SWTOR Commanding Legacy and Mirror Classes

Bioware has provided some clarification regarding the Commanding Legacy perk for mirror classes.

Commanding Legacy and mirror classes | 10.10.2017, 03:51 PM
Hey folks,

I verified with the team and the current implementation is intended, but I am seeing some confusion around the perk so let me explain how it works. Every time you hit Command Rank 300 on one of the mirrored base Classes (more on that in a sec) you get a 25% bonus to the base value for CXP gains. Since there are four sets of mirrors, you can gain four stacks of this buff, up to a total of 100%. It looks like this:

  • Any Knight or Warrior to 300 adds +25%
  • Any Consular or Inquisitor to 300 adds +25%
  • Any Smuggler or Agent to 300 adds +25%
  • Any Trooper or Bounty Hunter to 300 adds +25%

Separately, I know there are questions about how we communicated (or didn’t) around this perk and so let me explain what happened. When Keith put information on the perk in the roadmap, it was meant to be fairly general, but we realize if we had been more specific we could have saved some of this frustration. The requirements for the perk were born out of some technical limitations which prevented us from giving you a bonus for any character which hit 300 (such as multiple Sith Warriors). As I was gathering the notes for 5.5, I didn’t realize that limitation had been put in place and it wasn’t caught during internal review. None of this is meant as an excuse, you should have had this information before today and it should have been in the notes. I apologize for that not being communicated, that’s on me.

The above information has been added into the patch notes for clarity, we hope that you still get to enjoy the benefits of increased CXP as you rank up in Galactic Command.



  • Paulo Gomes

    Musco, Musco… Does that mean you fucked up TWICE in less than a week? Man it must hurt to be you…

    • Sozinho

      Working as intended ☹️

  • Cooper Laroche

    Well, as for me…no way in hell am I gonna grind the cxp with it lowered to basically nothing. After getting 2200-2900 per for the past month, there is no way that I can go back to table scraps. It was taking me about 10 days on avg to level one character. That timeframe is basically multiplied by 20 now…roughly 200ish days to level one guy to 300 doing the same junk…ahhh no!

  • Noomi

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, they come up with this bullshit

  • Ann Nonymous

    Did I miss something? Is this April 1st?

  • Lithari

    Sorry, but i think this legacy perk should be available and the 100% bonus should be active by default and should cost alot of credits to unlock, i refuse to grind the insanely slow process to 300 4 times to get it 100% faster a 5th time. lol

    All i can say to Bioware…is…….F and U.

    • MyNameIsJim

      It should be 1000%.

  • So basically bullshit. OK, got it.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      The real John Smedley would be proud of it. 🙂

  • Deewe

    What kills me is the “The requirements for the perk were born out of some technical limitations”.

    Translates into: we don’t want to spend any developer time into tweaking this feature. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Havik79

      No it’s not, it translates to we only have 1 coder who fucked up and is too busy to fix it.
      Even though they will probably change it.

      • Jasken

        It is Darryl, the part time coder, he only comes around once every month.

  • Kalas Torr

    THAT is a dick move Bio, it makes that perk practically worthless. If i have ground four characters to 300 what do I need that requires a fifth. Ill have access to all the t4 gear I need… Another gimmick… You would do well to treat the hands that feed you. If you truly don’t care then just close up shop and get it over with.

    • Lithari

      I agree with you, though i would prefer they just make it a perk available to all right now, so players can rank up Command faster……cause i do not like Iokath….it is the worst daily area i have ever seen.

  • Paulo Gomes

    Did I understand this correctly? Not only did they “forget” to mention you have to do this on 4 different BASE classes to work (no mirrors)… But the perk does not work at Legacy level 300 or above??? Essentially making it worth only if you want to level a fifth toon?

    Oh boy, this just gets better and better all the time doesn’t it?

    Incompetence? Or dishonesty? Which one is it? Hey, I don’t really care, I’m Pref. But what do you guys think lol?

    • I like to assume best intentions, so I will chalk this up as honest mistake (read: incompetence).

      This is dreadfully useless since it only works GC Level 1-299. It needs to be on L300, too, so the top tier gear grind sucks less.

    • Fred Garvin

      Shouldn’t be too shocking. Their roadmap is still posted on the site with glaring proofreading errors over a week after it was released. It has to have been pointed out to them and how easy of a fix must that be?

      They’ve also proven to be dishonest in the past so…

    • Matrim

      Come on Paulo, dont you wanna experience the excitement of grinding 4 different classes to 300 so you can start thriving in the joy of grinding the rest of your alts to 300 as well only for the sheer pleasure of doing it? And all that now that the 10x or whatever cxp rate is back to the previous bare minimum. Can you imagine how many months of delightful gameplay of 3-5 years old content is that? Oh boy BW please take my sub money!!!

      P.S. Just to clarify – sarcasm from start to finsih.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Oh I got that man. No need to clarify.

        • John Dullebawn III

          Lets all have a party and grind 4 base classes, so we can play 3 year old raid content!!!! Fun times

  • boo hoo you

    Thought the mirroring would be obvious. eg: I’ve been using the gear from one tier 4 toon on pub side alts and switching specs before opening crates to get armour pieces for dps vs healers etc. But then I’m not a moron. To all the whinging assholes who post here all the time, yep, I despise you. BW is not out to personally ruin your life, so please tone down the wounded hysterics.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Oh I’m sorry, what? The rest of the people are morons? You despise them?

      So let me get this right: it’s all the other people’s fault that they were misinformed? Man, I’ve seen delusional, but you are on an entire different level of stupidity.

      Now that’s great man. Note that I don’t speak for myself. I have absolutely no interest in this. I don’t have GC. I despise it. No, they’re not set on ruining my life. They’re set on ruining this game. And I’m having a BLAST watching MORONS like you give them money and applaud EVERY SINGLE BAD DECISION they make. Like this one. And it’s not even my opinion. It’s THEIRS. They are apologising through Musco. I wonder why that is Einstein?

      The only problem I have right now is getting my screen cleaned. You see, it’s getting hard because shitstorms are getting more and more frequent.

      But please, go ahead. Lick their ballsack a little more. Like the little ignorant sycophant you are.

    • Mittens on Kittens

      I stopped playing in spring due to lack of content.
      Last I checked, the game barely has anything extra, yet if I want to level faster I first need to level 4 different toons to GC 300 and then enjoy the fruits of my labour on the new char?

      When Keith sat down in a team meeting and asked how can we alienate our bleeding game more, some guy said : ‘hold my beer’.

      There is no other explanation for this facepalm implementation.
      I am starting to feel sorry for Musco.
      He is so deep in poo he has run out of shovels to get out.

      I look forward to seeing your posts how your 5th toon is rocking that same old content but with 100 % GC perk!

    • Ry

      This only works if you play the same class on both sides. For example, if you have a Sniper and an Operative, you are out of luck. They don’t share the same set bonus. Plus you can’t move ear/implant/relics through legacy. So leveling both of this won’t give you any benefit for the legacy perks because both Operative and Sniper are considered to be “Agent”.

    • Nothing is more laughable than trashbtalk from someone logged in as guest. With that mouth, I bet you sold more girl scout cookies than every one in your troop….

    • John Dullebawn III

      Thats great if you only use 1 base type. For those of us that like to use multiple base types that just does not work. Yea lets but a teir 4, 7 piece Operative healing set on my Sorc Healer. See how many NiM progression groups will let you in lol.. Moron ………………… Oh btw you have a little something on your nose, OMG FFS stop brown nosing BW already ENOUGH!!!

  • CraigMitchell

    And of course, my 3 level 300 classes are Commando, VG and PT…

    • Paulo Gomes

      Like so many other players out there. If I was playing this sorry excuse for a game, it would be Sniper (Marksmanship or preferably Engi), Lethality Operative, and Operative healer…

      • Errtai

        Hah, Guardian – Jugg – Guardian – Jugg here :). I think my highest CXP is somewhere at 40 or so on my main Guardian, so I couldn’t care less about this. Rest is somewhere between 3 and 5, hah!

        Thankfully I can still do heroics and solo fps as a nonsub and spend a few hours in-game during weekends. Gear doesn’t matter at all for those so I’m good.

      • Rob

        That’s a whole lot of Agents Paulo 🙂 I bet you’ve got a Chiss Operative. Shiving and Stabbing always looked great when being done with a Chiss 😛

        • Paulo Gomes

          That one is a no brainer. It’s one of the great joys of playing an Operative.

          Yep, lots of Agents. But it’s the class I enjoy the most. Best playability for my personal style, best storyline… What can I say? I really love Imp Agents.

  • Mittens on Kittens

    So, some intern who joined Austin gave them the idea to use the legacy buff method for this? *rofl*
    If you want all buffs you will need one of each class / mirror class.

  • Meelis S

    So Bioware answer to CXP problem is to just add more grind and level more alts to gamble packs bit faster?

    Ok now i have seen all, nothing will surprise anymore from that dev team.
    This also confirms that cxp grind is here to stay and they will raise level cap probably around feb-march 2018. This effectively kills any new player desire to grind that crap hence no new players coming to this game to stay.
    Well done Bioware. With this message we know end is near.

    Next step is to add another 100% bonus when you have all 8 different classes at rank 300. I was first to announce it mark my words!

    • John Dullebawn III

      Visceral (formerly EA Redwood Shores) and EA Games new Star Wars game code named Project RagTag is comming out in 2018 from what news I can gather but it looks like it will be a KOTOR type game, nothing MMORPG like at all. Not sure if they are hoping this will pick up sales or not.

  • Bogdan Paunescu

    I’m confused. Are the bonuses stackable only per mirrored classes? Ex: 1 merc at 300 -> my rank 1 commando will get +25% bonus cxp but my rank 1 mara will not?

    • Matrim

      No, it means that all your rank 1-299 alts will get 25% more cxp

      • Bogdan Paunescu

        Thanks. I think I got it now. 25% bonus for each toon at rank 300 but capped at 100%.

        • Petan

          No, you do not get it. It’s 25% bonus for each of the mirror classes (there are 4) you have at rank 300 (100% if you have all 4). This bonus applies to all your alts that are below rank 300. You can have 20 toons at rank 300 but you will still only get 25% bonus if they are all of the same mirror class.

          • Bogdan Paunescu

            Based on what Matrim said, If I have merc, mara, sin, op at 300, then my legacy cxp bonus will be 100% (for any toon).

    • John Dullebawn III

      you need every base class to 300. So each Base class gains you a net of 25% boost. So if you have a merc to 300 a PowerTech or their light side counter parts will not gain you another 25%. You need to level another base class such as Agent to gain another 25%

      • Bogdan Paunescu

        and this bonus only applies to ranks 1-299? As in, my maxed out toons will not gain cxp at a faster rate, only my low rank ones?

  • thezenix2

    I don’t see the fuzz here. Command XP is just an added thing for people to run for until they’ve managed to actually produce new content. Can’t see anyone really staying with swtor just because they can get their beloved toons to 300 command. You’ll most likely be fully geared from pvp or ops before hitting the cap, meaning the crates are pretty pointless. Granted, you are now able to scrap things to gain unassembled components and gear faster, but that’ll only speed up the process of getting full gear and again, make the crates useless. Getting 25% or 100% bonus on CXP is kind irrelevant if you don’t get anything usefull from the crates. And even more so if you don’t enjoy the game in the first place.

    Their initial idea of having the crates as the only way to gear up made them valubale, but noone wanted to rely on RNG for gearing. Now Bioware are stuck with a system that’s quickly becoming pointless. My advice to them would be to throw in a bunch of super rare vanity items. Since that seems to be what motivates a large part of the player base. Rare decorations, slutty outfits for female sith lords, those would make people go bananas for command crates.

    • John Dullebawn III

      The issue is the gearing system we had before GC was just fine. If you were a weekend warrior that did Heroics/Dailes and FP’s the gear you got from crystals was fine. If you played PVP you earned PVP gear. If you were an end game Operations player you gained the proper gear for those encounters. A few reasons they changed to the GC system was 1, due to people complaining that they want to play operations but can;t because they dont have the gear. 2, Or people saying I want the best gear but I dont have the time to play PVP or Operations to get that gear. For the 1st complaint gear is never the reason you cannot complete a SM Operation this has been proven just pug an EV SM and watch people in 248 gear wipe time and time again. 2nd reason if you dont have the time to get that gear then you really dont need it, as it takes time to play End Game high tier Operations so you have no need for that gear. All this GC system did was give gear to people that never needed it, and made it very un-enjoyable for us endgame players to grind crap we don’t want to play to get the gear so we can play our NiM content.

      • Meelis S

        Very true. I was one of them who did some NiM for progression and a lot HM’s for alts and helping others to gear.
        There were never issues with grouping up or doing ops if you had decent guild. All those complaints game from Role players or single players wanting best gear but dont want to do HM opses or found excuse they dont have time to learn and try them.
        Hence they got handed CXP solution but actual raiders got shafted really badly with 5.0. Things have changed a bit but its still not what it used to be with 4.0
        Players have left and stopped subbing. Reason why ALL servers are now below average light population. Pretty much dead servers

  • Лев Сафаров

    I have 300 level cxp on smuggler, bounty hunter and Sith inquisitor. Seems need to level up Jedi knight.

  • srtäää

    Bot goint to level every class on 300. That’s insane!
    Took forever to get 4 of them to 300+.
    And I did it in a time where I had much more time than now, much more time than an average player.

    CXP system is idiotic, and BioWare is nuts implenting 300+ levels of this while giving us that low CXP for doing stuff.

    Even with the Daily bug it was a horrible slow system.

    Raise all CXP on the level of the broken Dailys. Everything else is wrong!

    Since 2012 they did everything to drive players away from this game. This game could have 3x the players if there werent total morons in charge.

    • srtäää

      *Bot = Not
      *goint = going
      (and so on)

      I wish I had a bot doing this shite.

      • Paulo Gomes

        You know, you can edit your comment and do those corrections afterwards too.

        • Dr. Mike Wendell

          Only if you have an account with Disqus. Some of us, including me, don’t like their “we’re ok with selling off email addresses” activities.

          The tagged email address I use here with Dulfy is one of the few that I’ve given Disqus that doesn’t get spam while all the rest do.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Oh. Wasn’t aware of that. Thx for the clarification.

  • Putting this utter horseshit aside for a minute, lets look at some math.

    I’m operating with 75% bonus (bought 25%, Sin and Sniper at 300 cxp for another 50%)…

    On a toon with all 6 legacy CXP bonuses purchased, wearing a Supreme CXP boost, during a Double CXP event week…

    Regular daily missions giving me 450 cxp per mission…down from 2500 each while it was “broken” without half of those boosts.

    Yup, I quit. Go to hell bioware.

  • Wayshuba

    Back before I quit for good in December of last year I told several of my guildmates that we were about to witness a serious content decline.

    The CxP system is simply designed to make BW have the most minimal of effort to keep players regrinding the same 2-5 year old content.

    Come next year, you watch. BW will finish the OP, there will be a little more content added and then it will just become adding a Tier of gear to the existing CxP and continuing with the CM. After that, there will be little to no new content.

    Considering EA just sent an email to promote SW Battlefront II to current and former SWTOR members, and they are adding a tribute BFII armor set in SWTOR, it should tell you where EA’s head is at – focus on getting peeps to SW;BFII and then shut SWTOR down.

    CxP is simply a hamster wheel to keep some people paying as long as possible. That is why they do not care about population loss, the game is simply down to keeping those remaining emptying their wallets as long as possible.

    Typical EA closure strategy.


      I get the feeling that Battlefront will be a biannual series, so I don’t know about shutting down TOR for BFII.

      If anything it would be another SW MMO that would shut down TOR, much like TOR shut down SWG.

      Though I doubt they’d do this, TOR would be easy to convert into an offline SP game.

    • Eban

      Yip agree, Battlefront 2 with regards to Star Wars IP is all EA care about currently.
      Also if anyone thinks that some EA executive is going to wake up one day and think “lets pump funding back into SWTOR” then you’re on a different level of naive.
      The server merge and lack of expansion (even zero talk of, they didn’t even mention it as a concept that exists) should show that SWTOR is royally screwed.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Well, let’s recap shall we?

        There’s BF2.

        BW have “Anthem”.

        There’s consistent talk of an open world RPG set in the Star Wars universe that Visceral are working on. Have no idea if it’s online or not. Possibly not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB8qMjYuZiA

        I see money and resources being spent all over. EXCEPT on TOR.

        Come on guys. What more proof do you need EA have TOR where they want it, and are never going to invest in the game?

        • lolipop

          Let’s just hope that their “Anthem” won’t end badly, or to be more precise….(using their project name): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mGSa0Z-HAU

        • Wayshuba

          This is the title that will do it. Recent EA report mentions how “every” game will have an online, multi-player component because – it sells loot crates and loot crates are VERY profitable.

          EA has also found out – loot crates and microtransactions in solely single-player games = bad PR. But in online multi-player, count the cash because that is okay.

          The writing for SWTOR is on the wall. What is left is to make as much as possible before closing it with the least amount of effort.

        • Urza

          RIP Visceral and their game.

    • Drivan

      I have been playing the SW:BF2 Beta since it opened andI have to say your comment makes a ton of sense. It’s obvious that EA has invested a TON of money into the success of that game. It is pretty good. It has flaws and problems, but it’s still pretty good.

    • Urza

      EA isn’t doing anything insidious. Few people realize that was a BF1/SWTOR promotion if you bought the boxed copy for PC. They’re doing what they always do.

  • Paulo Gomes

    And let’s deconstruct another BW myth, shall we? That since Keith joined in with the happy bunch, we have better communication.

    Is that so?

    Well, may I draw your attention to the the much talked about Roadmap:

    “Legacy Perk – For each character that reaches Command Rank 300, we will automatically add an additional 25% bonus CXP to your entire Legacy up to a maximum of 100%. You do need to purchase the initial 25% perk, but the additional 75% will be free. And, YES, this Perk is retroactive, so you will immediately benefit once we deliver United Forces Foundation.”

    NOWHERE does it refer to CLASS. It says CHARACTER. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s an important distinction, don’t you? Furthermore, being retroactive I can just imagine lots of people grinding away as soon as they saw that.

    But that’s ok. The Roadmap was meant to be a general guideline kinda thing, right? Now, the patch notes, they probably corrected that, right? I mean, the patch notes are meant to be the definitive version of the patch, right?

    Well… May I draw your attention again, this time to the patch notes:


    Oh… I see they didn’t correct it. SAME MISTAKE. Oh…

    But it gets better. In Musco’s own words:

    “As I was gathering the notes for 5.5, I didn’t realize that limitation had been put in place and it wasn’t caught during internal review.”

    Which means it was in place to start with. It’s not some “technical limitation”. Someone, somehow decided you guys had to grind this game a little more, and failed to inform Musco about. LOOOOOL…

    They are taking the piss out of you paying customers. They are, at the very least, some of the most incompetent professionals I have set my eyes upon.

    Better communication my ASS. This is exactly the sort of thing that ALWAYS happened with this game.

    Same old, same old…

    • DerpDude

      “Technical limitations”
      “We don’t have a f*****g clue on how to code it”

      • Drivan

        You got that right!

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      >Someone, somehow decided you guys had to grind this game a little more, and failed to inform Musco about that.

      The irony of that is Keith mentioned once in passing that they sit next to each other.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Look, all this reeks of lies. How can patch notes be passed without someone checking what they say? How can a “technical limitation” be put in place and then not inform the guy responsible for delivering that information?

        And BW’s “technical limitations”… Are those the same limitations that prevented increasing speeder speed, as Ben Irving stated once? Or more recently, the same technical limitations that prevented “The Hot Prospect” from being renamed? Curious how since the shitstorm ensued there were no more “limitations” to rename it to “Satele Shan”…

        If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a liar. An incompetent I can stomach. A liar I simply cannot.

        • Drivan

          Bioware has been lying to us for quite a while now. Pretty much since right after SoR launched, maybe even earlier.
          I think that their biggest lie was likely the one that they are still getting focus and funding from big daddy EA.
          After playing the SW:BF2 Beta since Friday night I would say the majority of EA’s focus has gone to that game.
          Their GSF, while similar to SWTOR’s version is 1million times more awesome. The controls are similar and the physics are closly related, but it is so much more polished and fun. PvP is pretty great and teh arcade mode is challenging enough to be the equivalent of a solo flash point.
          SWTOR will lose PvPers to SW:BF 2 in November, I will bet on it. Hell I’d be willing to be nice to, you know, that one guy, if I’m wrong… Lol! 🙂

        • Wayshuba

          It is obvious it is horse-puckey if you think about the process for a moment.

          Somewhere before the patch, Keith says he would like a stacking 25% bonus per character for 5.5. A programmer working on it, if it truly had technical limitations (which it doesn’t – but that is another fish to fry), would have informed Keith, either when working on it or when it was first discussed as a patch inclusion, that it couldn’t be done that way.

          Let’s remember that by the time the recent roadmap was released, the Patch was pretty much close to done. Then the put it in the Patch Notes. Do they really expect people to believe that a developer implementing it NEVER mentioned to Keith and/or Eric that it wasn’t going to be the way they said it was?

          • Paulo Gomes

            The technical limitations… I’m going to thread on thin ice here, because I have little to no expertise in programming.

            But people that say they do have it have argued that’s it’s technically more difficult to implement a limitation to the base classes than it would be to limit it to 4 characters.

            Why don’t they come out and explain these limitations? Why are limitations set in stone for one moment, and gone the next?

            It reeks man. Stinks like a rotten fish, to use your analogy. But we can’t prove it so…

      • HMH

        When the entire studio is one room everyone sits next to each other.

        • dix

          The studio is a dumpster.
          On fire.

          And it’s no surprise, just look how they fail on even the simplest tasks.
          Hard to believe that these guys managed it to get a job.

          • smiths22

            and still they are gonna attempt merges….they are gonna end destroying what is left of swtor, for sure…

    • HMH

      People are confusing better with more. There has been a bit more communication, but certainly not better.

      • Paulo Gomes

        With the evidence presented, and being very… benign let’s put it like that, I would say:

        Forget communication with the playerbase. Work on inner department communication FIRST. Address the playerbase issues AFTER…

  • Don Loco

    “Things are going to be different now!” Still the same dumpster fire.

  • camille

    Did I miss something? Is this April 1st?

  • Disqus this

    Good ole bioware never fails to bring the mistrust and screw ups.

    How in the hell someone could screw up “every character” and “base class” is beyond me. Especially so since bioware got rid of base classes in 4.0. You can’t even play that part of the game anymore. There are no base classes and you pick your adv class right at character creation.

    Just bioware lying to hype the game and then getting caught in that lie.

  • dd*

    Where can I check how much % bonus my character/legacy gets?
    Right now it says on the bar, 100% because of event.
    Is there any other place where I can check how much I can because of characters that have hit 300?

    Or did BioWare just didn’t think about that?

  • R315r4z0r

    The comments here are cancer.

    Do you not realize that for practically 2-3 years during this game’s life cycle they were infamously silent as they rolled out updates? They claimed it was due to the fact that any sort of misspeaking caused overwhelming negative response from the community. Not in that they where hiding from negative responses, but because they didn’t want to let down the community.

    However, as of this past year, they have made a 180 and started being a lot more open again. As such, it’s to be expected there will be miscommunication… especially when these things are handed down through the team before finally reaching the community. And, what happened? Surprise! The community is let down.

    If you guys don’t shut the hell up about this crap, they are gonna stop making announcements all together.

    • The One Copper Bard

      Sadly people will not listen. They would rather rage and spit at something if it made them feel any better and important on a different website rather than on the actual SWTOR forums.

      • Bang bang

        Maybe you enjoy getting lied too and mislead.
        Would you rage and be upset if your partner lied to you all the time.

        • The One Copper Bard

          Maybe I do. Could be a fetish and if you want to join me come on over 🙂

        • The One Copper Bard

          Maybe I do. Might be something that I enjoy in fetishland. Care to join me? 🙂

      • Paulo Gomes

        Wonder why that is…

        Maybe because they DELETE all posts that criticise the game in a more acute manner?

        Hell, they even delete whole threads, nevermind the comments.

        Talk about freedom of speech, hey? 😉

      • Rompe Himself
        • The One Copper Bard

          Glad to make you laugh so I’m doing something right 🙂

        • The One Copper Bard

          Glad to make you laugh so I’m doing something right 🙂

    • You are 100% correct, we should lay off them! They don’t owe us, the paying customers, anything in regards to effectively communicating changes they are forcing upon us. It’s not like this is their job or anything….I seemingly always forget that everyone at Bioware is a volunteer and providing us content and updates out of the goodness of their heart…..

      • P.S. – Your get punched in the face and say “please Musco can i have another” mentality is what is cancer. Players like you are why companies like Bioware can get away with these shenanigans.

        • R315r4z0r

          You’re putting words in my mouth now. I never said anything about letting BW get away with shitting on their subscribers.

          I said to cut the crap when it comes to the type of comments seen here.

          There is a way to express dissatisfaction and a way to threaten your continued subscription. But I don’t see that in this discussion. All I see here are reasons for them to stop telling you things in advance. Not reasons for them to change their act and fix their game, but reasons to avoid any sort of communication.

          No one wins in that situation. Firstly, no communication is boring; people leave when nothing is happening. Secondly, early communication allows for player feedback which ultimately shapes the way the game is made. Thirdly, it saves them from wasting time on mechanics that players flat out don’t want.

          Imagine what would have happened if they talked about Galactic Command a year before it went live. Where would the game be now?

          • HMH

            You don’t remember the flood of negativity they ignored when Galactic Command was first announced? They ignored everyone. Your own example defeats your argument.

            • R315r4z0r

              No, it doesn’t. I said A YEAR before it went live. Meaning in the early stages of its development.

              If they got negative feedback while it was in its early stages, it would likely turned out a whole lot different, perhaps never even actually coming to fruition!

              • HMH

                If you can name one time where a credible game studio with a current running game has talked to it’s player base about an upcoming feature a full year before implementation or for that matter any feature while it’s in early development, you might have a point, I think that’s pure fantasy and no business is run like that but, I welcome being corrected.

              • Rompe Himself

                Sorry dude, but this is where you are so wrong, it is embarrassing. Do you realise how many bugs and exploits were discovered by the player base in PTS across the life of SWTOR, but STILL made it into the live version despite having ample time to fix but didn’t because BW Austin are just such lazy hopeless fucks?

                And then, now look at when said content goes live, how long it takes BW Austin to fix said bugs or exploits. Many bugs are still there after many years ffs.

                GC is yet just another example of BW Austin pretending they listen but their actions ALWAYS say otherwise.

              • R315r4z0r

                I don’t see what you’re point is, exactly.

                Having bugs clearly means that the feature is already there, to some extent. Meaning it’s already too late to cancel development.

                If GC was nipped while it was still conceptual, IE before any bugs even existed, it would have had a higher chance of being scrapped.

              • Rompe Himself

                To quote thee:

                “No, it doesn’t. I said A YEAR before it went live. Meaning in the early stages of its development.

                If they got negative feedback while it was in its early stages, it would
                likely turned out a whole lot different, perhaps never even actually
                coming to fruition!”

                My point was proving how silly your comment was by pointing out that many, many times, weeks and sometimes even a month or two before new content was released, BW Austin would put said content on the PTS for peeps to test and see what bugs they would find. And when bugs were identified by numerous peeps (proving it wasn’t a one off), they got reported by the good players they were but BW Austin did nothing to address them. And sometimes, said bugs are NEVER fixed and simply ignored by BW.

                And as for GC, when BW Austin explained the concept of GC, peeps were already dubious and said so, All was promptly ignored by BW. BW Austin love their road to self destruction and won’t change course no matter what is presented to them to show otherwise.

              • R315r4z0r

                I don’t understand. All you did was just repeat yourself and pretend you weren’t mistaken in the first place.

                You just said “Weeks and sometimes even a month or two.” Even though I clearly said “A YEAR.” Literally 12x longer than a month.

                Do you know just how much time and work gets put into game development. Ideas are tossed around and worked on for a very long time before you even know about it. Meaning by the time the developers deem it OK to even tease the feature, it has already been in development for likely over a year.

                Do you honestly think that they are going to spend a year on a project and suddenly decide to cancel it once they get negative feedback when they announce it? By that time it’s far too late to scrap the idea.

                Bugs not getting fixed even after they are reported IS definitely a problem, but it in no way compares to the scale of development time I’m talking about.

                Saying something is a bad idea BEFORE ANY WORK ON IT HAPPENS will have a good chance that the idea would be scrapped. Saying something is a bad idea AFTER IT’S BEEN WORKED ON FOR A YEAR will have a very low chance that it will get scrapped. In the best case scenario, they will try and remold it into something better, but it will never get scrapped unless it downright destroys the foundation of the game.

              • HMH

                Still waiting for an example of a credible game studio with a current running game has talked to it’s
                player base about an upcoming feature a full year before implementation as I asked before below almost a month ago now.

              • R315r4z0r

                First of all, no you didn’t ask for anything.
                Second of all, there isn’t any game studio that does that. (Unless maybe it’s some indy developer)

                The original topic is about openness and how this new guy at BW claimed they wanted to be more open about development with the community. The “year” thing was an example to get the point across that them being more open gives the community more opportunities to give them feedback.

                IE the earlier in development they get feedback, the more likely the feedback will actually have a profound effect. As opposed to them not saying anything, making something in secret, then suddenly launching it live with barely any notice at all.

                Which would you prefer?

              • HMH

                You were obsessing over the whole year thing earlier today now its just an example to get the point. You’re all over the place.

              • R315r4z0r

                Just read the damn comment and see for yourself. I only “obsessed” over it because people were nitpicking it.

        • Rompe Himself

          R315r4z0r has you there Musco Sucks. It is what I brought up about you a
          while back in another thread about how you bitch about the packs but
          then keep buying them every month. You bitch about the game with the rest of us but still stay subbed. How on earth do you expect BW Austin to learn if you and players like you keep throwing money at them time and time again. regardless of what they do. They have you trained to accept their mediocrity.

          Wait, you say they don’t? Then stop buying the reskinned packs and kill your sub. You know this game has become the biggest joke in the MMO world. Only BW Austin could announced a server merge as new content for fucks sake.

      • R315r4z0r

        I did not say you should lay off them. I said stop making cancerous comments.

        There is a difference between relaying dissatisfaction and blindly bashing.

        The fact that you even have the opportunity to complain about this is a GOOD thing. Or would you prefer them to just not say anything to you for months on end?

        • So to be clear, as a paying customer (I have subbed straight through since beta), I am not within my right to complain and instead am “blindly bashing” the company who is taking my money monthly and not delivering? Again, YOU are clearly the problem. Please leave.

          • R315r4z0r

            How am I the problem when YOU are continuing to give them money? I’ve been unsubbed for a year.

            If you’re unhappy and don’t think the sub is worth your money… STOP PAYING IT!


            • Paulo Gomes

              Can’t argue with that…

    • Jack Howard

      Couldnt agree more. Wish all the people complaining about the game and “boasting” they quit a year ago would stop being so toxic in the comments

      • Meelis S

        Go to official swtor forums then. No complaints there almost at all. Oh wait only subbers can post there thats why.

        If you cant handle the truth and why a lot dont like where this game is then dont come here. This is free discussion page and anyone can post their view even if it feels toxic for you. Especially when old players comment why this game STILL loosing subs and servers will be merged YET again. If im not wrong this is 3rd time servers will be merged again. Thats clear indication things are not going well toxic or no toxic feedback. If you are worried about how it looks like for overall feedback then you should go to official forum and ask BW to do about it something…

        • Paulo Gomes

          No, he won’t get away with going to swtor.com. As Eban said above, it is not happy hour over there. Go to the top of the page, click on the link and witness almost everybody going apeshit over this.

          And it’s not a server merge, it’s “United Farces”. You gotta hand it to BW: only they could dress up a server merge as content…

          And no, it’s not a typo.


          • Don Loco

            Just read a bit of that, wow. Should start a salt mine there, could make a fortune. Bioware has well and truly stepped on their meat so to speak.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Stepped on their meat… AGAIN, I’m sure you meant to say…

      • Rompe Himself

        Tell you what, we can all stop being “toxic” when BW Austin stop’s destroying this once great game. Fair?

    • Eban

      Instead of writing 10 lines feeling like you have to defend Bioware, why not actually talk about the issue at hand.

      You know the difference between ->
      ”For each character that reaches Command Rank 300, we will automatically add an additional 25% bonus CXP to your entire Legacy up to a maximum of 100%”
      ” For each BASE CLASS that reaches Command Rank 300, we will automatically add an additional 25% bonus CXP to your entire Legacy up to a maximum of 100%”

      Are you okay with the issue?
      Do you see why some people maybe a touch annoyed by it?

      See its way more interesting to talk about the issue than ”leave them alone, poor Bioware will stop talking to us if we keep pointing out that they’re idiots”

      • R315r4z0r

        I’m not defending Bioware. I’m defending the playerbase. No one here is talking about the issue at hand. They are talking about Bioware’s ability to communicate.

        That’s not going to fix the issue at hand, it’s just going to make them not want to tell you anything anymore.

        Also, for the record, I’ve been unsubbed for almost a year :V

        • Eban

          Bioware’s ability to communicate correctly IS the issue at hand.
          That is all anyone is talking about here on this current thread.

          You’re defending the playerbase?
          But yet haven’t said a single thing in your original post (or reply) regarding the glaring screw up that is the CXP bonus between characters and base classes and how that effects the current player base, also how they entire player base are pissed at this too. (check SWTOR forums, it isn’t happy hour there)

          ”it’s to be expected there will be miscommunication” erm why oh why is that to be expected?
          It’s not like there’s a ton of Devs working there these days, surely King Keith can communicate to his handful of minions.
          You’re talking like it’s handed down layer after layer after layer like they have 30/40 devs on a multi floor office block (hint* they don’t)
          The current team is tiny.

          • R315r4z0r

            I haven’t said anything about it because I don’t care to. My opinion on any particular issue in the game is completely irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make.

            Miscommunication IS to be expected. If they want to keep their players happy, then they will keep releasing updates to the game. The more updates that happen, the more things they need to announce. It’s basic probability… or rather, just a matter of time, before someone, somewhere, screws something up. It’s an inevitability. ESPECIALLY since when this Keith guy took over, one of the first things that I seem to remember him saying was he was gonna try and relay more internal information, and with that comes the acceptance that not everything talked about will make it to live. (As a side note, that has nothing to do with this particular topic, I’m just mentioning it because it’s basically him saying “expect some stuff to not end up being true.”)

            I’ve unsubbed yeah, but I keep up with the news waiting to see if a time comes when I should resub. But, in order for that to happen, they have to release news to begin with. If they are gonna shut up for a year, then I’m done.

            • Eban

              Your whole mind set is just a tornado of confusion.

              You haven’t said anything about the issue because you don’t care
              BUT want to be keeped upto date with the news of upcoming new content
              BUT expect miscommunication from Bioware with regards to new content
              because the more they is say is coming soon™ more likely some of it won’t be true so who knows what’s coming soon™ , it’s be a surprise.
              Also you ranting about people complaining about Bioware screwing up the miscommunication is to defend the current player base not the incompetent Devs.

              Anyone else confused?

              Just want to say by the way, to keep their players happy is to release ACTUAL content not release patch notes that are wrong or have mistakes especially glaring ones like the current issue.
              You’re talking like they are pumping out content and patch notes by the barrel, so expect errors, they are not, it’s drips.
              King Keith is constantly postponing roadmaps and actual content releases so the idea that since he came in that he’s improved that is rubbish.
              He’s posted more than his predecessor but it’s been mainly apologies for more screw ups.

              The more slack you give these Devs the more grabbage the current player base are going to get covered in.
              Since 4.0 it’s been constant fanboys saying ‘Give a Dev a Break’ ‘they’re doing their best’, look at the servers, the new content coming soon™ is a server merge!, It’s time to say ‘NO, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, PERIOD’ that’s defending the player base.

              • R315r4z0r

                You’re confused because you want me to be the bad guy here and aren’t actually comprehending my point. You’re too busy trying to ‘prove me wrong’ to actually listen. It’s not that hard to understand. But, first, let me just clarify something here:

                I’ve never said to “Give a dev a break” or that “they’re doing their best” etc. I never said anything about letting them get away with shitting on their subscribers. What I said was, and I quote: “The comments here are cancer.” and “If you guys don’t shut the hell up about this crap, they are gonna stop making announcements all together.”

                In other words, telling them that they are worthless and should kill themselves is not solving any problems, only creating new ones. If they are going to screw up as much as they did, it’s your responsibility as a subscriber and a player to let them know you won’t have any of it and that they need to get their act together. Doing that would prompt them to be more efficient when it comes to communication and teaches them about stuff that their players obviously don’t want in the game.

                But mindlessly bashing on them due to their screw up isn’t actually teaching them anything. If you threaten to unsubscribe, then they are put into a position to want to make the game better so you won’t. But pointing your finger and calling them a stupid poopy head isn’t worth anything to them. So they are a stupid poopy head, what of it? There is nothing of value lost to them simply by pointing your finger and flinging insults. The ONLY result of doing that would be to entice them to just keep quiet about their plans and only tell you once it’s too late to go back *galactic command*

                ANYWAY, getting back to your first point about being confused:
                1. I didn’t say “I don’t care.” I said “I don’t care to.” Meaning I’m not interested in sharing my opinion on the matter. It doesn’t apply to the point I’m making, so it is irrelevant.

                2. I want to keep up to date with content so I will know if or when I should resub. Again, my opinion on current announcements has not been mentioned. You don’t know if I agree or disagree with your current mindset.

                3. Miscommunication is only a word specific to this particular topic. But it’s not THE thing I expect. Just an example to relate it to the topic at hand. Specifically, I expect broken promises. IE things like delays and cut features. Miscommunication falls within those lines, imo. NOTE: I’m not saying I CONDONE broken promises. I just EXPECT them.

                4. Again, I’m not ranting about people complaining about Bioware. I’m ranting about people insulting Bioware. Complaining is productive, but requires a topic and an imposed consequence. Saying “You suck” contains neither.

                5. Quote me one time that I defended anything that Bioware devs have done.

              • HMH

                Hyperbolic arguments like ‘telling them that they are worthless and should kill themselves is not solving any problems’ and ‘mindlessly bashing on them due to their screw up’ erode any point you may have had, you are just as bad and ineffectual at accomplishing what you are asking for through your whining as the peeps you are whining about.

              • Eban

                You’re point is to not criticise them or they’ll stop communicating so we all should be quiet, that makes you ”the bad guy here”,
                that was your original post BTW, there was zero in there about forming criticism in a better way, it was just you telling people to be quiet.
                Also I don’t recall anyone telling them they should kill themselves, you’re exaggerating to prove your point.

                1.”You don’t care to” is relevant, you don’t get to have an angry rant at subscribers who are pissed off about a genuine issue and still pretend to be on their side when you say zero about that actual issue.
                Why not try thinking ”why are people so pissed this time? oh oh I see Bioware gone fooked it up again”

                2 + 3. You want to keep upto date with content so you know if you should resub but expect communication errors, and yes you said ”Miscommunication IS to be expected” so don’t back track, how can we sit here and go ”oh looks whats coming in the next patch let’s sub” then Bioware change the text and go ”oops nope sorry typo” and we go ”it’s fine I only bought a 6 month sub” pfff no, miscommunication is not okay.
                There is a difference between them saying this year we’ll try to release something and saying in the next patch its charactor specific oh wait no its base class, significant difference.

                4. People are rightful tired and sick of Bioware screw ups, hence the current state of the game.

                5. You defended Bioware in this original post. ”If you guys don’t shut the hell up about this crap”, the issue maybe crap to you but it’s not to people who it affects. Your original post wasn’t for the benefit of the player base at all.

              • R315r4z0r

                No. Holy crap. No it’s not. Criticism ≠ Insults. I made my original post because I didn’t see ANY criticism. That’s what has me annoyed.

                You are right though, I didn’t really put it adequately into words with my original post though. I figured it was implied, guess not.

                Also, it’s funny because when I said “kill themselves” I absolutely knew you were gonna say something about that. It’s besides the point though, because notice I changed the example insult 3 times throughout my last response (ranging from horrible, to silly, to average).

                ANYWAY… responding to you in order:

                1. No. No it is not relevant. Why do I have to disagree with you on one particular issue in order for me to make an observation on the types of comments that are being posted? I don’t have to. If you share an opinion with me, but express it in a poor way, I’m going to point it out.

                The bottom line here is this: I have not posted an opinion. Not because I don’t care about the topic, not because I actually disagree with you and am afraid of the response, not because I actually agree with you but don’t want to jump on the bandwagon, but because it is not relevant. YOU are the one making this discussion about THIS issue. My point is about the comments in this discussion thread. The issue is not relevant. I don’t care if you’re angry about it or not… you might as well be angry that McDonalds ran out of chicken nuggets when you tried to buy some. It. Is. Not. Relevant. Period.

                *EDIT* I just realized a loophole here that you’re likely gonna try and rebut, so let me just clarify: When I say “issue” I mean them saying that the perks will be achieved one way but ended up not working that way. The fumbling of words and miscommunication, however, is something that I did directly reference. So don’t try to say I’m trying to change my stance, because I’m not.

                2/3. First off, no I’m not backtracking. If I was backtracking, then I’d have denied my previous point of expecting miscommunication. I didn’t do that. In fact, I did the exact opposite of that: I enhanced it and made it grander in scale. I said I expect broken promises, which encompass miscommunication. Especially in this particular situation where they said it would work one way and it didn’t end up working that way. What would you label that aside from miscommunication? A broken promise, yeah?

                Secondly, you’re not being practical. You think I’m just gonna go buy a sub because of some news update? When I say that I’m tracking the game, I’m tracking more than just their announcements. I’m also tracking player feedback and reception. I’m still in good contact with all of the members of my guild so I can get a first hand opinion of the updates. I’m not reupping based solely on pretty words and pictures…

                4. I agree. Not only with that assessment, but I my own opinion aligns as well. I’m bored of grinding the same content for no actual reason. Better gear? Better gear… for what, exactly?

                5. How is that defending Bioware? Yeah, like I said earlier in this comment, my point wasn’t adequately communicated, but how can you possibly take that as defending Bioware? Especially since I never mentioned Bioware until the second half of that quote that you didn’t mention, where I said “…
                they [Bioware] are gonna stop making announcements all together.” That implies that I wasn’t thinking about defending them at all, but was rather interpreting how they’d potentially react based off of their own track record.

                I’m not making any inferences here. They have literally gone on record and said that due to the negative response that came after the Shadow of Revan delay, they decided to stay more secretive about their development. I don’t remember if that was a dev post or an actual news post, but it’s on the SWTOR forum and it was posted over a year ago. I honestly don’t care enough to go digging for it… so you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. I’m just trying to point out that I never defended anything that Bioware has done, the fact checking is irrelevant because even if it isn’t true, it doesn’t change the fact that I believed it to be true when I made my original point.

              • Eban

                Holy Yoda crap thats a wall of text.

                Of course I would call you on the ”kill themselves” comment since no one actually said it(instead of making things up trying quoting someone).
                In fact the comments have been tame for such a glaring screw up. You’re reaction was made out of being pissed at seeing yet again another Bioware screw up that gave people a ton of ammo, not about the type of comments that were being written.
                You did the classic ‘react to the players for Bioware’s failures rather than at them’ move.
                Fanboy’s do that all the time (you not being a fanboy should know that).

                Do we really need to go through all these points again? meh

                1 -> 5 meh CBA reading all that, don’t get paid too.

                You original post was an angry rant aimed at everyone.
                You claimed to be posting on behalf on the playbase which is total BS.
                It was a clear fanboy comment defending Bioware.
                Don’t agree? fine but check who upvoted that rant, Dulfy’s favourite fanboy, that should tell you something.

              • R315r4z0r

                You called me on the “kill themselves” comment, like I said, was expecting. But you didn’t on the other two. The level of insult shouldn’t really matter if it’s just an example, no? So why knee-jerk on the worst of them?

                And, no, for the final time, this topic I just happened to comment on has no bearing on my main point. If I was “fanboying” then I’d obviously be a little bit more well known around here, like the guy you said apparently upvoted me. Because, honestly, the amount of disappointments they have dropped has been rather high… and yet my last comment on this site, before this one, was what… 3 months ago? Yep. Real fanboyish.

                So, let me just try and tie a nice little bow around my main point to, perhaps, illustrate it better.
                A. Shadow of Revan, which launched in Dec. 2014, was delayed for a few days. For such a minuscule thing, there was an overwhelming negative reaction.
                B. Due to the level of reaction, BW decides to shut up and stay quiet for practically 2 years. During this time we not only had the longest content drought of the game’s history, but we also got a damn LIST of the game’s most controversial changes and updates as well.
                C. After all of the crap BW has pulled over the course of that time, they’ve come out with an apparent new direction, citing more open transparency and regular updates. And, of said updates, they have generally been much better than they have been in the past.

                D. Despite all this, the negative reactions are still mismatched and overwhelming. It begs the question: “Did people honestly prefer the 2 year period with no content, level sync upgrades and galactic command overhauls?” Because that’s what’s going to happen, except this time, the game is just gonna be shut down.

                E. And if you want the game to shut down, why even bother responding to BW’s shenanigans? Just unsub and do something else with your time.

              • Eban

                You answered my “Holy Yoda crap that’s a wall of text” comment with….yip another wall of text I aint reading.

                You fanboy’d ranted -> fact.

              • R315r4z0r

                If you don’t care, that’s fine. You’re the one propagating it by responding. What difference does it make how old the discussion is? I see the notification, I respond to it.

                Day old, week old, year old. Doesn’t matter. I care about it, so I respond. If you don’t care… why respond?

              • Eban

                ”If you don’t care… why respond?”
                I concur, bye

              • Don Loco

                Um yeah, you are more wishy washy than Charlie Brown there little one. You defended Bioware and are now trying to pretend you did no such thing. We see it here a lot.

              • R315r4z0r

                HOW? I don’t understand! At what point did I defend Bioware?!

                If I was wrong at any point, I’ll be the first one to admit it. But I have not changed my point since my first post. Everyone is just nitpicking my wording, forcing me to explain it, and then accusing me of changing my position.

    • Erin

      I fully agree.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Open? as in: we’ll have a FULL Op delivered by the end of the year?

      Open as in: it’s not possible to change the name of “The Hot Prospect” server due to technical limitations?

      Open as in: all classes are now within our metrics regarding dps charts. But hey, we’re rolling out extremely powerful augments that will put you OVER the target dps charts.

      You and I have a different definition of “open” ,for sure.

      • Bang bang

        100% agree with you.
        What would it take for people to wake up.

        • Paulo Gomes

          They will only wake up when EA closes this down… And then they’ll point their fingers at guys like me for ruining the game. Remember this, it’ll happen one day. Mark my words.

          • Bang bang

            Nothing last forever. Dont think they will point finger at you for ruining the game, they be saying thanks for saving my money 🙂

        • Shawn Hargrave

          they never will you got very stupid people who like being abused and defending it. You have idiots buying 150 cartel packs at a time and others who defend a company who makes anouncements that they have nothing its getting pretty sad. Like Paulo said they got one guy saying oh its impossible to change a server name oh the humanity we cant do it then the next thing they change the server name? LOL they cant even release a full raid how stupid is that shit show me another company that releases only part of a raid? I had a fanboi i been arguing with on another thread whos more concerned with swg emus and trying to tell me tor is doing better then swg LOL. This is the stupid shit ive had to deal with here for years and everyones telling me oh im a hater and all this well i dont hear that much now

      • R315r4z0r

        The fact that you know ANY of that information at all are points against your own argument. Open means they are communicating more information. Period. Not that the information they say is to your liking or that it’s right or wrong or even that it makes any sense at all!

        Having an announcement and then having the actual follow up being completely worse and different is still a whole lot better than having no information at all. They could literally close their office for a month and keep you waiting as they say nothing and you wouldn’t be none the wiser.

        I’m not trying to say that people shouldn’t be upset or turned away when crap like this happens. What I’m saying is this: Look at the comments being posted. I don’t expect positive comments, but I at least expect coherent ones. If there is a problem about an issue, then complain about the ISSUE. Not their ability to talk about it.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Nope. Wrong. Communicating information that is not true is not better. At least not for me. I don’t care if it’s to my liking or not. That’s besides the point. Is it true? Or is it “alternate facts”? I’ll pass on those tyvm.

          Look, this is Legacy buff thing a minor problem. If I go back to the Op, which by the way is the ONLY reason I bother to follow this up… Where do I start?

          I was really surprised when people were not in an uproar about this. But then I realised: everyone expected them to fail already! It’s THAT bad. The community, friendly or not, expects them to fail.

          And this is nothing new. I stopped my CONTINUOUS sub since launch in December 2015 because for one year we didn’t get a new Op. AFTER they announced another “alternate fact” that we would never go so long without a new Op.

          Do you know how long it has been?

          Now if you were to say: these guys are excellent at their jobs. We are getting AT LEAST the same amount of content other MMO’s that charge roughly the same price are (on that note, check “Clockwork” on ESO. THAT’S what a triple A MMO is about). They messed up once or twice, you guys are making a big deal over nothing.

          Oh wouldn’t that be great. No, we’re talking about a company that messes up constantly. I could go back and recall each and every shitstorm I can remember. I won’t. Done it one too many times.

          They should first learn to communicate things around the office. Then they should relay that information to the players. That’s the minimum requirement for a company to operate.

      • Rompe Himself
    • HMH

      You should stop communicating here for fear that you may let down other posters with your opinions… get it? Just like Bioware! Get it?

    • smiths22

      Boo-hoo? now go to you safe space at swtor forums and gtfooh!

      • R315r4z0r

        I can’t. 2 reasons.
        1. You guys are here, not there.
        2. You can only post there if you’re a subscriber.

    • Disqus this

      Im fine with that because it seems people like you are confusing “more” communication with “better” communication.

      Right now, just because they post more doesn’t mean it better. Hell, its not even good.

      bioware can’t figure out the difference between “any character” and base classes? Really?
      It’s especially incompetent of bioware to make that mistake or blatant lie given there is no base classes anymore since 4.0. They are gone and you cannot be them. Most players these days probably have no clue what a base class even is.

      So no. bioware can shut their mouth before talking if they cant get it right because all that yapping isn’t making things better.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      whats the difference? they make announcements that they have no announcement…

      • R315r4z0r

        Better than not making any announcement that they have no announcement…

        It’s like queuing in group finder. If you knew beforehand that no other players are queued up… would you bother wasting time in queue?

    • John Doe

      You fanboying dude ? This is a dead game wake the hell up lol

      • +1 R.I.P.
        It died completely when they kept adding gear levels instead of content.

      • R315r4z0r


    • Rompe Himself
      • HMH

        I wish I could up vote this more times.

  • UnkPunk

    What I wanna know is why Command XP is still a thing? Hardly anyone I know likes it… It’s just a tedious grind… The only way to fix it is to remove it from the game, sadly that’s not the worst thing about the game. The fact that there hasn’t been a full raid in over 2 years, which drove the hardcore players away. I honestly have no hope for this game anymore. I’ve moved on to other games, and have no intentions to come back to this mess of a game.

    • gua543

      Tbh the current version of the Galactic Command system is not too bad (it will be better if they add a vendor that sells unassembled components for gear drops, since it’s a bit annoying to get a 5th tier 4 implant that you already have). It’s doing what I think it should have done from the start – be an additional method to get gear, not the only one.

      The main problem with the game is lack of content, plain and simple. If the GC system had been implemented correctly from the start, it would have saved Bioware a lot of trouble but it doesn’t change the fact there’s nothing to do at endgame.

      Also, their attempt at returning story was a failure IMO. It was very obviously made for jedi knights, with sith warriors being the other most fitting choice. Don’t know who decided to exclude more than half of the classes in terms of the story actually making sense when you play it, but I guess it was someone who values metrics a lot. Maybe they showed them people played the most with knights and warriors.

    • Drivan

      They aren’t going to remove the CXP system, they will keep tweaking it until they reach a happy place. It’s their gateway to maintenance mode. Once they have it perfected and easily editable they can step away and continue to release new Cartel Market items from time to time. This way they keep people playing until they realize that BW isn’t really focusing on SWTOR anymore.
      I mean seriously, they haven’t released a new Op since Shadows of Revan and they are struggling to get Gods of the Machine out, 1 boss at a time. They have been working on that Op since January, at least and have only dropped 2 bosses and teased the 3rd in 10 months…
      The content that they have completed since SoR has been sub-par for a Bioware game and everything that they have worked on for the past 2 years has had the overall goal of giving players a way/reason/reward to repeat every bit of content in the game.
      At what point do people see the writing on the wall, come to terms with the fact that SWTOR is not on EA/BW’s priority list anymore?
      I mean, folks are getting bent out of shape over a system that is obviously designed to give you a tedious grind and force you to repeat that grind on every character you create. The fact that they won’t let your CXP gains be a legacy XP system should tell you that they intend for it to be a process that keeps you playing.

    • Petan

      It’s only a tedious grind if you focus on it. But you can also forget it’s there and just play the game like you always have. The fact that I’m leveling up and getting added rewards while questing on Quesh (or doing what ever else) does not bother me at all…

      • HMH

        How are you getting ‘added rewards’ leveling on Quesh when GC doesn’t start til level 70?

        • Petan

          I am lvl 70 obviously. I meant leveling up my GC rank.

  • John Kosto

    I am going to have to be on the defending side on this. Not so much defending Bioware and Eric Musco and everyone else responsible for these CXP gains, but actually just not caring much about it.

    The whole CXP mechanic is idiotic, and has received criticism by the overwhelming majority of players since it was first implemented. It has ONE positive aspect, and that is that players can get top tier gear without actually having to do operations, and I personally get that. I don’t really care what gear other players have, as long as the process to get gear for myself makes sense to me.

    Having said that, after the changes which brought back gear drops in operations, added unassembled components for more gear via upgrades, and a few events that double CXP (plus the bugged daily missions which remained as such for a month), getting gear is as it was before, and you can still get even more gear via CXP. So I don’t get why people are now going crazy about this. This is a bonus feature, which will make Command Leveling easier for alt toons.

    You don’t HAVE to do it if you don’t want to. You can still get a full set of 242 gear pretty easily, and even upgrade to 248s by some pvp. There is seriously nothing wrong with these Legacy bonus features, I already have 3 toons to Command Level 300, and with 2 of them, I didn’t even have to grind that much. I basically just did bugged daily missions for a few days, and also did a few operations while the double CXP event was happening. Also, I don’t care….. even if they were not at level 300, it wouldn’t matter much.

    • Paulo Gomes

      And that is where your argument gets flawed John. You don’t care. Fine. I certainly don’t care either.

      But there are a lot of people that do. Lots of people that started doing manic grinds because of the retro-activity of the perk. People that spend lots of time getting the wrong toons to lv 300. I don’t know how much time it takes to put 3 toons at level 300, but I imagine a lot.

      And time in an MMO is money John. Time spent is money spent. These people basically threw their in game time away on grinds that were pointless.

      And I’m sorry but the “you don’t have to do it” argument is the worst of them all. How many people threw that at me because of the DvL “event”?

      They misled people John. They apologised for it. They made an error. ONE more error.

      I’m surprised you defend this John.

      • John Kosto

        Well first of all, I am not defending it, I am just saying that it really makes no significant difference to the game, nor should people get so upset about it.

        They didn’t mislead people that much. It’s not like they had announced these changes months ago, and then clarified that it’s not at all like that. They announced these changes just a few weeks ago, and now they added more information to it.

        Sometimes we have to focus on the essence, not try to find inaccuracy and incompetency everywhere. Your example is not very realistic. Who spent lots of time leveling the wrong toons to 300? Come on now…. Since they first announced these legacy perks? Couldn’t have leveled that far anyway. Plus, most people have all classes, and if they actually care about leveling alt toons, they are NOT going to level 7 sentinels, 3 marauders, 4 sorcerers and 6 shadows as someone said. If they do, I am sorry but they have a much more serious issue in their heads that Bioware not clarifying something for just a few weeks 😛

        Even in this case, fine, let everyone play the game however they want. I ask you again, WHAT IS THE POINT of command levels if not for gear? That’s the only point. And you can still get gear via so many other ways in the game, after the improvements they did with gear drops.

        It’s an oxymoron for people to complain so much about the CXP system and to want to basically get rid of it, but then when the BONUS (I remind you) rewards are not as much as they originally thought. It’s still a legacy perk that is ON TOP of what was already there. They are not taking away anything, nor is the change that dramatic. And for what? For a number that shows nothing.

        I am sorry, but I still don’t see why people go crazy over this.

        • Wayshuba

          I think it is more than just the system itself, it is more that is was the fifth gear reset for doing the same old content and it was a tedious reset at that.

          Everything people could do with 3.0 BiS is the same today. With 4.0 and 5.0 they simply reset the gear, upped the current content to match with the latest level cap and called it a day.

          How many time are people going to regrind gear, in any form, to get back to where they were before an “expansion”. Think about this, EV has been in the game since launch. It was done with BiS level 50 gear at first. Then you needed Level 55 BiS with Makeb, then level 60 BiS with SoR, then level 65 BiS with KotFE and now level 70 BiS with KoTET, then pushed even further with the release of Tier 4 gear (and then most likely Tier 5 next year). That is currently five gear resets to do an Operation you could do with BiS in December 2011.

          People I think are also worn out on the gear resets being a substitute for new level cap content. Galactic Command took what should have been an EASIER method of gearing to 4.0 (since it is the fifth gear reset) and instead implemented something not much better than the improvements they had made over 1.0 gearing. In some ways, it is even worse.

          • John Kosto

            Well yeah I agree to all of this. That’s exactly why I am saying that who gives a shit whether it’s going to take you 4 months or 5 months to reach some alt toons to level 300, to do the same content, with the same fights, the same operations, and the same mechanics? No one. Or at least they shouldn’t, in my opinion.

            • Rob

              Well I think Paulo was saying some accountability should be applied to BW. They make yet another mistake/deception and you come out and defend them. They are essentially getting a free pass from you despite their constant fuck ups.

              Your argument may be right John, in the fact that this one actually doesn’t matter too much, however it’s another mistake/deception in a long time of them and at some point you have to just stop accepting them and call them on their bullshit.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Fine. We’ll just agree to disagree on this.

          But one point you mentioned made me go back:

          “Sometimes we have to focus on the essence, not try to find inaccuracy and incompetency everywhere.”

          Well, that reminded me of something I replied to Rompe Himself, when he got on MY case for making some positive comments about the Roadmap:

          “I have little faith that this will turn this game around. But when these announcements come out I always try to take a step back and dial down on the criticism.

          Now if they mess these things up… That’s another story altogether…”

          And whadayaknow? They are messing things up. I don’t have to look very hard for incompetence. It’s in Musco’s excuse. They didn’t communicate the changes to him. Or he failed to notice them. No matter. That’s incompetence. I tried very hard, but could not come up with another name for it. Now add this to ALL the rest that I won’t go into again… Yep, it’s a mess. Again. And all that “rest” is a lot more serious than this issue, I give you that one.

          • John Kosto

            Yeah, no one saying is that they didn’t make a mistake. They themselves admitted it. It’s just not a big deal. It practically doesn’t change much. That’s all I am saying. It’s not a mess. There are serious problems with this game, let’s not overlook the serious problems and focus on a minor detail about a bonus CXP gain for alt toons. That’s all I am saying.

            And if the leveling of alt toons to Command Level 300 is the most important thing for some people….. that comes to show that there is a problem with this game.

    • COQ

      CXP levls from 0-100, and done, would be ok.
      Once you hit the max. CXP level you still have months of grind for legendary gear.

    • Disqus this

      4 paragraphs for I don’t care.

      Sorry but some do.

    • Haha… dream on. Try entering ranked with anything below maxed gear and you’ll end up with a very up to date collection of swears.

      • John Kosto

        First of all, ranked is not the only pvp. Second, I could care less for people who offend others in pvp. They are the cancer of this game. So I ignore them. In fact, you might have just motivated me to do some ranked with a set of 236s.

  • Naefas
    • Naefas

      BW/EA…… Mirror

      • Tony Boi

        naefas from ebonhawk?

        • Naefas


  • Naefas

    https://youtu.be/ebWwAFXrpD0 And who says sith do not have fun 😀

    • Eban

      Best light saber fight scene EVER!

    • Naq

      @ :50sec “I’ma seee some boooobiiiieeesss!!!!”

      • AbnerDoon

        I’m sure her tongue will grow back. :p

    • John Kosto

      Kudos to the guys who made this video, and especially Maja Felicitas Bergmann, but the part where Darth Maul throws the lightsaber in the air and waits 10 seconds until it drops is basically almost worse than parody. Also the slow responses don’t make any sense at all.

  • Whitedragon
  • Don Loco
  • Mer Vila

    One step closer to legacy command xp (as in teso) so we can all be happy. Except for the nevereding grinding for gear at any point of it. It should be legacy command rank and the gear bought with tokens not dropped from random boxes but activities but let´s see how much longer they need to figure it out.

  • Fred Garvin

    Exclusive BTS photo of Eric’s workspace at BioWare Austin: on Keith’s lap.


    • Лев Сафаров

      Where his arm?

      • DerpDude

        Up a hole down in the back…it’s a training exercise on what they do with their customers.

    • smiths22

      ha, ha, trololol!

    • EricMucuso

      I’m Eric Mucuso and I would like to go on record stating that this is EXACTLY what happens at our offices here at Biowurr.

  • Wayshuba

    Does anyone remember that in October of 2016 they were showing 100 command ranks with CxP and had 100 Command Ranks on the PTS. Then they went live with 300 Command Ranks…..

    Hmmm, seems we may have a pattern here….

    • Лев Сафаров

      That was because when was 100 ranks, there could drop any gear related to class. They made change to drop gear related only to current spec.

  • Rompe Himself
  • that moment when i realize that:
    sage – 300;
    sorcerer – 300;
    assassin – 282
    …. and everything else either under 50
    RiP me i guess LOL.

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