SWTOR New Arcann Customizations and Iokath Decorations

With Patch 5.5, Bioware have added New Arcann Customizations to the Light/Dark vendors and new decorations to the Iokath Reputation vendors.

New Arcann Customization

These customizations can be purchased form the Light/Dark sider vendors on the fleet.

Arcann Customization 1 – 10 Light Side Tokens


Arcann Customization 2 – 10 Dark Side Tokens


Iokath Decorations

New Iokath Decorations have been added to the Empire and Republic Iokath Reputation vendors. There are 7 new decorations per vendor, for a total of 14 new decorations.


Imperial Forces on Iokath

Decoration Reputation Req Cost
Iokath Purifier Drone Newcomer 100 Power Shards + 100k credits
Iokath Alliance Officer Friend 100 Power Shards + 100k credits
Iokath Compactor Droid Hero 100 Power Shards + 100k credits
Medium Iokath Statue Hero 250 Power Shards + 250k credits
Iokath Hydraulic Buttress Hero 150 Power Shards + 150k credits
Unstable Iokath Battery (Interactive) Champion 150 Power Shards + 150k credits
Ikath Pump Station (Imperial) Legend 500 Power Shards + 1 mil credits

Republic Forces on Iokath

Decoration Reputation Req Cost
Iokath Custodian Droid Newcomer 100 Power Shards + 100k credits
Iokath Alliance Soldier Friend 100 Power Shards + 100k credits
Scour Swarm Droid Hero 100 Power Shards + 100k credits
Small Iokath Statue Hero 250 Power Shards + 250k credits
Iokath Hanging Conduit Hero 150 Power Shards + 150k credits
Iokath Wall Lamp Champion 150 Power Shards + 150k credits
Ikath Pump Station (Republic) Legend 500 Power Shards + 1 mil credits
  • Darth Ji’inx

    Glad we finally get Arcann’s customizations. πŸ™‚

    Pity they’re not BoL, because we’ll have to switch alignments and go up 10 GC ranks just to get both on one character. :/

  • Danny Seth

    This was unexpected and very welcomed. Glad they figured how to make us replay areas. πŸ™‚

    • ZestyM8

      I hope you realise you DON’T get arcann the second time you do the story. Only the first time will count and add to your character. So if you killed Arcann on your main, don’t waste your time if you’re hoping to get him as a comp. You’ll have to do the whole story on another character and believe me that’s a waste of yo time nigga.

      • Danny Seth

        Well, you assumed I don’t have Arcann. When I said replay areas, I meant Iokath. Adding new decos to old reputation vendors is a good way to make us replay old areas.

      • Naefas

        So why did you not just kill him on an alt and keep him on your main?

  • Laz

    Darcann is the better looking one, IMO, but I mostly play Light Siders. Though to be fair, he’s the exception…all the other Dark vendor gear is less aesthetically pleasing. But either way, at least it’s something to spend tokens on.

    …although all that said, I think I’d just rather Arcann get fully customizable gear like the others.

  • Jonathan Parker

    The Iokath decorations are nice, but seriously? More fucking credit sinks? Just let us spend the damn shards we’ve been saving without having to break the bank too! We need more decorations that don’t cost a fucking fortune!

  • Mikey Moo

    cool, was kinda hoping he’d be customizable like the other main characters are becoming, though lol

  • Havik79

    Meh, need more stuff to spend dark/light tokens on than just this.
    Can’t believe he is a romance option but no Acina.

  • KevinSaku

    Would have been nice if we were able to actually get the mask st cybertech arm as gear

  • A’shura

    So i have exactly 10 dark side tokens and Arcann, yet i can’t see his new costumizations on the dark side vendor. Anyone knows why? by any chance? …

    • Kaelin

      For me its at the top of the default vendor list. And it really should not depend on your tokens (its price simply will be red coloured if you do not have all the needed tokens), my toon is pure ds and have 0 ls tokens but I still see all ls items. If still nothing, report it, something is wrong. If not sub, try out official forums

      • A’shura

        Il have to report it cause i’m a sub, always been, and its not there. My toon is pure ds aswell. Gees, thank you very much!!

  • Killed Arcann. Don’t care.

  • Ann Nonymous

    Just what we needed…wait I can’t grow his hair? I’d prefer real new content to a virtual “barbie” game. Besides who cares about Arcann…once you’ve got him in your party he has no personality or special dialog and is one of something like 20-25 (Maybe more? I stopped counting) generic companions use can use. I miss the pre-Kofte style content.

    • Kaelin

      I care. Top companion for my main character. Looks nice and have good looking skill set. Will have some sort of mission, hope it will not be for romance only.

    • Danny Seth

      Arcann mails you regularly, even after the Umbara flashpoint. He is still there in the story and soon he will also be romanceable.

      • Ben Gimson

        “soon he will also be romanceable.”

        Nope. He can be killed, which means he’ll never be relevant again. Mail is the most you’ll get from Arcann from now on.

        • Kunstpause

          they just confirmed the romance in their last stream and on twitter though…

          • Ben Gimson

            Did they actually confirm it and say it will definitely happen? Or did they just make vague suggestions that they might do it one day? Every other character that can be killed thus far has stopped being relevant to the story after the point where they can be killed, even if they weren’t killed.

            • They definitely confirmed it.

              • Ben Gimson

                I’m not holding my breath regardless. I’ll believe it when it’s in-game and I can play through it; till then I’m going to assume it’s a standard BW promise.

              • Kaelin

                Devs confirmed it with their last roadmap, his VA confirmed it. I’m pretty sure it will happened, I just hope it will not take them forether like an epic fail with new operation

  • Ben Gimson

    It’s like they forgot to finish the content all those months ago…

    That said, some nice decorations. Guess I have to go back to that shit hole :’)

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Looks like we finally get some Alliance soldiers. πŸ™‚

  • ZestyM8

    This infuriates me. Darkside in the story was great, but you were left with nothing. No companions, no rewards, yet lightside gets everything great.
    You get Arcann doing light but nothing if you are dark?
    It should be both choices give you each a companion. If you are darkside and killed Arcann, you get a darkside companion that appreciated you killing Arcann. If you were lightside you kept Arcann and couldn’t get the darkside companion. Instead no, there’s a gape and this writers are just too lazy, yet I can come up with something cooler than those schmucks. Guess i’ll keep away from the game even longer then.

    • nana

      Well, Dark side story did get an awful lot of deaths out of your hand and consequences.
      Don’t be surprised xD

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “Consequences that matter” πŸ˜‰

      • ZestyM8

        I mean I can get every comp I killed back, but not Arcann. Seems a bit weird huh? Also that defeats the purpose when I can just dodge the consequence and get the comps I killed.

        Way to lose player base 101 Bioware. ;))))))

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Oh, you mean the reclaim terminal not having Arcann, correct?

          • ZestyM8

            Ya. Last I check (around a month ago) I could get everyone, Koth, etc. But not Arcann. Maybe he’s there now? I can’t be fucked logging on and checking just for that…Just saddens me though, why make it dark and light customizations when darkside killed him off. Doesn’t make sense man.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              It doesn’t make sense that either one of his customizations require Light Side to obtain, since they’re both of him when he was a evil.

              Currently, the terminal doesn’t return any temporary companions (Marr, Acina, Dramath, or dark Arcann).

    • Jo

      There’s a reason sociopaths have few friends

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    All those new personnel, guess I’ll be bothering with Iokath now.

    • Burt Macklin

      Finally some new personnel deorations.

      But I would still prefer them being Star Wars themed (cantina band/Ortolan keyboarder, Gamorrean guard, …) not themed like the last daily area (Yavin 4, Iokath).

  • Robert RenΓ© Dibello

    So much for using dark side Arcann as a companion since everyone will have the customization now, so much for those “game changing choices” if u can just buy your way out of it later on… :/

    • Mikey Moo

      well it is just cosmetic, i don’t think it will alter his personality lol

  • Naefas

    dark side or light Arcann is boring unless i can make him look more like a droid πŸ˜€

  • dzip.sys

    The Pumpstations are for starship hooks!
    Don’t make the same mistake I did, buing all decorations I liked in the item preview,
    and then notice the hook size.
    I don’t have a free starship hook.


  • Varak’sas

    I resubscribed after a long hiatus, can anyone tell me how you get light/darkside tokens?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      If your character is Darkside, then click the Dark Side icon at the bottom right of your screen. After that, you will receive a Darkside Token if you rank up your Galactic Command Level while the Darkside is winning or in the winning state (Ctrl+G). It’s the same for Lightside Tokens if you are Lightside with the Lightside icon selected when the Lightside is winning.

      However, if you are Darkside (character), for example, but you’ve aligned yourself with the Lightside (icon), your character will start gaining Lightside points on your personal alignment. You’ll still receive Darkside Tokens if you rank up (GC) when Darkside is winning, so long as your personal alignment still matches the winning side. The same applies for Lightside character aligned with the Darkside.

      Basically, if you rank up Galactic Command while one faction is winning or in the winning state (Ctrl+G), you’ll receive that faction’s token so long as your character’s personal alignment matches that faction (regardless of which faction you chose). It’s just better align with the same faction (icon) as your personal alignment (character), so you won’t lose any of your character’s alignment points when you play.

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