SWTOR NYCC Cantina News and Info

SWTOR official twitter has graciously provided us with some updates from the NYCC Cantina.


  • Your hunt for the traitor Theron Shan leads you to territory controlled by the mysterious Chiss Expansionary Defense Force
  • Explore the Chiss world of Copero, featuring beachfront resorts, rocky cliffsides, and breathtaking mountain vistas
  • Face Syndic Zenta, leader of a separatist faction pushing the Chiss towards all-out war… and providing refuge for Theron Shan
  • Team up with former Imperial Agent Companion Raina Temple, who will act as your eyes and ears among the Chiss
  • It’s been a great opportunity to include more female Chiss characters, something I’ve always wanted to do more in the novels – Timothy Zahn
  • It was a fun chance to explore Chiss culture that hasn’t come up in the books yet, like Chiss structures and cultural rituals – Timothy Zahn
  • It’s fun to start theorizing about how the Chiss could have withdrawn from the greater galaxy over time …between the Old Republic and the films, and possibly explore how that happened in a future update – Timothy Zahn


  • We’re celebrating the arrival of #UnitedForces with two unlockable rewards: the merciless Darth Hexid Companion and a Karagga-themed Pet!
  • We’re excited to introduce our newest PvP Warzone: Battle for control of ancient Sith secrets buried on Yavin IV
  • Get ready to descend into the depths of Iokath with your team of 8 or 16 to face off against Nahut, the next Operation boss
  • Plus, pilot your way through a brand new Galactic Starfighter map orbiting the planet of Iokath
  • Ops Pass or something similar may make a return in the future.

Source: SWTOR Twitter:

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They must have taken the blur budget and gotten Zahn to sprinkle in some details. They know his name is like a damn drug to SW fans and people will want to see what touches he put in.

I am trying to keep my expectations at the usual low but the guy is a good writer.

On another note, Ops passes again huh?

Thank christ I didn’t go (again) this year …was seriously thinking about it…but that STITCH Bar is so tiny and cramped! Of all the venues they could’ve chosen…. and the news and shit ‘swag’ ain’t worth it this year, either. Maybe to have seen Timothy Zahn or chat it up with him a bit…but that’s it. Last year they had that gorgeous Vaylin voice actress along with Valkorian show up….should’ve brought Raina Temple voice actress with them!

Instead of an OPS Pass or something similar. They should just give Preferred Status Players 5 OPS runs per week, similar to the 5 free PVP Warzone matches per week. Free to Play players shouldn’t get anything at all, at least Preferred Status Players pay into the game. Maybe the requirement for the 5 free OPS per week could be that you have to be a previous Subscriber/Preferred Status Player, who has the current level cap. So everytime their is a new level cap increase, they’ll have to sub up again to continue to get 5 free OPS per week.

Trouble with that is there aren’t going to be anymore level cap increases, what with Galactic Command.

That doesn’t mean there’ll be a level cap increase. It did in the past, but that was before GC was brought in. Not sure how they’d go about doing a level cap increase even if they wanted to.

Preferred just means you’ve purchased something, and that could be a $5 Digital Upgrade Pack. I don’t think $5 should qualify you to basically never pay for content in the game. 5 Ops a week is an awful lot of content for basically paying nothing. Now if you had to subscribe for a month at least once a year I could see that being more fair.

That’s why I said previous Subscriber/Preferred Status Players. I wasn’t talking about people who only pay 5 bucks. I’m talking about someone who currently is level 70 or has the ability to get to level 70. Due to the fact that they have subbed at 5.0 or after 5.0 and paid for level 70 and KoET. I think $14.99 at least once is worth 5 free OPS per week, in between expansions and .level cap increases. Plus I said they’d have to sub again with a new level cap increase/expansion or lose it. How is that not fair enough. They’d be paying 15 bucks a year to be restricted to 5 OPS per week.

I rather just buy the expansions (of coarse bioware does not like that) and get every new FP until the next expansion.

I can see maybe 1 OPs a week. 5 is too much as there wouldn’t be any incentive to subscribe if you can run 5 OPs with your guild a week.

I prefer they raise the credit limit (to like 600k) or get rid of the escrow entirely. Hardly any on GTN and some don’t have the CC to pay for them. I didn’t even know they stopped selling op passes I think I still have some left.

I can see all those things on the twitter feed, but no reference to “Ops Pass or something similar”. Am I missing something? Did this come from somewhere else? Anyone have linkage?

“Explore the Chiss world of Copero, featuring beachfront resorts, rocky cliffsides, and breathtaking mountain vistas” – More like “glimpse an occasional sight of all that in the background or through a window of the reskinned base you’re into while you fight the lag and the countless useless waves of rehashed mobs in our newest dull 5 minutes long flashpoint”….

“Ops Pass or something similar may make a return in the future.”
We warned Bioware – no ops pass doesn’t mean more people will sub. It means less people will do ops which kills PvE. Simple af. Took them some time.

They’ve added 3 OPs bosses in the last 3 years. I can’t imagine it’s worth the buying a pass, much less a sub…

Sorry, but bringing in Zahn as your spokesperson isn’t frankly going to make this planet any less uninspired.

Ah. A total failure of understanding what you were stating. After going through the many nasty posts before yours (or technically after), I was not prepared for a well put comment. I thus misunderstood the thought you articulated through text. I hereby retract my initial response and wish to convey my mutual agreement and side point: Yeah. It’s going to be awesome. Bringing him in for the NYCC cantina was simple fan service. But I am glad they consulted with him to get Chiss stuff accurate and have no conflicts with what they are supposed to be or do.

Oh man…poor Zahn…hope he’s not gonna be associated with SWToR…that will be a kick to the nuts for his reputation =P

I only have two subs but that’s only because my mommy buys me 2 hypercrates every week. I have almost 4 billion credits on all my toons, y’all broke as losers need to step up yo game.

A friendly reminder that some of us are dealing with $1,800/ month doctor’s bills. I sub when I can. Or at least I used to. Not after the last round of dealing with the bigotry that is Bioware.

I was there, it was a fun event. Much better than last year. The type of content being announced and released over the last few months is so much more engaging than the KOTFE/KOTET Valkorion Blues. Of course I saw a few people that made me roll my eyes, people that were screaming from enthusiasm for example, when they mentioned they will bring back Kira Carsen. Fanboys and fangirls basically.

Every person that attended got 3 t-shirts, a VERY cool Copero planet poster, a redemption code for free Cartel Coins, and more free drinks and food that you could ask for. My girlfriend and I had a total of 9 drinks together (didn’t make today an easy day).

Eric, Charles and Keith are very friendly guys, and sometimes it makes me very sad to see disgruntled players take out their anger on them. They are not responsible for the money thrown into the game, and you can tell that they want the best for the game. Of course they will repeat all the cliches about the game (this is very exciting, the future of the game looks great, new stuff for you guys, etc etc) but that’s kind of their job. And it’s ok. The essence is that they really wanted everyone to have a great time yesterday, and I do believe that they care for the game.

I just wish the heads that are responsible for the important decisions could throw more money to the game. Then we would have a lot more material than we are currently getting. I still don’t understand why they can’t charge $15 for any new expansion, like it used to be with Makeb and Revan, I would gladly pay a little more money if it meant that new content would be of higher quality.

Is there ever a Q & A session at any these events?
Do people ever get to ask tough questions or is it positive talk only allowed?

There is always a Q & A session, and then you get to hang out there for a couple of hours, so most people just go to talk to the guys and ask them about everything. Sometimes there are tough questions yes, and trust me, Musco and co have given me the impression before that they had to defend…

I wanted to ask them if they see the game returning to a situation where we will get more ops and flashpoints on a regular basis, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to them sadly. The truth is that I didn’t try that hard either.

So do you recall what tough questions were asked and answered?
Cause for everyone that didn’t go thats all they care about surely.
Everytime they do these cantina tours no one ever reports back either on social media or the forums saying they got some answers on alot or any troubling issues.

i met these scrubs when the game launched and i knew then this was gonna down hill the intern who was taking peoples names for play warzones is now one the lead guys? LOL fuck at this point the janitors must be senior planners or content devs lmao /smh

Yeah, I’m not sure what the reasoning was exactly, and I mean, I complain my fair share about this game, but if paying for expansion would have a positive effect, I would more than gladly do so. Anything for a positive effect, really..

they cant even release a full raid lol im in battlefront 2 beta and thats where tors budget went….

I get what you are saying about the three stooges but really, as much as it is their job to promote the game, they should also learn to not outright bullshit everyone either. They could just as easily temper the player base expectations and you know, tell the TRUTH and be real with the player base rather then promise lots and delivery little.

Whilst I don’t agree with you insulting John, I agree with you premise. John you have missed the mark entirely and brought into the fanboi cult πŸ™

I know we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things John but that’s what I’ve been saying for a while, they ARE trying to make the game better, they ARE trying to bring us regular content, they ARE working hard with what they have available to them, it’s just not in their (Bioware not EA) interests to run the game into the ground and cost them all their jobs.
Look we’re all (well not all as you’ve seen first hand) here for better and more content, it’s not maybe at the high level some players want or expect but it’s not from lack of effort with the resources the team have allocated to them.
I know you see me as the ‘fanboi’ but I’ve got loads of issues with the game as I’ve said on here many times, I just always thought at it’s core it’s a great game that needs a re-focus on endgame after years of horrible single player story focus.
We are now getting this but the ‘regular content’ way they have done this is open to further criticism because it can appear piecemeal.
EA is to blame for the current state of resources, after all they will compare Swtor to their other top titles and see for the income they get from Swtor will be nothing like Fifa which requires little or no intellectual input compared to Swtor that requires constant intellectual input and progression and will therefore allocate funds accordingly.
You will get a lot of flack for saying what you have said but well done for saying so.

I’ve said it time and time again: Abby is NOT a “fanboi”. You do have a more positive outlook on the game than the rest of us “haters”, but “fanboi” you are not.

I have to disgaree with this, I can only fault BW for where this game is at. It’s far to simplistic to blame EA for this, they are the big bad corporation and BW are the little family shop who is crushing them. Well that is bullshit IMO. BW have made their bed, now they must lay in it.

After all these years of solo driven decisions you’re still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt? This after they moved the goalposts for 4.0 and told a large percentage of us that were there at launch and played this because it WAS an MMO, that we were no longer of consequence to them?

It’s pure delusion to believe that BW care about anything other than their and EAs bottom line.

The very serious problems of the game don’t go away because of a positive experience I had in a Cantina event. Nor do I blame these 3 specific people for how the game is handled.

I still continue to believe that the game is a joke of what it used to be. And sadly, I do not see a very bright future for it. It needs more support.

Despite what he sees being wrong? Come on Paulo, BW are responsible for TOR despite what every fanboi will have you believe. This debacle is not EAs fault.

Like you said before, EA gave BW the ball and it’s not EAs fault that BW have made some shocking decisions. At this point I think EA are RIGHT to cut funding. BW have proven themselves incompetent.

John has drank the BW Kool Aid, for shame. πŸ™

I didn’t say I agreed with him. Yes, I think BW are largely to blame for the problems in this game, not just EA.

And I do think they care for this game.

Sadly, I also think they are an incompetent bunch of guys, friendly or not.

If Kosto thinks they’re not to blame that’s his prerogative. I happen to think otherwise.

And Kosto calls ’em like he sees ’em, like I said above.

Even us, “haters”, can sometimes have differences of opinion.


Look Paulo, we largely agree but I’m so frustrated by the TOR community. In their eyes it seems BWA can do no wrong. All the blame tends to end up at the door of big bad EA. I said to Eban that there is some sort of absurd logic that surrounds BWA, where the worse they do, the more people that seem to defend them.

I’m sick of it in all honesty. I want people to wake up from this BW brainwashing and see BWA for what they are CON ARTISTS. It’s all smoke and mirrors, nothing they say can be trusted and nothing they do is to benefit the game. It’s all a facade to keep people subbed whilst not actually doing anything.

Rompe has it summed up perfectly, minimal effort, maximum profit.

Sorry but Friendly guys doesn’t mean they know what the hell their doing and at this point that still applies to what they are doing.

They make the decisions with what to do with the money when it comes from EA and bioware alone is what put them in the hole they are in. Reliance on story again with Kotfe and Kotet and iokath and what did we learn when this game first launched. Story is not enough. How do we know that? Because back then we had better stories (class stories) and more of it and the game still tanked and went F2P faster than any other game save one that I know of.

That means bioware Screwed up not once but twice when it comes to what they do with the money they are given.

Bioware isn’t responsible. Bullshit. They are and no matter how much they really want everyone to have a great time and tey care for the game. They better get on the stick with new content thats worth repeating (unlike iokath and umbara) and they better make sure story is the meat and potatoes because once again, that was never enough.

I couldn’t agree more with this. Kudos on a great post.

It’s far too easy for fanbois to blame big bad EA, despite the evidence that BW have made some shocking game direction decisions πŸ™

“Of course I saw a few people that made me roll my eyes, people that were screaming from enthusiasm for example, when they mentioned they will bring back Kira Carsen. Fanboys and fangirls basically.”

AW hey now! πŸ˜› I was one of those. For events for tv shows/games/movies I’m into but not a big fan of I don’t bother going to, so of course other fanboys/girls are gonna go to things they like. I wouldn’t bother otherwise, I have better ways to spend my time you know?

Oh, look! The other Dark vs Light event companion! Just like I fucking said, and nobody believed me. I knew they wouldn’t waste all that effort by completely deleting a companion based on how hard one side did the event grinding. Like I said back then, the outcome of that event now means fuck all.

No because it was an achievement reward. Just like all other achievement rewards that can’t be attained anymore.

That’s bullshit. I really wanted to get Master Ranos as well. Could give a fuq all about the mounts. The devs really want this game to fail. They are so fucking clueless. Worst managed MMO w/ Grand IP EVER!

No it isn’t. That’s how all MMO games work. There are many achievements that can’t be attained anymore in SWTOR. Some I never got myself, and I’ve been playing since beta.

If you missed getting Ranos when the event was live, that’s too bad. I missed getting some things that I could have easily gotten myself. I have a feeling that if they hand her out, you will complain about them handing out the rewards that players put forth to get her the first time. I know many more would not be happy with them doing that, than there are about Darth Hexid.

Your attitude and gender-reversal is why this game is dead. I am really happy to know that my funding for this mmo ceases early next year.

BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! “Gender-reversal”? HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh my. You poor thing. To not only misuse words, but then to make self proclamations about not being blind. Pride and anger blind one to reality separately. Put them together and you’re even more blind.

I bid you farewell, both from here and the game, with a famous quote: “Your overconfidence is your weakness.”

All aaa MMos besides Swtor get regular content updates. People that play Swtor are constantly in a state of being ‘done.’ You get to endgame grind out your bis gear then what? Seems the average person in that spot looks for more content and all they can get eyes on in Swtor is a bunch of items and achievements that are no longer available to them.

I get what you are saying about one time rewards and all but peeps are
going to continue to want that stuff as long as there’s still just this
trickle of content coming from these guys and months and months of
every year with nothing else to do.

My opinion is if they aren’t able to make decent expansions anymore then they should use all available resources to get as much playable content out to as many players as possible, not give out precious minutes of playable content like chapters and alliance alerts/comps to a constantly shrinking group of players.

You are correct. However, those AAA MMOs, are not held back by Money Arts. E.A. has been what is holding them BWA back. They were the cause of the game being released before it was complete, the effects of that are still being felt, and E.A. still refuses to properly provide enough funds for this game to have a huge amount of content each year. It could also have been in part (still mostly E.A.) as to how the game was directed before Kieth. DvL was huge and available to everyone. Should they do something like that again? I wholly agree and would so pay to do it again. I give them my money willingly because I want them to have the funds needed and to say “Yes. I love this game and want more.”

Making all the old achievements available for new players won’t make things any better, save for a brief moment. Some people need a break. I get that. I’m an altoholic that plays the class stories without skipping, and even I need a break. If someone needs something to do, replay the classic game. There is plenty to do. Want new, but also enjoy what we do have. Which is a lot.

Also, they might bring the DvL event back again, giving those that missed it the first time a second chance. Or a whole new one with a different companion.

and concerning companions … wtf what do anyone of you want with a multitude of companions if you can only take ONE with you … and not even in flashpoints or operations where a companion would really NICE to have …
on planets you dont need a companion and on low planets not even armor, have a MH and run around naked killing mobs only with your standard attack, more is not neccessarry after the game has been nerved that

If the next version of the DvL event comes out, I wouldn’t mind being able to play with existing characters. But NOT with the original DvL achievements. Why have so many companions? Variety. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it bad or wrong. If you don’t like replaying things that already exist, then this isn’t for you for a while.

This is just the problem … I’ve been here since dec. 2012 and even for me some achievements are just not possible go get.
And this for a “achievement-hunter”.
My sub is still running, because those few bucks per month don’t concern me.
But I’m only online for the raid twice per week because I don’t want to leave the guild hanging without their tank.
But i’m doing nothing else anymore. Why running/farming for achievements if I never ever will gain a nice 100% score? It’s useless. I stopped with it. So twice per week for 2 or 3 hours and thats it.
Have more fun atm with EVE online and other games. Well … we will see what swtor will become.

achievements have to be something available to achive for everyone even new players who just joined the game. Point!
No sense – no reason for “one time achievements – sorry pal you joined the game to late for that”.

Achievements are a joke in this game. I too was an “achievoholic”. Not anymore. They have no respect for that. Anything that regards veteran players is met with disrespect from these guys.

And I can prove that. Back in the day, I leveled a POINTLESS Marauder just to get the Jaesa Light-Side achievement. When 4.0 hit, they took that away from me (I think it was 4.0. If not feel free to correct me). From me and everybody else, that is.

Now, this was “back in the day”. When it was a royal pain in the behind to level a toon, because you gained little to almost no xp.

So don’t concern yourself too much with Achievements, that’s my piece of advice. They might just take them away from you in the future…

I knew it would too. But just like the other one, it’s an achievement reward. The difference being that this one is any easy one, while the other was actual work. So no, the outcome of the other event is not “fuck all” (whatever that means).

And if reports are to be believed humanity will send people to Mars in the 2030s. Maybe by that time swtor will finish their “lamers of the machine” disgrace for the word “operation”….

Oh so I have to adhere to your terms now do I? Nah, Don’t know you, don’t care for your opinion or worthless thoughts on what I should do so thanks for throwing that lump of shit you carry around in your mouth into the conversation, as worthless as it is. But don’t feel bad, you don’t walk away empty handed. No! I am in a giving mood today so here ya go, a pic appropriate for you too:

Say what you will but this team up with Timothy Zahn is amazing. Reading his trilogy in the early 90’s after the Lucas induced Star Wars drought was nothing short of Amazing. Whoever got him involved to flesh out the most interesting race in Legends canon was a genius.

Yeah and when Disney took over they dumped all the established lore and is no longer canon..People invested real money into this lore and got shit on. I will NEVER buy another book, novel, or comic that deals with Star Wars again. SWTOR was the last straw for me.

Waah waah. Why’s every person upset that the lore got dumped always rant and rave about it. Newsflash, I doubt anyone really cares whether you’re going to buy anything Star Wars again. Good for you. Go cry more.

Dumping all that lore is a blessing to most of us who never really liked most of it and now have a chance to explore something fresh and new. A risk the new stuff might suck, sure, but there’s plenty of the old stuff that did too, I rather take a chance on a unknown future than a past or present that are just not that good.

It was already fucked from the start… The Rogue one director and writers should’ve been the ones creating episodes VII – IX not the asshole abrams.

Dunno, I didn’t think Rogue One was particularly great, I felt that it took some shine off the Original Star Wars Trilogy, as our heroes are no longer as heroic as they used to be. That being said it was infinitely better that Force Awakens, which is a rehash of A New Hope.

I have yet to meet someone who got invested in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars that didn’t like most of it. Sure, there are some lesser works in there, but the books and comics I didn’t like were a grain of sand in a desert.

To say that the lore coming out of the EU is not very good is a bold claim. One I expect you to back up with hard facts. Otherwise I would substitute a verb in your statement. Maybe it’s not like you don’t LIKE it. More like you don’t KNOW it…

Newsflash: apparently someone does seem to care. You. Otherwise you wouldn’t have commented his comment…

Look man, I feel your pain. I don’t know how much money you got invested in that stuff. But I had a lot. A whole freaking lot. And I wasn’t happy either.

But it had to be done. From the moment Disney decided to add new movies to the saga, it had to be done. If they respected all the EU stuff, the movies would have no impact whatsoever. Imagine a Star Wars movie after Ep VI where you already knew the outcome. Not only THAT particular outcome, but the plot of the next 100 years to come (Legacy period, with Cade Skywalker)… Impossible. So I took it in, raged at first, and then I came up with this solution: there are TWO alternate Star Wars Universes. Before Disney, and after Disney. That’s B.D. and A.D.

I still enjoy my books, the stories they tell. But like the movie “Sliding Doors”, with Gwineth Paltrow, there are two different outcomes. Look at it this way: it’s all make believe ANYWAY. This way you have TWICE the Star Wars fun…

And without Disney’s policy regarding canon, we probably would have had canon descriptions of the KOTOR classes. πŸ˜‰

I feel your pain mate, I really do, there are some epic stories that have been disregarded my Disney. But like Paulo says below, they are creating their own story, so give it a chance. Will it be as good as some of the EU? Only time will tell.

Not having anything to do with Star Wars again is like cutting your nose to spite your face. I’m sure you’ll find some Disney Star Wars stories you’ll like.

I’m in a very similar boat, but while I agree, what Disney did in killing SW canon and creating their own is allow you to… well, do the same. You know they won’t revisit Legends, so you’re basically free to headcanon any empty periods there (and also throw out anything you don’t) without anything coming along to contract it.

As for purchases, the only Disney canon SW thing I’ve bought is Battlefront II. I don’t expect it to crap on much (if anything) of pre-ROTJ Legends material.

Not to rain on your parade man. But although I agree with you and hope this is a positive move for the game, let’s not forget Drew Karpyshyn was involved in recent times with TOR. And I didn’t see much improvement there. He’s now being relocated to “Anthem”. Which I think is happening A LOT in BW, Austin these days…

For those that don’t know, Drew was the writer of the Darth Bane trilogy. AWESOME work, one of the best EU novels to ever come out.

This is so true, let’s not get too excited. Drew Karpyshyn was involved in KoT** I believe and that has proven to be one of the worst Star Wars stories in memory. So let’s not all rush to renew our subscriptions based on one Cantina showing from Timothy Zahn.

I’m just surprised they managed to get him on board. With essentially TOR being an absolute train wreck in it’s current form, I wonder how much they paid him for his name? And how much creative input is he actually gonna give?

Yes, that’s right. He contributed to Kot**. He left the company for a while, but made a welcome return for that fabulous piece of sh… content. What input or which expansion exactly I don’t know. Maybe KotET, that was a little bit better than KotFE? Maybe both?

The problem with hiring great writers for video games is that a video game is NOT a book. There are problems with adapting a story to a video game, as much as there are problems with adapting a book to a screenplay for a movie. I’m not putting Drew down, far from it. He is a FABULOUS writer. Sadly his input was not enough to make Kot** better.

I’m pretty sure Karpyshyn was the lead writer for KoTOR and Mass Effect games though and I think he was around at the beginning of KoT**. I seem to remember him tweeting about subscriber rewards and making out they were a big deal. I also don’t put any blame on him for KoT** though as we can’t be sure of how much input he truly had.

But yeah putting too much stock in Zahn making this story or any future story better due to his involvement is premature. After all he could just be lending his name to BW and have no real input whatsoever.

Oh, but ME was great. I like all of them, even the infamous ME3. I didn’t get the first release of the game, with the different endings being kinda meh… But even with the not-so-great ending, that was a great trilogy.

KoTOR is still my favourite all time game. The story is excellent and even though I did kinda see the twist coming it was still superbly done. I was never a big ME fan, only played them a few times and never read any literature on ME Universe, but they were decent and I never really got invested enough for the so-so ending to bother me.

I didn’t! I didn’t see the twist! Of course some people say it was obvious, but I was really surprised. Oh boy, was I surprised…

KotOR… That’s not even in the same league as any game. It’s a video game masterpiece. I think I told you before, but I’m an old guy, so repeating myself is ok. I played that game STRAIGHT THROUGH. 36 hours straight. I could not let it go. I was hooked from the first scene to the last. I’m glad I played that while single and without children, because I highly doubt I could play it like that nowadays.

I played that multiple times. I even got the unofficial add-ons for the game. I remember installing them and having a great experience again. Did the same for KotOR2. And that I highly recommend, because that game doesn’t make sense without the unreleased material that was later made available. Better play-ability than KotOR, worse story. But hey, we’re talking masterpiece level here too! Comparing even KotOR2 to Kot** is a cardinal sin! hehehehehehe…

I did pretty much the same thing and yeh modding the game was great fun. I agree that KoTOR2 isn’t as good as KoTOR but with the restoration mod it certainty eventually got pretty close.

But how could you not see the twist!! πŸ˜›

I know, I know! It seems so obvious now! But I was really thinking I was after some evil Dark Lord of the Sith, that the game was to be a chase across the galaxy hunting this sucker down. Obviously, the sucker was ME! loooool…

And let’s just get one thing straight, since we’re at it:

MY Revan was a WOMAN! And for all those that don’t agree with me: you’ve never been married. It’s like the Rule of Two, except the apprentice doesn’t have the slightest hope of overcoming the master.


πŸ˜€ Well I’m not married but I’ve been engaged long enough to know that you speak the truth. πŸ˜›

To be fair I always ran the stories as female eventually, just as I have on TOR. But I loved Bastila (still do in fact!) so getting the romance mod and running darkside is always my favourite way to play KoTOR when I go back to it πŸ˜›

I have it on my steam account, perhaps it’s time for another play through πŸ™‚

I don’t know if you’re old enough to actually have experienced it.

But I call it the “TR Syndrome “…

“Tomb Raider Syndrome”. People say it’s weird that a guy would play mostly female chars. Well, if I’m going to stare at the back of a toon for hours on end, I’d much rather stare at a beautiful female bottom and great legs…

Even if Lara Croft’s greatest attributes were located elsewhere…


I played the original Tomb Raider when I was a teenager, so yeah I know of what you speak πŸ˜€

Before the era of the Internet I searched for years for the fabled ‘naked cheat’ for that game. Altho like I said I was a teenager so I think that excuses my behavior slightly πŸ˜›

And I never found it, to this day I dunno if it actually exists or is some Urban Legend πŸ™‚

I never found it either. But my knowledge of those things in that time was limited, at best. And maybe that was for the better…

Pfft, so sick of all these NY and LA snobs acting like they’re the only places that exist in the world. Would love to see these assholes come to Minneapolis so I could tear them a new one. I’m not gonna buy a plane ticket to go to this bullshit, but I’d sure as hell attend if it was near where I lived.

Please cry more and keep posting rants in the middle of the night on a work-night you pitifully irrelevant , and socially rejected , nobody.

Story wise it would be great if the Chiss were the centrepiece of a new expansion. For various reasons. It would be a departure from the Eternal Empire, and a return to the Star Wars universe we are familiar with. I can see something in the vein of RotHC, which was a misunderstood expansion.

“Rise of the Hutt Cartel” was a change of pace from the all out war on a divided universe. A side chapter on a much more involving plot. We don’t have to be running around the galaxy always trying to save the world. Sometimes little nudges in backwater systems can build up to a powerful push for victory.

IF it’s done right, that is. I hope it is. The game possibly won’t survive another flop.

If it’s done right, and the Chiss are awesome as the new bad guys, I could see myself spending some money on that.

Paint me blue and call me Chiss if that’s not true…

I personally liked Makeb and the expansion as a whole. Sure it had only 2 storylines but they interconnected with each other nicely and you still got to experience both sides to get all the story(Not like the zakuul crap that had zero replayability). It also had, for me personally, one of the best quests in the entire game – the binoculars mission. It was such a fun to revisit all the planets in the game, engage in mini puzzle instances while progressing, and of course the big final – the heroic on NS. Oh man this is hands down my all time number 1 heroics ever. The fun cars jumping in the 1st and the mind challenge of the 2nd. It was nothing like the current quests in the game in which you mindlessly shoot mobs after mobs till you die from boredom. I remember trying it the 1st time without reading the guide for all the puzzles, and sure it took us hours to figure it out but it was so satisfying in the end. Later I run so many new guildies through the quest just for the fun of doing it again. And let’s not forget that endurance datacron!! Was that a challenge or was that a challenge?
I will definitelly take one such quest or a makeb story anyday than all of the zakuul nonsense and all the “fps and uprising” crap we’ve gotten lately.

I agree. And taking down the Shroud AT LEVEL was no small feat. I love that Heroic, even though I’m the worst jumper in the whole game. I always had a tough time on the jumping part. Some of my fondest memories from the game are from that Heroic. The only problem was finding people to do it. I don’t know how it is these days, but you had to be REALLY patient sometimes.

Man I used to love jumping whilst datacron hunting. I never used to leave a planet before I’d got them all. It’s the little details that make games great and that was one of them for me, such a shame that there won’t ever be any new planets to explore and discover it’s secrets πŸ™

Sorry if you don’t see this comming from 100 kilometers away (sorry metric standard)…
(maybe) SPOILER:
Sheron Than is your double agent, who infiltrates your mysterious enemy.
It’s so obvious.
BioWare’s writing is on a all time low.

You got anything against that? He’s a clear winner.
SWTOR could use some MSWTORGA

PS. I am not even a US citizen.


Sorry but bringing the frankly overated Timothy Zahn into this as an (obvious) publicity stunt, doesn’t make this frankly uninspired planet and story any better.

But I bet the fantards will lap it up regardless.

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