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SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.5

SWYOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.5. This includes the items from the new Singularity Pack




Only 3 sets are part of the Singularity Pack, rest are individual purchase or promotion.

Bionic Warrior’s Armor Set


Proficient Hitman’s Armor Set


Agile Sentinel’s Armor Set


Shadow Disciple’s Armor Set (Individual Purchase)


Special Forces Armor Set (Individual Purchase)


Battlefront 2 Promo Armor Set



Nahut’s Heavy Sniper Rifle


Nahut’s Heavy Cannon


Resolute Guerrilla’s Lightsaber


Resolute Guerrilla’s Dualsaber


Resolute Guerrilla’s Assault Cannon


Resolute Guerrilla’s Blaster


Resolute Guerrilla’s Blaster Rifle


Resolute Guerrilla’s Sniper Rifle



Holo – Rancor


Strategic Assault Speeder (Includes Flourish)


Corrupted Varactyl


Umbaran Spider Tank



Droid Companion: P3-KP


Flair: Sign of Agony


Glaring Abyss Color Crystal


Emote: Beat Chest


Emote: Bicep Kiss


Pet: Phantasmal Mouse Horranth


Pet: Wetlands Jurgoran





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103 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.5”

Battlefront 2 Promo Armor Set? Did I forget that this is EA? I must have. So that makes 2 EA star wars game’s I’m not playing. I unsubbed a month ago, I’ll log back in on ToR in December to do the flashpoint once lol and to see if things improve. As for the pack, the guns look good, the lightsabres, as always, are abysmal and childlike. Rarely see a sabre that looks like it fits in with star wars. A novice 3d artist could make that. The armours are average at best. Yellow Iron Man anyone? Same old mounts, same old Tor.

Singularity pack eh ? Too bad EAware wasn’t swallowed up by a singularity.
BTW…is it just me or does the belt buckle on the Shadow Disciple set look like a “dark” Hello kitty !?!

So is the helmet for that matter… that’s just what’s under the face plate on the Battlemaster/Champion Stalker/Survivor and Ceremonial/Amended Mystic sets. If you move the “camera” to just the right angle, you can even see the glowing eyes behind the face plate.

Of course, some of those similar sets have the Ghostly Magus helmet under there (Battlemaster/Centurion Force-Master/Force-Mystic). Best armors in all of SWTOR in my opinion… any and every variation (Shadow Disciple included) is welcome. Now if only they’d get that Centurion Force-Master/Force-Mystic set back in the game somehow… (It looks like the Shadow Disciple takes it’s belt directly from there, BTW. Same coloring and everything.)

Love the new decorations, especially the Voss tomb terminal and Korriban tomb tablet, both of which I’ve wanted for ages.

It is indeed, from those “Class Progression” videos. I saw them alla again a few days ago and was wondering if they ever implemented that mask on the Inquisitor video. It seems the mask is finally coming lol.

If they need to make and sell Promotional armor sets for “Battlefront II”…they are shameful and pathetic. I wish more people would finally wake up to how SWTOR is truly dead and corrupted with Barbie dress-up….I’m gonna go play “Second Life” now. Better looking toons :p

Cross promotion was always a thing for Bioware games. You get/got Armor in Mass Effect games for buying Dragon Age and vice versa. There was also a special promotion (That ugly Hoth themed jacket) for buying Battlefront 1.

Optics are generally an important part in every game and especially MMOs. Just look at games like League of Legends, they make money almost exclusively by selling Skins for the champions. If you have a problem with that, just don’t buy anything.

I always enjoy “fake” jaded players. As if anyone not interested in this game would be hanging out on a site dedicated to it, to post under a thread about new items. Can’t fool us.

I always laugh art people like you who just take the time to write down that they leave the game cuz of how much it sucks now or the game is dead but still go look in forums or websites like this and keep writing down they leave if your gonna leave then just leave and shut up bro

I like how the shadow disciple after being repeatedly withdrawn, finaly makes it in after I succesfuly collected almost all the ultra rare armors in the game… (and ofc I intend to wear em)

I’m a bit concerned with its price. In the past, it was datamined as a Bronze set. Now, they’re probably going to sell it for at least 1,800 CC if they are following direct sale precedent. :/

Haven’t been a fan of the last couple of packs, though I will admit, the weapons do have a cool, tactical look. A base gun with multiple add-ons. Always liked the shadow disciple

Armors down.
Not bad, pretty cool
utterly crap, reskinned mask as well.

Sabers look crap, heavy weapons look crap, blaster and sniper looks alright though.

All those mounts are utter garbage aswell maybe not the spider tank and that rancor is pretty neat but others are garbage.

Who cares about the rest.


When it says ‘Individual Purchase’ does it mean it’s a direct sale, i.e. the Nathema Zealot or Thexan robes?

The Shadow Disciple set is by far the best one, so i hope it’s a direct sale. I’ll check out on the Holorancor and Bionic set gtn prices though.

From all the stuff in the pack, all I would save is the cannon, rifle, spider tank mount and the droid companion.

I’m not surprised. It’s pieced together from promo sets that already resemble Inferno Squad from BF2. Looks like it has a drone flourish based on the pic.

Pretty loose interpretation of ‘resemble’. Be nice if they’d actually put the effort in and created the armour, or something very close.

Probably. Just a shame they didn’t dedicate more effort to it. Would’ve made a nice set if it was the same as the one in Battlefront.

BF2 is in a much different time period though. I think its more that they are trying to make things not exact but a period correct piece that makes you think of the other thing.

Nah, they’re just being lazy. Most of swtor is heavily, heavily inspired by the OT era. This promo set is literally just other promo sets mashed together. I doubt the actual look of the thing was something they even considered.

I think it would have looked much better if they used Alliance Reconnaissance with the Covert Pilot helmet as the base.

Would’ve been better if they’d made the actual outfit from the game. All they had to do was copy it, no imagination required, and personally I might’ve pre-ordered (I’m assuming this is a pre-order reward?) rather than wait for the reviews if it meant I could get the Inferno squad set in swtor.

As is, it’s just like… why did they even bother? I can roll a new toon right now and make near enough a perfect copy of this ‘new’ outfit :/

I don’t see why they don’t. They’re clearly not great at coming up with their own ideas.

It’s pretty much just an existing pilot uniform in gray and red. Not a big fan, honestly. I still don’t like the fact that they’re giving Imperial Special Forces flight suits instead of armor.

You can make your own from junk and wear it right now! Why bother buying something that’s originally in the game lul?

But the armors that are from reused assets, there are a couple of quite decent things. The decos could use more luvin’.

well … having a N7 Sheppard style like armor … THAT would be a thing to even buy CC’s for … or the wardens armor from DA:O with a sword of steel for a guardian or jugger …

Not really excited for anything in this pack, to be perfectly honest. The cannon looks nice, but it’s probably as huge and weird looking as the last one, so I’ll pass. The armor is nice, though I don’t really like the weird particle effects on the Bionic Warrior set, I was looking forward to that one until now. Maybe the dyes will look cool? I’ve been loving the textured dyes we’ve been getting from the more recent packs, like Forest Camo. More of those, please!

It won’t be this week bro it’s when they are gonna give us patch 5.5 and it is still subject to change some of these might not appear in the coming pack

Jesus, since when do kids MAKE their parents do anything ? FFS this generation is so fucked up. Worst thing is, your poor mom is to blame for you being a stupid useless worthless entitled dick

Got a good point there. My parents would’ve laughed at me trying to make them do anything. Then they’d tell me to get a job if I want it that badly.

Shadow deciple set. It looks sorc like-but I’ll probably just put it on a new juggernaut-inquisitor skills bore me-sins aren’t much fun without lightning and sorces lack saber skills

There’s already the same armor with another name and different colors, one is black/red, the other is black/green.
These coming items are shit. As usual

Link? As far as I’m aware the community has been waiting for this outfit since Oricon was released (they may have been around even sooner than that). It’s mostly the mask buy we’ve waited a long time for this one.

Will they ever stop releasing those ugly armors?
Just create something BASED ON what we know from the star wars movies

not these horrible golden fkc garbage stuff.
And we also have already a million hooded Sith armors (designed by 12yos)! Enough!

Sometime around 2014 @EAshiteWare:

BioWare Designer 1: “Uh, I hate my job! Why isn’t there a PowerRangers MMO I could work for?”

BioWare Designer 2: “Yeah! Star Wars really sucks. But we don’t have to create stuff that fits to Star Wars. I only design stuff that I like, that looks like it belongs to Yugioh.”

BioWare Designer 1: “Oh?! That’s a nice idea. Thank you! That really helps me. How do you like my new golden PowerRanger armor…?”

why always this shit? jesus christ, the sentinel armor is neat, but they keep putting the damn hood up and not down, it’s so hard to do a hood down? or like in FFXIV that there is a function for some helmets/hoods etc that when you click it, the helmet can close or if deactivate it the helmet opens again and so on. I don’t think it’s that hard honestly….

The battlefront promotion armor looks to have a special black hole in the front. Thats not nice looking at all.

Not a single item I would want. I haven’t even logged into this game for over a month. BioWare and EA need to change their management teams, because they’re leading the development and maintenance of this game through slow and painful death.

Ok, we still have a couple of dance emotes, that never have been released.

BioWare should remove them from the menu attatched to the chat windows,
if they never release them.

Or they should just release them, before creating new emotes we don’t know about (because they aren’t listed in some menu attatched to the chat window).

That rancor is shiny… but seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. Why would you build a robotic transportation…. like a rancor? You already have walkers with more firepower and this wouldn’t fit well for archaelogy purposes.

There are plenty of good vehicle designs they could go with. Hundreds of design concepts from all the Star Wars movies and cartoons. They’re trying to appeal to younger gamers with something flashy. Who wants a cruddy old tank that looks like it belongs in Star Wars when you can have a glowing holo-Rancor! (sarcasm)

With all the Lucas Arts libraries of designs since the 70’s, this is what they come up with. They’ve made some great things, and equally as many (if not more) poor things. I get it that people like armor that lights up, and looks flashy. But as a huge Mandalorian fan, I want armor that looks like it belongs on a Mandalorian. Something like the Mandalorian Seeker set. Great looking, but why must I be lit up like a Christmas tree?!

If this game’s mechanics were a bit different, you could easily convert the guerrilla’s blaster to the guerrilla’s rifle and back again with just a quick parts swap.

Okay but when are we gonna get a hood toggle? Or be able to see our chars hair underneath hoods? And why are we getting over the top armor instead of Star Wars-like armor? Why are there still reskins being put out on the cm?

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