GW2 Gemstore Update –Branded Wings and Waypoint Unlock

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Branded Wing Backpack/Glider combo for 700 gems, Central Tyria Waypoint unlock for 2000 gems and Dragon’s Watch Dye Patch for 500 gems.

Branded Wing Backpack and Glider Combo – 700 gems

  • Cannot be dyed (both backpack and glider)



Central Tyria Waypoint Unlock Package – 2000 gems

  • Character specific unlock, only for the character that consumes them
  • Ascalonian Grassland Waypoint Unlock
  • Shiverpeak Mountains Waypoint Unlock
  • Krytan Valley Waypoint Unlock
  • Maguuma Jungle Waypoint Unlock
  • Orrian Shoreline Waypoint Unlock
  • Alternatively, you can buy each for 600 gems

Dragon’s Watch Dye Pack – 500 gems

  • 1x Bloodstone Dye Kit
  • 1x Primordus Dye Kit
  • 1x Solar and Lunar Dye Kit
  • 1x Vibrant Dye Kit
  • 1x Jormag Dye Kit
  • Taiwan Wolf

    but.. but.. all those PoF NPC only costumes. D:

    • juvenile

      oh no you seem to have broken taimi’s sarcasm filter

    • Suan

      That is something we’ll probably never get and what I actually really want. Just make some new thing for gem store called “npc outfits” / “cheaper outfits” / “weaker outfits” / “less detailed outfits”.. sell them for 500 gems but give them to us.. There’s still this nice human female dress since the release of the core game that I want. We’ll probably get the Zaishen and Order of Shadow outfits but the ones that citizens of Amnoon wear will probably never get to us.

    • Trillium

      I’m still waiting for norn shaman armors from vanilla, you know.

      • Taiwan Wolf

        I’m still waiting on medium that isn’t terrible but people will need fired for that to happen since the current staff have some kind of disability or something that doesn’t allow it.

  • Team Lazy

    Another wing re-dye job. Sigh…

  • Derek Knight

    I have a feeling those armors might be incoming since all the zodiac/trickster/phalanx/viper armors are leaving in a few days. Maybe new armor skins? Here’s to hoping

    • a

      what armors?

    • Suan

      They’ll probably bring back armor skin sets that aren’t now in the store. That rotation has been going on for a while now. Don’t expect new armor skin sets in the near future. Especially that they gave us 5 new armor sets with Path of Fire.

  • Z.DRAG0N

    why are we even still seeing glider skins at this point.

    Mount skins please xD

    • Ra.

      Has anyone actually confirmed mount skins? I kinda assumed they wouldn’t do that because of the technical aspect but everyone is acting like its totally for sure and now I’m hyped and wanting them. lol

      • Answerer

        my guess is, people still use gliders, despite mounts, since gliders are still a very good mode of transportation, (across distances a raptor can’t leap) so they will still sell.
        As for the technical aspect, I doubt it, there are already plenty of videos on youtube about people making 3 modelled ‘joke mounts’

        • Andrew McCunn

          *cough cough* GRIFFON *cough cough*

          • Trillium

            *cough* precision *cough* lean skills *cough* dismount in the air *cough*

            • Knowitall

              you forgot, that the griffon can’t gain in height with, let’s say, updrafts or stuff like that. the griffon can only descent, very slowly.

              • Othron

                Eh, you can dive on Griffon and, while it wont land directly below you, you can get down to the ground even faster than just free-falling. You just have to commit and hit the ground, or else the momentum will really screw you up in regards to precision. Personally, I find Griffon to still be quite precise, and you can descend basically straight down if you just hold the back key to stop all forward movement, at which point you do lose altitude a bit faster than gliding has you. So for me, the only use of Gliders is for updrafts and tight areas and maybe leylines, but usually you can just jump and griffon over leylines now anyways.

        • Isa Subby

          Plus I mean… Its not just a glider skin, its a back piece. At this point if anything comes as a back item that could possibly be a glider, it comes out as a glider as well.

      • Victor Maze

        i mean aurean in the end video suspiciusly fits griffon size even if it wont gemshop we definitly gona fly on aruene in upcoming story say i

      • KJ

        While mount skins are not confirmed, I get the sentiment that glider skins just don’t fit the PoF theme… in fact there will even be some new players testing out the game who won’t even have gliding abilities at all.

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    Damn, I was hoping for the leg wrappers :/
    The wings look interesting… hmm… need to test it out on a sylvari, I think it might look good 😛

    • Victor Maze

      wath legg wrapers D:

      • Darkye Rhiadra

        Foefire. From one of that_shaman’s data mining posts on reddit (a week ago today if you want to look it up).
        Here are the 3 chat codes for them:

    • Steve

      I’ve been hoping for leg wrappers also. Oh well hopefully next time.

  • Talindra


    Just charge us a ridiculous number of gems to turn our Griffons into stuff like giant chickens and hot air balloons.

    • hardy83

      I’m sure they will be making mount skins. There no way they won’t, it’ll be a big money maker for them.

    • writinwater

      Griffons suck for a lot of precision flying jobs and stuff like hitting targets from the air like in Bloodstone Fen… nevermind while useful , the freaking “griffon” is ugly and not even a griffon (aka Lion Body + Eagle head… c.f.Greek/roman/middle eastern mythology ) … /shrug

  • Alot

    Wings gliders. Been a while since I’ve seen those released. I like them but without a branded equivalent of the hell fire set, I don’t see myself ever getting them.

  • Tora

    they flap D: why cant they modify the rest of the wings to do so too

    • Trillium

      because Anet never fixes old things, only introduces new.

      • Eleanor Dahlia Mosshart

        I’m still sad that I had to give up on the jetpack ever becoming a glider awhile ago lol.

  • Scutilla

    Silly ANet, no one uses gliders anymore. Griffons are the future.

    • Veluta Lunata

      lol, griffons are indeed the best, but once they have the updraft ability, I will use them in tandem with gliders. Just wish I could dismount in the air for some cool ass aerial trickery ;D

  • Skobie

    2000 gems for tyria unlock waypoints….wow what a bargin

    • Raizel

      I will escort anyone to EVERY wp in gw2 for 2000 gems xD

      • Trillium

        I’d explore map on all my many alts for 2000 gems… especially with mounts.

        • Nick Peterson

          Ive 100 map myself on 9 toons it is boring and wvw all 3maps and eb was included in 100% back when i did it. i did them over time on each class slowly farm different areas but I’m interested to see what its like with mounts

    • Shaggy

      yea, just a tad overpriced

      • Nick Peterson

        well i spos its to stop players buying it for every toon

        • Shaggy

          why would they want to stop people from doing that?
          it has no real negative impact on gameplay progression, and helps new players get started. i think the gate wp in LA should be unlocked by default for everyone as it is. for someone whos just starting the game, hiking across the world is pretty daunting, and can be pretty boring, especially since they level-gated the story missions.

          • Nick Peterson

            Becauses gw2 and gw1 are just like that point of it is to explorer and see the game slowly

            • OldTimer

              Maybe true for a new player. Or maybe new players want to get directly into the PoF areas now and don’t care so much about old central Tyria.

              But if I were going to make a 10th character, there would be no point to see the game slowly again. I’d rather spend $25 or whatever than run around getting all those waypoints again. I’ve done it 9 times for 9 professions and it’s just boring now.

              • Shaggy

                exactly why, especially for that price, it should be an account-wide unlock

              • dulfy is the bomb

                or you can just unlock all of them from wvw, free of charge. if youve done any sort of wvw whatsoever you have more than enough to unlock all of tyria, including HoT. theres little incentive for these packs, unless you are absolutely fresh in the game, at which point you should take it slow and explore the maps anyway because the maps are beautiful and deserves being explored thoroughly atleast once on your account.

            • Shaggy

              i agree and i love exploration but i think theyre missing out on a lot of players by not catering to non-explorers

          • Raging Nigel

            You can walk through the portal to LA from your main city though.

            • Shaggy

              new people dont realize that, and dont realize that sometimes to get to far places means using the portals to other cities.
              its fine if youre an explorer type of person- youll figure it out. but if the exploration bores you (especially because many core tyria maps can be… less dense in content), youre gonna have a hard time when you get your first dungeon mail and its literally on the opposite side of the world.

              • Raging Nigel

                I would disagree on that. The title comes up when you check the gate, where it leads. Most people who play MMORPGs are usually exploring types as well, highly driven to achieve certain goals within the game, which will prompt you to explore. You literally cannot avoid exploration, even with the unlock of WPs.

              • Shaggy

                actually a lot of people who play mmos are the achiever type- they like working up to max level, or doing well in pvp, or just farming achievements in general.
                gw2 specifically does have a lot of explorer types, but among newer players ive met, both in-game and among my friends, its a common complaint that the game is hard to really get started on.
                level gating the story missions and the relative lack of excitement for the first few dozen levels dont really sell it, especially when you consider how the late game differs in those aspects.

              • Raging Nigel

                Well, yeah, the late game usually differs, if not just here in most other games. That’s where the juicy part is. I would not say that is much of a point . Nonetheless I disagree, even the achiever types must explore some of the map, and I don’t think level gating the story is negative, just as in the new expansions you have to have XY mastery for them.

                I would also say there is an overlap between achiever and explorer types. It really is hard for me to see someone not exploring everything with at least one character to get the achievements, for example.

              • Shaggy

                im not talking about people who are already in the game, im talking about people trying the game for the first time. theres just… nothing for them to do. they get bored. they dont know where to go to find good events or just action in general.
                ive played a lot of mmos, and gw2 is one of my favorites, but theres a clear disparity between the early game and the late game that is a lot wider than it should be. players should get a taste of whats to come, to keep them going, but all theyve got to go on is our word that “it gets way better”.
                it really hurts your motivation when you do an exciting story quest and youre all hyped up, but then the next mission isnt playable for TEN LEVELS. you just sit there when you get out of the quest, wondering what to do.
                before they level gated it, you could at least attempt the quest, and succeed or fail based on your own skill. i did most of mine 5 or more levels below the ‘recommended’ level, and it was nice to have that freedom. but now theyve taken that away, and the pacing is dramatically slowed.
                no one wants to wander around doing map completion grinding after having an exciting story mission just to get to the next one, and 10 levels is a bit much to grind for.

                this isnt just my personal taste, this is what ive actually heard from new players. it takes a lot of investment to make it to the late game, and that scares away a lot of people.

        • sapistor

          yes that’s how every capitalist thinks;) – I mean yes sure anet does (they should fire that idiot advisor, and hire proper one) – ~~500+/- gems (that’s a decent price, considering the toon-whores) and keep it per-toon unlock, not account wide. They are pretty much doing what kids do, over-price the shit out of the X to gain instant gratification, instead of steady flow of money (come on this is mmo after all)

  • Sotos

    lol Tyria wp for 2k gems? What a joke

    • Shaggy

      right? at the very least it should be an account-wide unlock

      • Sotos

        We re talking about Anet right? 😛

    • Colosso

      Praise Joke

  • Pink Popstar Xayah

    Sorta on topic but still gemstore related. what was the last time the aether armors came by? want to know if I missed it recently or if there is a chance to get it soon. I REALLY want the heavy set to finish a look I have been working on 😐

  • Answerer

    Why not just sell the golden black lion keys for 500 gems each?

  • Colosso

    I’d pay 2000 gems for a “Central Tyria Heart Unlock Package “

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