GW2 Gemstore Update–Forefire Greaves and Zaishen Puppy

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Forefire Greaves and Zaishen Puppy.

New Items

Forefire’s Armor Package – 1300 gems

  • Foefire Mantle
  • Foefire Wraps
  • Firefire Greaves

Foefire Greaves – 500 gems



Mini Zaishen Puppy – 400 gems


Returning Items

  • Krytan Medium Armor Skin – 500 gems
  • Profane Light Armor Skins – 500 gems
  • Flamekissed Light Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Flamewalker Medium Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Flamewrath Heavy Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Grenth Hood Skin – 500 gems
  • Phantom’s Hood – 200 gems
  • Shadow Dye Kit – 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • Trillium

    What’s with dem Foefire skins?
    Is it foreshadowing? Will Sohothin infused by power of Balthasar be finally up to challenge of stopping Foefire once and for all?

    • Jayce

      They’re not new, they’ve been out before. It’s nothing to do with PoF story.

      • Ares Zax

        The Greaves are new, I believe, but yeah, nothing too exciting in this week’s update.

    • Scutilla

      They also had a “God Killer Bow” near the end of Season 3, only to have Rox and Braham have no intersection with the Balthazar plotline. It’s probably safe to say gemstore items have nothing to do with the ongoing plot.

      • Suan

        Haa.. not sure how many times I had to explain this but whatever.. one more time I guess!
        So, the God-Slayer Bow Pack is not about human gods, but about Charr gods. Quick Guild Wars history lesson, Charr race during GW1 was strong,brutal but not that smart race, almost all of them blindly followed the Shaman Caste of Flame Legion and their “gods” that in the end appeared to be Titans discovered by Burnt Warband. There was a female Charr named Bathea Havocbringer who refused to worship the new “gods”, the Shamans had her executed and as punishment banned all other females from joining warbands and fighting for the High Legions. For generations Shaman caste was using their false “gods” as a way to manipulate and rule the Charr race. During Guild Wars Prophecies us players as humans defeated Titans and Shaman’s caste’s stranglehold on the rest of the Charr was weakened and various Charr, such as Pyre Fierceshot, began to rebel. During Eye of the North they tried to get back some of their power by forcing new “gods” – Destroyers. That was a foolish move as Destroyer killed everything alive, even the Charr. Pyre with the help of his warband, Ebon Vanguard and us players killed Hierophant Burntsoul and started his rebellion against the rest of Shamans. He left remaining Charr with words “There are no gods for the Charr”.
        Now that the history lesson is over lets go to the skin itself. When you have some time please take a look at the God-Slayer bow. Look at the metal, it is looking pretty much the same as the Charr metal, that they use for their structures and war machines. The “skull” on the bow is Charr skull and I guess the little bit of painting could represent the blood of the Charr that died during Shaman’s caste rule.
        So, while equipping God-Slayer bow skin you could say that you’re going to hunt down Flame Legion and their Effigies. As it has no connection to human gods at all.. unless you’re roleplaying as a Charr that wants to kill all human gods and free humans from their rule, then sure. Whatever you feel like I guess. 😀
        Hopefully this showed some new light on things for you and you’ll correct your friends if they gonna talk about this bow as a bow for humans to kill their gods.
        Thanks for your time.

    • Suan

      During season 2 when we speak with Logan about Rytlock -and how he jumped into the Mists after Sohothin- Logan mentions that he heard legends about reverting Foefire curse but “only a true heir..” and ends it there.. I wonder what kind of heir he meant, is it a descendant of Ascalon royalty? Logan is from Gwen’s bloodline but as far I remember she wasn’t a royal.. unless her mother, Sarah was a mistress of King Adelbern. But then again Adelbern himself wasn’t a king because of his bloodline but because of his heroic deeds. Jennah is from Krytan’s royal bloodline, but maybe it is simply that the sword itself will react to royal descendant of Kryta, Ascalon or Orr. There is.. that guy named Commander Samuelsson who speaks that his forefathers were kings of Ascalon but, that is not confirmed. Well either way, we’ll deal with Kralkatorrik and Rytlock will be back on track with Ascalonian ghosts. Commander will probably want to lend him a hand, as we always do.

      @edit. On Sohothin page: “According to legend, if either this sword or its sister returns to the haunted remains of Ascalon City in the hands of the rightful king of Ascalon, the ghosts there will finally be laid to rest.”
      So I guess it has to be a descendant of Ascalonian royalty. so is Samuelsson the one? Or there will be more to Logan’s bloodline that we think?
      Hopefully time will show.

      • gaelicvixen

        Considering just how many people are descended from Doric, I fully expect Logan to turn out to be the true heir and wind up with a reforged Magdaer.

  • Suan

    I hope we’ll see that Zaishen Order outfit soon-ish. I think that’s the first time ever when a full plate armor picked my interest on female characters.

    • Emil33

      Whats that now? :O

      Heavy armor you say that is good on females? :O

    • Shaggy

      armor girls always pique my interest

      its a shame they get so little attention, except maybe in the Fire Emblem series.

  • Alot

    This is literally painful. The foefire and toxic themes would make such awesome mid pieces 🙁

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah, I’m still vainly hoping that ANet will one day release a full Toxic armor set. 🙁

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    Well got the foefire “boots” and I’m back to Tribal Chest and Primeval Leggings on all my light characters haha… I would do Funerary, but eh, the color scheme on the chest is stupidly made so it’s annoying, and the leggings are… meh.

    Here’s hopelessly hoping they add chest and leggings for the foefire set… haha. Which won’t happen since they stated repeatedly that there will never be full armors on gemstore… sigh.

  • Rozonus

    Still no Glint’s Gaze :c whyyyy do you do this to me Anet?!

  • Who Who Dat

    Hmm, the new greaves emit a foul odor from one’s feet.

  • Devin Bell

    foefire armor AND grenth hood all at the same time. been waiting for these

  • Circa

    yikes, 1300 gems for 3 pieces is a little steep considering there are whole 6-piece sets for 800 . . .

  • zsuszi

    Foefire Greaves…..F**nk sandals? after the gloves and pauldron I exept something cool..nah ..than gw2 saved some money for me.. 😀

  • Tomas X

    ohh.. smelly feet, oh smelly feet

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