SWTOR Bioware Teases Nahut Concept Art

Bioware has released the concept art for Nahut, the third boss of Gods from the Machine operation releasing on Nov 28.

Nahut is the third boss of the operation and will be released on Nov 28.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    As I predicted, the bland datamined model would have a forcefield added to it like the upcoming NAHUT weapons. It looks much better with the forcefield and wings/blades. 🙂

  • google what nahut means

    1 year, 3 bosses. Guess the MMO.

    • Seph

      It’s actually 3 years but who’s counting.

      • Rob

        Shsssh. Remember that BWA are doing a great job. They keep telling us so and that the fanbois won’t like you pointing facts that prove otherwise….

        • Emprah

          Hey at least its not ME:Andromeda! Though that is saying that this comic is better than Sonichu…..

      • Darth Ji’inx

        It’s actually been one year since this particular OP started.

        • Drivan

          It’s been about 3 years since the last complete Op dropped.
          So, as of right now, we have been waiting for almost 3 years and have gotten 2 bosses and the hope of a 3rd.
          Yes, yes they told us “no new Ops” in the run of the KotFE, however before that they had also said, “we will never go 18 months between Operations releases again.”
          They didn’t, they’ve gone much longer!

  • Laz

    I can’t QUITE put my finger on why but there’s something about him that’s just kind of…adorable. Having him speak in R2D2 beeps during the fight would probably be too annoying during the fight, but I hope he has a voice filled with childish wonder.

  • DerpDude

    Cool enough design…just wonder how many knockbacks and stuns he have =P

    • Drivan

      50 bazzillion, in every conceivable direction used every 8.5 seconds. Distance and amount of damage is RNG based on a sliding scale of 3 to 1,000 meters for distance and 45k to 400,000 damage.

      • HMH

        and their other new trick literally 1 million adds at once

  • Rob

    I wonder what he transforms into….

  • Ben Gimson

    You’d think all the bosses would share similar aesthetics.

    • lord potato

      “…Bear a single torch for Nahut, the Hated Son. Gray, formless and cold, he is denied by all but the Mother of Sorrows. Do not follow him into the dark. Light the way to lead him home…”
      ―”The Lamentation of Nahut,” part of a Zakuulan devotional text
      They’re based of zakuulan mythology so he’s supposed to be a misfit.

      • Ben Gimson

        Yeah but they’re all wildly different from one another. The twin bosses were suitably Iokath-y, whereas Tyth was kind of scrap-like and now this one looks like a military droid. Strikes me as odd, is all.

  • AbnerDoon

    Kind of looks like the crappy Transformers movies imaginings of an insecticon.

    • Drivan

      I bet he transforms into a gnat, or maybe a mosquito…

    • Bryan

      SWTOR: Directed by Michael Bay. Get ready to watch your monitor explode for no reason!

  • Risqu’e

    He has very dainty feet

  • Fortissimus

    Wow… angry short circuit reboot

  • Jimmy

    Kinda looks like a vex

  • Elrandil

    This concept art is another proof that changes to both the management team and dev team are essential for both BW and EA, who are responsible for SWTOR.

  • anonimus

    Can anyone tell me where can i see the lore for these Gods from the Machine? While i dont do ops, i enjoy reading the lore behind it, just because i like mythology. Wich sort of pantheon are these gods inspired by?

    I mean, where can i read that Esne is the godess of envy while Aivela is the godess of love? Why is this Nahut “the hated son”? Who is Zildrog, and what does he have to do with Izax? Who is Izax? That sort of stuff.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      They’re from the devotional texts (datapads) that randomly spawn in each Star Fortress. Each SF has a specific text that spawns. Check each individual god’s entry on Wookieepedia to read them out of game.

      Scraps of Zildrog lore come from the “Heralds of Zildrog” codex entry you get during KotFE.

      • Laz

        It’s probably worth noting, too, that outside of the names, the plot and bosses of the Ops don’t have too much to do with the Zakuul myths, as it turns out.

        The plot of the Operation itself is “There are doomsday droids. If you beat them down, you can hollow out their personality cores and turn their bodies into giant anime robots.”

        And I will note so as not to sound too cynical about it: that’s a good thing. Operations and plot shouldn’t really intertwine in the first place (the only real problem was making taking the Ops mission a mandatory followup to the story missions in the first place).

        • Darth Ji’inx

          On the contrary, the legends of the Zakuulan pantheon are based on the ancient Zakuulans’ encounter with the war droids from Iokath.

          • Laz

            That’s what I mean about the names. The ancient Zakuulans saw the droids and built a pantheon. But none of that ties to the Operation’s “story”. The Operation’s story is:

            Tyth shows up and says “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEE” and uses a ton of auto-tune to waste Darin DePaul as a voice actor. Then he dies. Then Aivela shows up and asks “if we pretend there’s a plot, will anyone notice?” and Esne replies “Let’s try it and find out” and then they both go “Secrets!” and summon a giant disco ball. And then they die. And next, Nahut shows up and (hopefully) says “gee golly whillikers Mr. Jedis, those sure are some keen lighty-sticks” and manages to be cute and entertaining until he dies too.

    • Anca Gaspar

      Zildrog = Revan.

  • kirk

    didn’t they promise to have all 5 op bosses out before the end of the year? pfft I would have rather waited to get all 5 at once then this BS with 1 every 4-6 months. might as well just consider them world bosses

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Just added on SWTOR’s KotET page:
    I think he’s been juicing…

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