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GW2 Scourge Buster Achievement Guide

A guide to the Scourge Buster achievement in the Domain of Vabbi where you need to find 25 Timeworn Bust of Palawa Joko.

Completing this achievement give you 5 AP. Much like the collectibles in other maps, the Timeworn Bust of Palawa Joko.can be looted daily.






  • 1. Cragged Vale Bust #1 – 0:00
  • 2. Vehjin Palace Bust #1 – 0:22
  • 3. Foundry Bust #1 – 1:12
  • 4. Necropolis Bust #1 – 3:00
  • 5. Necropolis Bust #2 – 3:54
  • 6. Forum Highlands Bust #1 – 5:04
  • 7. Forum Highlands Bust #2 – 5:35
  • 8. Vehtendi Academy Bust #1 – 6:13
  • 9. Vehtendi Academy Bust #2 – 7:07
  • 10. Vehtendi Academy Bust #3 – 8:30
  • 12. Eastern Mihan Hillsides Bust #2 – 9:42
  • 11. Eastern Mihan Hillsides Bust #1 – 11:04
  • 13. Grand Court of Sebelkeh Bust #1 – 11:47
  • 14. Kodash Bazaar Bust #1 – 12:37
  • 15. Kodash Bazaar Bust #2 – 13:51
  • 16. Kodash Bazaar Bust #3 – 14:21
  • 17. Kodash Bazaar Bust #4 – 14:47
  • 18. Resplendent Trace Bust #1 – 15:37
  • 19. Dzasha Uplands Bust #1 – 19:44
  • 20. Yahnur Plateau Bust #1 – 20:36
  • 21. Yahnur Plateau Bust #2 – 21:31
  • 22. Yahnur Plateau Bust #3 – 21:52
  • 23. Yahnur Plateau Bust #4 – 22:14
  • 24. Yahnur Plateau Bust #5 – 22:58
  • 25. Zagonur Cliffs Bust #1 – 23:18

1. Cragged Vale Bust #1

Found right above the waypoint.


2. Vehjin Palace Bust #1

Inside a cave filled with forged enemies. Climb up using the bamboo planks.


3. Foundry Bust #1

Coming from Vehjin Palace waypoint, go through the tunnel at the marked location and it will lead you inside the Foundry. You can find the bust at the very top of the foundry in a small room.


4. Necropolis Bust #1

This is inside the Crypts under Necropolis. Enter through a side entrance marked on the map.


5. Necropolis Bust #2

This one is on top of one of the small towers. You can get to it by gliding from a higher rock nearby.


6. Forum Highlands Bust #1

On a cart right beside Tihark Orchard.


7. Forum Highlands Bust #2

On top of a little hill.


8. Vehtendi Academy Bust #1

Inside one of the rooms in the Warehouse. You can get to it by going through headmaster’s office and there will be a tunnel that lead you to the warehouse.


9. Vehtendi Academy Bust #2

A bit difficult to get to, this bust on top of the branded structures high above the Warehouse. Use your springer to jump up.


10. Vehtendi Academy Bust #3

There is a secret area here with some wargs. This timeworn Bust of Palawa Joko can be found on the ledges above the area.


11. Eastern Mihan Hillsides Bust #1

Near the Djinn at the top for the nearby Mastery achievement.


12. Eastern Mihan Hillsides Bust #2

On top of a small hill you have to springer climb up.


13. Grand Court of Sebelkeh Bust #1

On top of this huge branded structure sticking out into the air.


14. Kodash Bazaar Bust #1

Glide down from King Joko’s Sky Garden POI, the bust can be found on a circular roof on one of the towers nearby.


15. Kodash Bazaar Bust #2

You can simply glide down to it from Bust #1. It is on top of some ruined building.


16. Kodash Bazaar Bust #3

Inside the shielded bubble in the area.


17. Kodash Bazaar Bust #4

On the ground level with all the branded spikes is a hidden passage that lead to this bust.


18. Resplendent Trace Bust #1

This bust is on top of a branded arc high up in the air. The way I got up here was to go to the griffon roost and then use the griffon to fly to here as it is too high for springers to jump up.


19. Dzasha Uplands Bust #1

Slightly above the water on the ground level.


20. Yahnur Plateau Bust #1

To get to this little hole on the wall, you have to jump from the interior of Yahnur Plateau. Easiest way is to start from the area you get teleported to with Spearmarshal’s Plea. If you are not sure how to get there, look up the video on 18. Resplendent Trace Bust #1.


21. Yahnur Plateau Bust #2

On the very bottom of the canyon in the middle of Yahnur Plateau


22. Yahnur Plateau Bust #3

On the ground behind some rocks.


23. Yahnur Plateau Bust #4

Right next to the jackal portal near the safe bubble.


24. Yahnur Plateau Bust #5

Below the Spearmarshal’s Plea teleport area


25. Zagonur Cliffs Bust #1

On the ground with all the branded spikes.


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I dont need no achievements to tell me I praised Joko
I assure you, my first praise to Joko was entirely of my own accord.
Praise the lord of bone, the Sulphur King

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