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GW2 Acid Springs Recovery Sulfur-Worn Coins Guide

A guide to the Acid Springs Recovery achievement in the Desolation where you need to recover Sulfur-Worn Coins.

This achievement will reward you with 5 AP and tasks you with collecting 17 Sulfur-Worn coins in the Sulfur Quarry region.






  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 1 – 0:00
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 2 – 1:19
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 3 – 1:55
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 4 – 2:36
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 5 – 3:15
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 6 – 4:26
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 7 – 5:17
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 8 – 6:29
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 9 – 6:53
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 10 – 7:17
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 11 – 7:37
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 12 – 8:28
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 13 – 9:13
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 14 – 9:37
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 15 – 10:45
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 16 – 11:08
  • Sulfur-Worn Coin 17 – 11:52

1. Sulfur-Worn Coin 1


2. Sulfur-Worn Coin 2


3. Sulfur-Worn Coin 3

Inside a tunnel like area


4. Sulfur-Worn Coin 4


5. Sulfur-Worn Coin 5


6. Sulfur-Worn Coin 6

High up on the rock pillar


7. Sulfur-Worn Coin 7

Atop a small rock pillar on the back.


8. Sulfur-Worn Coin 8

Slightly above the ground level.


9. Sulfur-Worn Coin 9

On the ground level


10. Sulfur-Worn Coin 10

Also on the ground level.


11. Sulfur-Worn Coin 11

At the start of a tube like structure


12. Sulfur-Worn Coin 12

Near the vista


13. Sulfur-Worn Coin 13

On the ground


14. Sulfur-Worn Coin 14

Half way on a rock pillar.


15. Sulfur-Worn Coin 15

Slightly above the ground level.


16. Sulfur-Worn Coin 16

Slightly above ground.


17. Sulfur-Worn Coin 17


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7 replies on “GW2 Acid Springs Recovery Sulfur-Worn Coins Guide”

This area was an oddly jarring experience. It was just an incredibly unique zone, on the side of a large map, in which next to nothing happens. I don’t know if the landscape artists are able to churn out locations faster then the quest and event people are able to populate them but flying through here on a skimmer (to pick up a point of interest) just felt like a wasted locale.

One of the biggest differences between the GW2 dynamic quest system and WoWs (in cata at least) stationary exclamation system is that in WoW, every zone told its own, worded, cohesive tale which usually fitted into the larger plot. In GW2 dynamic events are often free standing and don’t contribute to a greater whole – and thats if the dynamic events are there to begin with and you dont miss them.

Guess i’ll be collecting some coins before abandoning this place entirely though. So there is that at least.

I also don’t know WoW beyond the first couple months of Cataclysm long ago, after which I left the game, first for RIFT, in part because I loved the dynamic events. But I feel differently about the events and this zone. My bias is that the stories people call “lore” are pretty convoluted and silly in every fantasy game. I still get caught up in bits of them, and am taking a wait-and-see attitude as I get close to 2/3 done with the PoF story.

But nostalgia got me excited about this zone – surprisingly, because I hated the Desolation in GW1. It’s so much nicer on a skimmer than in a group of 8 giant worms making annoying sounds. I like the artwork – the color of the new improved junundu was just one nice touch. I’ve only been through the zone to get a mount and some discovery XP, but having run around it on a few characters, I always see some dynamic events going on.

And I’m not sure why I like those events. I remember being excited to find myself healing a big raid group in a rift at level 8 when I tried RIFT, and going, “ooh, rift!” for a while every time I saw one. But in the end, the GW2 events are mostly like every-game quests to me – collect this, kill that, or escort an NPC. Like the quests, they tend to be loosely related to the story, and sometimes they tell stories you wouldn’t otherwise hear in the game. Maybe I’ll share your opinion after I’ve completed the zone, but my first impression was excitement at seeing all those old zones from Nightfall redone and enjoying the skimmer. When I’m done with the story and other zones, I want to get into the Ruptured Heart, which I think was my first zone to vanquish in the Desolation in Nightfall, and where I keep running into an event. Maybe you’re right and the whole zone has little to no story, and I’ll find that out as I progress through the zones. Maybe, as in GW1, there will be no good reason to visit most of the Desolation except to be a completionist.

Well, don’t let me ruin it for you. As fair warning though, the ruptured heart has a high concentration of events, lore, unique interactions and achievements – which were great fun.
Just talking about the sulphur zone these coins are found in. It seemed odd :/

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