SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 17 – October 24

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 17 – October 24

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  • A little early on the Trk-R-Treatment/Halloween Regen, aren’t they?

    • Risqu’e

      previous couple years it was after halloween, so better early than late imo
      Still wont buy it tho lol

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Shadow Disciple πŸ™‚

    • Paulo Gomes

      One of the best looking armours to come out in recent times. imo.

      • puzzled

        You are so down on everything else I am looking for the sarcasm – because that is the crappy gear anyone can craft (came out with SOR), plus the belt for the Ceremonial Mystic. Only the helm is vaguely new.

        • Paulo Gomes

          It is? Man, I’m really out of it as far as amor is concerned. Nope, no sarcasm here, I really think it looks good. I like gear to be a little more subdued as opposed to flashy, so yeah. I really like this piece.

          • Rompe Himself


            Oh Paulo, how can you say the CM is not a problem? It is because of the
            CM that BW Austin (coupled with them being lazy, incompetent dumb fucks
            of course) rarely put in the game any cool looking gear that can be
            “earned” in game rather then bought from the CM (or via the GTN because
            someone bought it of the CM to resell). Simply compare all the armors
            that are released via the CM vs the last 4 years worth of earned in game
            armors. Now look at even the armors you can build post 3.0 via
            crafting. Again all god awful compared to the CM.

            That is where
            the CM is poisoning this game by having a monopoly on all the best
            looking gear including weapons. Great example – look at Cybertech and
            the woeful speeders you can build with said craft compared to the CM.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Well… Every MMO I know of has a cash shop. As we’ve endlessly discussed here, the people that work in the CM have nothing to do with producing actual playing content. The way I see it, it’s lack of content that is killing this game.

              If and when people produce the evidence we would have a better game if there wasn’t so much CM stuff being done I’ll change my mind. Until then I will stand by what I always said. You can discuss if the quality of material put forth in the CM is good enough. That’s a different problem.

              You’re right when you say some of this could be ingame rewards. I always think of the Dreadseed and Star Forester (Forager??? It’s been so long I’m starting to forget things looooool) armours. That could be a cool idea. But I don’t think it would be a game changer.

              No, the problem in this game is lack of content, and inane management in what concerns direction. Cash shops are a necessary evil. Yes, maybe some gear could be diverted to crafting, as opposed to being in the CM. But let’s face it: it wouldn’t make much of a difference to the actual playing. I for one would not renew my sub if I could now craft better speeders or armour…

              It was lack of content that drove people away from this game. Raiders and pvp’ers like to dress up too! Granted, it’s not the Digital Barbie Brigade level of dressing up. But I spent a fair amount of time digging through the GTN to get some cool stuff.

              • Rompe Himself

                As always Paulo, your words ring true, hence always enjoying reading anything you got to say on this website.

                You raise for example, an excellent point about my favorite armor, the Dreadseed Armor and the Star Forager with the mission surrounding it. I will openly admit that I was an addict in doing those GSI dig scan missions. How addicted? How about in the month when I did it at the height of my love for it (I saw it as a fun challenge, don’t ask me why but it was a game I was very very VERY good at), I had 5 FULL dreadseed armors, 6 Star Foragers, several pieces of spares for each (but not enough to make more full sets like 4 helmets etc), several of the titles, enough Speeder parts to make at least 20 or so Explorer’s and Exploiters EACH (And that is not including the 6 or 7 I gave away for free when I saw people asking for the parts in chat (this was before you could put them on the GTN), and 3 full sets of the PMP Speeder. Oh and when I started the GSI dig sites, I had no rep with the GSI. After a month, I hit max purely by the rep drops I got from digging, not by doing the GSI dailies. Hello, my name is Rompe Himself, and I used to be addicted. πŸ˜›

                But that right there is my point about the CM. How much better could this game have been if BW Austin weren’t so lazy and shit anymore (or greedy) and went back to the way they used to care about the content back in 2.0-3.0? Pick some nice looking armors that they WOULD have put on the CM and instead, add them to some event, quest or as an extra reward for the GSI dig missions as an example. It gives players a reason to stick with it. But instead, look at the latest content “rewards”. Just about all the armors they have put for sale via flashpoint/daily tokens etc are total garbage.

                And yes, I know other games have cash shops but other games have had direct buy items for years (and charge reasonable prices compared to SWTOR) before BW Austin grudgingly followed suit when the intern pointed out to them they could make better money selling direct sale items (despite the forums having been asking for it for years) since people are buying less packs, thanks in part to the constant reskins but also lack of value when compared to past packs. Remember Shipment 1 for example? Damn those were good packs. Now? Total farce!!

                You can say that lack of content drove people away, not the CM which you are quite correct about, but where you see no problems with the CM, I see it as just one of the
                many issues this game has that contributes to this game’s current state.
                Sure content is what drove people away but recall how there was plenty
                of content coming out in 3.0 but the CM had already begun doing its part
                in ruining this game. Even back in 3.0, the best stuff was on the CM, not in game. For example, all the Revan themed armors were all obtained via CM, not in game. When the CM was introduced, it was just the beginning of what we have now thanks to the mentality and utter incompetence that is BW Austin.

              • Paulo Gomes

                You make some good points. The part about the Revan armours is spot on. This ties up with something I said above. Gaming in general is being plagued with micro-transactions, and it’s a trend that annoys me. But it’s not solely EA’s problem (although these guys take it to a whole new level). It’s an industry standard now.

                Maybe you’re right. Maybe. That would imply I wasn’t. Well, it’s been known to happen. Sometimes. Not often. But it’s possible. Not likely. But possible…


              • Rompe Himself
          • EarthKnight

            It seems to me as if Veda Cloth can’t be crafted any longer. The schematics are gone.

  • Magnus Rolstad Jordal

    Mawvorr companion? Goodbye money!

  • Jordan

    I’m blind. Where is the Galactic Legends Armor Pack?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I’m pretty sure they also removed it today…


      • thatHARVguy

        It’s back as of today, along with a direct sale of Darth Malak’s armor (1,650).

        • Darth Ji’inx


  • Srly

    Hypercrate for 7k CC? Go home BioWare.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      That’s the normal price of all hypercrates without the “discount” they have at release.

      • Srly

        Oh man, BioWare went down for sure, back in the days, such thing costed 2,5k-5k, now this… It’s like they want to rip the last coin out of playerbase money accounts.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          They’ve always been that much without the “discount.”

          • WK

            Always? Relative to what, since you started playing? Prices for the cartel hypercrates jumped up to 7k in KotFE. It used to be that the norm was 5,4k.
            EAware has tried to jump up the prices a few times, but community backlash put them back down to 5,4k. Nowadays though, it seems they don’t care what the community thinks about the prices or the content, which isn’t really new for EA.

            • Srly

              Considering how EA loves to play with microtransactions and base game DLC it doesn’t surprise me alot, though Visceral close was quite a shock, but bitter dissapointment, I hope Respawn Entertainment will replace and fullfill the promise of decent SW game, and I hope EA Vancouver (new studio who was assigned with “revived” game concept from VIsceral) will fail to deliver that, why? Because if “story based” game sucks for EA, that means expect DA and ME hybrid with 70% of the game content to be p2p.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              I played at the end of Beta/beginning of launch, going on hiatus until RotHC.

              Older packs were typically 5.4k as you said, but they were still at “discount” prices. Without the discount, the Cartel and Contraband Hypercrates went for 6,480 CC. While not 7k, they were still close without the “discount.”

              Furthermore, prices went up with the Shadow Packs (SoR), not KotFE. The Shadow Packs went for 5,400 CC with the 25% “discount” (full price: 7,200). It wasn’t that big of a deal since Packs tended to remain on sale at “discount” prices, unlike they do these days. So, Packs have always been around 6.5-7k at full price, but they used to stay at discounted prices.

              Note: The Gemini Packs were a pricing anomaly with a full price of 8,100 CC and a 30% discounted price of 6,300 CC.

          • Srly

            “Always”, nope, those prices were much more affordable and devided not like nowadays, before 4.0 (started playing swtor since 2.0 and spent roughly enough money to purchase a 3-year sub time) then it went down the hills when BioWare swapped the leads of devs group working on swtor.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              Older packs were typically 5.4k, but they were still at “discount” prices. Without the discount, the Cartel and Contraband Hypercrates went for 6,480 CC. While not 7k, they were still close without the “discount.”

              Furthermore, prices went up with the Shadow Packs (3.0), not 4.0. The Shadow Packs went for 5,400 CC with the 25% “discount” (full price: 7,200). It wasn’t that big of a deal since Packs tended to remain on sale at “discount” prices, unlike they do these days. Overall, Packs have always been around 6.5-7k at full price, but they used to remain at their “discount” prices.

              Note: The Gemini Packs were a pricing anomaly with a full price of 8,100 CC and a 30% discounted price of 6,300 CC.

  • ZestyM8

    Sick pants mate. Where’d you get them? 2.0?


  • Risqu’e
    • Markus

      My one hope for a good star wars game on the horizon. I hope Amy hennig puts her foot down, and makes a scene. This is not ok, dammit!

    • Ben Gimson

      Yep, safe to say Star Wars gaming is now dead for the foreseeable future. Let’s hope the next mass shooting that takes place will be in an EA boardroom. Fuckers are a cancer.

      • Mr. Wednesday

        The Star Wars game they were working on is being shifted to other studios within the company

        • Shadowofdeath

          The expected launch date was also changed from 2019 to “postponed indefinitely”. That’s dev talk for cancelled

        • Ben Gimson

          And changed. Everything in the statement they released just screamed ‘making it more micro-transaction friendly’.

          • Mr. Wednesday

            Well, it is EA so that probably would’ve happened anyway

      • Paulo Gomes

        Indeed. EA represents everything I hate about gaming studios.

        Here is a list of all the little, independent creative studios that EA purchased and ultimately shut down:


        And now, sadly, you can add Visceral to the list.

        I’m just wondering: when will we see the name “Bioware” added to that shameful list of studios…

        • Ben Gimson

          Just amazes me that the people with the talent to start up their own thing don’t seem to be popping up at all. You’d think, with the amount of people the cuntlords at EA shaft on a daily basis, that there’d be an army of people wanting to start up their own studio to produce games that actually meet a decent standard.

          • Paulo Gomes

            I think the industry has changed so much in the last ten years or so that now you need lots of money to do something that might catch the public’s eye. LOTS of it. The most obvious example are game that are self funded, those small companies ask for the funds to develop the game. Of course, that’s always a shot in the dark. But I’ve seen a few self-funded games here and there that were interesting.

            • Ben Gimson

              Seems most of those are amateur projects, run by (not always, but often) people who don’t seem to know exactly how much work it takes. Just seems like gaming is just… dying. Games aren’t games anymore. And then we get little glimmers of hope like this game… and EA crush that hope into dust.

              Starting to think it just isn’t worth looking out for games anymore. I’d hoped this blatant greed trend would die off, but people are buying into it and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go back to the good old days when games were actually well-made and weren’t just a flashy virtual casino.

              It’s just really, really, really depressing. And I genuinely hope the greedy corporate cunts who’re ruining a hobby I’ve enjoyed almost all my life die slow and agonising deaths -_-

              Who knows. Maybe the situation will change. But I think for the time being I’m going to go back to reading books for my fictional entertainment. Hopefully they don’t find a way to litter books with microtransactions too :’)

              • TheCulprit

                same. I think it’s related to all big budget games have to be portable to PC, Xbox, PS4. It’s like movies: they have to be able to sell the movie to Chinese and US audiences. Not much in common between those so we’re left with Comic Book movies.

                I had a good run of RPGs: Blood Lines, KOTOR 1&2, Dragon Age, and SWTOR 1.0-3.0. That’s it. SWTOR is dead and there’s just nothing else to play. I’m back to old Total War games to for entertainment.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Yeah, I think you’re right. We always knew gaming had a business side to it, of course. But it seems the business end of things has taken over completely.

                This is not a criticism to TOR. It’s a criticism to the industry. I didn’t touch Battlefront, and I won’t touch Battlefront II either. Damned micro-transactions and DLC’s that make you pay 3 times the money you would normally spend on a title.

                In a way, it seems that single player titles are paving the way for the death of MMO’s. I mean, it’s not JUST a single-player game anymore, is it?

                I’ve been getting my gaming fix from Skyrim. There’s a whole community devoted to making content. I now have twice the size of the original game on my hard disk. Played a bit of ESO, but TOR burned me. And you know, it’s free. I don’t mind paying for a good product, but online gaming I don’t see myself doing in the near future either. Bought the original game (Skyrim), now I log on to Nexxus and download the craziest shit you could think of.

                And you gave me a really good idea. Maybe it’s time to revisit my EU books and comics. You know, remember what it COULD have been lol…

        • Rompe Himself

          My guess is Bioware will be the next studio on the chopping block IF:

          * Anthem goes down with the public as well as Andromeda did (poorly) and has as many bugs as it did.
          * SWTOR has even less subs then it does now when Anthem is released (and if the first criteria is met) and the whales are dying off.

          Together, I can totally see EA killing BW off if both are to occur. They have put the Mass Effect franchise on ice and Dragon Age is a shadow of what it was. Simply put, if Anthem does not set the world on fire, BW have no more cards left to play to keep Papa EA from swinging that scythe.

        • Drivan

          “Soon” *TM


      • Fred Garvin

        Well you’re a piece of shit.

      • Crybaby

        What a vile comment. Let me try to make sense of this…

        Because a company is doing things to video games that you don’t like or agree with, therefore, they should be subject to bodily harm and even death? The fact that you would even wish this on someone – especially for something so juvenile – really shows the quality of your mentality and your character. I despise EA as well. But to literally wish a mass shooting to take place and to kill people? Over video games? Please. Get a life.

        You and everyone that has upvoted you are really pathetic pieces of shit. Get some help.

        • Ben Gimson

          Ugh, guess you’re one of those “we can stop terrorism with the power of love!” brands of liberal fuckwit. But I’ll give it a go;

          No- because a company is actively buying out and tearing apart studios so that they can utterly ruin a pastime that millions of people enjoy just so they can line their already bulging pockets with even more money through casinos dressed up as ‘games’, they should be subject to bodily harm and even death. And just to clarify, when I said mass shooting, I fully meant death. Not bodily harm. Death. They should do everyone a favour a just die. I hope all those corporate parasites burn in hell till the end of time.

          As for getting a life; pretty rich coming from yet another bleeding-hearts snowflake spending his time trying to lecture others online because they’re being a meanie. These rich cunts that you’re defending would quite happily see you dead if there was money to be made in it. Yet you’re here, ranting on their behalf, while claiming to despise them.

          Which makes you the pathetic piece of shit here my friend, not me.

          • Crybaby

            So, saying that killing people you don’t like – which, in this case, I’ll reiterate that you’re referring to companies that produces fictitious computerized entertainment – is utterly unhinged and juvenile makes me a liberal. Sure, I’ll roll with it.

            You do know that there IS a world outside of video games and computers, right? If it were such a problem, maybe it’s time to pick up a new hobby. Collect action figures, or stamps, or trading cards. If you’re an outdoors person, take up gardening or bird watching. Or better yet, volunteer. Help out your community, any community.

            From your profile, I see you comment here, day in and day out, paragraph upon paragraph. It must be tiring, having a victim complex because of big bad EA or BW all the time, looking for something to be angry about. It’s time to move on. Stop giving them your money, stop giving any of these video game companies your money, even. Play indie games. Support the smaller devs.

            Your nasty comments only serves to embarrass the hard work Dulfy puts into this site and yourself.

            • Ben Gimson

              Well, that was all very sweet (you checked out my posting history, which is adorable all by itself), but all pretty much irrelevant to the topic. I quite like my current hobbies. Hence why I’m pissed that EA keep finding new ways to spoil one of my hobbies.

              I’d suggest you Google ‘victim complex’ since you apparently don’t know what it means- and I sure as hell don’t have to look very hard to find something to be angry about when it come to EA. Every move they make is just another shitty decision in a long list of shitty decisions. If you actually despised them as you claimed you’d know that.

              Not sure how my ‘nasty’ (boo hoo :'( ) comments would embarrass Dulfy, either, since I’m making the comments, not Dulfy. Is that another word you don’t know the meaning of perhaps?

              As for your opening point; nothing unhinged or juvenile about wanting bad people to stop breathing, but there’s definitely something liberal about posting holier-than-thou lectures because someone on the internet suggested something you don’t agree with.

              So do yourself a favour and fuck off back to your echo chamber πŸ˜‰

              • Paulo Gomes

                Sorry to butt in on a matter that doesn’t concern me at all. I won’t comment on it, you’re a big boy, you can handle yourself just fine…

                But this reminded me of one of the weirdest conversations I have ever had here.

                Now you know that we sometimes get into heated arguments here. I have been know to engage in quite a few meself…

                But the weirdest one was some time ago. In that time, we were discussing Quinn. How he was kill-able in Beta, how we wanted the traitor to come back and have our vengeance, that sort of thing. He wasn’t back yet, it was something that was not a reality.

                And sure enough, I made a post where I clearly depicted the several ways I would torture Quinn’s ass before ejecting him out into deep space. And some guy/girl came at me, calling the most insane names, because I was an imbalanced individual and should seek help! That Quinn was misunderstood, and it was not proper to wish for his death…

                I mean, are we to be politically correct about a character in a computer game??? A bunch of ones and zeros??? I tried to explain that… To no avail. I was the scum of the Earth, and I was the one that should be put down…

                Ah… Good memories. Wasn’t it Einstein that said: β€œTwo things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

                Great quote.

              • Ben Gimson

                Aye, folks are touchy these days. There’s always someone ready and waiting to take offence at something, and people love pretending to be experienced psychologists online.

                I couldn’t bring myself to kill Quinn on Iokath though, not going to lie. Figure if my characters were going to brutally murder him, they wouldn’t have waited 6 years for it :’)

              • Darth Ji’inx

                Even after what I said above, I do agree that people are too sensitive these days.

                Same thing happened to me on Iokath. It might have had something to do with me not being terribly moved by Quinn’s betrayal in the first place (& the 6 year wait πŸ˜‰ )

              • Darth Ji’inx

                They flipped out that much over Quinn!?
                Shit, man. O.O

              • Don Loco

                I would sub again just to kill the puke as many creative ways I could come up with. I kinda have a thing against betrayal.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                I’m not going to lie, Ben, but wishing a mass shooting on someone(s) is pretty distasteful, especially here in the US, where we don’t have such a good record with mass shootings (inc. the recent Vegas shooting) and gun control is an extremely polarizing topic. I can see how your comment might upset someone based on these reasons. That being said, I do think Crybaby overreacted.

                What surprised me was your reaction to Crybaby. You came off as unhinged with the profanity and name calling. I’ve always considered you to be one of the more civil posters here, along with the likes of Paulo, but this just seemed out of character with my perceptions of you.

                Admittedly, I don’t know much about EA’s business record/corporate practices, but I have heard of their greedy reputation and habit of crushing smaller gaming companies. Unfortunately, that’s how uncontrolled capitalism tends to work. I can see why you’d be fairly upset at EA at this point.

                Overall, I’m just a bit disappointed that your mildly distasteful comment, which may or may not have some merit to it, led to such an unsettling exchange between you and Crybaby.

                Tl;dr (less serious version):
                -That mass shooting comment was a bit harsh, man. O.O
                -Oh dayum, Crybaby really flipped out, but you didn’t have to explode at the poor dude like that.

              • Ben Gimson

                Fair enough. I stand by it, because the men in suits responsible for the whole thing are evil people who would do anything for money, and the world would be a better place without them- and better that the next (inevitable) mass shooting remove bad people from the world rather than innocents on the street.

                I’m just fed up of seeing a passion I’ve grown up with be destroyed. Spent years of hoping for the best, and that PR-speak for “we want to find more ways to add microtransactions” with blatant lying thrown in for good measure is just a new low that’s really pissed me off. We had a Star Wars game that could’ve been amazing lined up, and EA have taken it away.

                Like I said, I stand by it. Probably flipped out a bit at the guy, true, but I get sick of hearing people excuse what EA and other big gaming names are doing to thoroughly spoil something that I’ve loved since childhood. I cannot overstate how much I despise the corporate douchebags responsible for it.

                That said, I can appreciate that some people might find what I said distasteful. Obviously I’m not particularly pro-mass shootings (or pro guns, for that matter) but some people just poison the world by breathing its air, and the folks at the top of the pyramid of evil at EA make that list for me.

                Death is the only thing that will stop them, given that the law backs them up every step of the way.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                Now that sounds more like the civil Ben I’m used to seeing. πŸ™‚

                I don’t see an issue with you wishing them death based on your intense hatred for them, I just think it was the manner (mass shooting) in which you wished them death that provoked Crybaby. Again, mass shootings are a touchy subject here, but I’m glad you at least clarified that you were not pro-mass shooting.

              • Ben Gimson

                Suppose it’s a cultural thing. Here in the UK we’re pretty chilled about death and tragedy. Get a lot of comedians who use black humour like that all the time here.

                I’m just pro-bad people getting what they deserve. Not fussed about how they get it.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                I was right in believing you live in the UK. πŸ™‚
                I enjoy some black humor from time-to-time, as I have a rather twisted sense of humor, myself.
                I’m not sure what it is culturally that makes gun control such a big deal here, but it’s ridiculous. Every time there’s a mass shooting, the media tries to blame other factors (i.e. the shooter’s mental health, use of violent video games, extreme religious beliefs etc.). But whenever common sense gun control gets brought up, people cry, “it’s too soon to talk about that!,” or “that’s distasteful to use this awful tragedy to promote your anti-gun agenda!,” or “I won’t let the government take MY guns!”. It gets worse when we have lobbyist groups like the National Rifle Association that continuously block any significant changes to gun legislation. It’s so ridiculous here.

              • Ben Gimson

                It seems really odd from an outside perspective, but then I’m not sure if banning guns would do much at this point. America has too many guns floating around to ever solve the issue, I think, so even if they were banned in the US, it’d still be relative easy to get one through other means. Gun crime is pretty rare here, so the ‘we need guns for defense’ argument doesn’t hold up at all.

                No idea what the solution for it is, or even if there is one, but yeah… the whole gun obsession is kinda weird from over here. I’d definitely never want to live in America on account of that. Must be unsettling to never know if you’re going to be caught in the path of a lunatic with a rifle :/

              • Darth Ji’inx

                Luckily, I’m not terribly social, meaning I don’t go to huge party venues.

            • Syok
            • Rompe Himself
        • TheCulprit

          the aptly named “Crybaby”

        • Rompe Himself


          A so called “really pathetic piece of shit” who hasn’t gotten help, but isn’t a little bitch like you.

    • Bakgrind

      Sad that Visceral Games wont be around, but the game will continue in another studio with in EA. It appears that EA wanted the game to have more multiplayer aspects of the game than what it currently had. And we know EA likes those loot boxes.

    • Srly

      Keep your eye on the calender and assume for Ghost Games, finally BioWare or Criterion Games to be closed, I am starting to change my attidude why EA even bother themselves with closing studios when they could out-purchase Vivendi over media..

      • Srly

        And thus leave video games industry for good. So much wasted talent, so much wasted projects and potentionals because of EA… Well fuck it.

  • Seph

    This must be our Halloween event. We can buy an old reskinned mount. Because it’s orange. Yea new content!!!

    • Darth Ji’inx

      What’s wrong with them bringing back seasonal items on the CM? That’s the whole point of them being seasonal.

    • Ben Gimson

      At this point, what were you actually expecting? :/

  • Jonathan Parker

    Is that Shadow Disciple’s armor a limited time thing, for Halloween or something? I’d like to get that, but I don’t want to spend money on it if I can just wait for my monthly bonus to kick in.

  • Kaelin

    For how long Shadow Disciple”s set was datamined?

  • Give me fthrone of false emperor

  • Rompe Himself

    Ahhhhh, it’s that time of the month again where Bioware trains the Cartel Whales…………..

  • Voulia

    Shadow Disciple Set :

    – Veda Cloth Chest (2014)
    – Veda Cloth Leggins (2014)
    – Remnant Boots (found in Alliance Crates) (2016)
    – Ceremonial Mystic Belt (2011)
    – Gloves (idk, looks like 2011 or 2012
    – Headgear from early game (some mobs had it)

    This set made your dick hard for so long yet all of it except head was easy to get πŸ˜€

    • JediJulius

      Right on all except the belt. The belt is the old Inquisitor Centurion belt with the purple lights instead of the Ceremonial Mystic belt which is the Battlemaster belt with the blue lights.

      Also, the head has never been available to players at all, though it was advertised in a character progression video. Some mobs had it but we never had just the base. Those two pieces are what I was really excited for with the set, or as you say, “made my dick hard” apparently.

      • Barry Bonds

        One difference in the Veda set is that it has a hood up. Also the strap across the chest is not on the shadow set. I think the Farium Environmental Asylum is also close with the difference that it does not have the shadow’s shoulder pads. I prefer it over the vada set since the hood is down.

  • Sotos
  • Fred Garvin
  • lolipop

  • jordan griffin

    previous couple years it was after halloween, so better early than late imoStill wont buy it tho lol

  • Lil jimmy

    Gonna keep buying hyper rates every week so this game never dies 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • lucas miranda

    It is? Man, I’m really out of it as far as amor is concerned. Nope, no sarcasm here, I really think it looks good. I like gear to be a little more subdued as opposed to flashy, so yeah. I really like this piece.I won’t buy it, but I like it. I don’t really look at the Cartel Market as something negative. There are lots of problems in this game. The CM is not one of them.

  • AbnerDoon

    The character transfer sale is ending Tuesday! Pretty sure Keith said the price wasn’t going to change.

    “They have altered the deal, pray they don’t alter it further.”


    • DerpDude

      “Hardware upgrades”….
      …Yup…for the Anthem servers…

      • Rompe Himself

        Good God, how I hope Anthem flops like Andromeda. Then EA will finally put a bullet in the zombie that is currently Bioware. The real Bioware died many years ago.

        • DerpDude

          Sitting with the same thoughts…may Anthem crash’n burn as a karma backlash =P

    • Don Loco

      That is pretty rich. Like the one person said, are they just seeing how many times they can lie to everyones face and get away with it.

      • AbnerDoon

        Yeah that person hit it pretty good with that post.


        • Rompe Himself

          Spot on that post. And of course that Fucktard Musco and the equally useless King of Bullshit Keith are no where to be seen after they admit the truth. Those two fuckwits throw the hand grenade, run, hide and laugh at how many people they lied to still stay on for another serving.

          • Matrim

            See how they post it on a Friday afternoon, then close shop for the weekend and hope that by Monday the storm will be over. Typical from them… Giving the remaining 5 players another middle finger in the face and then putting their heads in the sand.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Another one… Thank the Force we have better communication now. Imagine if we didn’t…

    • Fred Garvin

      And they can’t even get the month right on their message that’s posted on the launcher. 100% clown shoes.

  • Naefas


  • Naefas
    • adsf

      1: Transformer 2: Zorro / Robin 3: Dunno 4: (like title)

      So far i only like concept number 3. Maybe except all the sabers (excluding saber in 1)

  • Naefas
  • now i know why we dont get good things in swtor lately πŸ™‚

    • Rompe Himself
    • Paulo Gomes

      I thank you for this post. I really do. I’m so glad Musco didn’t pursue a career in music. Wish I could say we had lost a really talented guy in music to go work for Bioware… I really wish I could do that…

      Musco, man, whatever you do…



      You’re a young guy. You must have untapped talents in something man. Don’t lose hope. It’s not in singing or community management, but hey…

    • Fred Garvin

      Thank you for posting this ultra-rare look at a Road Map Planning Meeting. Living on a prayer, indeed.

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    New items up. Direct sale titles now, really? Why?

  • Varak’sas

    What a wonderful armor set. The trench alone is just perfect.

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