SWTOR The Hot Prospect Server Renamed due to Outrage

Bioware is renaming The Hot Prospect server to Satele Shan due to outrage from players over the name.

Hot Prospect Name Concerns | 10.04.2017, 09:58 PM
Hey folks,

We have made the decision to rename The Hot Prospect server to Satele Shan. Since we announced the new server names, we have received some concerns from people regarding the name The Hot Prospect. Specifically, that phrase could be taken in slang terms to be derogatory towards certain individuals. We take this very seriously as we would never want to create a situation where someone is made uncomfortable by something such as a server name.

We will be updating all of our communications (such as the FAQ and blog) to reflect the new name in the coming days. Thank you for your understanding.


By Dulfy

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And if it did happen like that…. why would you care?
Also, people who use the term “snowflakes” to insult people with morals are funny.

Because they ignore legitimate concerns all the time, then act on shit like this?

People who defend snowflakes are far funnier. And let’s not pretend; morals aren’t anything to do with it. Some people were just sheltered too much as kids and can’t handle life.

Legitimate concerns like lack of gun control which causes mass shootings like the one 3 days ago? Financial lobbying which creates inequalities all over the world? Drone strikes and wars that kill innocents in the thousands every year? Persecution of people of different sexual preference or color which is happening even in “first world” countries?

What exactly are the legitimate concerns that you would like to solve and you think that “snowflakes” ignore? And you call this an “act”? Posting a message about how the term “hot prospect” might be offensive is to you so much effort and energy that you would like it to stop?

I don’t actually know what you mean “one of them”, as I haven’t really written anything about me. You have made 3 posts and still haven’t answered my question though. Why the fuck do you care, what other people find offensive? Does it somehow affect your life that the server was renamed?

Holy, fucking, shit.
This is a SWTOR forum complaining about whining ERPing fucknugget special needs kids somehow managing to change the server name.

Take your shitty politics and cancerous posts somewhere else. This game is dying, but that doesn’t mean you need to poke the biggest hole possible in the ship to make it sink faster.

Chill, bro. Holy fuck.

I’m perfectly chilled, thanks :’)

Didn’t mention politics either. Just don’t like the fact that BW have been getting legitimate feedback and ignoring it for years, then within a few days they’ve listened to snowflakes whining about being ‘offended’.

Which is why, as you said, the game is dying. Because apparently ‘Hot Prospect’ is offensive and yet being thoroughly ripped off for years isn’t.

using the word snowflake is a political statement

also Hot Prospect is a dumb name and Eric Musco is dumb for picking it and thinking it’s cool, we should be discussing that

No, snowflake isn’t political. Snowflake = someone who gets offended by inoffensive things. Nothing to do with politics, though it can of course be applied in political discussions as well.

I don’t disagree it’s a shit name, but I honestly don’t care either way. It’s beyond trivial. Which is why it’s annoying that BW are actually responding to this ‘feedback’ rather than legitimate gripes of the majority of the players.

Do you have a name for people that get offended at people getting offended at inoffensive things?

Oh, I see what you did there… You know about them too I see… The Dulfy “doppelgangers”…


the person that used the term snowflake was the first person to bring real world politics into these comments

I find it absolutely hilarious that John Kosto liked this comment. JOHN, HES TALKING ABOUT YOU.

And if it did happen like that…. why would you care?
Also, people who use the term “snowflakes” to insult people with morals are funny. – JOHN KOSTO

this is John’s VERY FIRST COMMENT.
He also was the FIRST to bring up real world politics.

Legitimate concerns like lack of gun control which causes mass shootings like the one 3 days ago? Financial lobbying which creates inequalities all over the world? Drone strikes and wars that kill innocents in the thousands every year? Persecution of people of different sexual preference or color which is happening even in “first world” countries? – JOHN KOSTO

Politics check, first to bring it up, check. then you say this, so naturally I would assume you were talking about the man who just did what you referred to.

the person that used the term snowflake was the first person to bring real world politics into these comments – HMH

I acknowledge that Ben Gimson said “legitimate concerns,” but in no way is that “bringing real world politics” into this discussion. That is deliberately vague, because he is intentionally not trying to make this a political discussion. He is just referring to how narcissistic “snowflakes” are. he is not directly “bringing real world politics” into this discussion, because he doesn’t mention a single one. However, John does, mentioning SEVERAL, shootings, financial lobbying, drone strikes, war, race, and homosexuality. i mean, he literally brought nearly every politic into this. lol

I am laughing from disbelief, because you say you are not referring to John, when he is the only person who fits the bill. lmao

still wrong, you are trying to re-litigate a month old discussion that you were not present for, you have no idea who said what first and you look like a fool for thinking you do

How am I wrong? You cannot say someone is wrong without explaining why they are wrong. If you didn’t, that would make you look like a fool.

Actually, I have a set record of who said what right on my screen. pretty crazy right? its almost like the discussion is saved on this page. So, it doesn’t really matter if I was present or not, because its still here.

you don’t seem to understand how these discussions on pages like this one take place over several threads up and down the page in real time on the day it happens, good luck with your sad investigations

That’s pretty hypocritical. Choosing to call political whatever post you might have an issue with. It also shows a certain level of… sensitivity. Next time you might want to try to see reality without your glasses.

This is an affliction of college radicals (see, I didn’t use SJW). They inject politics into EVERYTHING and when people complain or mock them – they get upset and accuse everyone else of inserting politics into the conversation.
This is what happens when you live in a bubble. you start believing your own bullshit and don’t realize out in the real world you’re making a fool of yourself.

You’re supposed to graduate and then LEAVE school. Get a real education. Some people just stay in school their whole lives. And they get confused that school is not real life.

Haha, thank you for your input but I am actually a professor, I have graduaded since 10 years ago, and I have been teaching at college level for 6 years. But I will follow your advice.

By the way,life in the arts and sciences is far more real than in what you call “the real world”. I kind of feel sad for you now. You are a zombie and you don’t even know it.

It’s funny how I haven’t even expressed anything political, nor have I actually sided with any political party or any specific ideology, yet you have placed me in a box in which you belong. You get triggered with EVERY SINGLE post that disagrees with you, and I received 12 notifications in just less than an hour, because you feel the need to point out how smart you are (hint: you are not at all).

My condolences.

not what you said 6 months ago. Like I said, you’re not a scientist. Stop saying that. You prolly teach a poli-sci 101 for freshmen.

I said the same 6 months ago and 1 year ago, and every time someone asks me. Go play somewhere else.

your post just above:
“Legitimate concerns like lack of gun control which causes mass shootings
like the one 3 days ago? Financial lobbying which creates inequalities
all over the world? Drone strikes and wars that kill innocents in the
thousands every year? Persecution of people of different sexual
preference or color which is happening even in “first world” countries?”

You don’t think that’s injecting politics into a Star Wars conversation? You can’t really be that clueless, can you?

And I am so far above your basic nonsense. You’re making arguments I made as a teenager. You are stuck in adolescent view of the world. That only happens to fools, and in more likely in your case, people who never get out of the bubble of academe.

Seriously, you can’t trigger me. No matter how much you try. Just stop trying, it’s embarrassing. Next thing you will say when cornered is that this was all an experiment that you wanted to do. Just stop.

I just slam dunked your “it’s funny how I haven’t even expressed anything political..” directly into your face – I mean you’re bleeding you moron – and you sidestep the issue mumbling something incoherent about trigger warnings or something.

You’re right though, you utter lack of self-awareness is embarrassing.

Well, I’m bored now and I don’t want you throwing yourself off a roof tonight so I’ll be gone for now. We’ll do it again real soon!

just rereading and – you really missed the point of my comment.

I’m saying you’re supposed leave school when you’re done. Becoming a professor after graduating you never actually leave school. You’re still there and never have to learn or deal with real non-school life. It’s happened to a few friends of mine so I know what it looks like.

campus life =/= real life

“””he immediately drove it into the direction of political correctness and to his personal “snowflake” viewpoint.”””

I said YOU drove it into the political direction.

but yes, call me a hypocrite. for something, that isn’t even hypocritical. I called you out, and that’s all you can do? If anyone is being sensitive its you. Sounds to me like you should be taking off the glasses…. or putting them, on. because either you can’t read for shit, or can’t comprehend it without getting offended. you snowflake. wait, isn’t that the thing you hate? snowflakes? Oh, and hypocrites. ironic that you’re both.

Nah, I wasn’t the first one to make it political. Context. Read it, understand it, then reply to me.

You’re right. I did mention that in my post. It’s not the place for these conversations. From what concerns me, I apologize.

Loololololol that’s how decayed your brain is. This term is not offensive. A warrior for social justice? That’s a negative thing for you? I personally don’t identify with the term, but it sounds like a positive thing to me

Hes not reffering to what the term actually means, in today’s society it represents the ridiculousness of the average SJW. But no, a social justice warrior isn’t a bad term, its just that most of the people who associate with the term that are deluded.

Dude, just tell them you’re sorry for invading their safe space and you didn’t mean to trigger them.

They sure haven’t stopped replying and showing their anger because I…. did what exactly? Called them out on their bullshit? Yeah… 45 posts because they got offended that other people got offended.

Can you not comprehend what I am saying? I didn’t say anyone was associating themselves with the term of social justice warrior. Someone was CALLED a SJW because they were ACTING LIKE ONE.

it’s not the label that’s offensive – it’s what it represents. Again, you know that, just being intellectually dishonest again. It’s what you do.

Ok, snowflake, isn’t it intellectually dishonest for you to pursue your own brand of ‘social justice’, as you do here on the reg. Or are you so blind to your own bs that only the ‘social justice’ of the left wing is reprehensible. I’m sure you believe right wing SJWs like yourself are just pursuing ‘truth’ right?

You don’t even realize it’s John that ‘triggers’ you, every time.

I’ve never pushed a political agenda of any kind. I don’t bring it up at all. Apparently mocking an extreme, morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology makes me a “right wing SJW?” That’s SJW logic – anyone to the right of Karl Marx is a Nazi – and feel free to punch said Nazi.

Your reading comprehension must be very poor. Every reply you make has no connection at all to what I’ve said so I can’t really reply to you.

Smug ignorance does get my back up. You (I know you’re on your sock account now john. Try to be less obvious this time) score very high on that, so yeah, I take great joy in pointing it out to the masses.

You’re not fun. You’re just dumb. Maybe you’re not John’s sock account. He’s at least coherent. Wrong, but coherent. You’re just…not interesting.

You don’t see how this only happens to you in the one place you go out of your echo box where everyone doesn’t agree with you.
You believe you’ve taught me words in our exchanges and you hate people that sound pompous?
You repeat slurs and arguments used by trolls countless times in every comment section on the internet and I’m unoriginal and uninteresting?
You abuse the language and put periods in the middle of half your sentences for no reason and I’m incoherent and dumb?

You really can’t see a pattern here?

Looks like you’re getting a little hot too. Are you and John lovers? The white knight routine doesn’t make sense otherwise.

Sorry about the punctuation problems. My editor is on vacation.

That’s you idiots go to thinking what you write makes everyone angry while really people are just laughing at your ignorance.

“my editor is on vacation’- there ya go sounding pompous again already, I thought you hated when people act like that, what happened?

It’s almost like you can’t control yourself or something.

wow. You really have no reading comprehension. You take all jokes literally and snap at me for it, kind of like a very small angry person. I poke at John cuz it obviously drives him crazy and he deserves it for being so basic and unaware. I’ve met thousands of Johns, he’s a stereotype. They all deserve it. He’s used to dealing with school children he has authority over and greatly over estimates his actual debate/argumentation skills. And mostly, I do it because it’s fun.

You chime in every time in his defense.1) You’re no help at all 2) he’s a big boy – let him handle it.

What’s your big contribution with the hundred or so comments you’ve made? You have one point, if that. Anyone who mocks SJW is an SJW. Thank you. I got it. You can stop saying it now. Anyone who laughs at someone for needing a safe space needs a safe space. How original.

I’m not going to keep jumping on you because I seriously think there’s something wrong with you, like you have a learning disability or something. Too much pot maybe. It’s not fun punching down. Please just stick to liking John’s comments.

No thanks I don’t take direction from pompous rubes. It’s a public forum, you write your opinion and I can write mine. You shouldn’t be so sensitive.

Why don’t you go back to the hoe down fly over state with your sister/wife where everyone agrees with you? If I’m so boring to you the ignore button is right there, or just stay perma-triggered and frothing at the mouth accusing everyone else of that simpleton anger you writhe in, no big deal.

I’m not sensitive, i’m trying to extend you mercy. But if you want to keep going I’ll be happy to. John makes me laugh, but I just feel bad for you. You’re trying so hard and I have no idea why and you’re miles from the mark.

FYI – I’m from nyc, born and raised, so not sure what flyover state you think I’m from. Just the latest in a long list of clueless opinions sputtered by you. It’s like you have no understanding of the world but you comment like you’re in the know.

The biggest problem with the written word – people tend to read their own emotions into the words. That’s what you’re doing with my comments. I’m laughing my ass off typing – genuinely having a blast trolling one pompous dude. you think I sound angry? That’s you.

“people tend to read their own emotions into the words.” correct, you keep saying I sound angry, that’s why I assume you are, by your own logic you have identified yourself as being angry. I’m not deluded enough to think I can read emotion, I’ll leave that to you.

I gotta point out that a few months back a different idiot was accusing me of being a sock puppet of Drivan who appears to have the opposite views as John outside of Swtor.

Just goes to show how certain people find it easier to declare something as fake rather than self asses.

maybe because you lack originality. Read a book published before 1972. It’ll help. Make sure you have a dictionary nearby.

SJW, snowflake, safe spaces…as soon as I see some jackass start tossing those terms around I know exactly what kind of angry little gremlin they are and know that I can ignore them. It’s actually kind of nice that they make themselves easily spotted.

I think you’re projecting a bit here. Every one I know mocks and ridicules SJW’s with glee. They’re not angry at all, in fact it’s fun trying to trigger them since it’s so easy.

Every SJW, on the other hand, walks around in a permanent scowl – ready to tsk-tsk the world that has let them down. You in particular seem very angry in your posts. Perhaps you’d be happier on Mars. I understand there is no injustice of any kinds there.

So you admit you live in a ‘safe place’ echo box where everyone shares the exact same view of the world, very much like what you are accusing John of.

Thanks, it was obvious, but your admission is welcome.

insert the word “that” betweet “I know” and “mocks” – then my comment is clearer and your whole response is 100% irrelevant. Right now it’s just 95% irrelevant.

So you want your sentence to be-“Every one I know that mocks and ridicules SJW’s with glee.” and you believe this and some arbitrary percentages represents a “clearer comment”

Sorry, I speak American English exclusively.

yes. Let me use smaller words for you.
“Everyone I know mocks” – would imply 100% of every human being I know walks around mocking SJWs. That of course is Hyperbole (I taught you that word last time, you should know it by now.) and no rational human being would take that as a literal statement. You did, naturally, and used that to conclude I live in a bubble.
“Everyone I know that mocks” clearly indicates a sub group of people I know, some of them mock SJW’s, some don’t. Now 95% of the population would have got that from the original post. It seems I have to spell it out for you.

I told you none of what you were saying made sense in American english, you took that to mean I beleived in the garbage %s you use to prove your own nonsense to yourself.

Because you live in a bubble of automatons that all think the same – it’s never occurred to you that there no such thing as Social Justice. You might as well call yourself Warrior for Rainbow Unicorns, or Champion of Utopia.

We all know what Justice is. Roughly, we all get that. Someone commits a wrong and somehow there is restitution, retribution, something Just to make amends.

Social Justice is whatever you want it to mean. But whatever it means, it’s the opposite of Justice. Justice is positive. “Qualifier”+Justice is the opposite. All qualifiers negate the term necessarily, otherwise “Justice” would suffice.

Justice is equal rights and equal punishment for all, but whatever you say. Sadly, your idea of justice is only focused on punishment. Why am I not surprised?

I used one example. It’s a forum not an essay. Of course you zeroed in on that small point. The actual thoughts being expressed were way too deep for you, so you had to go for the small ball. I hit post and immediately knew your response. I was tempted to change it, but it’s much better with your response in place – educating the masses. You are a lot of fun, for realz

John is the most unbiased/neutral on topic poster ive ever met not sure where your getting this idea from lol

he is more than “one of them” – he’s a professor or something or other in academe “scientist” – so he’s part of the system that is churning out the useless fucks polluting society.

This is not a conversation for this Forum. But it raises certain points that make me think.

I’ll explain: is what is considered “politically correct” becoming what it was meant to prevent?

In my country a political party put forth an act in parliament to have restricted zones in public transports for women. To prevent sexual harassment.

Now: wasn’t this what we as a people where meant to abolish? Segregation as a means to prevent? What’s next? Zones for the “coloured”? Different schools to prevent those children from being molested?

Wasn’t that where we started out? Didn’t we move away from that?

Our world is moving in a dark direction my friend. If anyone had told me someone like Trump would one day be President of the most influential country in the world I’d have a fit laughing…

Look who’s laughing now…

I agree with you completely. We are moving backwards. instead of leaning how to get along we are all trying to create our own spaces where we don’t have to interact with each other.
Even though I’m a tech guy and have been a tech guy for a long time, I blame a lot of our technology for what is happening. Because of email, text messaging, chat boards (such as this one), Google hangouts so on and so forth we no longer have to have face to face interaction with others and it makes us forget that we need to treat other with dignity and respect. All we see is the keyboard and teh screen and we think we can get away with saying anything and it doesn’t matter, then get pissed off when other think that they can do the same to us.
I’ve been guilty of this. I took a break from social media, forums even MMO’s and internet interaction with others because I didn’t like what was happening. I disliked how other people acted and treated others and I made it my mission to call out the trolls, the assholes, for their bad behavior. All teh while doing the same damn thing. Now 3 months later I’m back to my old self and can better recognize the BS for what it is.
You are right Paulo We are moving backwards, reverting back to segregation and it’s because we have forgotten how to have respect for one another and how to treat each other.

“reverting back to segregation and it’s because we have forgotten how to have respect for one another and how to treat each other.”

No, it’s because people are forever searching for new ways to be ‘offended’ by inoffensive things. The server name was not offensive. It’s a ship name from EU lore. But rather than think to themselves, ‘yeah, the devs obviously aren’t using this as whatever slang insult (not a very well known one by the looks of it) it’s supposed to be’ a minority of people have taken it upon themselves to crusade about a non-issue as if the devs specifically chose this name to try and offend people. Which is obviously fucking bullshit :’)

That’s why we’re reverting backwards into segregation. Because these pathetic SJWs do their utmost to spoil things for others and strip away their free speech, all supposedly to ‘defend’ or ‘protect’ people who often aren’t even offended themselves (seriously, next time there’s some outrage relating to ‘racism’, take a scroll through the comments and see how many of the people who should apparently be offended don’t give a fuck or outright call BS on the claim there’s any racism going on at all).

Ellen Degeneres is always championing all this modern hyper-equality, hugs-and-kisses stuff, and even she got pounced on once for photoshopping a picture of herself on Usain Bolt’s back as a joke relating to his speed; people on her side turned on her and claimed she was being racist and making parallels to slavery. And she’s on their team!

Twats like that just look for reasons to bitch and whine and delude themselves into thinking they’re doing something good while they hurl abuse at anyone who doesn’t agree with them. And then people wonder why the far-right is on the rise.

THAT is why things are moving backwards. Because people just take shit so far that anything you say can be blasted as being ‘offensive’ and everybody (especially big companies like EA) are constantly going out of their way to appease the SJW cultists and their mad (and seemingly random) demands.

I would, if I was a snowflake. Instead, and contrary to you, I am a real person who treats problems separately and not based on some hateful agenda.

yes. If you disagree with a SJW, you’re being a hateful bigot. you didn’t know that?

dude, you’re a walking stereotype. You’ve never had an original thought in your life. You are as predictable as any college freshman.

All of this is competely irrelevant though, true as it may be. The proposal about zones in public transports is not a solution. That doesn’t mean we should stop trying to find way to prevent sexual harassment. We just have to find the right way. It’s funny, because people who criticize “special snowflakes” for not approving words like “fag” , would go ape shit crazy if you called them an American piece of shit, and they DO go ape shit crazy if someone burns the american flag, or god forbid, kneels during the national anthem. They get offended by stuff that doesn’t matter at all, and then demand that no one get offended by derogatory demeaning words, which are directed straight to other the person.

“I can call you anything I want, and you can’t offend my country, my religion, or anything I believe in”

Hypocrisy at the maximum.

Yeah, I see your point. I guess what I was trying to convey is that people get too offended too often for my own personal taste these days.

If you come to live in the US ever, you might understand why this is happening. It’s a whole different world here, with inequality, injustice and worst of all, zombified, dead-inside people down every street. With a lot of real people too, but the hate is just so much here sometimes. Especially in these weird times that we live in… Not that in Europe it’s any better now…

% of people who get ape shit crazy if burn the US Flag: Maybe 10%

% of people who laugh at SJW’s and the defenders of their righteousness: about 65%

There may be some overlap in these two groups but you can’t refer to them as if they are the same people as you do. If got out more and met some real people you’d know that.

I have met hundreds of people, and there is definitely one statistic that always overlaps. Every single person that uses the words “special snowflake”, “social justice warrior”, “spoiled millenial” is without exception a piece of shit in their professional and personal lives. They whine all the time, they are entitled and constantly think they deserve more than they get, and usually they are uneducated and uninformed.

Listen, I’m not your Dad. And I’m sorry for all those times you were stuffed in a locker. It’s not your fault.

I use spoiled millenial, but Im not sure I know where the lines are, sometimes I think it’s everyone younger than me. Ihaven’t yelled at anyone about my yard yet…

In general the term “snowflake” is just a rehash of people saying you lived a sheltered life, kept away from the world and have extreme difficulty dealing with the realities of what the world really is.
The kids who grew up with helicopter mom’s that did all they could to keep their special angel away from all those bad things. The overbearing dad that would threaten to beat the crap out of their kid’s classmates when teh kid gets picked on.
The special snowflakes are the folks that are taught that the world revolves around them and that they are owed the universe simply because they breath and grace us with their presence.
Believe me I see it every day. Little Johnny didn’t do his homework all semester and got an F in math, but mom and dad demand his grade be changed to at least a “B” because he won’t be allowed to play basketball if he has an F and little Johnny is gonna be the next Larry Bird…

To take this really old school, “snowflakes” and like Varuca Salt from the Gene Wilder Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only with no spine, no guts, really wimmpy.
I don’t think anyone was calling you a snowflake John, but saying that teh people griping about the name “Hot Prospect” being offensive and not taking the time to understand the history and reason for the name as being snowflakes.
It really is a cruddy thing to gripe about.

Do you know how I know that the term was not used for me? First, because I wouldn’t give a shit about the term “Hot Prospect”, but more importantly, because people who use the term, NEVER use it for the people that you described in your response.

The level of brainwashing to try to give a negative aspect to anything, stil amazes me. If you say you want men and women to have equal rights, you are suddenly a Social Justice Warrior. Because somehow wanting justice in a society is wrong? LOL. If you say you are against racism and fascism, you are a special snowflake. If you say you want equal rights for everyone, suddenly you are a deluded idealist. I guess people should then want an unjust society, inequality everywhere and a sexist, racist, misogynistic society, because that would make them feel secure?

That whole “life is hard” speech is redundant btw. People who would be offended by the name “Hot Prospect” will not really go anywhere in life if that’s how they approach life everywhere, so why the fuck should we care about them being offended?

PS. The name “Hot Prospect” is the most retarded name for a server that anyone could ever think of, and the history and reason behind it is crap.

LOL – “if you don’t accept all my problem diagnosis and fully support all my proposed solutions – then you just want an unjust society.” – LOL

Here’s the thing, we ALL have equality under the law. Every single American is equal, we all share the same bill of rights, the same constitution and the same state and federal laws. All legal citizens are equal under the law.
A snowflake feel’s that isn’t good enough and thinks that we need laws that force others to conform to a different mind set of what equality is and therefore giving some groups special treatment over others. In my humble opinion, that is wrong.

No one in their right mind wants to see socialists an d fascists taking root in America, the problem is that a specific political party and their followers have decided to redefine those terms to mean anyone that they disagree with and therefore is attempting to silence teh free speech of others through false labels and old fashion name calling.

Yeah, I agree “The Hot Prospect” is a dumb name, I laughed when I saw it and thought, “what idiot thought of that?” It is a silly and stupid name. What is even worse is people being “outraged” over the name. THOSE folks are the special snowflakes. The people who got offended at something stupid. Life is hard may be redundant and over used, but it’s true. A great deal of people in this country have never actually experienced a hard life. The speech gets repeated because maost people today are so used to just getting their way all the time that they don’t realize that losing, not getting your way and failure are just part of life. You gotta deal with it and move on.

Dude, you still care too much. About something that makes no difference for your life. I personally don’t see anyone in my personal life use the term “fascist” incorrectly. Unless you are also one of those who think that for example Trump is not a racist or a sexist. He is the epitome of a racist and a sexist.

I don’t really care to rehash this discussion about special snowflakes. To me everyone who uses this term as an effort to invalidate or diminish someone else who addresses a social issue, is an idiot, plain and simply. They are putting other people in boxes, assuming they know everything about their opinions and ideas and their personality.

Did I get annoyed about the name “Hot Prospect”? No. I couldn’t care less. Did I get offended? Fuck no. Do I care that others got offended? Of course not. Why the hell would I care? It has a ZERO effect on my life or society. If anything, it was the reason to get rid of that stupid name.

Whether life is hard or not is irrelevant with any of this. It’s not about “getting your way”, for christ’s sake. It’s about doing things the right way. By the way, the so called “freedom of speech” does not include, and has never included hate speech. I don’t know how people fail to realize this. It’s not cool to call someone a nigger or a faggot or a slave or yellow or a whore, how hard is it to understand this? And the funny part is that when people using these words are called stupid, racist, narrow-minded, bigots and whatnot (which are all true), somehow they get batshit crazy and are offended 100 times more than any “special snowflake”. So yeah, hypocrisy much?

PS. The law also forbids murder, and yet people get murdered. I mean… the fact that the law is supposed to see all citizens equal, doesn’t mean that it happens.

Dude, you jumped way off teh deep end and went a direction that I didn’t even imply.

“It’s about doing things the right way.” – you assume that there is “right” way and that you know it.

“freedom of speech does not include hate speech” – yes it does, because you can’t declare anything “hate speech” – in 1860 saying slavery was cruel would be considered hate speech.

“the fact that the law is supposed to see all citizens equal, doesn’t mean that it happens.” everybody understands this, we disagree with proposed solutions

“Trump…is the epitome of a racist and a sexist.” That’s an opinion not a statement of fact. I know some racist and they don’t sound anything like Trump.

This is not Star Wars right here, it’s a public forum. Get your shit together. Also, you are not one to talk about mindless… anything.

“Snowflakes” is not to insult people with morals. It’s directed at people who cry and need a safe space because someone they might disagree with is speaking.

The horror!!!

Of course, you know that. You’re just being intellectually dishonest. It’s what you do.

If people who are the target of said insult are people with morals, and not people who cry and need a safe space, then the following applies:

1. It’s not an insult
2. I am being completely intellectually honest
3. People who use the term snowflake as an insult remain funny
4. You remain intellectually poor

Also, don’t act as if I respect your opinion and your input. You are being stupidly naive and clueless. Please don’t go crying in your safe space now.

Lol. Don’t believe them. They’re blaming it on…what, potential bullying.. but that’s just a convenient excuse. They’re changing it because everyone thought it was a stupid sounding name and they realized everyone was right.

I’m at a loss here. What does it stand for? I mean, in slang terms? Is there any foundation for it being offensive in any way?

Satele Shan is a much cooler name. I am happy for that change. Not that it would matter.

Having said that, I do not know this slang term, and whom it could offend.

English not being my first language I’m not aware of this expression being some sort of slang for something else.

What does it mean?

Looks like it is used to describe a young girl who will one day possibly be hot. So, for example, a lecherous individual staring at a 14 year old will say she’s a “prospect.”

Musco apparently found one that’s a sure thing and wanted to immortalize his find for the rest of SWTOR’s lifespan.

It’s also used to indicate a girl that you’re interested in; a ‘hot prospect’ is a girl you’re interested in that you expect to be able to get into bed easily.

Oh, now I see… And that explains why I didn’t know about it. Being married, THAT could lead me in to all sorts of problems. WAY more serious problems than the state of TOR loooooooool…

Yeah, I’ve spoken English my whole life, served in the Army for 20 years and now work in a High School (meaning I hear and have heard all of teh derogatory slang you can imagine) and I still have no idea what the hell he is talking about.

I’d bet money that this is just a cover for them being nervous because people just think the name is stupid (which it is.) They can’t afford to lose anyone and the game is SO weak that a server name could legit push someone over the edge because they have nothing to stay for anyway.

Q: What server are you on? A: The Hot Prospect.

Who the hell wants to say that? lol

Oh, I had this one guy almost declaring his undying love to the game and the devs. Made me laugh so hard my wife came into the room to see what was happening. Priceless man, just priceless.

I don’t quite understand what got people’s goat about it, other than it sounding kinda douche-y (but have you met most of the people on Harbinger? “Kinda douche-y” is, like, the server motto, and its population is going to account for most of the new server, too). Keith’s post made it sound like apparently it’s actually an offensive term, though?

Idc if it was the name of Zayne’s ship. The very vocal, visible component of Harby’s population (the obnoxious %) would twist it into something ugly which is why it was appropriate to just change it.

Out of all the things to be worried about: Skank Tanks, Mercs, other various broken classes, win trading, the obvious decline in population and skill in the player base, and the lack of actual fresh content being added to the game. You choose to concern yourself with the name of a SERVER, this is exactly what the problem is with people who still play ToR, you want to fight over the little things and ignore the big issues truly killing the game. Smh.

I’m definitely unsubbing now after this. The ‘prospect’ of going ape shit over a server name just goes to show how delusional and mentally unstable the SWTOR community is as a whole.

Luk we need constructive tlk in dis forum. Wht if musco pops by to pick up ideas??? He will b liek the knew server naem is ‘Uh Uh Hu Nani’ by popular demand.

I take it that “Repository of Pickled Penguin Penis” is out, then?
Damn, I had hopes for that one 🙁

Musco on Live Stream: Sorry guys, these things are hardcoded and cannot be changed so don’t ask.
Next Day: We are changing the names.

Literally don’t believe anything this smurf says -_-

Guy 1: “I’m playing on Hot Prospect !”
Guy 2: “…ummm, what kind of game did you say you played ?”

Dude… You’re scary. I’ve gone up against so many guys here…

I would NOT like to go up against you.


Were you privy to some information about the next expansion that you would like to SHARE with the rest of the community???

The “John Smedley” server wouldn’t be infested with little bitches who demand social justice in every tiny corner of the known galaxy. The John Smedley server would be a beacon of normalcy.

If “Normal” was immature rantings about a video game by the server’s namesake who continues to pour money into the very system he supposedly despises.

If anyone is wondering how this is offensive, a hot pospector is someone who is in sales through calling. Idk how the fuck that is offensive, but I find it offensive that they found this offensive. Jesus christ, whoever is offended by this must have skin as thick as school toilet paper.

Scott’s brand toilet paper is the most 1-ply and thinnest I’ve ever used (non-generic brand that is). ;p

basically what you have to do, is take both rolls from each stall, and fold them over each other, to make one wipe capable of shielding your fingers from your anus. for multiply wipes you have to visit other bathrooms, and become a toilet paper bandit.

Hey that stuff may be thin, but is somehow as rough as the toughest sandpaper.
The folks at Skillcraft and Lighthouse (the manufactures of the majority of the paper products schools and the Government buy) should start engineering Space Shuttle parts!

Considering there are two other servers named “Tulak Hord” and “Darth Malgus”, I think it’s fair to name this one after Satele. Imperials still have 2/5 servers named after them, with only 1 named after a Republic character.

Ideally they wouldn’t name any after actual characters and would keep them based on locations/ships, but if they’re gonna name them after people, Republic characters should be represented too.

Soon I will be playing on Darth Malgus server. I’m a pub by heart. I can understand the feeling. Even though it’s the other way around.

Just a shout out to all the guys -AND GIRLS- that come here. I swear, scrolling down this thread I just couldn’t stop laughing. Even if at the very there were some very serious talks going on.

I’ve said it before, will say it again: Dulfy is the best thing to come out of TOR. I have much more fun here than ingame. Kudos to y’all.

yeah this place is hilarious not sure what gonna happen if tor finally dies but knowing tor it will be lolz somehow

Me Too!!! so much better than the game now, that’s for sure.

Instead of game time, I troll Dulfy comments

Is this one of those American things, like when you see guys say its the greatest country then 2 mins later says make it great again, because I don’t get it, how the hell is it offensive.

I gotta be honest. I’d be a bit bummed if my server was named Hot Prospect while others got Darth Malgus. Luckily I got Darth Malgus.

When I started playing, I choose the wrong coast, and had no idea what the difference between pvp, pve, and rp were, so I got stuck in Begeren. Rip me

Both names are stupid. Who cares? I want to keep my character names and choose what legacy name I get to keep on each server. With these 2 factors handled I will eagerly await (or at least patiently tolerate) whatever other changes are coming.

The hot Prospect is slang for something? Anyone want to clue me in?

I’m so old – I named a toon T-girl, which was a nickname of an old girlfriend, you know, her name started with T. I couldn’t understand the weird comments I was getting in game. I eventually learned the rabble has commandeered the name T-girl as short for Tranny. So apparently my toon was walking around transgendered without my knowledge. I had to reroll.

Let me translate Eric’s post for you:

You all called us out on how fucking stupid this server name was and we are so worried about losing anymore subs that we are renaming it. Since I had to go on a live stream and giggle like a child about how I pushed the server name because I have nothing better to do other than find lulz for myself and play slap-ass with Keith, we came up with this BS excuse in a lame attempt to cover up another dumbass decision. Please go back to convincing yourself that we’re one of you, give a damn about this sinking ship of a “MMO”, and have even a shred of integrity left.

– eric

‘have even a shred of integrity left’. Very nicely put. Watching this guy laugh like a schoolboy every livestream makes me want to smash my laptop screen. Come on, at least try to put an aura of professionalism out to your paying customers. If I missed deadlines like they did and then laughed in front of my customers, I’d be friggin homeless by now.

Also a promise from my toddler niece not too feed my dog from the dinner table means more to me than a promise from BWA. 🙁

Remember, these are the a-holes who thought it was funny to have a bingo sheet at the beginning of a live stream that had spots for all the phrases and lame features they get called out for on the forums. I imagine them sitting around playing Nerf basketball most of the day.

Oh for sure Fred, I have no doubt they do jack shit all day. It’s either that or total incompetency and I don’t believe anyone is this incompetent. I called them out when Keith kept promising the playerbase he was working hard. If he was he wouldn’t have the time to keep announcing announcements….

Keith boasting of his 12 Command Rank 300 characters also struck a nerve with me a well. If that is true and to be frank i highly doubt it is, then how the hell is he getting anything done? Granted I haven’t played since early 5.0 as that was their last chance saloon with me so I don’t know how bad the grind actually is. But surely telling everyone you’re gaming so much and then not meeting deadlines is nothing short of idiocy?

Hot Prospect is a squad status in Football Manager. Been so for ages. Hopefully the bioware team will inform SI it’s offensive at the next developer convention.

If you know or use any slang stuff – thats your problem lol
in normal world “prospect” or “hot prospect” in buisiness lang. is OK. Stop being in ghetto

Wow, and yet I still have toons called: Honeytits, Firebewbs, Stealthybewbs, Stealthybratwurst, Coitusmaximus

Well you gotta credit BWA with one thing, they are PR gods. They decimate the game into oblivion, but at every stage they find new ways to distract their playerbase from seeing it. When they merge the servers again in a years time I wonder how they’ll disguise it?

I love how a good half of the comments here are people calling people out for being offended by the name but the other half of the comments aren’t people being offended it’s people trying to figure out who’s offended and why.

Nobody appears to have taken any offense here on Dulfy. Some of us think the name was dumb and are fine with the change but I read down this whole thing and didnt find a single comment with someone really upset about it.

It’s because no one is upset about it.

Gamers just think it was a dumbass choice when there are so many better SW related possibilities that gamers might actually know for a server name.

How Eric though (or anyone for that matter) thought the obscure comic book reference to a ship called “the hot prospect” was a good idea is beyond me and thats before I get into all the jokes about the name itself.

I think there was an actual thread written up that the server name was offensive, we live in SJW PC asylum these days.

That we do but I have to admit even I wouldn’t want a server called the hot prospect when there are so many other better references to sw material than this one.

It’s like bioware chose something very few would ever know without looking it up while giving the other 4 something more interesting.

It was a stupid name to start with and didn’t really fit. Of all the names it could have been, how that one made the list is mindboggling.

What surprises me (or maybe not, used to the madness now) is that the server name is the biggest issue those people on the SWTOR forums have.
Like really thats what springs to front of the queue with the roadmap.
Thats the only thing you lot can see is a problem?
When the I.Q. and the expectations are that low in your player base it’s any wonder EA/Bioware get away with it.

Like I said before Eban, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. I want to return and play this game, I truly do. I’ve got so many good memories from the earlier days but the content BW put out is so poor and so infrequent that I cannot give them my money.

Like you say it must be that there is an intelligence shortage within the community, I don’t wanna insult anyone but I cannot see how anyone would pay for the game it’s current state unless they are a bit thick.

And I still read people say ‘give them time’ and ‘doing their best’. Seriously? I keep thinking at some point these people will wake up from the BW brainwashing but if anything the worse BW do, the more they leeway they give them. It’s some sort of absurd logic I can’t understand.

Couldn’t agree more, I would love to return to the golden days of 2.0/3.0, best time ever.
I too refuse to give them a penny out of sheer principle for the level and lack of new content.
And yeah the more mistakes and broken promises they deliver the more the Bioware defenders get angry at you for calling them out on it.
It’s a crazy world, when you’re paying for a product and the quality becomes lesser and lesser than previous but others happily continue paying the same or more then its any wonder things don’t improve, why would it.

Surely there has to be a tipping point, I thought we were there recently with all the disenchanted voices at the lack of the Roadmap, but low and behold yet another disappointing Roadmap comes and everyone seems to eat the shit up.

And then they freely admit in the live stream that the Operation isn’t going to finished (no surprise there) but people are more angry at the name ‘Hot Prospect’? Come on, surely there has be some amount of accountability levelled at BW? Keith is claiming he’s got 12 characters to Command Rank 300. FUCKING STOP GAMING AND DO YOUR JOB YOU ABSOLUTE IDIOT.

Yeah I seen that also..King Keith and his 12 toons at command rank 300 like its a badge of honor.
Heh Keith you’re insane if you think for one second that anyone grinding those command ranks is impressive in any way.
People doing operations in hardmode and nightmare mode to get BIS gear that was impressive back in the day.
People walking around in BIS but couldn’t do a simple rotation to save their life is laughable.

Perhaps that’s the problem. The lead producer thinks that a constantly grinding old content is fun, whereas the majority of his potential players and current players will tell him that it is not.

For me progression is fun, challenging yourself to beat hard content and reaping the benefits is fun. Playing with friends and sharing banter is fun. So is running multiple toons so you variety in your gameplay. These are the things BW have taken from me 🙁

And don’t ask me how i feel about their current story, I doubt they’ve invented the profanities I need to describe that.

Yeh but that’s the problem. BW have brainwashed everyone into thinking this is the way it should be, poor and infrequent content. I remember the days when the content was frequent and superb. The price of a subscription hasn’t dropped, so why has the content level?

Profit margins and lazy developers. There can be no other reason, and that’s why I’m so frustrated, this used to be an amazing game, now it’s a glorified digital barbie game 🙁

Ahh, those were good times. Aside from my first time playing through the story at launch, My best memory of the game was after the legacy patch, when we got the surprise Rakghoul event (when no one knew what was happening!) and trying to figure out the Lost Island and Explosive Conflict fight mechanics w/ my guild before any guides were published.

They simply won’t ever match that.

Lost Island HM when it was lvl50 is still one of the hardest fights I’ve ever faced in this game and I’ve done lot’s of NiM bosses. When that motherfucker turns into the rakghoul near the end, you damn well had better know your rotation 🙂

Like you say those were some good times but it’s a different game now. A crying shame as there was huge potential if only it had been directed better 🙁

I struggle with the nostalgia too, but that was ~5-6 years ago. I’ve gone back since then, and it’s been disappointing. The core worlds are still dead, old content isn’t relevant, everyone I played with/made memories with are gone, and you’ll basically log in, play through an expansion or two (doesn’t take more than an afternoon) and then you’re left screwing around with your stronghold – for $14.99 or whatever the sub cost is. No point in getting up to tier in raid gear, or farming galactic command, seeing as you’ll only get a new boss this year.

True, I must confess I’ve only played the last two expansions on two characters, one dark and one light. The replay value just isn’t there as the story gets tiresome very early. Add this the fact that they can’t put a whole raid together in 12 month time frame pretty much sums where BW are at. As Rompe says it’s minimal effort, maximum profit 🙁

Oh man… I did the last two xpacks on 11 or 12 of my toons. THAT’S what finished me. I couldn’t stand the game anymore. I got burned on it. REALLY burned. And bummed that they would ever think those two were such a great idea. A return to BW epic storytelling… Yeah right…

Well, what are you gonna do? You have your toons at max level, you’ve done all the Ops there are to do. You don’t really care about pvp… I started doing it. I mean, I really gave KotFE a chance. I TRIED to like it. That’s what’s so sad about being called a hater. I TRIED to love it. I tried to enjoy it. I couldn’t. And I actually think KotET was a few notches BETTER than KotFE. But nowhere near as good as something like Oricon… Ridiculous…

Paulo, reading this bums me out so much. I literally couldn’t face more than 2 the runs I did and I still have a Sage that is stuck on chapter 2 or 3 whichever one you fight the monolith, so therefore has no companions other than Treek and HK.

This comes from a player who ran SoR at least 16 times and let’s face it that wasn’t great, but in comparison to KoT** it’s Pulitzer Prize storytelling. Think I remember telling you a while back that I YouTubed the Kaliyo differences in the story as I couldn’t face running the chapters again on my Sniper 🙁

Isn’t the return to BW storytelling because it’s cheap? A black screen with text and no voice-over is a lot worse than the Vanilla TOR class story immersion 🙁

Same – I have 20 toons, I think 2 I grinded thru the “story.” 2 or 3 are stuck with like 2 companions cuz I just can’t go on. The rest are just stuck at 65. no replay-ability at all.

The whole thing looked forced to me. Unless it’s possible that they misread player base complaints that drastically.

It’s been a long while since they taken any player feedback seriously. If they did, they’d have abandoned the Alliance/Valkorian/Zakuul storyline ages ago as the majority of the playerbase want a return to the proper Star Wars Rep vs Imp / Jedi vs Sith storylines.

Ok Rob… Brace yourself AGAIN… I feel a rant in the Force hehehehehe…

I didn’t do it all in a single run, of course. I spaced it out. And I didn’t do KotET until much later.

A long time ago, in many posts far, far away here on Dulfy, I was engaged in the “Raiders vs Casuals Wars”. Maybe people have forgotten about those times, but I haven’t. It were rough times, as I engaged in the fight for those who thought KotFE was a bad direction for this game.

Me and my fellow raiders lost that war. Many have switched opinion, but in those days Ops and group content were a thing of the past. As were we. Called “irrelevant”, “outdated”, and my favourite, “fossils”. People argued their case with made up numbers, like the raiding population of the game was only 2%, and “alternate facts” like that.

As I said, I lost that particular argument. And that’s fine, life goes on. But I always try to learn something, even from not so positive situations. I vowed to give this new direction a chance. I had been through the rough period in the game when it went f2p, and I stuck by the guys at BW. I would do so again. After all, that’s the period when all the content that I still love in this game came about. I’ve said it many times, and stole your pinnacle thing (hehehe): Oricon was this game at it’s prime.

But I remember saying to someone, as I admitted my defeat: I really hope you guys are right, that the game needs this shift. I really do, because if I am right, it could be the beginning of the end for this game.

And then I tried. I tried my best. Just like in a relationship where you feel you should be moving on but you still fight, but the feelings just aren’t there anymore. I tried to like the content, because as soon as Chapter IX ended I knew I couldn’t love it. Then came the Companions stuff. Not very interesting either. Then came the Star Fortresses (do I REALLY have to say what I think about the Star Fortresses???). Then came the Eternal Championship. Oh boy the Eternal Championship… Let’s not even go there, please.

You know, it’s very easy to come here and bash us out as “haters”. But the truth is so far from that. We LOVED this game. After YEARS of frustration we just gave up. I just started calling them as I see them. To this day I do this. Until the day I finally give up on this, or the game shuts down…

In all my years of commenting on this game, I just wish I was wrong. Just to be wrong a couple of times. That would mean the game was alive, that people were playing it. That this world of Star Wars that I and my family love so much would be enhanced by this game.

Ok. I feel harmony is returning to the Force. Rant over. You can wake up now…


Nicely ranted Paulo 🙂 I always enjoy reading them, they usually reflect my feelings of how things have gone.

I couldn’t agree more about the exodus of players, and I remember the Raiders vs Casuals wars. The problem I always saw was that by catering almost exclusively to Casual players, BW left themselves at the mercy of players who are erratic in their gameplay and don’t have that much loyalty to the game. BW HAD to meet a KoTOR level of story to keep these players interested. Obviously they haven’t and so many have already vacated the game.

If they had kept up what they were doing pre 4.0, most of us would remain, there may have been a slight drop year on year but nothing compared to what I witnessed during 4.0. 🙁

Alas, we lost the battle and by all accounts the war. Although I was away this weekend and I come back today and read that Timothy Zahn is getting involved! Just when I was about to give up they once again shine that ray of hope.

I won’t be getting too excited but who knows, perhaps there is a chance of a decent expansion story happening. It’s just a shame that it’ll all be essentially solo play if it does happen 🙁

Seriously. I can’t even think of how The Hot Prospect could be derogatory toward a person, it’s more of a sales lead/predatory lending term. “Worst” case I can think of is a harmless term for someone attractive, which doesn’t even target one gender/race/ethnicity/etc. — which is, again, harmless (and who would really say “HEY THAT GUY IS A HOT PROSPECT”?).

Satele Shan is a dumb name – almost like they didn’t care so long as it was a girl’s name. With everything in the game/lore, THAT is what they settled on? lol.

I didn’t much like The Hot Prospect, but I think I hate Satele Shan just a bit more. Why not a name like “The Defenestrator” or “The Kool Kids Klub” or “Carl”

“The Defenestrator”… Oooooh, I think I see a lot of people getting upset over that one…

“Come here let me defrenestrate you with my loooong lightsaber” sort of thing…

why dont they call them “US East” US West” “Germany” “France” etc
and be done with such nonsense. The names are only visible when you switch servers or roll a new one anyways.

Since it seems a lot of people are outraged at the name while the rest is perplexed as to why (or mad or whatever), allow me to provide an explanation.

First, here’s the description for The Hot Prospect from Wookiepedia:

“When Marn Hierogryph sent Slyssk to buy a new ship for the group, the latter became confused as he had never bought a starship before – only “borrowed” them. The saleslady whom Slyssk met with tricked him, saying that the Hot Prospect was a “gem” of a ship, when it was actually a gem miner. As a result Slyssk choose to buy the Calipsan mining ship, which looked equally ugly both inside and outside. Gryph had Slyssk spend the rest of his life debt cleaning it up.

Later Jarael and Rohlan used the ship while traveling to Metellos 3. When Zayne finally caught up with his friends, Gryph introduced the ship to the former Jedi, to Carrick’s great surprise and perplexity. The ship was later used to ferry the group to the Chancellor Fillorean, Pantolomin, Wor Tandell and, finally, the Koornacht Cluster, where it fought in a space battle against the Gladiator.”

In essence, BW chose to name a server after one of the most pointless star ships in SW lore. A ship that was marketed as a “gem” when in reality being it was pretty ugly and worthless. Which coincidentally happens to be a pretty good analogy of how TOR gets marketed by BW/EA and the actual quality of its content. Subconsciously, a lot of the last few remaining diehards sensed they were being mocked a little bit too much by BW and simply chose to finally stand up for themselves. Because server names is definitely the mole hill to die on…

Even – or should I say especially – after reading your explanation… I still don’t understand the outcry. Seems really like a special snowflake thing. I couldn’t care less about my server’s name. You don’t even really see your server’s name anymore, when logging in.

The name was dumb, and it was Eric Musco’s idea, so that makes it even more dumb. I’m glad they changed it, but the fact that it was changed because of overly sensitive snowflakes is freaking hilarious.

“We take this very seriously as we would never want to create a situation where someone is made uncomfortable by something such as a server name.” LOLOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLOLOLOLOLOLLLLLL!!!!!1!!!!

Without defending BW, I think it could be deemed sexist- search urban dictionary. It’s also a dumb uninspiring name and shows BW are devoid of help. I love the new idea of United Forces, it coincides with the fact that there will soon just be 2 people left playing ToR. Eric and Keith.

That’s right folks. They’ll change a server name when it may be sexist but they refuse to support deaf players when told their phone support will not take a third party call. Weird ethics there.

i hate the player base more than i hate playing this stale game at this point. its the main reason i haven’t played in 3 months.

Truthfully it doesn’t even matter cuz I’m going to keep referring to my server as BC even after the change just like I still say SM, HM, and Nim.

How does nobody understand the possible offense that can be taken? Don’t any of you nerds know how to google things?

Hot Prospect Urban Dictionary

HP, or HP’s…short for HOT PROSPECTS. Imminently bangable girls.

“Did you see the way that HP was getting down to C+C Music Factory? I might get her a Zima.”

And the name has absolutely NOTHING to do with what you posted. Compare some apples to apples for a change, not apples to Musco’s balls.

You can’t be this stupid. So if there was a ship in a star wars book called “The N Word” and then they named a server that, you can’t understand how someone would be offended by that name? Because it’s not what they were directly referencing? Leave mom’s basement sometime, you need fresh air.

P.S. – I am in no way offended by the name, but I have a brain so I can understand how a derogatory slang term that is degrading to women isn’t a good look for a star wars server name….

Do you think that is a fair comparison? Hot Prospective has never in my presence been used to reference a woman, and even if it had been I hardly think it would amount to the same as a racial slur.

You’ve never been in the presence of a live woman besides your mom, hush up. I’m sure you….random guy on the dulfy forums posting as a guest…. are a better reference point then urban dictionary lmao.

It sounds to more like certain people are allowing themselves to get their panties in a bunch over nothing. Hell, I’m a woman and I’d play on a server called “Sweet Tits Bang that Shit All the Way to China” if it meant I was getting stable servers and comprehensive story and MMO game content.

> Don’t any of you nerds know how to google things?

One look at the support forums will show you that no, many folks don’t know how to google.

Dude if that was really your knee jerk reaction to the phrase “hot prospective” than you’re a perv. No normal adult or even teen would use that phrase that way, even ironically. That’s like getting triggered over “rule of thumb” or any number of other innocuous phrases that could be twisted with extreme mental gymnastics into being mildly disparaging. Hot Prospective is a hell of a lot less offensive than the disgrace bioware has done to a previously enjoyable game with their blaise disregard for their customers.

To be honest, I was not familiar with the reference at all. However, once it was flagged as something offensive, it took all of 3 seconds to google and find out what is was and to understand how people could be mad.

How about you sit the next few plays out champ, thinking is not your strong suit….

Interesting on this you go sounding like a cry baby Instead should you not be saying.. Grow up we are adults commenting here…..

Fire him??? They will probably promote him, after diverting everyone’s attention from what really matters in the game…

Oh, my goodness… let’s just all take a deep breath and stop thinking too much in the wrong direction as we adults often tend to do…

I googled “hot prospect” and all that came up is “hot prospects for sales”, links to this post, and wookiepedia about the starwars ship hot prospect.
So whats the problem?

When i see the word “prospect” im thinking about a new dude in a motorcycle club, at least thats what “prospect” means in my country.

So many people offended because they think other people are offended. If they had just changed the name and not given a reason, none of these people complaining about “special snowflakes” would care.

It’s really entertaining when the real snowflakes are the ones who criticize others for being snowflakes….

This is fun. I’m watching u2 in a circle jerk. I may not be old enough to watch this. I should check the rating.

He’s a guy who re-rolled because he worried other players thought his digital SWTOR character was transgendered (lol) and this was because he named his character “T-girl” which was the nickname of one of his ex’s (creepy af that is)…what do you expect? Snowflake indeed.

A few normal people found my story funny. Self-deprecating humor. You should try it sometime, don’t take everything so seriously. It’s just a game!

unlike you and John, I found it distracting when pervs kept trying to ERP with my toon while gaming.

I agree. Most people would have seen the first ‘snowflake’ label as a throw away line, just a term floating around – equivalent of jerk or idiot.

Unfortunately, snowflakes do exist and immediately get butthurt and start ranting. Then people like me come around I just have to poke them ’til they pop. I can’t help myself.

Who was actually offended by that? Fleet chat is 900% raunchier and cruder than that server name and yet presumably most of the people who’d have a reaction to the server’s name see fleet chat with some regularity.

“Truth bombs” ?? So you want the Europeans to be all killed by Muslims? In that case, FUCK all who died in Las Vegas, i piss on their graves, i enjoy to see their families suffer! How about that?

didn’t think anyone would take it that way.

gotta chill. No one said what was happening was good, just saying it’s happening. It’s not my fault.


Of all the things that could be considered offensive in TOR, that’s the one they focus on?

Oh, this is an early April Fools.

So weird how this keeps happening lately. Wonder if its the same person with multiple accounts trying to be clever or if Disqus has bot accounts copying comments somehow.

Well…I’ll look at it on the flipside…now I can upvote my own comment without being looked upon as a douche ^^

Wow… this is… really kind of pathetic… and it makes most of our players seem REALLY petty… so, yeah, consistent 😛

Didn’t suprise me since they supercutt Kotfe’s remaining two seasons into KOTET, because the players didn’t like the slow & “boring” progression.

Indeed. “boring”. Those complaints only started when CH9 came out anyway. That chapter had the issue of being placed into combat long before you reach the enemies, which sucks. And I’m amused at how some describe the layout of corridor -> 3 enemies -> corridor -> 3 enemies corridor -> 3 enemies -> corridor -> 3 enemies and say it’s a bad thing. That describes most parts of the game. The frequency of that does happen more often than necessary, this is true. But that wasn’t cause to shorten the story. Just reduce the number of enemies to fight in between corridors. If some thought it wasn’t fun, so be it. Most of us enjoyed it. Most of my guild mates are returning and are enjoying going through it on their 25+ toons.

The sad part, most of those whiners about the server name, have zero clue as to how difficult it really is to rename a server like that. They’ll think it’s super easy, that BW lied, and whine even harder about things.

At first glance I read that they renamed the server to The Outrage and I thought “lmao boi, this is gonna be legendary”. After a more careful study, I was severely disappointed.

So we go from “THP” to “BS”? Seems like a coy play by the devs to protest the usual absurd player outrage.

I just thought the name was really stupid. Never in a million years would I have thought someone would get triggered by it. I guess I continue to underestimate the over-sensitive pussies in our society today. Don’t mind the change, I’m just laughing my ass off because this is what made it happen.

Headline NY Daily News:

“Noose reported outside Michigan State University student’s dorm turns out to be shoelaces”

from article: “School officials determined that the object found in Holden Hall wasn’t a noose, but instead packaged leather shoelaces”

Did you get that? PACKAGED shoelaces. Someone thought that was a noose, cried, reported, school had to make statements about how terrible racism is, etc, etc, etc, for a package of shoelaces. I wonder if there is a term we could use to describe a person who reacts this way?

As an Empire player…. this name is worse… what happened to neutral names? Whatever I call it The Harbringer till the day the game dies. fuck this down-syndrome ass naming shit. Heres an idea… ASK US FOR NAMES OR LET US VOTE.

I don’t usually pay attention to the server names. The only time I check the name is when I”m posting another sick dummy parse on parsely Leaderboard and I want to fill in the proper field.

Eh I’ve calmed down a bit from my not so good yesterday. Still think the name is dumb I care about what is represented of me thus I care about the name. whatevs I guess… Dosent directly change my player names or guild so I’ll get over it. Just REALLY stupid that they cant even think “hmmm… lets let them vote on a name for 4 days.” its not a hard concept nor is ti hard to setup since most forums have a vote system built in. Just a example here showing how they can involve the community but casually dont care.

Nothing. Nothing at all. It can’t be used as anything offensive any more than anything else.

If anyone could be offended by it, then people using it to be offensive aren’t the problem. It’s the people that are too easily offended.

Well… it’s like saying a hot girl or a fine piece of ass or a hot looking call girl… you get the idea…

The sad part: most of those whiners about the server name, have zero clue as to how difficult it really is to rename a server like that. They’ll think it’s super easy, that BW lied, and whine even harder about things.

People who are offended so easily over nothing make me think of people that believe in “trigger words” and “safe spaces”. Pampered and padded and incapable of handling reality. They can’t deal with their problems because they haven’t been shown how. They lose all credibility and cannot be taken seriously. I pity them. I really do.

It really isn’t that hard to go rename it. I pity you. Go get out of your mom’s basement get some fresh air. Get some medical treatment for all that black mold you’ve been exposed too. I’m sure your lungs and brain are full of spores kid.

Dude, considering the server merge hasn’t even started yet, there is zero work for BW Austin to do at this point so if they were going to change the name, now would have been better then later.

You could have just written “The Hot Prospect Server Renamed”, or written due to negative feedback or concerns, but no…hahaha. Dulfy, you crack me up.

Social justice warriors, hard at work, to troll EA/BioWare when they have bigger things to worry about than what ‘might’ be “offensive” if changed into a sexual innuendo. Virtually anything and everything else in life can have it’s meaning changed for whatever reason. It’s quite easy to turn “Satele Shan” into something “offensive” to ‘some’. Shall I PhotoShop an image of her to make her the center of a porn video cover, with “Satele Shan” as the title? People just need to get the fuck over themselves.

Anybody have a different MMO I can play while I cry that (yet another) star wars game is being destroyed by the idiocy of the creators?

Ok, I am gone for RL trouble and the game is attacked by SJW’s? What the hell is wrong with that name? I guess it proofs that SJW’s are as stupid as a brick, oh wait… that would be offensive to the brick…

Leftists are out of control with this PC nonsense. It’s time we started openly mocking them when they raise this drivel.

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