Black Desert Halloween 2017 Event Guide

A guide to the Black Desert Online Halloween 2017 events.

Witch Daily Quest

There is a new witch daily quest you can do and it rewards a Forest Fury the first time you complete it. Repeats of this quest just rewards the Halloween Box.


[Event] My Dark Half

Go to Alejandro Farm and talk to Gueldia the White Witch.  She will give this quest when you talk to her.


Now you gotta go to Costa farm and defeat her sister. Isabella only shows up every 9-12 hours on a bunch of random channels much like a world boss. Join a boss discord to get notified of when she spawns.


It rewards 200 CXP, 1x Forest Fury, and 3x Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards the first time you complete it. You have a chance to get a Halloween Box by defeating her as well.

Halloween Headgears Quests

  • Event quests can be accepted only during October 18 09:00 UTC until October 31st, 11:59, UTC.
  • If you don’t see the headgear quests, you may have to wait until October 18 daily reset.
  • Each quest can be only done once per family.

Scarecrow Mask

[Event] Is Your Mind Playing Tricks On You… or Am I?

Talk to Mercianne Moretti the node manager at Moretti Plantation and she will give you a quest to kill 10 Scarecrows in the field and earn a Scarecrow Mask as the reward.


Killed the scarecrows and collect their hat. Return to her for a Scarecrow Mask


Scarecrow Mask


Sweet Cone Hat

[Event] Workshop Bestseller

Talk to Ficy in Heidel and she will have a quest for you.


You will need to kill 10 beetles just north of Heidel and then Ficy will give you a Sweet Cone Hat


Sweet Cone Hat


Jack-O’-Latern Mask

[Event] Alejandro’s Gift/[Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jack O’ Lantern

Talk to Amadeo Alejandro the node manager at Alejandro Farm and he will give you two quests. .


Kill 10 pumpkin ghosts and return to him to get your Undamaged Pumpkin. Do this for 5 days and you will complete the other quest to get your Jack-O-Lantern Mask.


Jack-O-Lantern Mask


Wolf Nose

[Event] Arooooo~!~!

Talk to Gray Biants in Casta Farm near Olvia and she will have a quest for you to kill wolves around Wolf Hills.


Kill 10 wolves around Wolf Hills and come back to her for your Wolf Nose (goes into the mouth/nose/chin slot)

Wolf Nose


Devil Horn Headband

[Event] Devil’s Night

Talk to Lylina in Calpheon and she will have a quest for you to kill 3x Thief Imps (only show up at night past 10 pm).


Go to the spots marked on the map at night and kill the Thief Imps that spawn there and return to Lylina for the Devil Horn Headband.


Devil Horn Headband


Login Rewards

You get rewards for staying online for a certain amount of time everyday.


  • [Event] Halloween Coins can be exchanged at NPCs of main cities (except for Valencia) for the following items:
    • Halloween Coin X10 = Cron Stone X10
    • Halloween Coin X20 = Sharp Black Crystal Shard X6
    • Halloween Coin X30 = Valk’s Advice (+25)
    • Halloween Coin X50 = Fine Accessory Box X1


  • You can obtain an [Event] Halloween Gift Box by placing [Event]Halloween Candy Basket X1 and [Event] Halloween Cookie X1 in order in a shape of [-].


[Event] Halloween Gift Box drops the following items


[Event] Pumpkin Gift Box is a rare drop off Isabella and can contain the following.


  • Allen Kowal

    Pretty sure, according to the event guide in KR, that the initial quest to kill the witch gives Forest Furies but the repeatables do not.

  • Eric Burrus

    Can you send the masks/hats to other characters in your family or is it bound to only 1?

    • Infinity

      Pretty sure you can transfer it to any of your characters.

      • correct, they are transferrable

        • Eric Burrus

          thanks guys!

    • Vindi Vin

      They can be shared in family only. The masks are NOT character bound.

  • Guest

    The random spawn of 9-12 hours on a random channel is pretty annoying…

  • Mariusz Szafranski

    When does it start? Non of these quest excpet the evil witch pop up

  • JWnotbad

    i killed her in kama2 at 2am CEST

  • Shannon Atkinson

    I have gone to 2 of these quest givers and they do not seem to have quests. I thought it was my level, but I just hit 20 and nothing. What am I missing?

    • Hmm try now, they should be giving the quests now

    • Kaisa Setälä

      make sure you have selected “all” from quest page (press O)
      if its unselected, NPCs dont show any sign of quests they actually are having

  • Vindi Vin

    Shannon Atkinson, as mentioned above, if the OTHER NPC’s quests are not appearing to you, wait for the reset and see what happens. If they still don’t appear, put in a ticket. Many are not seeing them, so you aren’t the only one. I’m sure they will make it right. 🙂

  • Lorenz Luking

    Great guide but the Casta farm is that Costa farm? I was looking for it for a while then i figured it ws Costa farm! thanks dulfy!

    • J

      Catsa Farm is just south-east of Oliva

      • Isla

        It’s Costa, not Casta.

        • Mohammed

          There is a farm called casta south east of oliva … not the same as costa

        • UrbanNoodles

          It’s Casta, retard.

      • MadBlade12

        whats at Catsa Farm?

  • Kevin

    i have this pumkin gift box but it doesnt give anything good like you described here

    • Hmm I think Kakao must have messed up then. Cuz that was in their official event description

    • Haasen

      maybe you mixed “pumpin gift box” and “halloween gift box”?

  • Frogsong

    I don’t understand how to do these special events. Where do I go?

  • Roono

    Witch Daily Quest is a once per family quest, not a repeatable quest.

    • Ana

      That’s what I’m thinking cuz I did it once and haven’t been able to get it again for 2 days.

  • gpc510

    No daily from white witch 🙁

  • Poop

    Hey Dulfy ! Thank you for this guide.

    I was wondering if you could share the template, Your ranger is bautiful, pleeease *o*

  • Hoho

    How do I combine the Halloween candy basket and Halloween cookie in a shape of [-]? I don’t get it. Please help.

    • Make sure to disable the auto sort option in your inventory and just place them next to each other in your inventory, a + button will pop up and you can combine them.

      • Hoho

        Ahh, so simple! Thanks.

  • Burn Bicz, BURN

    Which lvl should i have for imps? I’m 18 lvl right now

    • Breanna Morgan

      I was lvl 21 and was not able to defeat them.

  • MadBlade12

    [Event] Alejandro’s Gift/[Event] dose this have to be done at night?

    • Ana

      No, you just have to collect 5 pumpkins from the other quest he gives you.

      • MadBlade12

        so he gives the quest every 24 hrs? I only done it once so far.

        • Ana

          Yup, it’s a daily. You still have time! Think the event ends on Nov 1st.

          • MadBlade12

            thank you so much for the info.

  • MixBoyGaming

    I played for 6 hours today and didn’t get any of these log in rewards.

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