GW2 Arenanet Teases New Items for Halloween

Arenanet have teased some new stuff coming to GW2 for the Halloween release for next week on social media outlets.




  • George Samaras

    Woo can’t wait!

  • Tony Schoepe

    That dagger looks like Eddie (Iron Maiden)

    • lore

      It does! Would be cool if it was actually a “nod” to Iron Maiden. Like actually calling the dagger the “Iron maiden” (although that also refers to a torture device)

      I always felt Eddie never got the fame he deserved.

  • Gundam

    Pray that it comes with new activities

  • Alot

    Those look really good. are they armor pieces or outfits?

    • The One Copper Bard

      My opinion. The trench coat one feels like an outfit since there’s blood, or something, around the character’s face. The rest could be armor piece skins.

      • Braghez

        Still it’s kinda strange, because the first image doesn’t have it. Maybe they’re some kind of combined effect ? Like a tonic + head piece…or infusion + headpiece ? We will see xD

        • The One Copper Bard

          Indeed. I’m curious on what other hidden stuff they’ll have this year 🙂

      • That medium armor set is already in game…

        • The One Copper Bard

          Oh, is it? Never really noticed so my bad lol.

          • This might be a different version of it, as someone else pointed out it could be like the flame kissed, but I have a hunch it’s just dyed to go with the various helm skins.

    • Sit –

      looks like outfits… rip

    • Probably outfits that no one cares about 😛

    • Existing armors w/ new head + shoulder skins.

      • Alot

        Pretty sure that heavy helmet already exists in game (without the glowy effect). In the same way we got the carapace armor and the luminous armor (which looked exactly the same as the carapace armor but with a glow) I recon that we getting a base armor with new fx effects – which would mean that even though you correct in identifying that they old mid pieces, if it was a recording instead of a picture, i recon those mid pieces would glow or whatnot.

        That’s my bet anyway.

  • wQnxy

    i hope this dagger is not new legendary =[

    • Alexander Kulbov

      Since it shares the staff’s skin, I think it’s just a part of a new Black Lion Collection.

      • John Kucing

        Good catch.

    • Not enough particle effects. haha

      • wQnxy

        no, just model looks ugly..

  • Answerer

    I honestly think they’re outfits.
    While they look nice, i have no reason to believe anet can suddenly make 3 full armours when they constantly complain about the production costs

    • ShadoE

      I don’t understand their statement about production costs they are making the outfit/armour anyway how hard is it to divide it in six pieces dye channels are assigned to the outfit anyway. Release 2 versions of it in the RMT shop it should tell them pretty quick what people want some may want the outfit while other’s will buy the armour it’s win win for them as well

      • Ayakaru

        because there are armor weights, and every armor weight needs to be made from scratch. You can’t make 1 piece and then unlock it on all three weights. They have to, quite literally, open a new file, and model the armor piece for every weight class, hence it’s three times the workload. Outfits are on a fourth weight class called “null”, which is also the reason outfits can’t be mixed with other weight classes. It’s a stupid design choice, but they’re too deep in to get out now

        • ShadoE

          I’m not really following you there, since the armour weights are assigned just by some parameters in the game it has nothing to do with the actual model which I imagine is the majority of the work you then assign it light/medium or heavy I’m not a programmer so i don’t know how involved that is.I can’t imagine them implementing something like that to be all that difficult since you would want to streamline that as much as possible.
          TBH it’s a financial thing more then it’s a difficult to implement thing if you make it an outfit you have 100% of the player base as a potential customer if it’s just a light armour for example you only have 33% of the player base as a customer yes it’s simplifying the argument but i think it’s money not “difficulty”.

          • Ayakaru

            I’m not 100% in the know either, but the way i understood is, the items connect differently on different weights classes.
            And apparently a skeleton (model) can’t process more than one type of weight at once, because it can’t process how they connect. Outfits are a fourth different weight type altogether, often referred to as null because it can work on all three types of models. But i think invisibly we actually have three outfits, eer just can’t see.

            But as i said before, no one knows for sure what the problem is because anet is quite tight lipped on the matter. But they were quite clear on the matter its not hard or troublesome to mix the three weights and outfits, it’s impossible. The code, or engine, or whatever, can’t handle it

    • Because they’re existing armor models, already in-game. They’re most likely just “updating” them with special halloween-ish details/effects.

  • Raizel

    I like the staff.

  • WK

    To those saying that these will be outfits:
    These are edits of pre-existing armors, much like the “Flame” armors that were sold on the Gem Store. In the middle is the “Noble” armor for the medium class, while on the right is the “Templar” armor for the heavy class. I can’t put my finger on the left one, but visually it looks like it is meant for the light class.
    Given that Anet presented this with each armor class, and that they are just edits of pre-existing armor, I would say that they will remain as armor sets rather than another halloween outfit.
    That said, I would believe that the mask and the vampire look are likely to be usable by all armor classes, much like the Glowing Masks or the more recent Swaggering Hat.

    • Verthiss

      Light one looks like it could be Acolyte armor remodel.

    • Asda

      Nah it’ll be outfits cause anet is lazy as shit.

    • :3

      i hold you on to your word and watch you rage when they make it outfits 🙂

  • floran janssen

    Existing armors w/ new head + shoulder skins.

    • Alot

      I’m actually optimistic that these might be reskins of old armors with Halloween effects. The blood stained mouth in the second picture of the medium armor – it doesnt make sense that it would be there permanently – so perhaps theres a chance it will only appear on life-steal or whatnot.

      • nicemeeme

        How exactly would that “not make sense”, lmao?

        • Alot

          Because the effect isn’t there in the top picture.

  • Ares Zax

    Looks like new masks (Leatherface + Vampire), new Pumpkin shoulderpads, and maybe new Scarecrow gloves+shoulders. New staff and dagger skin too.

  • Trillium

    Please tell me these will be armor skins, not bloody mother!@#$ing %#$!eating outfits?

    • Alot

      What ever the delivery model, I just hope that if its a dynamic switch from red-eyes to red eyes and a bloody mouth it will be an effect on lifesteal and not on beginning combat.

      I like vampires but there is a definite difference between biting someone and starting to drool blood when a battle starts -.-

  • Warrioress

    Same boring ugly trench coats and robes as always nothing interesting nothing new.

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