Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer

The trailer for The Last Jedi is here with the movie releasing Dec 15 of this year.

The trailer is definitely interesting and raises many questions. Love to hear your thoughts on it.

  • They need to change the name to The Last White Guy since it’s the last time you’ll ever see a male lead from Disney let alone a white guy.


    I’m still having a hard time getting excited about Disney canon.

    Though I am having an OK time in the Battlefront II (2017) MP beta.

  • Hadin

    Those walkers look like something from 2004. Most of the stuff in the movie didnt look that good. Pretty disappointing :

  • D_Pulse

    Typical responses from Swtor fans. As of now 4 comments and not one positive. I for one am VERY excited for this release. Disney IMO is the only company capable of delivering the quality that SW fans demand. We’re being spoiled. BF2, Han Solo movie, EP9, Obiwan movie, likely Boba Fett movie and pretty much getting one on an annual basis.

    • Meelis S


      Disney bought SW franchise EXACTLY because of that – to make tons of money. It has just started. New movie trilogy wont end there. New standalone movies will follow including games.

      This IP will bring them a lot money in future.

      • Harston

        Sell a franchise to a new generation based on the older one’s nostalgia.

  • Fred Garvin

    I see many things that can be half-assed into Cartel Market items for SWTOR.

    Porg pets for 2,500 CC will be here in time for December!

    • Kalas Torr

      lol You bet! I’ll buy you one old man, and we can waddle them around the fleet.

      • DerpDude

        Buy one for me too ?
        Khem is on a low-chlorian diet…

  • Kaelin

    Will never waste my time on Disney Star Wars movies

    • John Kosto

      Rogue One was amazing.

      • Paulo Gomes


    • Fred Garvin

      Yet you waste time and money on the most pathetic excuse of a MMO around that’s delivered the most lackluster Star Wars story in recent memory. Makes sense…

      • Kaelin

        And you waste your time and money on yet few more Disney princesses: Princess Kylo and Princess Rey. I’m not planning to bash you over it, its your choice and I respect it. It will be really nice if you will de the same for me

      • Kaelin

        And you waste your time and money on yet few more Disney princesses: Princess Kylo and Princess Rey. I’m not planning to bash you over it, its your choice and I respect it. It will be really nice if you will do the same for me

        • Fred Garvin

          What will be nice is when you mature into someone who’s fragile masculinity isn’t threatened by movie characters.

          Also, you receive a 5 minute penalty for posting the same dumb meme to two people in the same thread.

          • Kaelin

            I will be ok even if I will be banned from Dulfy net.
            I’m not getting your point here. I just stated the fact: I will not waste my time on Disney Star Wars movies. Nothing more nothing less. But some people reacting like I wrote something terrible about movies. So much butthurt from you two over something so little and so simple.

          • Paulo Gomes

            I think Kaelin is a girl Fred…

    • Kalas Torr
  • John Kosto

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

    • Setzer

      Not enough Jar Jar for you?

      • John Kosto

        I wish Jar Jar was in it, perhaps 7 would be better.

  • Naefas

    I will say it’s interesting…..

  • HMH

    The further adventures of Darth Emo and Master Girl Power! Looks good.

  • Harston

    Disney Canon is pretty… Well, it’s pretty to look at, not much else at the moment.
    ( Though I did enjoy Rogue One! )
    I mean… I can already guess there’ll be a ton of paralels to ESB like Force Awakens had to ANH.

    • D_Pulse

      So their 50/50 in your eyes. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume Lucas was also 50/50 to your liking with his originals versus the prequels.

      • Fred Garvin

        You might be surprised. Everyone who has a hard-on for bashing Disney suddenly thinks the prequels are masterworks that were snubbed by the Oscars.

        • Shawn Hargrave


        • Paulo Gomes

          But there’s only one thing I don’t get…

          These people that bash Disney… Are they the same that support EA???


          • Fred Garvin

            A conundrum to be sure.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Well, at least Disney delivers. It may not deliver what they like, but no one can say with a straight face they don’t lol…

    • Fred Garvin

      Disney canon is the only canon so deal with it. Clone Wars has some of the best Star Wars content provided since the original trilogy and even Rebels has delivered some great moments.

      Nobody cares about hundreds of books that often contradicted each other, had ridiculous premises, and would’ve handcuffed anyone trying to make movies past Episode VI.

      • Paulo Gomes

        I upvoted you, but I’m one of those people that actually care about the EU.

        But yeah, making movies after Ep VI was definitely a no-no.

        But tread carefully Fred…


        • Fred Garvin

          Lol…I will tread carefully just for you, Paulo.

          There’s nothing wrong with liking the EU but that has to come with acceptance that it is no longer canon which some people seem to have trouble doing.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Oh I have accepted it, make no mistake. That’s why I upvoted you. It would be virtually impossible to make something worthwhile with the previous lore.

            Hell, it’s all make believe anyway. The way I see it, it’s TWICE the Star Wars fun…

          • John Kosto

            I have also accepted it, but in my head the old canon (which WAS canon) stories that the EU is all about, are far superior than Disney’s storyline. And I wish they could make these stories into movies, they would turn out to phenomenal stories if they delivered them in a good way. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about that, not everyone has to love the new trilogy. I for one, did NOT like Episode 7.

          • Harston

            I mean… Accepting and liking are two different things, Fred.

      • Harston

        TCW is canon, but it’s not what I’m referring to when I say Disney Canon. We all know it’s brilliant.
        As for the books, at-least they were original concepts for the most part.

    • Rob

      Rey, I am your Father! – Luke Skywalker

  • sick of the whingers

    FFS the people who post on your site, Dulfy, can’t even suspend their miserable BS to feel excited about a new visual feast in the sci fi genre they obviously can’t help but follow. I love the content you provide us, but more than once I’ve wished you’d turn off the comments so the same pack of whinging bastards who ALWAYS post here wouldn’t be able to gush their inevitable downers over everyone else.

  • Alexander Delorean

    Well its gotta be moooore interesting and deep than Jerk Jerk Abrams did. Or its gonna be another Disney fail for kiddos. Will see.
    p.s At least Rogue One was nice.

    • Xandryah

      I also liked Rogue One, it shed the same feel of the 1st trilogy (70ies/80ies). I like the performance of the female smuggler, her in general… much better than the actor-performance of Ray… but yeah, nobody cares, just my 2 cents… 2nd trilogy > gave me a feel of low budget movies… really aweful artistic work… after 2nd trilogy was over my conclusion is: Jar Jar Binks indeed is the best of those 3 movies… by far… yeah, i know, the whole world hates Jar Jar Binks and nobody cares about anything plebs have to say…

    • Kubrickian

      Sadly Jerk Jerk Abrams was hired to do EP 9

  • Bogdan Paunescu

    So many bitter old men in the comments. Go back to episode 4 and jerk off those wrinkled pricks.

    • Kubrickian

      So old we remember when it was just called Star Wars and not ep IV.

  • Markus

    This movie will be really good! This is not only the truth, it is the final truth! All other truths after this one is false! (Yup, I played the islamic card). Deal with it.

  • Christopher Tranter

    I thought it looked pretty epic, but was disappointed that Kylo Ren wasn’t seen opening a CM pack to make super-exciting. Maybe he spent all his CC on his saber and outfit. Killed his Dad too so no credit card left for little Ben to sponge off.

    • Loco Motive


  • DerpDude

    Awesome…really awesome…apart from that “penguin” critter screaming next to Chewbacca.

    • Fred Garvin

      Be careful or you will be attacked by porgs as you sleep.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Hey! I liked the little bugger! But then I also liked the Ewoks…


  • Darth Álru

    Star Wars Episode 8: We suck, but you will like it.

    • Rob

      I’d have gone with :-

      Star Wars Episode 8: It’ll suck, but you will still pay to see it.

  • Kubrickian

    ESB 2.0 brought to you by Disney.

  • Kalas Torr

    Ah goosebumps, finally something to break away from what so many would force Star Wars to be. No pun intended.

  • THE Proud ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    I’ll be going.

  • Ben Gimson

    Let’s hope it’s original this time, at least.

  • Looks epic! Also pre-sale of tickets went up right after the Trailer release Dulfy. Put a link or note to that in the post. I got mine for 3D-iMAX 🙂

    • jaydog

      Shoot. I got my tickets before they released it. They jumped the gun last night

  • Godlikesaliartoo

    I have a horrible feeling that they are going to destroy Luke as a character… make him a coward.

    • Disqus this

      I share that same feeling with you.

      I have this bad feeling they are about to screw up Lukes character.

    • Fred Garvin

      “Destroy Luke’s character” = not having Luke be exactly how you want him to be.

      They will show you what Luke’s character is. You can not like it but that doesn’t mean it was ruined. It just is.

      Frankly, I don’t see how Luke isn’t broken after all he’s been through and he’s been set up to fail from the start. He’s trying to defeat the Sith and rebuild the Jedi with very little support and he was never fully trained himself.

      • John Kosto

        Nope, Luke already has a character and a personality, and it has been portrayed in the original movies. He was the one to resist. The one not to fail. The one to redeem Vader. I am not even going to go to the Expanded Universe stories, which have already built his characters to be the greatest Jedi who ever lived basically. He doesn’t have to be that. But if they indeed make him a coward…. that will be pathetic.

        • Fred Garvin

          He has a personality and a character up to the point you saw. That’s it. It’s been 30 years. Nobody stays the same for that long and for a movie that’s boring if his development just freezes. Particularly a character with the fate of an entire way of living resting on his shoulders.

          It’s good you don’t get into the EU because it doesn’t matter.

          With what we know so far, it would be ridiculous for Luke to be the greatest Jedi ever. He has nobody to help him get to that point. He helped Vader but not by his power it was as you said: resisting. That’s a fantastic trait to have but even the strongest of people can be worn down; especially when they continuously see their loved ones hurt. Also, Luke’s greatest accomplishment as a warrior was overcoming Vader which he only did when giving in to the Dark Side. I think, as Uncle Owen observed, that Luke has a lot more of Vader in him than people may want to admit.

          I don’t think Luke will be a coward. I think he’s going to be very reluctant to train another person who has great power within them as he’s seen how that path corrupts time and time again. If the entire Jedi Order couldn’t prevent Anakin’s fall, if he couldn’t get through to Ben Solo, why should he expect Rey’s path to be different? I suspect Luke is going to turn his back on Rey which will lead to disastrous results but he will find that strength in himself again to help overcome evil in the end. I’m curious to see where his journey takes him. While it was good to see Han again, he was just the same old Han from the end of RotJ who, imo, had already been watered down by Lucas and made less interesting.

          Based on other posts you’ve made, John, you seem to really hold Luke in high regard and I can understand having that passion for a character and I respect it. I feel that way about Obi-Wan Kenobi who’s easily my favorite. For him we know how the story ends but maybe during those years on Tatooine he had some doubts or made some poor decisions. If so, I’d like to see those stories. Maybe Luke in Episode VIII will be going through something like that, who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

          • Paulo Gomes

            You will see those stories. There’s an Obi-Wan spin-off on the way man… Omg an OBI-WAN FUCKING KENOBI spin-off!

            Not so crazy about the Han Solo spin off though. I’d rather have a Bobba Fett one. Now THAT would be something…

            • Fred Garvin

              Has that Obi-Wan spinoff been confirmed yet? I would LOVE to see that become an official reality.

              Just recently finished Rebels S3 and the few minutes Kenobi is there is pure gold. Easily Top 10 (possibly 5) SW moments for me because of how well it was handled.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Lots and lots of rumours. Some say the movie is in the works, but you know how these Star Wars things go… Oh the secrecy of it all…

            • John Kosto

              Hahaha I don’t understand what people find in Boba Fett….. He is so indifferent and boring.

              I can’t wait for the Kenobi and Han Solo movies!!!

              • Paulo Gomes

                Han Solo without Harrison Ford? Nope. Not for me. Nothing against whoever is going to do it. Makes no difference. He’s not Harrison Ford. I see your point about Fett. But not knowing much about his life is what makes it interesting for me.

                In reality, what I would REALLY like was for Disney to take some chances. A Revan movie. THAT would be it. Or a Darth Bane movie. Ah, but then comes that annoying lore problem. Is Revan canon? I don’t think so. But screw that. A Revan movie, with Tom Cruise as Revan and Vin Diesel as Malak. hehehehehehehe…

              • John Kosto

                I don’t see a reason why Revan would not be canon. Darth Bane is for sure, he has appeared in Clone Wars.

                You can’t have a Han Solo origin with Harrison Ford, sorry. It’s ok that there is another actor playing young Han Solo you know. He might actually do a great job. People were also giving a lot of shit to Heath Ledger about playing the Joker after Nicholson had done it almost perfecly… and guess what, Ledger probably did it even better. Or equally great in a different way, if you are too sentimental with these things.

                As much as I love Han Solo, I never saw him as magnificent and unique as other characters of the original trilogy, like Kenobi, Vader, Yoda, even Luke.

              • Paulo Gomes

                I see your point. And backing up that idea, you do have Ewan McGregor, who took the awesome work done by Sir Alec Guinness… And made it even better! Well, I will most certainly watch it, I might be pleasantly surprised… I hope you’re right on this one!


              • John Kosto

                Well I hope I am right too, it’s a difficult task. I kept an open mind for The Force Awakens, and it was an ok movie. I didn’t love it. It’s definitely my least favorite Star Wars movie.

                I kept an open mind for Rogue One, and I absolutely loved it. It had everything a Star Wars movie should have for me.

                And yes, you are right about Ewan McGregor. Due to increased screen time, he might have become the definitive Ben Kenobi. He is a great actor anyway.

                I think that I don’t have a problem with the new Han Solo movie because as I already said, there is no other way. And I don’t really care about the adventures of Han Solo between episodes 6 and 7…. his past is more intriguing.

              • Fred Garvin

                Fett looks cool but the guy bascially stood around in several scenes and then got accidentally launched into a creature’s mouth to his demise. He’s the original Phasma.

          • John Kosto

            Nope, I am sorry but there is a lot of stuff that is just not how you say it, regardless of subjective views and opinions about Luke’s character.

            First of all, there is no “proper” training. The training of padawans as it was happening in the Old Republic days, didn’t result necessarily to success and the building up of solid characters now, did it? On top of that , when Luke appears in The Return Of The Jedi, it is more than obvious (it is even mentioned), that Luke has mastered the ways of the Force, given the conditions at that point. Also, how did Jedi become great Jedi before there was ever “proper” training? They simply did. They meditated, they tried to connect with the Force, and they developed new techniques (much like the Sith did), and sometimes they were not even among the greatest of them all. For example, Qui Gon Jinn and the fact that he was the first one to discover the way to become a Force ghost and communicate with the living. Also, there is this tiny little source of knowledge called the freaking library of the Jedi inside the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which contains basically an unmeasurable amount of knowledge, gathered by the Jedi over the millenia. There is literally no reason for Luke to NOT access the thousands of Holocrons and train himself to become wise and super powerful over the decades. Even The Force Awakens, which wanted to deviate on purpose from the EU (idiots!!!), mentions that Luke started to build the Jedi Order again. Why the hell would he not?!?

            So, you’re making a very typical mistake, by assuming that I find Luke very powerful and strong because I have passion and because I hold Luke in high regard. It’s the other way around. I hold him in high regard, BECAUSE he has been presented as the one who did not break. The one who redeemed his father. The one with the pure heart. The one who changed the fate of the galaxy. There is no reason to destroy this image. Yes, a lot can happen in 30 years, and he must have definitely been through dark times, but making him a coward? Sorry, I won’t accept it personally. IT goes too far, and to me it makes zero sense.

            • Fred Garvin

              So, first, I do want to say that I don’t think you are trying to make an argument for Luke to be a certain way just because you like him. What I meant by my statement was how you framed it: you like him because of who he is as a character.

              I’m not going to try and convince you of my position as you clearly are very firm in yours and, imo, you have good reasons for that as well. I hope you like Episode VIII. I’m skeptical myself but for different reasons.

        • Fred Garvin

          You know what, this conversation has made me consider something I never thought of before: how would fans have reacted if the saga had been told in chronological order from the start?

          If there were people who grew up seeing Anakin go from a boy to a hero, especially the Anakin of the Clone Wars series who was much more heroic and likable than Hayden Christensen; and then he turns to the Dark Side, murders children, is maimed by Kenobi, and put into a black suit and becomes one of the most hated and feared men in the galaxy, what would the reaction be?

          Would the character arc be applauded and Vader be the iconic figure we know him as today or would their be outrage at the perceived character assassination that occurred?

          • Paulo Gomes

            That’s very interesting. And I can give you my personal experience with that.

            I did present the movies in chronological order to my sons. My youngest one in particular had never seen them.

            He likes the Dark Side. He always played Empire in TOR. He LOVES Darth Vader. He just thinks he’s as badass as they come. Kylo Ren comes second. He has a Darth Vader backpack for school, several Vader and Kylo Ren T-shirts my wife bought him (actually that’s a point of discord between us, since I think he has more Star Wars clothing than me! And we can’t have that hehehehe). He has Star Wars pyjamas. He just loves Star Wars, he’s completely taken over by it. And his favourite is Vader without a doubt.

            Oh, but he hates TOR. Says it’s boring as hell, he’d rather go to school than play this…


  • HMH

    I’m hoping for some throw away half assed ep 8 PS and Xbox titles like they used to make for the prequels, I feel that was the missing element from the ep 7 marketing that would have brought all the fans together.

  • Disqus

    I have always wanted to see AT-ATs only with GIANT LASER CANNONS on their back march towards Echo base one more time. I also liked seeing Ben Solo extending his hand to his sister Rey – it reminded me of when Vader extended his hand towards Luke.

    My favorite part was seeing Rey in pain by Sequel Emperor however.

    • Vexxed

      I thought it was pretty obvious that the part with Rey asking for guidance and the part with Kylo holding his hand out were from two different scenes

      • Paulo Gomes

        I got that idea too.

  • Whitedragon
  • Rob

    Oh man, Disney are gonna ruin all our favourite characters to make way for their own aren’t they? They have already tried to take the shine off the heroics of Luke, Leia and the gang by releasing Rogue One, which makes you feel that the true heroes of the Rebellion were Jyn and Cassian. And whilst many off us know this is not true, unfortunately a whole new generation of Star Wars fans won’t 🙁

    This’ll be the continuation of the defecation by Disney on George Lucas’ story. To be honest he deserves nothing less for selling his baby to the devil 🙁


      Maybe Disney will pull out the Yuuzhan Vong. lol

    • Vexxed

      If you always held that the only heroes of the rebellion were Luke, Leia and ‘the gang’ then you really didn’t know much about Star Wars in general tbh

      • Rob

        You misunderstand what I mean, I know that the Rebellion is a group effort but listing everyone would’ve taken too much time, so by abbreviating it to two of the key characters and ‘the gang’ sufficed I thought. Anyway I digress.

        What I meant is that by having Jyn, Cassian and others die for the Rebellion makes them more seem more heroic than our previous heroes as they sacrifice their lives whereas a lot of our original heroes got to keep theirs. My point was that the shine is taken away from the Original Movies due to the insertion of Rogue One into the timeline.

        • Paulo Gomes

          It had to happen someday. We finally disagree fundamentally on something…

          I just fail to see your point Rob. “Rogue One” was an homage to all the other heroes of the story. It does EXACTLY what it set out to do: tell the tale of HOW those plans made their way into the hands of all our heroes.

          In no way do I see that it takes away from the original trilogy. And it’s not a perfect movie. I for one could have lived without the digital characters (that was lame, I give you that one). But other than that it’s pretty damn good, I think.

          • Rob

            Lols, it happened!! We disagree 😛

            I can see where your coming from and to a certain extent I can see how it can be interpreted as homage to the original movies. It’s just that I felt that Rogue One was unnecessary, a cash grab from Disney that takes some of the shine off the originals.

            Lots of people seem to like Rogue One though so I guess it’s just me and I did see it at the cinema and do own it on BluRay. So I guess I shouldn’t complain too much 😛

            • Paulo Gomes

              Hey, disagreeing on something is kinda cool. Keeps us honest at least. And it’s the way you feel about something. Never fall into the trap of repressing your opinions just because a large number of people disagree with you.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                how dare you disagree!! this is the tor forums your not allowed to disagree! “random fanboy quote”

    • Kubrickian

      Interesting viewpoint but felt that since it was the brainchild of original ILM staff that worked on the prequels they were paying homage to the movie that started it all. Everything down to the film stock was done tastefully. Hated TFA to the point of can’t re watching it.

      • Rob

        I can see the viewpoint as homage to the Originals, I really can. And to be honest I don’t actually dislike the film, whereas I too detest TFA. However I just feel Rogue One is unnecessary. We already have an established Rebellion in ANH and adding new characters just seems to water down the heroic deeds of existing characters. I’d preferred to have believed Leia risked her life to obtain the Death Star plans than the bunch they came up with.

        To me all Rogue One really was, was a play on our nostalgia heart strings for the purposes of profit. I’d have much preferred a Star Wars Movie set in a different time, rather than one just before the ONE that started it all, I felt it did George Lucas’ story a disservice.

        However like I said he probably deserves it for selling his soul 🙁

  • Paulo Gomes

    And here we go. People judging the book by it’s cover (the movie by it’s trailer actually), Disney sucks, the prequels were awesome, the original trilogy was the best, bla, bla, bla,…

    Settle down people. It’s a TRAILER. I am terribly excited about the prospect of a new Star Wars movie.

    Let’s watch the movie before we actually judge please. Talk about over-reacting…

    • Rob

      I’ll watch it Paulo, don’t get me wrong, and I’ll likely be watching the midnight showing. I’m just not gonna get my hopes up as, and this is my opinion, they are more mediocre Star Wars movies than than there are goods ones at this point and I don’t think they has been a decent movie showing for more than 3 decades.

      Just my opinion


      • Paulo Gomes

        Man, I HAVE to get my hopes up! Where else am I going to get my Star Wars fix? TOR??? I don’t think so. And neither do you. Other than that, you have “Rebels”, which is an AWESOME series. I was really taken back by how good it actually is. I think it was Kosto that alerted me to it being really good. Going to start watching the new season with my 9 year old pretty soon.

        This movie may be a disappointment. But it can also be awesome. I have a lot more hope in these films than I have in this game. That’s for sure.

        • Rob

          ‘This movie may be a disappointment. But it can also be awesome. I have a lot more hope in these films than I have in this game. That’s for sure.’

          Agree with this 100% 🙂

          I just can’t get excited for another Star Wars film and be let down, I’m getting too old for it. So I’ll go in with minimal expectations and hope to be pleasantly surprised. 😛

          I’ll be watching Rebels as well, it is indeed awesome. Dare I say better than The Clone Wars?? 🙂

          • Paulo Gomes

            Definitely better. On THAT we agree.


            • Rob

              But not the 2003 Clone Wars 😛

              • Paulo Gomes

                Noooo… That was AWESOME! The REAL Clone Wars like I like to call it…

              • Rob

                I’m watching it on YouTube right now 🙂

              • John Kosto

                I could not care less for Clone Wars 2003. On the other hand I will give a 10/10 to Star Wars Clone Wars (the real one no matter what Paulo says), and a 9/10 to Rebels.

              • Paulo Gomes

                And we have another disagreement lol! Is this a breach in the “haters” defensive lines??? Stay tuned folks, more to come…

                I would say that “Clone Wars” definitely had it’s moments John. Damned good ones. But it also had a lot of filler. Episodes that didn’t do anything for me personally. It’s that filler that prevents the series from being at an awesomeness level, being just good. Very good. But I think “Rebels” is better.

                Didn’t you call my attention to “Rebels”? I remember someone did, I thought it was you…

              • John Kosto

                I have been watching Rebels since the first episode, because I am just a huge fan of Dave Filoni and his Star Wars stories. I wish he was the one continuing Lucas’ work.

                About the topic in hand…. I don’t really use the word filler for art. It’s very offensive. It’s like a person calling filler material 3-4 of your songs from your latest album, because they don’t like them that much. Also, what might be a filler for you, is a must-see episode for others.

                The Clone Wars has given us the following story arcs and backstory material:

                1. Ryloth and the Twi’leks
                2. Luminara, Aayla Secura, Plo Koon etc. Jedi Masters.
                3. Backstory about the Emperor’s plan to eradicate Force sensitive kids
                4. Boba Fett stories
                5. The Nightsisters and their part in shaping up the Sith
                6. Darth Maul!
                7. The superstrong beings of the Force on Mortiis
                8. Savage Opress and the most epic fight against the Emperor
                9. The Mandalorians and clan Vizsla
                10. More backstory on Kamino, the clones, order 66 and how Yoda could have figured it out.

                Plus a number of planets and settings that were always a cool place to explore more.

                I don’t know, I don’t think that every single episode of every single TV show should boost the main story arc of a work of art. Individual stories that are set in a universe are also welcome to me. There are very few CW episodes that I thought were boring. When I think that Star Wars Rebels will finish after season 4, I actually dislike that. I wish they could have made more episodes, even if it was filler to you 😛

              • Paulo Gomes

                Well, to judge a series like Clone Wars is very different from Rebels, I give you that. It reaches so much farther, Rebels is just that single story line and those characters.

                Points 1, 4, 7, and 10 were very cool. Points 2, 3, and 5 were the definition of awesomeness.

                But points 6, 8 and 9 didn’t do it for me. Yes, I’m one of those guys that didn’t like them bringing Maul back. And I’m a HUGE Maul fan! Dito for Savage Opress. (But that fight! OMG that fight! SO awesome…)

                And I didn’t like the way Mandalorian culture was depicted. Those Mandalorian episodes were a drag, for me.

                Filler in art being offensive… I guess you’re right. Doesn’t make it less true though. I can think of whole albums by bands that I think were filler. And I would go as far as to say the bands recognise that too… Contractual obligations, problems within the bands themselves when they have to record a new album… But that’s a different story… 🙂

                This is all very subjective. And that’s what makes it fun. If we all liked exactly the same stuff it would be pretty boring, right?

                One thing we agree: Star Wars is awesome. Even the weaker material is better than non Star Wars stuff. And I love the “Clone Wars”. Both of them. The only Star Wars feature I really don’t like is the “Christmas Special”. THAT is too far out there for me loooool…

              • Matrim

                I also love Filoni’s work and touch on the SW universe, I think besides Lucas he is the best one in understanding how it works and implementing it on screen. You may say he is Lucas’ padawan. Clone wars was awesome and Rebels has given me my 3rd best scene in SW ever! It is sad it is ending but at least this time Filoni will have the opportunity to finish his story the way he wants to. He didnt have this chance with the CW, being cancelled too soon. So Rebels may end soon but it will be a guarantee it will end great!
                And he is already working on a new project so there’s that. I hope Disney would give him a live action movie, or if they make live action tv show for their stream service they will launch in 2019

              • John Kosto

                YES to everything you responded.

              • Fred Garvin

                I try and convince anyone who likes Star Wars and doesn’t want to watch the whole CW series to at least go through points 5-8 on your list. Some of the best Star Wars content ever, imo. That entire episode, “The Lawless”, that culminates with Sidious vs. Maul & Opress is amazing. The death of Satine, that shot of the hangar door opening and Obi-Wan standing there seeing all of the ships fighting outside, Madalorians fighting while flying around with jetpacks, and the Emperor showing up to put Maul in his place right after he’s at his highest point…all of it fantastic.

              • John Kosto

                Yes, points 5-8 are for me the epitome of the show, and definitely some scenes are even better than the movies themselves. There is also a lot of stuff that I didn’t even get to, this series is just fantastic, and so is Rebels.

                At the end of the day it’s all about the story.

              • Rob

                I feel the same about the Prequels, I’d much rather read the novelizations than watch the films. To each there own I guess.

                I’d rate Rebels and the The Clone Wars remake 😉 almost the same, Rebels just edges it for me, I honestly couldn’t say why, perhaps the because I always liked Vader more than Anakin. I do enjoy them both thoroughly 😀

              • That shit is still dope as hell

    • John Kosto

      The prequels WERE awesome. I don’t understand what this has to do with the new trilogy. I am only being skeptical about Episode 8 because of Episode 7. It was pretty bland.

      • Paulo Gomes

        I’m not saying they weren’t. Just going over some of the stuff people usually say.

    • onetruth

      “the prequels were awesome” said no one with a brain, ever, lol

  • Shawn Hargrave
  • Zebedeeeeee

    Eh, I’m honestly not the remotest bit hyped for this I’m afraid. :/
    The first one didn’t do much for me. Competently made, but overall forgettable, with very little in the way of creativity. And I’m getting distinctive deja vu again from the likes of those walkers.

    I might watch it once out of respect for the late Carrie Fisher, but they really need to pull their finger out and stop relying on nostalgia and stuff tweaked from the OT. Because this is the one that will either make or break the trilogy.

  • Errtai

    Definitely hyped. Anything labeled Star Wars is a “must-watch” or “must-play” or “must-read” for me.

    I’m not really expecting it to be at the original trilogy level of awesomeness but if it’s at least better than Ep7, I’ll be a satisfied fan.

  • Adam Haynes

    Snape is the villain? Is he even supposed to be a Sith? Once again I’ll pass… no Disney Wars for me.

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