GW2 Gemstore Update–Spooky Mount Skins and Fallen Balthazar

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Spooky Mounts Skins and the Fallen Balthazar package as an uncommon drop from BLC chests.[toc]

Spooky Mounts Skin – 1600 gems

Each of these skin comes with 4 dye channels. The default skin for mounts have only 1 dye channel.

Skin Showcase


Dye Channel Showcase


Spooky Raptor Skin


Spooky Springer Skin


Spooky Skimmer Skin


Spooky Jackal Skin


Spooky Griffon Skin


Fallen Balthazar Outfit & Helm – Uncommon BLC Drop

These are uncommon drops from the new version of BLC chests. You get a Fallen Balthazar package which includes both the Outfit and the Helm.

Fallen Balthazar Outfit

Dye Channels











Fallen Balthazar Helm



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37 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Spooky Mount Skins and Fallen Balthazar”

Well, guess that answers all possible questions on how mount skins are going to work.

It they weren’t aiming on monetizing mount skins it would have provided a way to provide meaningful rewards to every single living world release with minimal effort – not that I can begrudge them the choice. If these had cost 350 or 400 gems each I would have been fully behind it. Forcing people to get a rabbit with a skeleton painted on to obtain that sweet skimmer skin is a bit unfortunate though :/

Ps. If Hot glider skins were anything to go by, there is a good chance that later mount skins will be far more awesome then the earlier mount skins. Apply your personal degree of patience to its most applicable degree.

I can’t get on the game right now cause I’m at work, is this a 1600 gem package for ALL these mount skins or is it 1600 PER mount skin?

they are actually quite fun too since you can fully dye them which looks fantastic on most things but the bunny..

Okay, that takes a great weight off my chest – I was against all logic scared Anet would not release mount skins.

Now I just gotta hope not all skins will be lame retextures. I want my Branded Griffon, dammit!

PS: A helm chopped off outfit? Now I gotta hope that heralds good things to come, more outfits chopped up into skins.

On the upside, tne new mount has 4 dye channels, so you can do a lot more with it, just give the bones and rest ofvthe body the same color

So the mount skins are finally here, well I’m not gonna spend 1600 gems on that but they look more or less cool. Just wish we could buy them separately. That_shaman data mained one standalone skin for Raptor but I’m not gonna talk about it in case somebody wants to see what it is gonna be on the release day.

The Balthazar outfit though.. I kinda don’t like that they did give it to us. Even though it’s random drop from BLC, I’ve got mine with the 12th key, I still wish this wouldn’t be a thing at all.. Balthazar was a really cool villain, a lot more interesting than Zhaitan or Mordremoth. And now he is just a naked dude with a long beard that wears same outfit like we all do. It annoys me that they are not scared to give us a outfit of one of the main villains in the game but they won’t give us a swimwear outfit -that is in the game already, with 2 versions- when other MMO’s do it every year. Or go for the cheaper, race specific outfits, like Jennah outfit, the ones that are weared by human nobles or this nice long dress, all these shaman norn outfits, charr and asura have a few possibilities too. there would be no need to make versions for other races or genders just simply sell them with lower price. But whatever, yeah. Lets just give them a armor of god, this is fine. Can we expect to get Kormir’s one as well? this dev team annoys me with their decisions sometimes.

The new Black Lion Chest rotation is very nice though, a lot of cool stuff can drop, new mount skin pack being one, I need to farm more keys.

Pretty sure they changed it so that you can only get a key from completing a new char’s lvl 10 quest line once per week. If not I’ve been making a logistical error for quite a while.

Well I do map completion, I have more than 10 characters and half of them is still around 60% with core Tyria maps, then we have quick, small maps from S3 and new 5 maps with PoF. There’s the S2 E6 [I think it is 6?] where you always get a key at the end for doing it, unfortunately for me I already did it on all characters since it’s an easy episode that takes 20-30 mins max. One mission in HoT gives you a key but you can’t go straight to it, you have to start from the beginning. There are few ways to get keys if you are mentally incapable to farm gold and then convert it to gems like me.

There is another option. Gain gold and do a currency exchange. I do that a lot to make my purchases in the gem store as that’s how I did it for the mount pack 🙂

Can you tell me how can i make some gold for that? im currently at 400 gems and 1g, idk where to start ._.
Edit: Mount pack.

Crafting, fractals and farming. Patience is its own reward trust me. Also never quick sell on the Trading Post as you lose out. People will buy stuff if you post it a few silver blow the next person. If the price is too low without making hardly any profit then save your stocks back and sell. Never sell on the weekends as that’s when the monopoly begins when everyone converges onto the Trading Post.

Just have patience 🙂

Just saw a guy who had dye’d his griffon (with Halloween skin) completely white with that new uber-white dye. It looked like the mount equivalent of the chaos weapon sets – luminous, glowing, pure white mount. Much cool.

Hi! I’m a little confused. I can’t find the (BEAUTIFUL) Zealot outfit. Will it come later in the shop?

(note: i have not played much for a good while. Sorry if newb question)

Unlike some I’m not surprised about the mount skins. It was obvious Anet would not be so insane as to not tap this income source.

Now the Halloween skins themselves. Personally I don’t like them, I’m not a fan of the “halloween trash plastic chic” they have going for them. What I do like is the dye channels. Dyeable glows, effects and whatnot… bring it Anet! I look forward to buy interesting and cool designs… oh wait… it’s Anet…

Ok then… I look forward to buy weird, copy/paste, unimaginative designs! With the occasional accidental actually good design thrown in there 😛

While the skeleton painted onto the mounts is ridiculous, Ive seen that on white and black dyed spooky mounts the skeleton cannot actually be seen (and I believe that holds true for colors besides black and white) – so the skins are more versatile then they appear or are advertised.

Personally looking forward to the Chinese new year mount skins – especially if they still doing skins when they get around to the year of the hare ^^

Is this Fallen Balthazar Outfit unavailable? I am asking because just opened 20+ boxes only to find some hallowing junk

Sucks that the balthazar outfit is not exactly like the original. Missing the effects. I hope they address or even add it in.

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