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SWTOR Fall Roadmap Q&A Livestream Coverage

SWTOR Fall Roadmap Q&A Livestream Coverage and notes.

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General Notes

  • October 24 maintenance will be quite long – longer than 4 hrs.
  • Operation bosses development is taking longer than planned. Not able to hit the target of having all 5 bosses before end of 2017.
  • 16man operation lag – we are aware of it, please send bug reports/info to us. Cause is not Hero Engine, it is some memory issue.
  • Credit cap for legacy bank will probably be 100 billion.
  • Timothy Zahn, the author behind the Thrawn trilogy, will be coming to the Cantina to talk about the game update and his work.

Server Merges

  • We won’t reveal the full details on how character name conflict resolution will work to prevent people from gaming the system and getting a name. However, higher level and more active character will give you better chances at keeping that name.
  • Non subs will lose their names to subscribers no matter what. 
  • Having non unique names like guild names (with the origin server) isn’t possible with character names.
  • If you have two level 50 legacies, one is randomly chosen to be your legacy after the merge.
  • If you have fully decorated strongholds, they will all be there after the server merge. However with decorations if you have them placed at the cap limit (i.e. 10/10) on multiple strongholds, you will need to remove some of them before placing new ones. They will allow you go over the cap but to place new ones you need to go under the cap.
  • There isn’t technically a RP server right now, we are exploring options to allow RPers RP in a safe place which they can control. It may not happen with United Forces update but we are looking into it.
  • They always had a list of potential server names. Musco remember the Hot Prospect server name from when he joined Bioware six years ago and he thought it was a funny name. He helped Hot Prospect to rise to the top of the list of prospects.
  • The theme with the new server names is that they have three KOTOR ship names and two character names.
  • They are looking to reduce the cost of server transfer, legacy name, character name, and guild name renames.
  • Max number of characters per server is 52 (if you brought character slots). Max for subscribers without buying any character slots is 12. We are looking to change these numbers for the merge.
  • You can have a max of 10 strongholds with 5.5, but conquest bonus is capped at 150%.


  • New PvP map based on the Alderaan ruleset and cross-faction. Making other PvP maps into cross faction is something we are looking into but need to make new voice overs etc.
  • We are hoping that the higher server population after server merges will reduce the chances of win trading.
  • Bringing back old PvP Rewards (like the Furious rewards) – We are talking about bringing it back, we won’t put them in cartel market but thinking of an ingame way to bring them back.
  • Extensive changes to all ships in GSF. New GSF map will be team deathmath.


  • Any unopened command crates you have now can be saved up for 5.6 and disintegrated into unassembled components.
  • The new augments will be obtained with the new flashpoint currency, with harder difficulties rewarding more currency. These new augments are more powerful than current auguments and are not taken into account for our class balances so you should go over our target DPS with these new augments.
  • There will be a detailed blog post explaining all the changes to augments later.

Class Balances

  • Changes with 5.5 will finish our initial sweep of class changes to our target goals. After that we can look into things like if we nerfed something too hard or if there are content people can’t do with the new changes


  • Andronikos will be coming back as a companion a bit sooner, they got some story planned for him. Same for Keira and Scourge.
  • Companions actively being worked on for a return
    • Ensign Temple (5.6)
    • Arcann with Romance
    • Corso
    • Risha
    • Akaavi
    • Mako
    • Vector
    • Kira
    • Scourge
    • Dark Side Jaesa
    • Felix Iresso
    • Ashara
  • Companions that are not named doesn’t mean they won’t return.

Additional Twitch Q&A with Keith

Taken from reddit thread by /u/xNimroder

  • Can’t comment on expansion plans right now
  • Option to extend operation lockouts is on the list
  • They want to do more for more races, it is in the works.
  • Charles is looking into ways to do some class based stories next year.
  • No plans for being able to purchase multiple copies of a stronghold – only possible if you had multiple before the merge
  • It is very unlikely that we will put BiS on vendors
  • Mastermode Copero will be made for 242 gear like Umbara
  • They are looking into eliminate the need for cartel certficiates and allow you to get the items in another way.
  • New augments probably 230 and 236
  • Weapon slots for the outfit designer are in the backlog but not on the schedule


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WTB full Xpack with:

New planets
New Class Quest Story
New Quests
New species
New Classes
New Character and companion body customization
Dual speccing
More than a single boss OP
Bug fixes
UI mods
Spammers management

Conspiracy or coincidence?

Dun, dun, dun!

Maybe the credit sellers are helping keep the game afloat, but BW won’t admit it…

Bad joke, I know.

Okay, maybe it is just me and sorry for the negativity.

But the KotFE/KotET were basically Jedi Knight stories with all the other classes shoehorned in. I assume Keira means Kira but heck, she was an afterthought in a storyline that focused on the Jedi Knight.

Unfortunately, since I haven’t played since last December, I guess I was never meant to see my wife again.

“There isn’t technically a RP server right now, we are exploring options to allow RPers RP in a safe place which they can control. It may not happen with United Forces update but we are looking into it.”

I thought RPers already had that, something called housing?

I don’t rp but hanging out on the East Coast rp servers it is generally on fleet. From time to time people announce different events happening in housing or guild ships.

I’m on Harb even I feel bad for the poor bastard that tries to rp on fleet there. lol

Oh I definitely agree. As an RPer I want to use the open world, but coming from the Progenitor I haven’t seen any of that happen in the past 2-3 years. I’ve been told RP is in housing there because it’s more controlled and hides them away from griefers, which is a shame

Readin all the comments on this part of the thread all I can say is, everyone is right. RP’ers have some RP spaces like Houses, cantina’s instanced group content etc. At that same time there are a GREAT many people who are gonna give RP’ers lots of grief for trying to RP (enjoy the game their way) in public areas such as fleet. This is trouble waiting to happen.

The concern about that idea which has been raised countless times on the forums is that just as you can switch from PvP to PvE instances, griefers will simply hop into the RP instance. So that’s really not a solution.

If they can pull it off I bet that would be a good alternative. At least RP’ers would have to put up with people messing with them.

Bioware couldn’t put chat bubbles into the game for almost 6 years, because of “performance issues” which IMO sums up nicely everything about coding marvel that is SWTOR engine. Don’t keep your hopes high…

To all Rp’ers, I can only say don’t hold your breath. BW also promised a better then X-server solution years ago and in the end, just went with a plain old server consolidation to fix the population issue.

“Operation bosses development is taking longer than planned. Not able to hit the target of having all 5 bosses before end of 2017.”

Why was I certain that it is working as intended?

Definitely as intended to keep stringing folks along. I can’t be completely negative on the roadmap there were some good things. But a lot of it is bait and switch to keep people around or coming back.

The fact that it is probably going to go into year 4 for all the companions to return through story. The fact that Keith dropped this as his final note in chat before leaving.

“SWTOR: Hey all, I’d love to stay and chat some more, but I gotta run. So, I’ll leave you with, not commenting on next year’s expansion plans. You’ll have to wait to hear about that! ”

That is all for stringing people along. Nothing definitive just wait and see. He definitely dodged all the pvp win trading questions and questions on the engine and upgrades.

You’re just a hater John. How could they have been certain not to hit their targets? That would mean they were leading us along on a lie… They would NEVER do that…

Would they???


And that was their own self imposed target by releasing the Op in stages and they STILL failed to make that. BRILLIANT!!!!

“The new augments will be obtained with the new flashpoint currency, with harder difficulties rewarding more currency. These new augments are more powerful than current auguments and are not taken into account for our class balances so you should go over our target DPS with these new augments.”

Please tell me I’m not stupid. PLEASE.

If you’re going to put Augments in the game that will make us go over the “target DPS”…


I have a feeling the answer is what you think it is:
Because they want you to buy the new augments, but they don’t want you to be better than you could be before the nerfs.

No, I got one better for ya.

Their “class balancing” act was a shitstorm. ANOTHER shitstorm in the history of this game.

But instead of admiting it was just plain stupid as fuck, they got one better. They nerf the classes just the same, but introduce this moronic idea of powerful augments. You know, to make up for it. Taking things away with one hand, giving it back with the other.

First they introduce a POINTLESS Tier. Then they realise that to keep their years old material they have to nerf the classes… Or, God forbid, actually deliver some content. Then they see the shitstorm on the horizon, and come up with this…

Shit, I try and stay positive about these guys. But the more I read the less patience I have for their inane way of developing this game.

Of course the Digital Barbie Brigade is gonna eat this shit up like it’s candy. Just do this FP ad nauseum and you’ll be all set to go…

Why the fuck do I even bother, that’s the question I should be asking…

Sorry for the profanity. It’s not my usual style. But this is just plain stupid.

You said it all though man. It’s one thing after another with SWTOR. They talk out both sides of their mouth, string people along and build massive hype. But in the end it’s still just a flea circus.

Man, I just wish all these guys that praise BW could hop to ESO and see what a PROPER GAME is all about. Here we are, discussing crumbs, while in ESO we are greeted with a 4 course meal.

And ESO got off to a bad start. Zenimax Online did a pretty dismal job with the game. THEN Bethesda stepped in, because they didn’t want their IP to go to shame!

I just wish someone competent would take over this game. What a disappointment.

While I prefer SWTOR over ESO, one thing I think ESO does right in comparison is gearing. You want to gear up in ESO? Just craft it. Plain and simple. And your gear will be good for years to come too.

SWTOR seems to be following WoW, the latter of which resets our gear every patch. It’s not there yet, but I prefer in the very least, that my gear lasts for the expansion’s entire lifetime.

My guess is that they know people play to gear, hence they are doing this to get people to play longer. Problem with that is that some people like myself get burnt out or realize how pointless it is to work for something that will be taken away, so we stop doing it or don’t even bother.

What was the point of nerfing classes? was the exact same question I asked when I heard about the new augments, with the idea that we’d be going over the intended DPS/HPS levels.

It’s to late for SWTOR though. Star Wars fans just have to wait for the next big thing at this point.
I’m an old school Star Wars fan, I remember watching Empire and Jedi in the theater, getting the original toys for Christmas and birthdays and playing Star Wars on the play ground at school. I loved being able to get to play in the world I grew up loving at first. But now it’s painful, SWTOR isn’t about Star Wars anymore, it’s about cartel market and collections. It’s about profit and it sucks now.

ESO is an awesome game and I play it every single night. I log in to SWTOR here and there and just can’t believe that something carrying the Star Wars name has been allowed to get in to this predicament. It makes me sad.

Don’t worry, once teh server mergers happen there will be a TON of people who are used to face rolling others n PvP getting face rolled every match. They will complain about balance and everything else and BW will make change the balance, teh augments and teh base DPS.

Ugh SWTOR why do you keep sucking????

They nerfed the classes because of bitchy guardians, sentinels and marauders complaining about not being able to win in PvP. Now the PvP is fcking dead on every server, powertechs hunted down to extinction, nobody happy about it.

i was thinking the same, i hope for the love of god that it was a typo from dulfy, if not, then it looks like they dont even care to remember the names from some of the base companions lol (and its not like the “e” and “i” are even close to each other on the keyboard)

Ok, one mistake from Dulfy. I can live with that. And one she actually admitted to.

Now if only BW would do the same…

Its not about if the space between the “e” and “i”. That extra letter isn’t even supposed to be there and since the same mistake is repeated in all the text they clearly did it on propouse. The person who wrote that deserves to be burned alive!

Was anyone else surprised at Keith’s age or is that just me? I’m honestly not ripping on him here but was legitimately surprised. They always talk about how he’s a gamer and big fan of the game so I assumed he was in the age range of the rest of the staff.

Yes I was surprised at his age too. I thought he was like musco age or at most charles’s age. I guess that would explain why he is so active in game too, I feel older gamers are more dedicated to the game and spend much more time compared to younger gamers.

That’s because us older gamers are probably retired and sitting at home watching television all day and going back and forth to the drug store and worrying about our cholesterol numbers and our blood pressure and the neighbor’s dog pooping on our lawn every single morning and….AND GET OFF MY LAWN!!!…damn dog….

Where was I?

Yeah, because the age of the person leading this team has everything to do with SWTOR’s success or failure. If he was not a gamer then I would be concerned but he is one and it sounds like he’s passionate about the game and its future. Age is a non-issue.

Old people are fine. I have some very very nice elder folks in my guild. They enjoy the game and add to the guild environment. However, their limitations are clear. Same goes for most things. That’s why there’s a thing called retirement. Just saying….

Jesus you moron. Wait until you’re 40 and see whether you still feel the same inside as you did when you were 20. We just cleared Nim DP at tier with a team of mixed genders, nationalities and ages ranging from 50 to 20. So pull your head out. You sound like a tool. And I can only smile knowing the age-bat is already swinging at you and will never stop.

According to my experience it’s better to have an older man administering some aspects of some videogames, especially combat-system. If you like to be killed in 2/3 seconds in 1v1, check ESO and waste your time there with testing endless builds…it’s a sandbox game, where the lead-combat-designer is a nice, young guy, but whose work is trash and wastes lots of player’s time and patience…The combat system seems to be tailored for super young players with super fast reflexes and it’s all about spamming buttons without limits (> freedom). You can’t really conclude a fight and can go on for ever (no global cooldowns, no performance-caps)

So people are really stuck on that whore server. What was it?
The wet chance? No
The sweaty street corner possibility? no.
The drenched whore? No.
The heated slut? No.

Anyway, I cant remember it but it was terrible I know that much.

“New GSF map will be team deathmatch”

Ugh, by far the worst of the two GSF game modes. Was kinda/sorta looking forward to a new map, but TDM is just a snoozefest — too long and too boring.

You’re very clearly doing it wrong, then. I’m disappointed that it’s not a new game mode, and that it’s just one, like denon.

Well if you enjoy flying GS then it’s definitely more fun – I don’t. Also not so bad if you’re on the winning team. If facing a stacked team that loves to GS wall it’s just awful. If we had the infiltrator class it would be a different story. But yes, I would have much rather preferred a new game mode as well.

Might want to have a look at what BW Austin did to the classes in swtor and be ready for GSF to be equally as raped.

I am glad too see Kira returning but Dark Side Jaesa? What was wrong with Light Side Jaesa? Seems like a wasted opportunity if you ask me

BW will probably give you the chance to redeem her. Don’t poop your pants just yet.

I can see that, let’s hope they give us that option I don’t want to see her turn into a dark side only companion

How about the chance to not recruit or kill her? Why would my LS consular want to recruit a nasty bitch like DS Jaesa?

Probably as you can not romance her light side, or maybe they will give you her dark side but give you a chance to redeem her.

Everyone loves the psychopath prostitute Jaesa, no one loves the nice decent sweet apprentice Jaesa. Thats the problem..

I can’t even say I’m really excited for any of this. I think SWTOR is just becoming one of those games where I realized that the things I want are either locked behind insane grinding, group content that I just don’t get a chance to play, and microtransactions. I’ll probably just finish my last two class stories, make my characters look as badass as possible, get a couple strongholds decorated, and get on every once in a while to sort shit out.

Immediately start off with the giggling and acting like unprofessional morons. “Hahahaha…we are having so much fun! Aren’t you? No? We don’t care so go away.”

Oh hey, check it…………..A leaked email from Keith to his Dev team:

Hi All,

Well, the road map is out, thanks to the Coffee guy writing it for us which left us with more time to find ways to bury this game. And with this extra time, I want to let you all know of the real road map that we keep for our own plans and never show the dregs who still stay latched onto this game we all pretend to love and know how to make better. God, do I sound like Trump yet?? Full of shit? Hahahaha rhetorical, don’t answer. It’s why I was hired to replace Ben for my obscenely awesome bullshit skills. If you ever come to the office looking like shit and need a pick me up, come by my desk and I will happily lie to your face and tell you how wonderful you look. It’s a gift!!

And now without further delay, welcome to the real SWTOR Autumn Road map.

We all know we are a skeleton crew here. The real dev’s have left or been moved to our rip off of Destiny. And that is fine. The people we have left can do the job needed and that is to ruin SWTOR. Remember Father EA’s edict: Minimal Effort, Maximum profits.

We still have Bobby Franks finding anything in game or previously released on the CM to reskin all over again. Great work as always Bobby. Just remember the minimal reskins per item needs to be at least 5. Am I the only one who is amazed at how dumb our player base is in buying crates of reskinned gear month after month? Oh which reminds me, Thumbs up to Eric for once again giving the dregs another reskinned Korrealis for the cantina. I like Crazy Ivan’s idea of a digital sign giving the dregs a middle finger but sadly, we got overruled by Poppa EA on that. They think that might let the dregs onto our goal of just milking them til Papa EA says time on this game. So yet another reskinned Korrealis it is. I know, I am just as disappointed as Ivan is.

You will note my lovely long winded bullshit roadmap I gave the dregs and thanks to our secret accounts on the forums, we were able to make it sound like everyone loved our idea of a server consolidation being new content. And speaking of which, please try and not go overboard in kissing my balls on the forums or praising BW Austin too overtly. I have gotten quite a few PM’s on the forums from dregs who are starting to suspect certain posters are not legit. Whoever is in charge of the “Ylliarus” posts, tone it down please. I want us all to praise and defend our decisions, not sound like sycophants. That would give our game away.

Anyway I have provided a brief road map for ourselves for the coming few months to help guide us in our burial efforts of this so called game…..or what’s left of it. *wink*


* Nerf all classes into the ground so their damage/healing output is only suitable for regular content….barely.

Producer’s Note: Remember when nerfing, that the changes must be parallel to player base, I mean the dregs, having least amount of fun and cause more frustration then anything else. Ask yourself: If I was this class, would I want to play this class with it’s output? If you said yes, you haven’t nerfed enough. Swing that nerf bat harder. I remember Charles wanting to nerf a skill by 50%. I thought fuck it, why not. We can do anything at this point with the dregs left and they will lap it up because they have no where to go. So swing away, swing hard, swing often peeps.


* Create then Release gear/augments that when obtained via our new Flashpoint currency (Is there any other area of the game left we haven’t allocated its own currency to? Someone please look into it and get back to me), will return classes back to the damage/healing output before nerfs which forces the dregs wanting to complete content in swtor to jump back on the Gear grind merry go round.

Producer’s Note: I cannot stress enough how important this is people. This is really a no brainer. We are not pumping out much content now thanks to a few decisions we made that made many dregs leave us unexpectedly which means less profits. Sadly our KOTFE/KOTET idea of making a story which EXCLUDES half the classes in game didn’t light the world up as we had hoped. Who could have known that making a story about the Valkorians and not the player character would be so badly received? God damn these fussy Dregs. So now Daddy EA is giving us no more money which makes the work by Bobby Franks crucial as we need to pay our share of the protection money Padre EA expects of us, unless we want to join Bullfrog, Maxis and Westwood to name but a few on the scrap heap. But at the same time, we need to make this game and its existing content harder for the dregs. This goes hand in hand with our Class balance changes. The dregs will hate the output of their chosen classes thanks to the nerfs so will have no choice but to jump back on the gear grind merry go round to obtain new gear and augments that will brilliantly return their output to levels before nerfs. Remember that we need to keep the dregs on a perpetual wheel going round and round. Nerf – New Gear – Nerf and so on.

And please join me in congratulating ME in coming up with the idea of saying there will be no T5 gear this year but quietly creating new T5 gear in the form of augments that are required to make the classes go back to pre-nerf levels of output. It’s great. I’m Great. Remember when you see me to high five me. Next year we will introduce T6 gear but the dregs will still think we are on T5. Bwahahahahahahaha. Thank God, I mean Pop EA the player base we have left are among the absolute dumbest and addicted in all known mmo’s. Look at all the work WOW, ESO and FF have to do to keep their huge player base. We do next to nothing, give the middle finger time and time again to our minuscule base and they still stay with SWTOR. MINIMAL EFFORT, MAXIMUM PROFIT!!

Server Merge:

* Pick the 5 most oldest servers we have and consolidate the dregs onto them. Then sell the remaining 12 servers we have in time for Xmas 2017 bonus money.

Producer’s Note: Ahh United Forces. Just when I think we can’t outdo ourselves, we always find a way. 2017 has been truly a year of first’s for this company within the MMO realm. Not only were we able to stay afloat while delivering the smallest amount of content in the MMO realm for 2017 while STILL receiving sub money, but we were also the first and to date still, the ONLY dev studio to release an Op in pieces and not complete it as promised. AMAZING!!! But now we truly outdid ourselves by performing a server merge and calling it new content. BRILLIANT!!!! So as you know, we need money to pay our own Xmas bonus money since Viejo EA stopped supporting this studio so it is important, nay, CRUCIAL that we have this done by the end of November. Not for the dregs. No, don’t be silly. We need the server consolidation, err I mean United Forces *Wink Wink* to be finished so we can sell the remaining hardware in time for our bonus. So for once, I am really going to need everyone to put in some serious effort in making this happen. And I don’t expect you to ensure the dregs toons and gear transfer seamlessly or the toon names. Who cares about that. Just make sure the 12 good servers are empty and ready to be sold by no later then November 30.

New GSF & PVP Map & Companions/FP:

Oops, my Cousin twice removed who I can’t stand, just rung and wants me over to move some furniture or something. I don’t know. I just need another mandated break as I worked for 3 days straight so need a few weeks off now, so I will have to pick this up in a few weeks….maybe. Better yet, I am so confident you all know the drill by now, (Create minimal content, Break new content, ignore new content) that I won’t need to direct you on how to ruin the new content and bury this game even harder. Just remember we don’t want to give the dregs too many companions back. We need to stretch it out for as long as we have left before we go into a fully acknowledged maintenance mode. So for now, we go ahead as discussed and give the dregs nothing of what they ask for, only what we want. I’ll see you all in a few weeks. I really have to go, so Eric, please activate the Keith Bot on the forums when you turn yours on, I would appreciate it. See you all in a few weeks.

The King of Bullshit and empty promises,
Yours truly
Emperor Keith.

P.S. Eric, remember to never explain anything in my absence on the forums. We need the dregs as clueless as possible. I got your email asking for info on the name merge during United Forces. Just stick to the usual line about not being ready or able to reveal any info at this time like we said today during the shitstream. And if they ask about the uncompleted Op, stick to what I said: Unexpected delay blah blah blah. Remember a clueless dreg is a dreg who will stay subbed because they know no better.

Lol’ed at “rip-off ofDestiny” lets hope the Biofail curse doesn’t spread to Anthem as well…. it probably will…

I havn’t been a sub since a few weeks after the conclusion of Throne which was just a horrible grindfest in narrow corridors, with short stories sprinkled atop. With this I will lose my character names, which are big part of their identity, so I have much less of an incentive to return even if they improve the game to be attractive again. I lost Maurice my Smuggler space cowboy in the first merger eff up. I’ve been keeping up with news here on Dulfy to see if anything is worth coming back for, I won’t be fooled by a fancy trailer from Blur again though.

Wow about the name changes my account is preferred and i even spent money when i was subbed to get some of the names i have and bioware is pretty much saying f***you about names doesn’t say much about wanting to regain there previous player base

Don’t take it too personally ShadoE. BW Austin have been saying Fuck You to everyone in SWTOR since 4.0. 🙂

I am excited for GSF and eager to see what they’ve done as far as retooling the ships and QoL improvements. Looking forward to playing the new map. I play all ship types but my favorite play style has always been the strike fighter so I’ll be happy if they’ve been able to make that ship class more viable against the other ship classes. I really hope this new update to GSF will be the first of more to come. After this new release, I’m really hoping they’ll create a new play mode, preferably one that includes an additional 2 or 3 maps and maybe add a new ship class while they’re at it. I would certainly love to see a lot more for GSF (including a PVE version with a starfighter themed story and cinematics), but if they could give the community one more play mode and a few new maps to support it, I think that would be awesome.

“There isn’t technically a RP server right now, we are exploring options to allow RPers RP in a safe place which they can control. It may not happen with United Forces update but we are looking into it.”I thought RPers already had that, something called housing?

As an RPer, the strongholds get very boring and have very little variety in comparison to the many planets there are in SW:TOR. Going onto a planet on a former RP server is bad enough with trolls, with the merges there will be a lot more trolls. So yes technically we have a controlled area but more tools for the RP community is always good.

I had to laugh when Keith said he had 12 Command Level 300 characters. Given the time investment required to grind them, it’s no wonder the team can’t manage to bring out content or class balances on a regular basis.

Nah, my guess is given how lazy and useless BW Austin devs are, that Keith probably just gives himself a 1000% bonus when doing anything that earns CXP. via a admin menu.

Throwing around lots of possibilities for things they know people want. By this point, does anyone believe they’re actually telling the truth?

United Forces was their solution to the calls for a X-server (“Better then X-server™) so yeah, take anything and everything this shit mob says and flush it down the toilet where it belongs.

“If you have two level 50 legacies, one is randomly chosen to be your legacy after the merge.”
How dumb is that ? How hard is it to just let the players choose ? But hey, i guess it’s some new thrilling RNG content.

“We are hoping that the higher server population after server merges will reduce the chances of win trading.”
They clearly have no idea of how dead ranked is (espacially 4s).

“The new augments will be obtained with the new flashpoint currency, with
harder difficulties rewarding more currency. These new augments are
more powerful than current auguments and are not taken into account for
our class balances so you should go over our target DPS with these new
Great ! Everyone wanted more gear grinding, aka 5.0 “content” !

They could, with a tiny amount of data mining, determine which accounts would be affected by the legacy name random selection and hand out bound legacy name change tokens on the merged servers, so you could put your preferred legacy name back. But they probably won’t; it would reduce their profit from selling them on the Cartel Market.

I have 3 legacies lvl 50 : Deathbringer, Ordo and Jotunborn. I’d like ti keep the last one, since all my characters have names inspired from German & Scandinavian mythology. Either way, ti agree with you, players should be allowed to chose which legacy name they want to keep.

What? All the restrictions F2P players have in SWTOR wasn’t a big enough clue that BW Austin doesn’t give two shits for F2P players? Or that their shitty GC system is a subs only end game gearing system?

you only lose your name if its conflicts with another and if your a f2p you still have a chance to keep yes subs have priority but if a sub has the same char name as you and is less active you win it

So lets clear something. I played on TOFN I switched to RE and after beating the shit out of me to get some new achievements my legacy “has a chance” of beeing overwritten with the old one. How dump is that.

Not your achievements, just the name. You’ll keep the highest progress on each achievement based on all your legacies. Your name is the only thing that will be changed. It sucks, but it could be a lot worse.

Do your legacies have different names?

The best thing is that they are the same since my first legacy on RE was direct copy from this on TOFN with the first char I transfered there.

So literally going to screw the non subs who have more then 12 if you add all the other servers up. (already screwed the people who transferred servers) and the whole name thing. I think they should get rid of escrow and some of the non sub restrictions in return. ( I know they won’t because they are greedy blood suckers)

Dude, BW Austin have given zero fucks for F2P players since the beginning. They are just keeping the same treatment going with this server merge. Nothing new.

About the server mer… Sorry, I mean United Farces:

How difficult would it be to make names not unique? You guys probably had this experience already: you put your mind to making the perfect character, all the right choices, all those beautiful unlocks you bought in the CM to make your toon unique… Only to spend twice the amount of time you spent on all the cosmetics naming your character. And so you finally give in to desperation, naming your epic toon to something like “oijhbsuhvbfyr”, because it’s the only name not taken…

I mean, it’s not like OTHER games are not doing that. I know I keep going back to what OTHER people are doing… But hey, they are! Because they CARE about their players. Give a unique ID to the toon, and name it any way you want.

Ah… But THIS way they get to make people like me, unsubscribed since the end of 2015, to make a sub because we don’t want to lose our toons’ names…

Well screw you. I don’t care anymore, take my names, my Legacies, take whatever you want.

You are not taking any more of my money.

P.S. – No, it’s not a typo.

I do wonder if they will delete inactive accounts probably the F2P will be deleted if haven’t been on on for years to save storage. I am preferred now I don’t see a reason to be subbed in the first place.

I bet diamonds against SWTOR that all this “name taken” hassle and prioritizing subs over F2P/preff players will result in more people leaving the game. TOR lost 60% of its playerbase since patch 5.0 and still more players are leaving the game. Server merges will be a final nail to the coffin.
inb4 people screeching “game isnt dead we still play it”: TOR is sick from lethal cancer, just because you play the role of chemotherapy doesn’t mean the game will survive, kek

I actually disagree. The majority of the people who left after 4.0 and 5.0 are the raiders and group content folks who were tired of waiting. But for those of us who remained, less servers with faster pops benefit everyone IMO. If I have to rename a character or two in exchange for not sitting in queue’s all day, i’m all for it.

I meant your everyday casual players who are already tired of Bioware trashing their own game. I have a feeling all that fuss with server merging might be the last straw for some people as they will lose their patience.

I’m wondering if it’s a system limitation. For instance, imagine if you befriend someone named “Ben Solo.” He’s on your friends list. Or, maybe you don’t befriend him, but you want to mail him an item or some creds for helping you out. Now, imagine that there are several “Ben Solo”s ingame. How does the system know which Ben Solo to befriend if you type “/friend Ben Solo,” or which Ben Solo to message if you try to PM a “Ben Solo”? Again, I think it’s a system limitation.

Maybe. Maybe I’m saying something that is completely impossible with this system. But then again I recall Ben Irving saying that increasing speed on the mounts was impossible too…

But I don’t know. I’m just saying that other people did this to circumvent the problem. Alas, I’m not a computer technician. If you want help with what scale to use over a Dom7(#11) chord or something I can definitely help with that. Other than that I’m not much use hehehehehe…

I’m pretty sure it lies in that area. If they’d centered the game around legacies or accounts then they could free up individual names because then you would mail a legacy or befriend a legacy rather than a character. Changing that now would take quite a bit and I don’t think it’s worth it. I’d hate to lose some names, just like the next guy but I lost most of my names before during the 2012 merges and angry as I was, I got over it. I’m a bit fearful but the merges are a good thing.

Why would they do that? They cant even make a full raid and besides this is just another way to get 15 bucks out of you /smh

It did. I must admit: YOU made me change ideas. You were right, and you got me thinking. You originated this post, because I started to wonder about ways to solve this issue. And then it came to me that other games were already dealing with this.

Is it possible to do in TOR? Is it not? Hell if I know, I’m a guitar player.

I’m gonna get some Fanboi hate now 😛

But yeah a unique ID is a definitley a good thought. I play a bit of Football Manager and because of the huge numbers in their database, they have a unique ID for each player as duplicate names are a fairly common problem.

From what little I understand about programming, I’d be surprised if every character or account created isn’t already designated with a unique number for purposes being easier for a developer/admin to identify. But like you by knowledge is limited as I haven’t done any computer programming since my school days and that was a fair few years ago. 😛

Speaking from more than thirty years of experience with programming for databases and data mining, it’s significantly faster and more efficient to use unique numerical primary keys for databases. For example, if you used the character’s name as the primary key for the database of characters, then the name would be the foreign key field in every database that pointed to the character database — which means that if you change the character name, you need to change all the pointer fields everywhere. If a character gets a unique ID when it’s created, then that value never changes; if you rename the character, the name in the character database is all that changes.

Finally, more class based stories.
Nice to see they are working on different companions and their different possible affiliations. Definitely looking forward to Darkside Jaesa. Need Khem now.

Why is everyone so crazy about that psycho slut? You people screwed everything with your stupid popularity contests, because of your obsession for that bitch and constant requests for her return other companions were pushed back and jedi consular will probably never get the old crew back. You have thst whiny bitch vet and quinn, why is never enough ?

Decided to watch it on you tube, wow, slag off the UK and then claim because he can get 12 toons to 300 everyone should shut up, lets see him try solo see if he don’t bitch about the shitty grindfest of this rubbish system.
I thought Ben was a douche.

Slag off the UK? That Motherfucker!

I didn’t watch as I’ve seen enough of these streams to know how the show goes by now. I may watch though to see that. I wasn’t gonna resub anyway based on the poor job they were doing and if he’s slagging of my country then he’s got no chance.

You’ll get no argument from as to not being a sub. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. I have no rights to anything, no claims if I don’t sub.

Funny fact is, neither do you. Just glance over the Terms of Agreement to playing this game. You are only entitled to use the game as the company that owns it sees fit.

So if you by any chance get screwed over by someone who has either an elder account or more playing time (or BOTH) than you… Tough shit Sherlock. Go cry a river, you are entitled to nothing. The way I was arguing NOBODY would have a problem… But I guess I’m one of those scumbags that like to enjoy a game without paying. Never mind the fact that I haven’t logged in to the game in months, almost a year now… Never mind the fact that I subbed CONTINUOUSLY from launch until late 2015. Never mind the fact that I had at one time two of my sons subbed, playing with me. Yeah, I’m one of those scumbags…

Who’s shitting on the server merges? They are about 2 and a half years late. Other than that they’re good news. They’re NOT content, but they are good news.

Where you begin to lose the plot is when you mention content. You are the one who should go outside, check other games. These incompetents can’t even oblige the deadlines they made up themselves! We were not the ones that asked for an Op ’till the end of the year. THEY DID! They can’t even comply to that. And now WE are the ones to blame? You sir are delusional.

YOU are the reason these incompetents can get away with murder. You think you’re part of the solution. But you are part of the problem. Because you applaud every miserable crumb of weak content they put out. AND you criticise people that want more.

You are a symptom of the days we live in. You are the archetype of mediocrity.

If we are wacked… Well, what are YOU???

Be nice to have some option to skip the entire KOTFE/ET stuff. No way am I taking another character through that boring mess. And I heartedly welcome the return of Class/faction storylines.

Well… I guess you can just NOT do it, and go straight to Iocath? Or not. But I think that if you don’t do Iocath you can’t access the new Flashpoint…

Just my 2 cents in there. Which would make four and a half cents, right???


Which is the flaw in having stuff being unlocked via storylines. Not to mention all the choices you make to get (or kill) certain characters and alter the plot. At least with the previous expansions it didn’t matter so much.

IMO they should employ a system similar to KOTOR2, where you could pick dialogue options to retcon past events to your choosing.

Suddenly…A wild defender appears!

Mate, keep that circle-jerk to the official forums, please. That’s what they’re for.

Unofficial fora have, in the last year or so, become a place for posters who understand critcality and objectivity, many of whom may well have been banned from the official forums for not singing from the hymnal of The Great Church of BioWare Positivity(TM)

(Because that’s something BioWaste has never, ever tried before and not had it bite them in the arse. Christ…)

I hate to disillusion you, but:

Most of us don’t put mediocrity on a pedestal, and have quite had our fill of those that do, not least of all the incompetents at BioWaste.

It’s one of the reasons we’re here, and not there.

SW: tOR official forums, with all the white-knighting mutual fellatio you could ever possibly want, this way –>

A “discount” on name and legacy name changes?!?!! For fuck’s sake, they’re randomly choosing between our existing legacy names and there is no doubt name changes will be necessary after they execute this disaster. Every player who loses one name or has more than one legacy involved in a merge should get free changes as needed! This is beginning to look like it may piss me off to the point of quitting.

I actually have 7 level 50 legacies. Wtf is that I’ve been playing this game since beta so I have concerns about what I have built in game getting fucked up. It’s a legitimate concern. I’ve invested a lot of time in the game over the last 6 years and so I care what happens.

Well. You’re in a very little minority there. So, suck it up, as the server merge is for the greater good.

To be fair, I have a level 50 legacy on each of the servers, but that’s because I had transferred a character to each of them when server transfers were like 10 CCs

Right… fuck the veteran players, let’s just cater to the noobs like the guest poster here who probably never even played the game.
The server merge is not for the greater good… its for the greater savings for BW. They’re going to combine all servers into 5. The next step in a year or 2 when the population dips again is to merge into one. And I’m sure people at that time will be saying “oh duhhh great! Now my queue times for doing one of the 6 WZ’s that haven’t changed in 5 years will take 2 minutes instead of 2.5!”

Isn’t it always the same? I played SWG for years and they fucked the veteran players with NGE, (not to mention the prior CU) trying to recruit more new players to entice them to subscribe, then that failed and game shut down..
I agree with server merge, keeps costs down for BW, if they’re still making money hopefully they’ll keep developing the game and keep it live.. I just hope they don’t piss off more players than they entice, otherwise it’s another SW game hitting the failed pile..

Mnah…the greater good would be to take this sorry piece of a game behind the house and give it a shotgun to the neck, putting it out of it’s misery.

They should pick one legacy with most achievements, not random. If that is the case, you can work it out before server merges.

Its not even the casual gamer. Its the new player who has no idea whats happening. And thats their mistake.

For sure, If anyone out there likes to game, do not for one second consider this game as a viable option. I’m making it my life’s work to turn as many away from this debacle as I possibly can due to the way BW and EA have treated it.

The worst thing is that in it’s pre 4.0 form I loved it. I would have happily recommended it to everyone I knew. 🙁

Don’t get me wrong the vanilla stories are excellent and offer great RPG immersion. However if you want to ‘game’ and by that I mean do endgame content and progress to harder content, then TOR has become shambolic.

Does anyone other than Keith actually think what has essentially become a solo grind for gear you’ll never need actually fun? He’s managed to do 12 characters to Rank 300. Perhaps if he gamed less he’d hit more deadlines….

Arcann with Romance. Tell no more!
Finally it will be fun to play dress up darth barbie and decorate house game with him.

Adding outside of storyline dialogs with companions will be asking too much, but it will be cool if they will add special lines to standart lines depending on characters status with them: friendship, influence, romance. Its cool we have storyline dialogs, but once you are done with them… I mean it will be long forgotten fact my Inquisitor romanced pirate if i did not have accidentally saved screenshot.

Im not going to argue with an uneducated american.. By the way, feel free to fck off, this ain’t the official forum to have those idiots jenny flynn and oldvengeance to back you up.

My parents taught me to speak my mind, to never let bitches like you to shut me up. And be very careful what you say about my parents, my mother died of cancer. Now fuck off and leave me alone, dear Stockholm syndrome patient!

Never mentioned your parents, only mine.

You are the one who started it and with name callings. So its pretty hard for me to leave you alone.

Or you are b*tching because Roadmap have no fugly Nadia for you?

I don’t care about Nadia, the only companion i like and want is Zenith. You guys can collect all the pokemons, not my business.

Lol ok
If I remember correctly, Zenith was mentioned before, that alone made me belive devs worked on him. I doubt they will want to waste it.

Devs are returning more popular companions faster but I’m sure we will see Zenith.

Yes, the devs worked on him, but they made a huge mistake – you had to do with him the same quest you already did with Veeroa Denz as a part of Star Fortresses companion recruitment tasks.
About popularity, it sucks. Languss Tuno was not popular at all, yet he was returned during KOTFE. Bowdaar – everyone i know hates the recruitment quest for Bowdaar. Skadge? Everyone hates Skadge, so again, popularity was not the issue here.

People love to hate them, if I remember correctly, you can kill them off. Lot of people just do not care about Zenith alive or dead. With Tuno could not agree more.

Hey! I love Nadia! Leave her alone!

(Side note…..the reason I loved her, is before starting the game I went through a PTSD death with my little brother, so her feelings in the storyline, and how I helped her heal…..and then we fell in love….it helped heal me a bit in real life.
She is still one of my favorite companions. 🙂

Don`t mind me, I was just making fun of one rude person over here. Have nothing against Nadia and people who like that character

Sadly, because of them removing ALL old companion coding when adding companions to KotFE+ content, and because of that them removing ALL location voice lines from them, *cries*, I extremely doubt we will get location or ambient voice lines with new or old companions.

Okay, I will explain it to you step by step because you simply sound like another spastic retarded monkey.
First off, you don’t have right to game. Every single good developer respects F2P players because they are potential subscribers or just loyal players – and Bioware still gets profit from F2P players who spend money on cartel coins and such. You can’t expect people to spend money on game right off the bat when they are not sure how much will they enjoy said game. Just look at ESO, which has much more players than SWTOR and is in much better shape.

Second, people were bitching about the lack of cross-server PvP and cross-faction raids, as SoR was a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to implement such things. Bioware was busy with nerfing all classes though and make Sorcs ranked gods because Musco rerolled from his Merc on PTS because he couldn’t kill a bantha.

Third, new content every 2 years? ESO got few dungeons, new raid and much more stuff in only few months. We got 20% OF AN OPERATION IN 2 YEARS. Much content. No, GC doesn’t count.

Fourth, implementing few lines of codes is surely taxing. XD

Fifth, such hypocrite. If not, then you are propably another shittier player who is stuck at SM ops and treats HM KP or SnV as really difficult ops and it takes 5 weeks for your guild to form a group. Mediocrity is good. For story content, lol.

“Companions that are not named doesn’t mean they won’t return.” Strange, everyone on Harbinger said that Zenith will never be returned, because he’s extremely unpopular and people hate him. Is that true? What’s with the popularity bullshit? He’s like the only companion i really like, would be nice to return him as well.

Everyone in Fleet chat. Plus Vulkk, he told someone on Twitter that Zenith will never return. Others told me that swtorista and dulfy hate Zenith and because their opinions matter, this companion will be thrown to garbage. I dont think dulfy is the hating type, but who knows.

Stolen from reddit- Zenith was supposed to come back as an Alliance Alert companion sometime during the KotFE story. From looking on TORCommunity and Jedipedia, most of the quest had dialogue written, there was achievements for the quest, and Zenith had a fancy new outfit. But, they never added the alert to the game. It might have been because getting him was tied to
destroying the Star Fortress over Nar Shaddaa..

hopefully these files are still around and they can add it to the game

You already destroy the Star Fortress in order to recruit Veeroa Denz, so how can you destroy it again with Zenith? A Star Fortress over Balmorra ( his native planet) would have had more sense, don’t you think?

Ya well, I didn’t write it or include it into the game, but there it is for data miners to find so someone did. A quick google search would give you the same information if you don’t believe it.

I like him. He is level headed and just wants to stop the evil which is hurting the innocent. Not bloodthirsty, not evil, just jaded because of the hubris of the Republic people sent to “help” and the evil he sees around. Kinda like me in real life lol

“Dark side Jaesa.” So, is Bioware going to give some half-assed in-game explanation to light side Sith Warriors as to why their light side Jaesa fell to the dark side so easily in their absence? The light side companion story with Jaesa seems to pretty firmly establish that she has the strength, willpower, and serenity to resist the darkness.

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