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GW2 Shadow Provisions Achievement Guide

A guide to the Shadow Provisions achievement in the Desolation.

This achievement rewards 5 AP and require you to find 25 Shadow Provisions scattered across the Desolation. It is also required for the Shadow of a Shadow achievement that grants you the Shadow of a Shadow title.




Video Guide


  • 1. Silent Vale – 0:00
  • 2. Boundary Preserve – 0:42
  • 3. Sandfall Sanctum – 1:54
  • 4. Sulfur Quarry – 3:06
  • 5. Sulfur Quarry Overlook – 4:26
  • 6. The Scourgeway – 5:33
  • 7. The Scourgeway – 6:02
  • 8. Torment’s Watch Overlook – 6:57
  • 9. Caustic Spur – 7:13
  • 10. Vitriolic Rim – 8:18
  • 11. Helcoid Seeps – 9:10
  • 12. Poisoned Outcrops – 10:04
  • 13. High Above the Poisoned Outcrops – 11:08
  • 14. Lair of the Forgotten – 12:42
  • 15. Zayan Gate Overlook – 13:10
  • 16. Shattered Ravines – 14:31
  • 17. Fort Huduh Overlook – 15:03
  • 18. Southern Ruination – 16:09
  • 19. High above the Ruptured Heart – 17:16
  • 20. Sand Jackal Run – 17:57
  • 21. Sand Jackal Run – 18:26
  • 22. Sand Jackal Run – 19:03
  • 23. Joko’s Domain – 19:30
  • 24. High Above the Bone Palace – 20:15
  • 25. Basaltic Fringe – 22:06

1.  Silent Vale


2. Boundary Preserve

On top of a bunch of tall rocks


3. Sandfall Sanctum

Requires Jackal Shifting Sands mastery. There is a sand portal in the prior room that allow you to get to the sand portal in the air that leads to this room.


4. Sulfur Quarry

Inside one of the tube structures


5. Sulfur Quarry Overlook

Easiest to reach from The Darklands Waypoint than jumping up from Sulfur Quarry


6. The Scourgeway

On an little island.


7. The Scourgeway


8. Torment’s Watch Overlook

Right above The Darklands waypoint.


9. Caustic Spur

Near the sulfur floor, guarded by a ton of harpies.


10. Vitriolic Rim

There are a series of sand portals from Sand Jackal Run waypoint that makes it very quick to reach this shadow provision on an island.


11. Helcoid Seeps

Near a pool of sulfur, you will take damage when trying to grab this shadow provision but it shouldn’t kill you.


12. Poisoned Outcrops

Up on a rock cropping/island. You can raptor canyon jump across from the south side and then springer jump up.


13. High Above the Poisoned Outcrops

Easiest to go up to the griffon roost and use the griffon to fly over.


14. Lair of the Forgotten

Use springer to jump up.


15. Zayan Gate Overlook

In one of the towers high above. Take same path as you would going up to the griffon roost.


16. Shattered Ravines

Can fly/glide here from #15 Zayan Gate Overlook.


17. Fort Huduh Overlook

To unlock Fort Huduh, you have to do the Junundu Rising meta event, which will summon a Junundun worm that will break the green bubble around the fort, allowing you access. Once you have access to the area, you can just springer jump up.


18. Southern Ruination

Across a ravine, lots of forged in the area.


19. High above the Ruptured Heart

Take the sand portal marked on the map to get up. The shadow provision is right near the exit portal.


20. Sand Jackal Run


21. Sand Jackal Run

High up in the Djinn Enclave. Can use jackal sand portals for shortcut.


22. Sand Jackal Run

Need jackal shifting sands mastery for this. There is a sand portal that will take you directly to the area from Djinn Enclave.


23. Joko’s Domain

There is a set of stairs behind the wall that will take you up the rampart.


24. High Above the Bone Palace

This shadow provision is high up on the bone palace and there is an achievement for getting to the top.



25. Basaltic Fringe

Right next to the Lupicus Boneyard POI


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For #13 the “proper” way to get it is by using sand portals to reach the mastery, it’s not that hard as offers a better alternative to the griffon. It’s the same portals you use when chasing the champion air djinn.

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