this is the begining of the end” since before it launched.

It will end when its shut down. Until then don’t freak out.

Who’s freaking out?
I have no idea what your point is.
The game is on an obvious decline but no one should point that out?
We should just continue to play and pay ignoring the glaring facts that the company running the game have basically thrown the towel in and praise them on social media only?

Every MMO is on a decline. What’s new? This game was on a decline from the day it launched. No one is ignoring anything.

Every MMORPG is on decline? erm no, no there not.
Off the top of my head, FFIV/ESO have never been so popular, sure there’s more if I search around.
WOW still has around 5/6 million subscribers, hardly call that decline.
None of those 3 are anywhere near the level of SWTOR.
Also SWTOR wasn’t always in a decline either, it started off poor but around 2.0/3.0 era the game was doing very well, the future was bright.
So the claim that all mmorpgs are on the way out and swtor has always been on the road to disaster is wrong.

yes every MMO is in deciline. WOW still has a lot of subs but guess what? they are always losing subs even after major patches. Sure when a full $49.99 expansion comes out there is an uptick but never as much as previous expansions and it drops shortly after.

ESO has WAY fewer subs even after launching on consles. They didn’t even sell 1 million units. Not sure where you are getting ESO is as popular as ever from.

FFXIV subs are down even after the last expansion.

Yes SWTOR was in decline after Launch.

I never said All MMOs are on the way out I said they are all in Decline. Total MMO player base is much smaller and retention even lower then it ever has.

WOW is on the decline?
Evidence please, since the last sub numbers I read was 5/6 million after Legion and any MMORPG in the world would love those numbers.

ESO when first released was a mess its made massive leaps since then and has never been better population wise and is constantly releasing new content again show me where you have read its on the way down again.

FFIV subs are down? Evidence, Like ESO started badly but improved, don’t play the game but only heard it’s doing well with the constant stream of new content.
SWTOR started poor at launch too but vastly improved its game and numbers around 2.0, it went on the decline at 4.0 so your idea that its always been dropping is false.

Your entire arguement just you making wild claims that EVERY MMOPRG is on the decline based on what?
Show evidence of this mass world wide decline of the game genre.

”Total MMO player base is much smaller” what an insane claim.
Where you get this theory from?
And please don’t say SWTOR forums cause I’ve seen their BS before.
”It’s summer the population drops”
”It’s just before winter population drops”
”It’s just after an expansion the population always drops”
”It’s half through the year population drops”
And now your mad claims ”ALL MMORPG’s are on the decline”

We’ve only been talking about 3 MMORPG’s there is tons out there by the way.
Heres a list for you ->
And you can tell me later how they are ALL on the decline (pff).

Mad theory’s like yours trying to justify the state of SWTOR rather than admit that the Devs and EA ruined the game.

tell you what i’ll make this real easy. Tell me when has any of those games Population gone up?

Also remember WoW stopped releasing population numbers for a reason

So I’ve to provide evidence to debunk your wild theory that you have shown ZERO facts ?
And now you claim SWTOR numbers have never gone up?
WOW numbers have never gone up?
FFIV numbers have never gone up?
GW2 numbers have never gone up?
ESO numbers have never gone up?
etc etc
But all MMORPG’s are on the decline?
Your theory to why SWTOR is in it’s current state is the worst I’ve ever heard.

so you are actually claiming that WoW is growing in subs? And that it is higher now then it was when Legioon came out?

Bob is back, thought you were away gathering evidence for your mad claim, sadly not I see.

Do I claim WOW subs are growing? nope never said that.
Did I claim WOW subs have gone up recently? Yes
Before legion they had about 4 million subs, after Legion it went up to around 6 million, Argus patch is not long out so imagine the numbers are still quite high.
WOW is releasing patches with more content than SWTOR has released in 2 years btw.

And I’ll even continue with other games,
ESO first came out it, like SWTOR, sucked badly, but they turned it around so it’s subs, like SWTOR, went up.
FFIV first came out it, like SWTOR, sucked badly, but they turned it around so it’s subs, like SWTOR, went up.
Both these games currently have a healthy population of players unlike SWTOR.

Difference being is that those games are retaining subscribers and not bleeding them out like SWTOR.
The MMORPG genre is NOT on the decline, SWTOR is on the decline.
SWTOR population started high then went low then went high (around ROTHC) then went low with 4.0 (KOTFE) and got worse.
If you want to paint the entire MMORPG genre with one brush and claim people don’t play MMORPG’s as much these days then where’s the evidence?

Personally I think it’s the opposite, more and more people are buying laptops/towers rather than consoles and multiplayer online gaming is more popular now than ever.

Come on Bob stop reading what fanboys on SWTOR forums are saying trying to justify the state of the game, EA cut funding and Bioware devs made bad decisions hence the state of SWTOR.

I was on Vacation

So what are ESO sub numbers?

What are WoWs sub numbers

how am i justifyuing the state of the game by saying every game is on the decline?

It’s comon knowledge that both ESO and FFIV went up after bad releases.
It’s also common knowledge that Legion brought back over 2 million subs to WOW.

I ain’t doing the leg work for you Bob, you want to prove your mad theory then show me any evidence that all MMORPG’S are on the decline.
I have asked you 4 times before and you have came back with zero.

You are attempting to justify the state of SWTOR, why else make a ludacris claim by saying MMO’S are the decline.

For the fifth time, Show me evidence.

^^^ This x 9000. Remember BW Austin are the masters of total bullshit.

They said this game was fully supported. Content says otherwise.

Keith said there were LOTS of planned events in 2017. There wasn’t.

Keith said they hired more people in part to accommodate the new way they could do content and Ops by rolling out a Op boss every few months instead of a completed Op at the end of the year. They failed their own agenda.

So no MemeDragon, never take anything Keith or BW Austin say at face value. After all, they are now pretending that a server merge is exciting new content.

Given how lazy BW Austin are, the new servers are just going to be the most reliable old servers they have with a new name.

The Harbs Hamster is going to die next year the poor little critter.

Invest you say?
Take a look how many servers they are closing down. Thats a huge cost saving to use that money on one new server for each region.
They are not investing, thats shrinking down costs just to save money in long run. Of course they need to buy new hardware now for new server, but once old ones go offline they start saving a lot.

How????? at $15 a month thats $0.50 a day… a cup of coffee is more expensive….You expect waaaaaaaaayyy too much.

Is that sarcasm?
I can’t decide.
I’ll assume not, Bioware have set the bar so low that the customers are trying to justify the mediocre amount of new content they have received the past 3 years.
The argument that $0.50 a day is flawed when you can pay the same or less in other MMORPG’s which release 3 times as much content yearly, also Bioware in the past released more themselves back 2.0/3.0 days.
Hell I’ve seen other subscription based MMO’s that release more in patches than SWTOR did in the entire last year.

Don’t let them fool you into thinking your getting what you pay for, you’re not.
You’re been short changed.

First of when did you heard there was an expansion coming? Cuz I didn’t heard anything of the sort?
Second if your so pissed of about this why don’t you just leave the game and leave people that actually still enjoys the game alone? You just keep respond to people comments like a bully cuz your mad? Bro stop this one day you’ll have a heart attack for absolutely nothing and i don’t think it will be because of the death note 😂😂😂

I never said I heard an expansion coming, my point is there should be one. It’s a subscription MMORPG they’re meant to release expansions (KOTFE/KOTET were shadows of an expansion), why else are we paying monthly and not just B2P.
And when have I ever just attacked anyone for liking the game?
I voiced my own opinion in my own separate comment, you’re the one attacking me cos I’m right.
You can ignore it if you dont agree.
I ignore abaddonsmummy’s all the time 😉

I like to say as an rper who has try several games, this will turn into a mess.. It really signals how desperat they are to get more people into the game now..

I’ve been gone for a while now. How long have we had Legacy Banks?? Or it still the same old Legacy Cargohold thing?

Wow…just wow…these guys are so full of garbage it’s astounding.
A simple server merge is spinned with a bloated post rivaling an entire roadmap.
I’m simply amazed at what kind of a joke this game and company have become.

I was thinking the same thing. Only BW would add a couple of rewards in game with server mergers and call it content.

Of course, I haven’t looked, but I am sure Keith is being praised for all his hard work on this on the official forums.

I dont know you guys but im planning to resub just to be witness of all this cluster f incoming, at the end this is what swtor is about…going downhill each year.

Thank you Bioware Austin for ensuring I will never again give your lame excuse for a company another cent of my money. I had hoped against all visible evidence that you might, just might pull your head out of your collective ass but alas, this was not to be. You are determined to continue this farce at any cost and one day it will come home to you all when EA has added the corpse of your company to the pile it has produced thus far.

Am i the only one that was happy with the roadmap? I’m a little annoyed they aren’t going to deliver the full GoTM raid this year, but other than that everything they said seems like good things for the game. The investment in new hardware/servers is actually a good sign they aren’t about to pull the plug. And for anybody hoping for an xpac, when have they ever announced that as part of a roadmap? I’m glad they are wrapping up this Theron nonsense in 2 more flashpoints instead of making it an expansion story. And who knows, remember the last time they dropped a Flashpoint arc on us, it turned into the SoR prelude. I’m hopeful for once….

Kudos on being hopeful but I’ve seen this kind of dreck from them far too much, far too often. Enjoy if possible, I’m out.

Except you don’t know that for a fact. For all we know, the new servers could be the old servers with a new name to it (Harbs renamed to Hot Prospect) while shutting down the least able servers they have to handle the consolidated population.

The fact they haven’t even explained why they failed to meet their own self imposed target with releasing op bosses peridocally or actually admit that the server merges were needed because of the remaining servers becoming ghost towns (Then trying to paint it up as something exciting) is exactly why there is nothing to be hopeful over. Look to the past two years and all the hype your lesser half “Fucktard Musco”, Ben Irving and Keith promised in forum posts and now compare it to what was delivered………………….yeah Musco, don’t fall for the spin dude.

I agree with you on most parts surprisingly, this is a good step towards the ongoing future of the game.
The investment is a very good thing along with the much need and asked for server merges.
More flashpoints, more conquest improvement and more command pack tweaking shows they are listening.
And like you says less story and more flashpoint based storytelling which I like.
GoTM has turned into a clusterf*ck. I can see why they have done it like this, they gave themselves no alternative after 2 years of awful story telling but doing it this way is awful imho. They should have gave us updates and videos of it to keep us informed but to do an OP this way is hideous.
Very hopeful though.

A few corrections:

1. This is the opposite of investment. It’s like a franchise company like McDonaldss closing 60% of their locations, because more and more people stop eating their shitty food.

2. One new flashpoint, not new flashpoints. Singular, not plural.

3. No they are not listening. The CXP system would be completely removed if they were listening. Also, Conquest? Is this 2014?

4. What future of the game? Everything points to maintenance mode next year or 2 years from now at most.

You are right about GoTM though.

HI John hope your are well (No sarcasm honestly)

1. People have been wanting server mergers for a long time yet when they they happen (some) people say it’s evidence of the lack of people playing.
They are both right tbh otherwise it wouldn’t be happening otherwise, but it can only be good for the poor souls like Baldharion who are stuck on a dead server.

2. I was referring to the OP and agreeing with him that telling story via flashpoints was a better way to do it in my opinion, but two flashpoints in a year is significantly better than what they have done in quite a few years now with the horrible story arc.

3. Sorry but i’m ok with CXP. It was unforgiving when it first came out but thanks to the community reaction and listening to the community they softened it massively and now it so easy. I’ve been playing much less over the last few months due to school holidays and a new job role (not in Bioware lol) yet I’ve got 4 Tier 4 alt’s (which isn’t hard with the boosts, legacy bonus’s etc) who send all their spare gear from cxp boxes to the rest of my alt’s therefore most of my dozen or so alts are in 244+ gear and with the gemini schematics there’s nothing 246 I cant make (relics, implants ears and gear).
And by covering the 4 main disciplines I can send spare set bonus’s to their rep or imp counterpart, with anything else an easy 242 drop from a HM OP. I seriously hope they don’t drop CXP.
Oh and I love conquest. The guild I’m in are top 5 most weeks and its a real fun challenge for us all working towards it.

4. Future? -no one knows, I’ve been hearing it’s shutting down from posters for years now and it’s still here, and I’ve been hearing it’s maintenance mode for years now and we’re still getting content. However because of the mess they made with Kotfe/Kotor they now have this horrible rushed piecemeal schedule that is messy and inconsistent to say the least. Not ideal but we’re getting content and the content we’re asking for not the horrible story rubbish we endured for 2+ years.

Sorry for the log diatribe but these are just my opinions and opinions are like assholes, we all have one and to us everyone else’s stinks.:)

Well people have been wanting server mergers because the game is dying… Fewer people play this game every day. It’s sad really. There is one way to bring people back into this game and make them stay, and that is NOT the Cartel Market, NOT stupid HK rewards, NOT anything else irrelevant with the game, but it’s called high quality content. If we had that…. then people would return, and people would stay.

1. Server merging is indeed good. But we all wish it didn’t have to come to this.

2. I also prefer story via flashpoints. The Prelude to Revan is one of my favorite story arcs, and I have finished these 4 Flashpoints (+ the two Rishi ones later) with more than 20 toons. It’s called good replay value.

3. Good for you and for your guild, but Conquest is settling with the grind. We need more from our game. Sorry but the CXP was a horrible mistake, and should have never been introduced. The vast majority of players, even many of the fanboys, know this and recognize it.

4. Every year is worse… there will be a day, when the game will no longer be supported. I have never said the game is dying before in 5 years, but now I really feel it. By dying I don’t mean that it will shut down, but it just won’t have any new content at all. It’s not like it’s very different now….

We also get a new warzone, gsf map, operations boss and flash point that continues the main story and a companion returning. So no, it’s not instead of content.

LOL. 1 FP, 1 PVP map, 1 GSF map and 1 raid boss. That’s all we get when, at this time of the year, we usually get ready for a major update (RotHC, SOR, hence even KOTFE and KOTET). And it’s not like we had a lot of new content over the last few months…. Even if I like the server merge (A LOT), they’re trying HARD to make it look like actual content, which it’s not.

I think they’re trying to show that horrible alliance family that we have (please don’t mention ‘Outlander’).
So I don’t think Malgus in all his glory would fit into the family photo 😛
TBH I’d rather have him on his own than this group from Deliverance in space.

I don’t know about that…. Lana Beniko, Satele Shan, Darth Marr, the Wookie and the Bounty Hunter are all cool ass characters. The only person I don’t care about is Theron Shan.

The only one I like is Marr, he’s the DPS companion for my Vanguard Tank and he’s ace.
The rest I don’t really like, especially the Shan’s and Beniko.
Lana’s horrible rendered face and hair are the stuff of nightmares.
Just my opinion though 🙂

The Red Eclipse – Darth Malgus Server – cool name. Likey.
Harb/Berg/Bastion – The Hot Prospect Server – wtf? Is that a reference to something in the canon or the films?

Yeah the EU servers got cool names. The NA server names are weak. I’m glad I’ll be on Star Forge instead of the Hot Prospect though.

Yeah since they removed server designations, it looks like they’re merging servers based on their time zones

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! For gods sake there used t be what seemed like a hundred servers. Now it’s down to 5. And they want us to rejoice at this fact? In 6 years the continued mismanagement of the game has seen it continually hemorrhage players.

So now we’re down to 5 servers, how long before it becomes 1 for Europe and 1 for N.America? And then 1 worldwide? It’s clear that by reducing the number of servers they will at no point ever release a big update again, this is glorified maintenance mode! It’s not just me that can see this right?

I don’t think we will have just one server in Europe. The game is multi-lingual (I hope that word actually exists. If not pardon my French, it’s not my native language anyways). For that to happen there would have to be a profound rework in terms of languages…

By the way: I never understood why we have French and German servers in Europe. Megalomania anyone???


Paulo, I didn’t mean to take away anything from my European siblings. I truly hope that this game can exist in a multi-lingual way. My point was how long before BW deems translation to French and German an expense they can do without? The way things are going, not long 🙁

Dunno don’t play ESO and literally do not care. My concern is for TOR and whilst server mergers are probably necessary due to the low population and therefore welcome what I cannot stand for is BW dressing them up as content.

I wouldn’t care if they just said they were merging the servers. The fact that they make a big song and dance about it and make it sound like the 2nd coming of Jesus is despicable.

The reason they need to do the merges are because they are continually driving players away with their decisions. I would prefer they said nothing and instead used the energy and time spouting this crap into trying to make what little content they churn out better.

Big difference in the way the ESO Mega servers run compared to the miniscule servers swtor runs. You will never see SWTOR run as well as ESO does when it goes down to one server for everyone.

They need to find a better way to deal with the names. I foresee ALOT of unhappy players after such a huge server merge. Wonder how many players they are going to lose just from this? People are pretty passionate about that kind of stuff.

I’m especially worried since I’ll be on Star Forge, which merges the most servers. I have 4 other servers to compete with for each character’s name. I think I might even have a single duplicate name between my two servers… :/

Refund? Are you kidding? There’s no way they’re going to do that.

BW Austin have never EVER given two shits about people who spent their money on anything and got cheated out of things (TBH, BW Austin just plain doesn’t give a shit period). The Slot machines come to mind or Op passes. They won’t be compensating anyone for anything related to people who purchased rename tokens. All they care about is the sound of the cash register. They have the money already, all you get in return is a middle finger.

Be prepared … I’ve got a bad feeling ’bout this … bugfeast incoming at 6 o’clock … everyone brace for impact … brace for impact

My server merge concerns:

Character Names
-I’m worried about losing character names.

Legacy Names
-Both my legacies are 50 with nearly the same achievement progress (recent server transfers). How will the system know which name to prioritize? I don’t want to pay CC to change it after the merge. :/

Stronghold Decorations
-I get that we will be able to have duplicate strongholds from the merge (w/ a 10 SH cap), but how will they handle the deco situation (ex. On EH, I have one Dreadful Throne equipped on Yavin. Same thing on JC. Will both Yavins still have it equipped?)?

Legacy Cargo Hold
-Both of my servers have items in every tab of legacy storage.
–Which server’s items will stay in storage? Which one’s items will be put in the overflow? Will both servers’ items be affected? Will the system prioritize based on which legacy it chooses as the new legacy?
–Where am I supposed to put all this stuff from the overflow? I have nowhere else to put it. That’s why it’s in legacy storage in the first place.

Paulo, please don’t resub to keep your names. I want to do this as well but it’s counter productive. BW have done nothing to deserve your money, a threat of taking the name from a character you’re probably never going to play with again is not enough for them to have earned your custom, regardless how little it may cost.

I implore you to see sense and join me in telling these BW fuckwits that they’ll have to do a hell of a lot more to get my custom again. 🙁

Edit: Btw, I’m running a class story on The Progenitor before the merges as a last hurrah before I uninstall. I’d welcome your company during this run 🙂

Well, drop the name of that toon of yours. I’ll check you out, add you to “Friends” list. I didn’t play that much on “The Progenitor”, but I do have 8 toons there. We can have some fun. Before we KILL the game on our hard disks hehehehehehehe…

Me neither, I had no slots on Red Eclipse left so I’m going over to The Progenitor without any achievements, gear, money or buffs. I’ll be a naked as the day I was born 😛

I haven’t whipped him up yet, but prob gong with Warrior or Inquisitor, as I feel like I need to cause some mayhem before I call it a day. As soon as I’ve sorted name out I’ll you a message 🙂 Probably gonna start this weekend.

I have 2 slots on The Red Eclipse. I always leave one or two, in case any surprises come along. 26 out of 28 possible, that’s my roster on The Red Eclipse.

Warrior or Inquisitor? Oh Empire side is my favourite. I’ll be sure to play another class then. That way we can say goodbye to TWO classes, instead of just one hehehehehehe… Keep me posted.


I’m Pref as well and I’ve no idea how many additional slots I brought over the years either. If they were ever 1 million or under, I’d snap them up. The same with Ops passes, used to buy them like hotcakes so Pref/F2P guildies could participate.

Cool, I literally have no preference between Warrior and Inquisitor they are both favourites of mine that’s why I hadn’t chosen yet, it’s always fun to run a Sith and go full Darkside. Good idea to run them concurrently 🙂

I will indeed keep you posted 😀

I have some original names on Harbs where all my toon’s moved when APAC died (By original, I mean no fancy alt characters to have a specific name). But fuck BW Austin. The game has gone to shit, I am not paying them for a $15 lottery ticket to see whether someone else on B.C. or Bastion has the same name with more play time. Sad to see it go? Sure, but then I was sad to see this game go to shit 2 years ago. Eventually you move on and forget.

I agree with you. They said that you will only have the biggest number of decos from legacy. What if I play in three servers and I bought some expensive deco in all of them? Will I only have one instead of the three? Will they be erased from the equipped SH?

Looks like you will only have one since you’ll end up with the amount from the server with the greatest total. :/

The only way you’ll keep all three is via duplicate SHs.

Isn’t the bigger concern the reason why server merges are needed? Surely at some point BW need to come out and say that merges are because of the dwindling overall population?

What the game really needs is a plan from BW to halt the exodus of players. Otherwise you can have your 5 servers but it won’t matter as eventually you’ll have no one left to play with.

My immediate concern is for the game, I want to return and play but BW continually let me down when it comes to content quality and frequency. If the trend continues, there will be no game in the future.

For the record, I’ll be upset to lose some names off my old characters, but I will not resub to keep them. Resubbing for that is an exercise in futility in my book. BW will get my custom again when they start to make significant strides in content investment.

Don’t get me wrong, server mergers are probably necessary at this point and welcome. I’m not against them. I am against BW dressing up the mergers as content whilst doing nothing to stop the exodus of players.

The thing is that this is a plaster (band-aid) to cover a bullet wound. Without regular new and decent content then the decline continues, regardless of what they tell us. They seem to be unable or unwilling to address why we’ve gotten to this sorry state.

Spot on Rob. I would be interested in hearing Abaddonsmummy and Darth Jiinx’s opinion on BW Austin dressing up this server merge as new content. I think they are probably the only two legit defenders of BW Austin left on this website outside of the random guest accounts.

Agreed, luckily I’m only on one server but I know of a few people that have multiple server legacies and I really hope they handle this well.
I know because every tab of my legacy is full, mainly with mats (so I suppose I could merge them but it would mean spreading them out all over the place first) but also legacy gear for transferring cxp gear to my alts. It would be a sodding nightmare.
Also the name situation, I’ve got a feeling you will get a free name change but that’s not much consolation.
Good luck. 🙂

I’m assuming the name change will work the same way it does when you transfer servers. If someone already has that name, your transferred character will have a placeholder name with a message telling you to change it.

This bothers me very bad. I have multiple legacy 50 servers. All of my character names have been used by me since early WoW days, so if I have 3 server merges, I have 3 Krallkrums, 2 need new names, etc. The way I play, this will cost me a headache for months to finally straighten things out to be able to play again. Moving deco and deactivating double SHs, renaming toons, and just like before, Im willing to bet that the Legacy storage WILL NOT automatically stack like items when merged. It will be like moving from a 6 bedroom estate into a studio appt. I think this a killer for me, sad to say.

If you do end up keeping that name on one of your characters, you could just add “II” and “III” to the names of the two that aren’t the main version of the character.

Holy fucking hell! Another server merge?! Fucking finally! Too bad for EA’s revenue I don’t play the game anymore

You know what the sad part is in 3 months later the 5 left playing will be merged again onto the revans ghost server…

I for one am looking forward to this server merge if only because the decorations between my Ebon Hawk server and Shadowlands server are almost entirely unique from one another, and those are mostly the characters I’ve wanted to merge anyway.

Being on a server with actual traffic again will be nice too…

Dev 1: weve ran out of ways to make them do old content! Dev 2: Thank god we have a mechanic in place to make them sub for their names to be saved!

Very well Said… Sad But True :/ It’s Mind Boggling how Swtor’s Eaware Devs always come up with some stupid naming / Blind Fans Butt Kissing. ##BenAndCharlesRuined2YearsOfSwtorTime

BW: It’s not a server merger from shrinking populations – it’s an expansion – new content called “United Forces” – isn’t it exciting.
me: “man, don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

The more people that see this FRAUD for what is it the better.

I’m not saying server merges are a bad thing, it’s probably the way to go as there are so few players. I just want it on record that dressing these merges up as ‘content’ is the most despicable they’ve ever done.

I’d rather they just gave an honest appraisal of the state of the game for once. I’d respect them more for it and be more inclined to resub if I believed they were doing their best to remedy the situation.

Ahhh but Great one Rob, when oh when has BW Austin ever been truthful about anything? That little fuckwit goblin Musco has been bullshitting to the player base for years now.

Yea, whoever came up with united forces probably got a medal for the most creative name for nothing but a server merger and what it really means for the game in terms of population.

Due to graduate school/work, i havent played in a few months…Are they releasing names now, or when UF comes out?

UF isn’t a Content, but only a Servers Getting together & feeling the love. UF is just a silly Mind Boggling name for it given by Swtor’s Eaware Crew. When u look at Roadmap post you can see the release dates. All so damn late & Autumn Roadmap was delayed 1mil times. Lied to us about all 5x Gods of the Machine Ops Boss Encounters being rdy by end of 2017.

Enjoy gaming wherever that is 🙂

To answer your question, only names on characters who haven’t been used within 90 days and are still under level 10.

“To proactively offset unnecessary challenges around character names, we
are initiating a process of removing names from long inactive accounts.
Any character that has not logged in for 90-days or more which has not
progressed beyond level 10 will be flagged to rename their character.”

Hope this helps

That assumes Hexid will have any dialogue at all. Perhaps a vow of silence or her tongue was removed by a former mentor.

WOW! SWTOR Finally got a server merge!! I happy to the players to play on regular basic. Sadly its about 3 years too late.

Still want to know how this will affect RP people wonder if we will have an RP instance. I remember in swg they killed rp when they server merged pvp and pve servers into RP ones.

Yeah… my concern as well. Especially since they didn’t even think to put Begeren and Ebon Hawk together.

So they finally realized that better to merge servers than to have less ppl on over9000 servs. Too late tho. Not goin to continue my sub after december (thats gotta be first time since 2012 i stop payin them).

No it’s not better. Some of us chose the servers we did because we wanted another KOTOR, not ‘typical MMO douchebags with glowsticks’.

Very very clever!
Merging server 2 years after many of the people left the game, because they didn’t knew what’s going on, or because they didn’t want to pay hundreds of to move all their characters.

Too late is too late, but EA’s IdiotWare will never learn.

The amount of denial from the fanbase is ridiculous but not surprising plenty of fanboys in denial in today’s market of gaming funny when you prove them wrong btw. Anyhoo i use to love this game in it’s first yr even came back every now and again but only stayed for a month tops. That said even i can tell you now other games are showing this up and while i don’t hate swtor. It is clear what needs to happen to this game to save it. Hint: its not server mergers at all its command exp get rid of it NOW! Oh btw biofail i don’t have a lot of hope for you’re next rip off mmo anthem just saying you have had 6yrs on swtor and haven’t learned shit GG

yeah.. i left when command exp came out and am extremely surprised it’s still there.
they seem to only cave easy to the minority community pressure where it doesn’t matter at all.

With the increased command experience, I swear it isn’t that bad. Of course, I do (SM, I’m not good enough yet to do NiM or HM) Operations with my guildies, so I get a lot of cxp, but still. PVP also gives a fuck ton of cxp, especially during an event. Make use of the events, make use of the highest-awarding cxp things, make use of the boosts, and you’ll be fine. It really isn’t that hard to earn cxp in this game.

Plus, if they got rid of cxp, all of that work we put into multiple characters for cxp levels will be gone.

Waaaaaa! We get A NEW PET! Waaa, can barely wait! I was dying to have yet another fugly pet ! 230 pets are never enough, now i’ll have 231!

If this game had a better progression system and enough incentive to pvp. I’d do it all day.

can someone tell me what “when you complete three PvE or three PvP missions through Group Finder” means? if i`m not mistaken do you do 3 PVP matches or?

When I moved from TOFN to TRE, I left a guild with a fully unlocked and decorated ship.
Hundreds of hours of NIM runs to get the rarest items.

I spoke to CS on the phone and in game to unlock a GSHIP on TRE fully and offer the same decos we had on NADD. They said it is impossible. We cannot do that.

Funny how when the noodle is almost eaten, they can do that :D.
So now I have two guild ships on the new Darth Malgus server.

OH! and reimburse my character rename tokens as I havent been a sub since March because of this poor content drip. SWTOR content is like piss, ya know, those little spurts at the end! Any other MMO has the proper flow but for SWTOR you need to squeeze hard (but not too much or you playing with it!!).


I will be there until they switch off the last server.
Are these BRAND NEW servers? How will the LAG be? Bad, Good, or worse?

I would love to know the exact number of the player base for each server. Is there a way? I normally play Ebon Hawk, the fleet usually has 140 people on it at all times. The Shadowlands had roughly 40 people on fleet at all times.

i dont know but Fleet is going to be LAG HELL as soon as the server merge takes place …. Not enough people do their basic business in their own strongholds and that will be the next problem they will need to deal with, after server merge.

The game still lags on Balmorra, Taris and Belsavis for me. Fleet’s not too bad on any server, at the moment, for me. The Shadowlands has seen a surge in population the past two weeks. Fleet went from 25 to 90 on at all times. The planets for the 1 thru 50 level seem about the same, 10 to 60 people, depending on the time of day. After the merge, it may increase to double those numbers. I really dread the feeling this game is done. I have enjoyed it thus far. It has been my go to game for five years.
What am I going to play after this for my Star Wars fix? Battle Front II?

How bad is your lag? If it really is that terrible you can try to lower the graphics.

The game is not done. If anything, this will increase the population, as new players/returning players will want to come. For at least another year or so we’ll be fine. After that… well, there’s only one more server merge they can really do.

I really believe my lag is due to my internet provider. I am on AT&T Uverse, the hub for my connection is close to a mile away. They double tapped my pole outside so I should be receiving double the mps to my house. I purchased a Net Gear wi fi adapter to strengthen the signal to my laptop. It reads that I am getting 144 mps and then goes down to 75 mps. It should be more than enough for the game.

It could be SWTOR servers?? I dunno.

Also, I use Wise Care 365 to clear out my caches and check my registry for errors. I do that every time before I log into the game. I even go a step further and use Wise Game Booster to put 7 processes on pause till I am done playing.

I make sure my drivers are updated by running the Intel and HP Updater apps.

On my laptop I have the GE Force Experience, it optimized my game according to my graphics driver and ram.
I will try lowering my settings down to low and see how the lag is.

I am exhausted after writing all of that. LOL. I have tried everything to eliminate or maintain my lag to a reasonable level.

From 200 servers to 5- whee! Now I can fight even more players for spawns! And I might get to rename my characters again! Will that be the 3rd or 4th time?- I forget just how many times they’ve crammed servers together in a pathetic attempt to save the multiplayer portion of their single-player game.

Also I love to see that EA has made sure to make a portion of their DvL event useless by giving away the ‘dark’ companion. I’m surprised it wasn’t saved as a cartel purchase though- after all, the whales are what drives the game.

….. currently there’s 17 servers [8 North American Servers; and 9 European Servers]. Not 200 ….. and there’s only been one other major server merge before the one just announced a month ago [and that happened about half a year after the game first launched, so either mid-2012/early 2013 ….. which took the number of North American Servers from 20/30/40 down to 8; the number of European Servers down to 9; and completely closed the Pacific/Oceania Servers — after all that upset players, the game team had promised not to pull that again].

To make up for it, maybe they’d better give long time subscribers either a million Cartel Coins or a lot of free character transfers.

Actually there have been 2 major server mergers since release. I started out on my main server Lord Praven. That merged to Drooga’s Pleasure Palace, and then that merged to The Harbinger. Similarly for other regions. Oceania servers I think were wiped out in the 2nd major server merge. Might’ve been the first. Anyone remember?

i remember having (Major) Payne at launch, switched to Oceania server when they launched that, scored same name, then when oceania servers died, lost the name. haven’t played since.

Definitely went from Mask of Nihilus > Drooga’s Pleasure Barge > The Harbinger > The Hot Prospect
So you’re wrong. Hurr.

Aaand I just realized I likely screwed myself a few months back.

Renamed my sniper with a lot of playtime to switch the name to an Operative – with a few hours tops so far – which I wanted to level in the future. And of course the name is already taken on both other servers she’ll merge with. So either I spend a lot of money to do a name-switcheroo both now and after the merge or have a very good chance of losing a name I am really attached to. well, here’s to hoping they are neither subscribers nor active.

So, do i have to run through THREE missions on EACH CHARACTER i have in order to win Darth Hexid? or just on 1 character and then Collections unlock? Please tell me the latter and not the former…

It looks more like you run through just 3 PvE or 3 PvP missions on any of your characters [so that could be either run all 3 on the same character, or have 3 characters each run one; probably the first option works the best], and using Group Finder between November 8 and 27 to earn Darth Hexid as a companion.

Hey there. I am not sure if someone else already asked this but… I currently have 7 characters in the same server and I am preferred status. it is my understanding that preferred status has a limit of 6 characters, and this limit can be surpassed by using character slot unlocks, which is what I did. I assume there will be no problem right? Cuz I don’t want to log in and find out that I am going to be limited to 2 characters only after the update… they said that was going to be the case of F2P accounts. I hope it is not the same for preferred…

the total active characters (server) is how many you can have it should stay the same after the merge mine is 13/18 total active characters so i can have 5 more if i was to even bother to make more toons. if they were to change the stance on this revoke those, they will just run off more of the preferred/f2p like when they pulled all WZ/OPS passes

i hate the fact they are forcing me to have to find groups I am a solo player and them forcing me to go look for a group to enjoy the fun is a bitch thing to do the devs are just a bunch of donkey show girls

It’s optional. You don’t have to get the achievements/companion — there are other achievements (and companions if you can’t do Heroic Star Forges by yourself) that you can’t get without having other players.

It IS AN MMO…which FYI stands for Massively MULTIplayer Online….keyword being MULTI. If you don’t want to do group stuff then don’t play an mmo or don’t crib about being forced to do group stuff cos mmo’s are designed with GROUPS in mind.

I’m a little confused with the priority name system. Is it saying that subscribers will have free reign over f2p/preferred players when it comes to character names? For instance, if a f2p account has a longer play time on a specific character, can a subscriber swoop in and take that name on another server as long as they get past the lvl 10 threshold, and take that name eventhough the f2p player has more playtime on their character?

If the subscriber has a character with the same name as a F2P, it will depend on the play time for each character and if they are past level 10. If you have more time on yours but they had the character longer….then they would get to keep the name.
It’s very confusing.

I think they should make a Combat Droid available for every flash point for those who want to solo them. As for as I know, the Black Talon/Esseles has one and the Pre-Revan ones do as well.

Status comes first. Sub > Preferred > F2P.

Then within those groups, playtime is how they’ll be sorted.

Hope this helps

On Red I don’t got Manaan Stronghold.
On Prot I bought Manaan with 100% real money (100% CC)

I got email from Bio telling me I needed to pay 2500 CC on EACH server I wanted Manaan unlocked.
Yet they linked me with their site page which told me that I need ZERO CC to unlock if I spend CC on it. It’s Legacy unlocked! And it travels with server hopping!
Strongholds & Decorations
If you activated the stronghold with CC then you can unlock it for free on the new server
Your Stronghold remains on your original server, as it belongs to your Legacy there.
-If you purchased your Stronghold with Credits, you will need to repurchase it on your new server.
-If you purchased it with Cartel Coins, you will not need to repurchase it, but you will still need to redecorate it.

I remember the other homes costing zero CC to unlock (the ones/rooms I unlocked by CC alone) when I made a new char on a new server.

Why again does this not go fro Manaan? Manaan got ‘premium’ rules or scamming ones?

I emailed Bio 2x about the matter, providing proof I unlocked Manaan 100% with RL cash!
(they even got my logs to back my story up)
Yet they keep telling me I have to keep spending 2500CC/server.

Terrible policy. All homes bought with RL cash swap with you for 0CC but for Manaan. Or lying about it.

Good thing we merge. I bought manaan months ago. I can finaly have it, or have it COMPLETELY ERASED!!! :OOOO

And I expect nice things to happen with my two Tat’s I decorated which took me weeks.
Which deco’d home is erased? Or is ALL deco reset in ALL rooms of ALL homes??
Took me a year to deco all.
Great Scott if thát happens!!

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