GW2 Mad Memoires Backpack Achievements Guide

A guide to the Mad Memoires Achievements and Backpack added with Halloween 2017.

Mad Memories

Speak to Magister Tassi in Lion’s Arch for the achievement.


In addition to the achievement, check your mail for the scanner.


Mad Mysteries

Note that when you scan near these areas, sometimes they show up as a Suspicious Location instead of spawning the ghost directly. In that case you need to interact with it to get the ghost to show up. Completing this achievement grant you Mad Memoires


1. Boyhood (Lion’s Arch)

Next to Magister Tassi, double click on the candy power meter in your inventory and use the #3 skill to scan. This will reveal Serene near Tassi. Talk to her for the item.


2. Friendship (Lion’s Arch)

Use your #1 scan and find Samson undernearth the Deverol Gardens in Lion’s Arch.


3. Young Love (Lion’s Arch)

Go underwater and scan just east of Old Lion’s Arch POI with your #3 scan. It will reveal a suspicious location which you can interact with and reveal Tynna.


4. Deadly Adventures (Queensdale)

Scan with the #2 skill to get Prince Ewan Thorn to show up. He may appear as a suspicious location first you need to press F to reveal him.


5. Betrothed (Kessex Hills)

Scan with #4 skill near Blackroot Cut in Kessex Hills to reveal a suspicious location and then interact with it to reveal Lady Lyrica.


6. Coronation (Gendarran Fields)

Go to the spider room at the end of the Provernic Crypt. There is a door to the left of the champion spider that may or may not be closed. If the door is closed, you have to pick up boulders and go through the passage to the right of the champion spider that has pressure plates you need to put the boulders on for the door to open.

Next to the grand chest, press #2 to scan. If nothing shows up, check the corner where Lord Humphrey Faren runs to when he spawns. Otherwise interact with the suspicious location to spawn him.


Mad Mementos

You will need a scanner in a couple more places for this collection which grants you Mad Memoires: Complete Edition.


1. Handless (Gendarran Fields)

Go to Gendarran Fields, use #4 to scan the area at the marked location. Interact with the suspicious location to spawn an event to defeat some hands. Complete the event to get Cashel to show up.


2. Feast and Famine (Harathi Hinterlands)

Go to Martyr’s Tomb POI in Harathi Hinterlands. Use #3 to scan near the Statue of Dwayna. Interact with the suspicious location and talk to Fenn for the item.


3. Pains of Love (Bloodtide Coast)

Go to the ship just west of Laughing Gull Island, use #1 scan to reveal a suspicious location. Interact with it to spawn the door event, complete it and talk to Seamarshal Bennu that spawns after the event.


4. Tax-o-Lanterns (Harathi Hinterlands)

Go into the house south of Seraph’s Landing waypoint. Use your #4 scan, interact with the suspicious location to spawn Rufus. Talk to him for the item.


5. Flames of Renewal (Harathi Hinterlands)

Go to the bridge near Arca Lake, use your #2 scan to find a suspicious location at start of the bridge. This will spawn Portia with an accompanied event where you need to scan for water buckets to douse the fire around her. Talk to her afterwards for the item.


6. Descension (Sparkly Fen)

Go to the very bottom level of Shattered Keep in Sparkfly Fen. Use #3 scan to reveal a suspicious location near a torch. Interact with it to spawn Wynn to complete your achievement.


Mad Memorial

This collection requires the completion of various Halloween achievements for the penultimate backpack Mad Memoires: Complete Ignition.


1. Apocrypha

Complete the Arguably Foodlike achievement by eating 150 Candy Corns and then talk to Lunatic Noble Acreni near the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch for the item.


2. Lunacy

Talk to the Lunatic Boatman about Mad King Thorn after you have completed the Routing the Rebel Rabble achievement (killing 150 mobs in the Labyrinth).


3. Fabrication

Go to the middle of the Mad King’s Labyrinth and see the Steward. Talk to him about serving food (5 gold) and you will get the Courtly Service achievement. After, talk to him again about Mad King Thorn and he will give you the item.


4. Hallowed Eves

Complete the Pumpkin Carving achievement to carve 150 pumpkins and then talk to Bruce the Herald in Grand Piazza for the item.


5. Rivalry

Complete the Ancient Grudge achievement to kill 150 of Joko’s minions and then talk to Veteran Brigadier General Kernel south of the WvW portals for the item.


6. Binding Agreement

Complete Lunatic’s Fashion achievement by collecting all pieces of the Lunatic armor (only need 1 weight per slot) and then talk to Lunatic Acolyte Broye at Deverol Gardens.


Mad Memoires: Complete Superstition

The final backpack requires you complete the Lunatic Court’s Finery collection. You get six pieces from achievements but the rest requires you to craft them by buying recipes off the Lunatic Court alchemists via Candy Corn Cobs.


  • Ainseland

    TYVM our Mad Queen for this guide up so quick even its not done yet!

  • Halluciation

    It’s amazing how fast this was up

    • Vekerur

      Because its the same as 5 years ago. 😀

      • lithlius

        to be fair they added a few more things to it unless i just dont remember them, lil events on the ghosts. some of them atleast and the last collection is completely new wich is great

  • Aven

    For 3rd part – you need to complete some achievements to progress it. Atm found 3 npcs that will be used for it in LA(talked with one – in the picture). 2 for sure in lab. Those npcs are easy to find and don’t require scanner to interact
    Achis needed(those I know about atm): Carver, Palawa Joko minions. But it seems it’s needed to complete whoe Shadow of the Mad King category.

    • Ashton Culligan

      Rider is near the pumkin carver and needs the pumpkin achiev

      • Aven

        It’s herald, got name and achi wrong for “rider”

    • Thanks!

    • Woodie

      You need only one set/one piece per slot of the armor, luckily. Else, the Ghostly backpack would be a horrible grind. One per slot is awarded for achievements.

  • Enilora

    For the noble, you need to do Arguably foodlike and eat 150 candy corn 🙂

    • Voreo Sabrae

      Bugged or i did something wrong…have achievement and am not getting the dialogue box even relogged.

      • Do you have the achievement for this year?

        • Voreo Sabrae

          i derped… thought 3rd part was 2nd part 🙁

  • By the time I finished the first two parts, the third was up. Thanks so much Dulfy. <3

  • Rnd

    I must be stupid… Ancient Grudge achievement to kill 150 of Joko’s minions. Where?

    • aimasira

      the npc says that joko send troup in coastal areas north west of crystal desert, but i cant figure where

      • Raizel

        Do the ones in PoF count?

        • Starai

          they do

        • narg

          YES, this is kinda funny achiev, just go to crystal desert and kill any jokos army, question is, how this work for ppl without PoF ??

          • Lockheart

            That is the price you pay for not having POF really.
            It sucks, but opting to not get the latest expansion is undoubtedly going to complicate event achievements.

          • Alessandro Caffi

            It seems there are a few Awakened in Mount Maelstrom

    • \///

      any kind of awakened mob works for this

  • Artiom Tepaev

    Where can I find Joko’s minions?

    • Diana Sutter

      Wondering the same thing

      • Artiom Tepaev

        Does anyone know how to get the achievement if you dont have the POF expantion?

        • V-lone

          I found 2 of their spawn. But their spawn rate and numbers are retardely low and long for non POF users.

          • Kira Sternenfeuer

            not so true after all the palawa joko enemys arround desolation are not that crowded either or when theay are veterans that have a high pool of lifepoints. The best area I found for myself on Desolation contains 3 groups of enemies with the biggest of them has 4 enemies all together they are like 10 with at least a respawncooldown of a minute. You could also fight the veterans arround the bone palace but like said they are no easy targets and have at least 4 times the health of normal mobs.

        • Franco Rossel

          There’s no way apparently.

        • Sollunad

          There are some minions on the western coastline of Sparkfly Fen

      • Giulia V

        You find them on the Desolation map – all the awakend count for this achievement

    • Franco Rossel

      In all the Crystal Desert maps.

    • Zenamez

      In the Desolation. Kill ANYTHING with “Awakened” in it’s name and it’ll count. You’ll find most of them spawning near the Bone Palace and the bridges leading up to it.

      • Kira Sternenfeuer

        well not helpful if he plays core tyria than he has to go to Mount maelstrom to the mid south region near the point of interest for Tzanople grounds north of it a few scouts respawn from time to time. By the way this is not much slower than what you can do in Desolation right now with the biggest groups are arround 4 undeads there and widespreed or just a lot of veterans that can take lots of damage.

  • Ray Zyphs

    so if you don’t have the pof you can’t do Ancient Grudge and the race one 😛

    • V-Love

      The race one you can skip buy just crafting the piece (Which is what i did) However, for the Ancient Grudge. Well Yea, im sitting here wondering if im SoL or if there’s another alternative to obtain this AP.

      • Jakob Stjerndorff

        There are a few Awakened in Mount Maelstrom actually. If you talk to Veteran Brigadier General Kernel before completing the achievement he will actually give you a hint about it.

        • Izuna

          There are more locations, it’s just that Dulfy got lazy this time to look for this.

          • iqValentin

            Wow. Just wow. How ungrateful.

  • Northerner

    2. Friendship (Lion’s Arch)

    Do not use scan #1 but scan #2 to reveal the ghost.

  • RoyalPredator

    Seriously… PoF Required for festival achievements.
    JEalous WISHpers says we’re fck’d.

    • ThreeOSix

      Which achievements require PoF?

      • narg

        Ancient Grudge – 10 AP

        Kill 150 of Joko’s minions. Any awakened mobs will work. Go to a map like Desolation and just kill them en mass

        • ThreeOSix

          False, there are Joko minions in Mount Maelstrom, that core and f2p players can kill.

          • Kira Sternenfeuer

            they are near the Tzanople grounds poi there a bit north of it and will mostly spawn in groups of 2 scouts

            • RoyalPredator

              I’m at Tzanople grounds POI for a good while and nothing. 😐

              • Kira Sternenfeuer

                north of it not directly at the poi itself just search the cost for awakened enemys

    • narg
    • Garthan Belyth

      tp to friend and tag along with someone that has PoF should work.

      • narg

        and how exactly ??

      • Kira Sternenfeuer

        noüe it doesn’t work as it doesn’t work with Hot maps either.

        And of course you need PoF for some stuff to blame them for including stuff you can only do with the expansions is like saying they should give everyone mounts for free.

        In fact all core Tyria related Halloween stuff is still in the game and newer stuff need you to support the game. the Calaedbolg questline, most of the Season 3 stuff and so on was related to HoT too so it shouldn’t surprise you that new stuff is related to new expansions.

        Flypads for Shatterer also only work if you can glide 😉

        • Garthan Belyth

          consider me enlightened 😀

          wasn’t sure but it worked with the living world season 3 maps before so i assumed it would for HoT and PoF itself.

          • narg

            this work, but you MUST HAVE pof ot hot expansion, if you dont, you cant enter new maps

        • Izuna

          Still, you can kill Awakened mobs on Core Tyria maps atm. The NPC even gives you clues about this.

    • Nine

      There in the core tyria aswell, maybe if you stopped for 5 seconds to talk to an NPC you’d learn that instead of instantly running to a guide.

      • RoyalPredator

        To be honest, I barely find any real clues in these conversations about the what-to-dos. Would you pelase tell me, where to go?

    • Alot

      Why would there be an issue with adding new achievements for expansion owners. GW2 operates around a season pass mentality.

  • Artiom Tepaev

    Ok guys so for the Joko minions! It is possible to do. I did it in under an hour but got lucky. Basically u need to be in a map with low population, when u get the message to change to a map with more players. Stay in that map and kill Awaken untill you find a Veteran Defiler. He spawns mummies which count towards the achievement. Just keep killing them and keep him alive. Best place is Sunken droknah shore, the hermit crabs don’t hurt him that much. But u have to be lucky to be on one of the empty maps.

    • ThatsFucked

      Uh, I’m pretty sure that literally no-one doubted that it was possible. It’s easy, kind of strange that it took you a whole hour even with preparation of “finding an empty map, finding a certain veteran”, etc.
      Just go to a PoF map where Awakened spawn, and kill them for 40 minutes.. no-one seriously questioned that it was doable.

      • narg

        but he is talking about achi if you DONT HAVE PoF

        • duhhhhh

          What kind of moron doesn’t have POF

      • Artiom Tepaev

        dude its for people without the expansion ofc…

    • Rintarō Okabe

      Yeah empty map is needed, I tried, but now and then some oak comes and kills the veteran, even though I tell them to stop, they just don’t listen, get an open map is needed!

  • Void

    Is Mad Memories: Complete Superstition only available during halloween or can you get it later? It has a steep cost in leather that may stop people from doing it quickly.

    • Artiom Tepaev

      i guess not since its a collection, but u neet all the crafting recepies

      • Itsagame

        I’m guessing these are only available during the festival as the vendors are all event ones for them.

    • Wake

      The event itself is not listed as Festival so I’m pretty sure it can be finished later.

      • John

        The Mad Memoires: Complete Superstition is under the “Basic Collections” tab, if you notice the icon on the collection from these screenshots, it looks like 3x photos. I went looking for similar icons and found it there. So it’s available right now.

  • Michelle

    For the mad mementos challenge… the ghost for the flames of renewal wont appear… there are about 30/40 people waiting for her to spawn but she is not appearing

    • Ares Zax

      I heard there was a potential bug that stops Portia from spawning, but I don’t know what it is as I didn’t encounter it.

    • Nightmist

      Guest on another server and it should put you in a new instance, worked for me

  • Scarlett

    Joko’s Minions…where do i kill them?

  • Nathaniel Lovett

    I know I need a mount to finish the race, but I do not have one. Is it still possible to do it just walking or…. ? Curiosity.

    • If you get some mesmer friends to port you maybe, otherwise probably not.

      • Eryth

        Portal will not work, you need to go throuh checkpoints :/

        • iqValentin

          Hence the plural, “friends”. Like a lot of mesmers to port you from checkpoint to checkpoint at least on the longer ones.

    • Guest

      Yes you can finish the race without mount, only thing u need mount for is the achievement where u finish the race under 2 min

    • No one

      Confirmed, I completed the race on my 80 Necro with 4 seconds to spare… Was a bit tricky, but managed it first time.

    • James Rausch

      The race is currently bugged. You can use the LFG to find an instance where the timer is bugged and doesn’t work 😛

    • Lionking118

      Nope. It is specifically, a race for mounts. Besides which, it needs to be done in under two minutes,which would be difficult without a mount.

  • CryptoJourney

    Ok i think something weird happen to me I think i found something hidden
    i was looking for Young Love and I used the item near a statue when I press 1 the statue activates 4 fountains with Suspicious Location and nothing happens you can try again if you teleport out of the map

  • Ivan

    For Mad Memorial – 6. Binding Agreement, does it matter how we get the whole set? The issue I have is that I am struggling with the jump puzzle, so if I were to craft the boots and not get it from that achievement (Lunatic Wardrobe – Mad King’s Clock Tower), will it still count towards the achievement (Binding Agreement)?

    • Skil

      crafting the piece does count towards the achievement

      • Ivan

        Thank you for the confirmation 🙂 Saves me the trouble of having to finish the jump puzzle

        • Void

          Crafting is VERY expensive due to leather prices. You need huge amounts of T6 leather for the crafting. Cutting 6 items out by getting them from achieves can save you 50+ gold in leather.

          • afriendlycactus

            I wish I had read this before getting mostly heavy pieces.
            Good info tho!

          • kazerniel

            Tbh I collect 50 gold much easier than complete even medium-difficult JPs, not to speak of the infamous Halloween JP D:

  • AbnerDoon

    I finally got Ancient Grudge done. No amount of begging or pleading to not kill the veteran defiler would work. Every time I got 2 or 3 kills on it’s pets someone would rush in to help me, lol.

    But I finally got one alone for a bit of time today and finished the achievement.

    • iqValentin

      In defense of everyone, it’s usually kinda hard to not kill someone; everyone’s pve build is usually AoE damage oriented.

  • Solomon Darkfury

    Fuck you for bringing this 1st Halloween prestige item back Anet…

    • visher


    • Mike Hennet

      yeah fuck em for bring back some thing that was only avaible during october 2012 when hurricane sandy and brought millions including me without power for weeks. I’ve been hoping for my chance to get the book ever since i couldnt get it

    • Salmane

      Anet doesn’t care about your epeen.

  • Nick

    How did you find all those locations for scanner? Are there clues? How to complete it without guide?

    • narg

      under achievements collection you have memories collection, there you have all places, which you need to find, and every place have small hint, where it probably is, but i dont think you will be able find them all without guide, only if you are really hard in lore, maybe

  • Wow, thank you for putting this together! 😀

  • writinwater

    Shame that the final backpack is just another exotic skin at level with bad stats…for which you waste 132+hard leather sections etc etc…. They could at least have made it an ascended one

    • Jonathan Figueroa

      Lol, i don’t craft nothing. You only need the 6 pieces that the game gives you for achievement.

      • narg

        its only first achi, second achi is under collection and its req. for final stage of backpack

        • Jonathan Figueroa

          Opps, sorry. The last Backpack is exotic too?

          • narg

            1st masterwork, 2st rare, 3 and 4 are exotics

      • writinwater

        You obviously have either not done the full backpack quest or exhibit astounding degrees of ignorance… you unfortunately need all 18 halloween armour skins for the final transparent backpack. Just check the /wiki^^

        • Jonathan Figueroa

          Thank for your “astounding degrees of ignorance” to me. Luckily, there are good an educated players that help me in a good way. 😉

  • Lionking118

    I’ve only maxed Tailor and I won’t have the time or the resources to max Armour and Leather before the 7 th. If I had realised sooner, I would have chosen heavy or medium pieces.

    • narg

      you only need buy recepises, you can craft all anytime later, and get achiev, but all lunatic and backpack is mainly pure skins for fashionwars anyway

  • Darkon Ligator

    There’s supposed to be a mystic forge recipe also. Any ideas on that?

  • Crimmson

    Is the Coronation step still the same for 2018? I’ve been all over the spider room with the end chest and it always says “Mild Readings.” I’ve jammed every button in multiple locations around the room and there’s nothing coming up.

    • samsneeze

      You have to start the readings at the dungeon entrance and work your way down. Don’t know how or why that was changed.

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