• Answerer

    Returns.. or recopied?

    • Ares Zax

      The fact that it’s called “Shadow of the Mad King” suggests that it’ll be a repeat of the previous Halloweens, so those of us hoping for a continuation of the Mad King/Bloody Prince story will probably be disappointed. We will most likely see new rewards though; keep an eye on that_shaman’s posts.

      • But they changed the event in 2015/2016 did they not? Last time I played they had Lunatic Inquisition, but not the dungeon instance.

  • Anthony Cole

    New design this year it seems. The piles and piles of candy corn are gone so it isn’t a total repeat will have to wait and see

  • Qnrad

    Same old, same old i guess…. still better than nothing

  • The One Copper Bard

    I know people hate repeats but I don’t care as it gives me an opportunity to get stuff that I missed from the previous year let alone try to go after new stuff 🙂

    • And those of us who are just now joining the game get to experience it as well. 🙂

      • The One Copper Bard

        One of the main reasons that other people don’t understand why the events rarely change 🙂

    • Nick Peterson

      there’s nothing wrong with that its more for the players who have been there form start are board of that content same thing every year, its not much to ask for a new Halloween event every year something to keep it interesting for new and old.

      • The One Copper Bard

        You don’t play too many MMO’s do ya?

        • Nick Peterson

          Ive play shit loads of mmo many offer new events every like final fantasy

          • The One Copper Bard

            So what’s your point? Look at how they utilize their stuff.

          • FF offers a totally new event every year? I’ve never played it. I do know that of the games that actually DO offer holiday events (i.e., excluding games like SWTOR), most don’t change much and are superficial, especially like WoW, BDO, Wildstar, etc.

  • Alastor999

    If they dared to spice things up, they should have Joko break free at the same time Thorn shows up. Then have players pick sides as the two kings duke it out, with the winning side getting rewards like a unique skin/outfit specific to the king players sided with… It could be like the old wintersday events from GW1 where players choose between Dwayna and Grenth

    • Scutilla

      Get Canach as referee and we’d have some of the best verbal duels Tyria has ever seen.

    • Alot

      It wouldn’t even be that hard. Just add a seperate labarynth map with farmable mobs and 3 battle outfits you could choose from (for the blood prince, mad king or joko).

      Praise Joko!

      • BlackMarch

        Who would want to be on the Mad King or Blood Prince team though?

        Praise Joko!

        • Alot

          Make the king Joko transform look hideous, the blood prince vampire transform look really cool and let team mad king do really cool things – thus forcing people to choose between being who they want to be, looking how they want to look or being able to do fun things.

  • Andrew Stat

    My favorite time of year. Mad kings lab is soooooo much fun.

    Can’t wait, bring it Steve!

  • Suan

    I wish they would just put 5 people and told them “Listen guys, you have more than 300 days to make a halloween episode each year. It would be shorter than your typical Living World episode but still something fun to give our players that want to learn more about Mad King and his family” but oh well I guess that’s too much.

    On another note, I do hope that with the Halloween patch they’ll fix most of the stuff that is bugged or disabled for more than a week now.

    • Nick Peterson

      i agree shit they could ripe of a scooby doo event and be like i new it was lord faren all the time some thing funny is good

  • I have heard so much about holiday events in this game. I can’t wait to experience my first Halloween in GW2! 😀

    • David

      Oh man, you’re going to have fun! While the events aren’t as great as the past events, they are still really fun to do. I’ve always loved the Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 Holiday Events for the last almost 15 years I’ve played the series :). If you are ever in game, hit me up. My name is Sirus Stonebreaker. I am going to be farming the hell out of this event this year.

      • jadu

        15 years haha…that was a bit of an exaggeration, was it not? GW 1 was released in august (?) 2005.

        • wQnxy

          the key word is “almost” be the “15 years”

          • jadu

            except that its nowhere near “almost”. far closer to 10 years than it is to 15 years. a year is a long time my friend. if he wouldve said almost 12 years, then that wouldve made more sense. saying its “almost” 15 years is a gross exaggeration.

            • Ardenwolfe

              You release you’re arguing a difference of three years, right? And with the caveat of ‘almost’ included? Gross exaggeration? If he said twenty or thirty, that’s would be closer to your ‘gross exaggeration.’

              Seems to me it would’ve made more sense to keep your mouth shut on this one. But, by all means, argue semantics. Not common sense.

            • You’ve unlocked the Pedantic! achievement.

        • David

          What @andrewnlwk:disqus pointed out. I said ‘almost’. I know it’s not been 15 years yet, but I do know it’s over 10 years. I didn’t feel like doing the math when I typed what I said, thus ‘almost’.

      • Hi David, I tried adding you but nothing is coming up in the search. I guess I need to be on when you’re on? XD My character’s name is Harleykinz. Hope to catch you in game some time. 🙂

    • nadrian3k

      Honestly, the first ever Halloween was the coolest. You had the “OLD” style LA with the tiger in the middle and there was a countdown to Halloween. At the end the main statue in LA exploded and the big dude appeared. It was a great buildup, with cracks appearing on it each day and so on.

      Besides that there were various events throughout the starter maps that played a larger role then some gates appearing everywhere like now.

      Right now it’s just recycling but without the buildup. The event in itself is pretty fun..but doesn’t keep you “in it” for that long.

      • Kevin Flanagan

        Considering the name of the city, I suspect it was a lion in the middle 😉

        • nadrian3k

          Yup. I think you can find vids of it on youtube. It really was nice.

    • Alot

      First time will be great, second time will be fun…
      Lets end the line there ^^

      • wQnxy

        4th gw2 HW, 11th gw1 HW for me; still loving it 😀

        • Alot

          Also looking forward to it, just not for any logical reasons I can market to other people ^^

          • lithlius

            All i want is more candy corn for more pumpkins for more GH decos send me all the CC

            • Alot

              Before PoF my guild was in the canyon guild hall map and i requisitioned a room by the docks to make a curio shop of the mystic and the strange. Then PoF came out and the guild voted to ditch the canyon city for a pile of desert rubble with no actual housing in it -.-

              I like the decor, just not sure what to do with it in the new map.

    • Kira Sternenfeuer

      unfortunately the Halloweenevent was limited year after year with the first 2 to be interesting as they had different storys to tell us about.

      1st year was Mad King Thorns introducing with a special story hunt and a timer that told us when he will apear in lions arch breaking the old lions arch fontain (best you look for the Vid on YT for GW2 Halloween 2012).

      Also there were a set of minigames with one of them beeing removed the year afterwards and never returned and If I’m not wrong the other one was not available last year anymore too.

      The JP Mad Kings Clocktower was made way easier after year 1 with more time and a change to it’s visuals (other players are only shown as lightorbs not full texture anymore which made the start extreme hard before 😉 and the jp doesn’t play endless anymore but in rounds of 15 minutes before a break and reset. (First year I played 7 hours of this JP before I get to the top for the first time with maximum of 2 minutes per try this means arround 210 to 300 trys ;))

      Costume brawl became a permanent option later on but isn’t played very often beside the Halloween event anymore ( also the gemshoptoys are completely out of balance so it was often no fun to fight them)

      The labyrinth is also more like a loot and grind festival with of course some nice enemys that were once the strongest in the whole game during there abilitys.

      For the rest of the Halloween event decorations got limited a lot and the storymissions like them in year 2 with the bloody prince were also not implemented last year. However we got back the bossfight against Mad King Thorn which is set up in one of the coolest boss stages in the whole game.(unfortunately he suffers from later on changes too and is quite weak nowadays)

      Halloween is stil a nice event though it lost much of its glamour.

      • Glamour? Okay, Debbie Downer.

        Compared to most games, their halloween event is far better – in terms of variety and reward. We’ll get some new skins, a new round of achievements, a farming instance (and all of the loot/MF that comes with it), and the main features of the event. We don’t know what will change, and even if it doesn’t change at all from last year, it’s still a nice variation to normal gameplay. Last halloween event in GW2 I actually attended didn’t have the dungeon instance – just the labyrinth, open world door events, jumping puzzle, and I think one year with the lunatic activity. So it does still evolve.

        I’m trying to think of an MMO that actually changes the event every year, and that offers more than GW2.

        • Kira Sternenfeuer

          lunatic court was the 2nd minigame i mentioned before at it was cutted out last year.

          Stuff not in the game right now for Halloween:

          Prince Thorn Story + archievements + Prince Thorn fight
          lunatic court minigame
          the pumpkin field minigame (which was way better than lunatic court by the way ^^)
          King Thorn Story archievement and backskins (the simple book and the book for compleating the whole archievement

          Stuff reimplemented last year
          King Thorn Boss fight from first year

          Biggest issues:
          Breakbar mechanic made the labyrinth fights and King Thorn fight way to easy you can do 2 of 3 labyrinth fights and Thorn solo now without much effort.

          What they also add: a few new skins last year implemented in the bags.

          so I wouldn’t say it evolves It just threw away a lot of content for a bit of old content. not to mention that the decoration is ultra simplified duringthe last years which is really a shame to its former glory. Lions arch is a perfect place to mess arround with the buildings and so on for halloween with all those seacreatures why not making them looking like a seamonster for halloween updates? Oh and totally darken that place nothing says bad Halloween more than a sunny paradies look.

      • Sarah Elizabeth

        Are you kidding, Mad King’s Clocktower is impossible. I am still yet finish it. I have never reached the top in my years of playing. I am damn cranky about it to.

    • Lord Kimbote

      Last year was my first HW and I thought it was pretty fun 🙂

  • Ainseland

    Its about time, loot stick here we go!

  • nadrian3k

    I hope they bring something new. Last year’s BL skins were interesting.

    I honestly hoped they would redesign and move it to the first big town of the new maps. Would have been cool.

  • Nick Peterson

    yawn same shit crap every year add 4 new skins and random things that cost to much for most like the bat shoulders not many could afford them

    • Alot

      If my track record is anything to go by, ill get a 3-4% magic find increase from the luck drops in the maze – plus now that mystic curios are the standardized resource to craft legendary weapons, the excess bone and blood materials have a permanent value. Agree there is little fun to the event other then potential grind efficiency.

      What I would have loved would have been three battle tonics which would allow you to transform into either a minion of the mad king, blood prince or (now) Joko (praise Joko!) which would give you a new set of abilities which you could use to battle in open world, WvW and fractals – you could make them jack-of-all-trade transforms which were overstated but weaker then specialized builds at any singular role – and they’d only be available for 2 weeks, so who cares about balance. Limit a character to siding with one evil monarch for the event and put up a whole lot of open world events (in those fixed locations which gifts spawn during Christmas) across Tyria in which you could do the bidding of your overlord while in the tonic transform (for the blood prince kill people, for Joko raise people, for thorn just random stuff). Heck you could even attach a set of Halloween masteries to unlocking more skills in each form.

      Its an excessive request, I just truly believe it would be a low effort activity to pull off :/

      • Nitrobacter

        Unfortunately they will go with even less effort and will do nothing new 🙁

    • Ruebeus

      Awww poor baby! They arent giving you everything you want for free. You have to work to get rare things. This is an outrage! Your mother will be hearing about this!

  • wQnxy

    finally <3

  • FrycoN

    Im glad its almost Halloween<3

  • Lord

    will there be events in Elona, as in GW1 ?
    I hope so.

    • nadrian3k

      I think they would have teased it with a screenshot by now,

    • Czan

      No, it will be same as year ago and year ago and so on but poorer every year.

      • asdf2

        1 NEW INFUSION
        …nothing else.

    • I’m guessing they’ll always be in Central Tyria, so players who don’t buy expansions can still access it all.

  • Jason Orme

    Better get my lootstick build ready.

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