Black Desert October 18 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert October 18 Game Update Patch Notes

Greetings adventurers,

Halloween is around the corner and Black Desert Online just became a bit more spooky. The red moon rises around this time, which creates mysterious crevices across the entire world of Black Desert. Now, the Black Desert world gets mixed with the dimension of a strange world. New and returning events start today and a broad variety of cosmetic items will help to set the mood.

The patch brings also fixes for several issues as well as game and balance improvements and more.


Event & System


  • Halloween event has begun.
  • October 18 – November 1st, 08:59 UTC
  • Halloween-themed decorations are added here and there of the world. The big bloody moon will be seen throughout the event period.
  • Halloween-themed music will be playing in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, and Valencia City during the event period..
  • Gueldia the White Witch and Isabella the Black Witch are visiting from the strange world.
  • Gueldia the White Witch is currently staying at Alejandro Farm. She has a favor to ask to adventurers: to capture and defeat Isabella the Black Witch!
    • This is a daily quest. Players will get a Halloween Gift Box as a reward.
    • Players can get “Witch’s Bloody Brooch” by defeating Isabella. Hand this over to Gueldia to complete the quest.
    • Players can also obtain the following items by defeating Isabella.
      • [Event] Halloween Gift Box
      • [Event] Halloween Pumpkin Cookie

The following event-quests have been added from which you can obtain Halloween-themed headgears.


  • Event quests can be accepted only during October 18, 09:00 until October 31st, 11:59, UTC.
  • The rewards are obtainable only from October 18, 09:00 until November 1, 09:00, UTC.
  • [Event] Sweep the Road for Sweet Jacko quest is available once a day per Family within the event period. However, the other quests are available only once per Family throughout the event.
  • [Event] Devil’s Night quest is available only during the night time of the game. You will be asked to defeat Thief Imp monster that appears only at night.

The following event-challenges have been added from which you can obtain the event items.


  • [Event] Halloween Coins can be exchanged at NPCs of main cities (except for Valencia) for the following items:
    • Halloween Coin X10 = Cron Stone X10
    • Halloween Coin X20 = Sharp Black Crystal Shard X6
    • Halloween Coin X30 = Valk’s Advice (+25)
    • Halloween Coin X50 = Fine Accessory Box X1
  • You can obtain an [Event] Halloween Gift Box by placing [Event]Halloween Candy Basket X1 and [Event] Halloween Cookie X1 in order in a shape of [-].
  • You can obtain one of the following items by opening a [Event] Halloween Gift Box:
    • Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction
    • Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box
    • Centaurus Belt
    • Tungrad Earring
    • Basilisk’s Belt
    • Ogre Ring
    • Giath’s Helmet
    • Red Nose’s Armor
    • Bheg’s Gloves
    • Muskan’s Shoes
    • Black Magic Crystal – Harphia
    • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience
    • Sicil’s Necklace
    • Ring of Crescent Guardian
    • Ring of Cadry Guardian
    • Black Magic Crystal – Sturdiness
    • Black Magic Crystal – Armor
    • Necklace of Good Deeds
    • Tree Spirit Belt
    • Blue Whale Molar Earring
    • Manos Ruby Necklace
    • Witch’s Earring
    • Red Coral Earring
    • Ancient Guardian’s Seal
    • Bensho’s Necklace
    • Mark of Shadow
    • Ancient Weapon Core
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard
    • Cron Stone
    • Memory Fragment

The follow-up event of the Growth of Young Kamasylve Tree achievement has started. (Oct. 18, 09:00 ~ Oct.25, 08:59 UTC)

  • Drop rate of Black Stone will be increased during the period.
  • The following items can be purchased in the Pearl Shop for 1 Loyalty.
    • [Event] Kamasylve Pot Decoration, 3 per family
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days), 1 per family
    • [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days), 1 per family


  • Fixed the issue that prevented from applying weight penalty when selling trade items.
  • Prerequisites for activating Social Actions (emotes) have been added to the Social Action window.
    If certain quests need to be completed, you can also check out the prerequisites for receiving those quests.


  • Characters mounted on [Guild] Elephant cannot perform Force-PvP.
  • (Force-PvP can be activated again during Node/Conquest Wars.)
  • If a character with Force-PvP feature activated rides on a [Guild] Elephant, Force-PvP will automatically be deactivated.
  • Instant Accel or S: Instant Accel on Arduanatt can now be seamlessly followed by Double Jump.
  • An event field boss Izabella will appear in Costa Farm during the Halloween event period.
  • Chances of learning skills have been increased for Tier 1 to 5 horses.


  • To prevent abuse, being idle in Savage Rift without attacking or installing siege objects will cause an automatic kick-out.
  • Some changes have been made to the catalogue of Patrigio’s secret shop.
  • Black Stone (Weapon) x1 and Black Stone (Armor) x1 will no longer appear in the shop.
  • Kamasylvia monster information has been added to the World Map.
    • Lv. 58-60 (Party Recommended)   Navarn Steppe
    • Lv. 59-60 (Party Recommended)   Manshaum Forest
    • Lv. 59-60 (Party Recommended)   Mirumok Ruins
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to build Conquest Forts in Sarma Outpost.
  • The Buffs that can be bought at the Villas have been modified.
    • Reminiscence of Old Tree, Noble Man’s Grace, and Wisdom of Life have been combined into “Turning Gates.”
    • Combat Technique, Mercenary’s Experience, and Desert Adaptation have been combined into “Skill and Experience”
    • Ancient Grindstone, Ancient Hardener, Ancient Invigorant, Will of Knights, and Will of Outlaw have been combined into “Body Enhancement.”
    • “Turning Gates,” “Skill and Experience,” and “Body Enhancement” cannot be used together, so only one can be used at a time. (Modified)

※ For example, if you activate “Skill and Experience” when “Turning Gates” is still in effect, “Turning Gates” will be canceled

Below are the Buffs available at each Villa, and their prices.


※ To enter a Villa, you need the specific Villa Invitation for that Villa. Inside the Villa, talk to NPC Serazad to get a Villa Scroll, which allows you to buy Buffs at the Villa.

● The price of a Villa Scroll has been changed to Gold Ingot 100G X1.

Class Changes

All Classes

  • Halloween effects for Awakening Skills, Halloween Costumes and Pets have been added.
    Special ‘Bat’ effect will be seen when using Awakening skills that consume Black Spirit’s Rage 100% (Excluding Bloody Suit).
  • Fixed the awkward walking motion while moving via the auto navigation (T key) function.

  • Pulls in the target on good melee hits” has been added to the description of the skill Devastation.
  • The PvE damage of the skills Ground Lifting and Flow: General Disarray has been increased.
  • Basic Attack (2 Hits)
    • I 391% → 823%
    • II 451% → 949%
    • III 521% → 1093%
  • Extra Attack (3 Hits)
    • I 782% → 1175%
    • II 902% → 1355%
    • III 1041% → 1562%
  • Using Ground Lifting during the cooldown time will decrease its damage.
  • The PvE damage of the skill Titan Blow Iustitiae has been increased.
  • Normal (7 Hits)
    • I 632% → 758%
    • II 772% → 926%
    • III 913% → 1096%
    • IV 1052% → 1262%
  • Charged (7 Hits)
    • I 1011% → 1175%
    • II 1235% → 1435%
    • III 1461% → 1699%
    • IV 1683% → 1956%
  • HP recovery effect has been added to the skill Titan Blow (per hit).
  • The PvE hit damage of the skill Flow: Ancient Wave has been changed from normal hit to charge hit.
  • “Damage reduced in PvP” has been added to the description of the skill Flow: Ancient Wave.
  • The PvE hit number of the skill Flow: Earth Dividing has been increased. (3 Hits → 6 Hits)
  • Invincible effect against monsters has been added to the 1st and 2nd hits of the skill Flow: Slugfest.
  • The PvE damage of the skill Blasting Iustitiae has been slightly increased.
    • I 890% → 1068%
    • II 960% → 1152%
    • III 1028% → 1234%
    • IV 1095% → 1314%

  • Fixed the graphical glitch of Witch’s skill Crevice Protection.

  • Fixed the issue where using Rising Storm during cooldown time while mounted would not consume WP.
  • The PvE damage of the skill Crust Crusher has been increased. (6th Hit)
    • I 961 → 1105
    • II 1051 → 1209
    • II 1140 → 1311
    • II 1229 → 1413
  • The PvE damage of the skill Fiery Crevice has been increased. (2nd Hit)
    • I 1196% → 1555%
    • II 1333% → 1733%
    • III 1471% → 1912%
  • The PvE damage of the skill Twister has been increased. (2nd Hit)
    • 600% → 1000%

  • General Apricot’s description has been fixed.
    (Kerispear Buff > General Apricot)
  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Maehwa’s hand with the outfit Order of the Apricot.

  • The PvE damage of the skill Flow: Execution has been increased. (4th Hit)
    • 742% → 892%

  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Dark Knight’s arms when equipping Heled outfit and Sin Terrna Vediant together.

  • The color of effect when consuming WP has been changed.(Red → Yellow)
  • Carrying 125% of the weight limit or more will block the skills Flash Step, Silent Step, and Double Flash from being activated.

Item Changes

  • Kamasylvia Pot Decoration, an interior item for celebrating Kamasylvia Opening, has been added.
  • Deconstruction formula for JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystals has been added.
  • <How to deconstruct>
    • Receive a quest from Belgar in Altinova with a Lv. 56 character.
    • Learn the knowledge “Magic Crystal Deconstruction” by completing the quest.
    • After leaning the knowledge, use Simple Alchemy from the Processing Tab (L key) and put in the following materials.
      • JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1
      • Manos Stone x1
      • Black Spirit’s Claw x1
    • There is a chance of obtaining part of the materials used for making JIN/WON/BON Magic Crystals.
  • A set effect has been added to the Valencian royal ring set. (Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch, Barhan’s Ring of Conquest, Manmehan’s Ring of Gold, Saya’s Ring of Eternity)
    • Equipping Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch and Barhan’s Ring of Conquest together OR two of the samedw ring gives the buff “Extra Damage against Monsters +7”
    • Equipping Manmehan’s Ring of Gold and Saya’s Ring of Eternity together OR two of the same ring gives the buff “Damage Reduction against Monsters”
  • Memory Fragment’s item grade has been changed.
    • Blue → White
  • Grandus in Calpheon City (Armor Vendor) is now selling Root Treant Accessory Set.
  • ‘Root Treant’s Accessory Set’ has been added.
  • The following accessories can be purchased at the armor vendor NPC Grandus in Calpheon City.
      • Wear any 3 or more of Root Treant’s Accessory or Treant Spirit’s Accessory to activate the set effect Damage Reduction +3. In the case of wearing 5 of the accessories will activate the set effect +100LT.


  • A new gear series, Ultimate Dobart Armor, has been added.
    • Ultimate Dobart Armor can be purchased from Grandus in Calpheon City.
    • Ultimate Dobart Armor has high base DP, but it can only be enhanced up to +5.
  • Patrigio will no longer sell Black Stone (Weapon) x1 and Black Stone (Armor) x1 from his Secret Shop.
  • Six new gathering tools have been added to shops.
    • Improved Lumbering Axe, Improved Fluid Collector, Improved Butcher Knife, Improved Pickaxe, Improved Hoe, Improved Tanning Knife
    • Improved tools have lower durability, but they give a boost to your gathering speed.
  • A new gear series, Loure’s Lost Gears, has been added.
    • The following gears can be obtained by slaying monsters in Calpheon. It is bound to Family, and it cannot be enhanced.
    • Equip 2 Loure’s Lost gears to increase your Movement Speed by 1.
    • Equip 4 to increase your Attack/Casting speed by 1 and Max MP/WP/SP by 30.


Treant Forest

  • Equipping [Savage] Matchlock and [Savage] Enhanced Matchlock and then wearing a sub-weapon outfit will hide the sub-weapon outfit.
  • Ultimate Delphad Castillion’s Carnage Weapons have been added.
    • They can be obtained by heating Delphad Castillion Carnage Weapons obtained through Black Spirit quests and Targak Steel Shard.
    • Ultimate Delphad Castillion Carnage Weapons cannot be enhanced, and it can hold two crystals.
    • Item Stat: AP +52 -60
    • Item Effect: Attack Speed/Casting Speed/Critical Hit Rate +1
  • Halloween-themed outfits and pets have been added.
  • Black Stone (Armor) now can be obtained via Simple Alchemy by processing Alchemy Stone Shard and Black Stone Powder.

Mechanic Changes

  • The following crate has been removed from the list of Imperial Cuisine delivery. (Event period ended)
    • [Event] Beer Crate
  • The Garnier Troupe of the major cities will no longer appear.

Monster Changes

  • An event field boss Isabella will appear at Costa Farm during the Halloween event period.
  • Halloween skill-effect has been added for Wraith of Death monster.
  • Desert Naga Temple in Valencia has been reworked.
    • Desert Naga Combatants have a low chance of dropping Serap’s Necklace.
    • Desert Naga Combatants will now drop Black Stone (Armor) instead of Black Stone (Weapon).
    • The number of monsters has greatly increased in this area.
  • Titium Valley in Valencia has been reworked.
    • More monsters have been placed.
    • Monsters have been redistributed.
    • The drop rate of Serap’s Necklace has been slightly increased.
    • The following monsters will drop more Desert Fogan’s Helmet Shards.
    • Desert Fogan Hoppity, Desert Fogan Seer, Desert Fogan Fighter
    • Desert Fogan Hoppity will now move faster and initiate attacks.
  • Defeating Roud Sulfur Works monsters will now give you different kinds of Black Stones.
    • Lava Devourer: Weapon → Armor
    • Lava Fafalun: Armor → Weapon
    • Lava Tukar: Armor → Weapon
    • Lava Searcher: Weapon → Armor
    • Lava Faolun: Weapon → Armor
    • Lava Taolun: Armor → Weapon
  • Some monsters on the auto-navigation routes in Kamasylvia have been redistributed.
    • From Old Wisdom Tree to Manshaum Forest Node Manager
  • Monsters in the following areas have a chance of dropping an accessory from the Treant Spirit’s Accessory Set.
    • Mansha Forest: Treant Spirit’s Echo Ring
    • Rhutum Outstation: Treant Spirit’s Hope Belt
    • Lake Kaia: Treant Spirit’s Whisper Earring
    • Treant Forest: Treant Spirit’s Cheer Necklace
  • You can now obtain ‘Loure’s Lost’ series of defense gears by defeating monsters of the following regions of Calpheon:
    • Mansha Forest: Loure’s Lost Helmet
    • Rhutum Outstation: Loure’s Lost Gloves
    • Lake Kaia: Loure’s Lost Shoes
    • Treant Forest: Loure’s Lost Armor

Quest Changes

  • A new quest series, “Black Spirit’s Gift II” has been added.
    • Players can get to this series while following the Black Spirit main quest line for Lv. 1-50.
    • Complete these quests to obtain gear items useful up to Lv. 50.
      • Available only once per family.
    • A new Weight Limit buff has been added.
      • It can be received from the quest Black Spirit’s Gift III (Weight Buff), once per account.
      • The buff is good for 24 hours, and 200LT will be added to your Weight Limit.
  • A Halloween quest has been added.
    • Complete the quest to get Scarecrow Mask, Sweet Cone Hat, Jack-O’-Lantern Mask, Wolf Nose, and Devil Horn Headband.
  • The quest Bring a Water Bottle will now point to the correct destination.
  • New quests have been added to Altinova.
    • Vendor’s Connection
    • Have You Tried Turning It Around?
    • Still Another Chance
  • Skill EXP has been added to the completion reward of the following quests.
    • [Daily] Argos Black Crystal
    • Pila Ku Jail Extermination
    • Desert Fogan Extermination
    • [Daily] Tasaila’s Message
    • [Daily] Shandi’s Message
    • [Daily] Atosa’s Message
    • [Daily] Dudora’s Message
    • [Daily] Oberin’s Message
    • [Daily] Mark of a Secret Organization
    • [Daily] Bluish Sulfur
    • [Daily] Power Engine of Ancient Weapons
    • [Daily] Lost Piece of a Forbidden Book
  • New daily quests have been added to Valencia.
    • [Daily] Hostile Tribe
    • [Daily] Redeeming Our Land
    • [Daily] Unsubdued Grudge
    • [Daily] You Wanna Tango?
    • [Daily] Subduing the Force
    • [Daily] Disruption
    • [Daily] Deep Grudge
    • [Daily] For Bolero
    • [Daily] Code of the Mine
    • [Daily] Endless Threats
    • [Daily] Monstrous Force
  • It is now possible to obtain knowledge about Ferrica and Ferrina by talking to Varielle, a stable keeper at Old WIsdom Tree.
  • Tasting Wine (social action) can now be unlocked after completing the quest Trading Begins’ OR ‘What I Can Do’.
  • Boss scrolls will shine in the inventory during the main quest process (1~50 Lv), so that players can easily use it when they need to complete boss quests.
  • The following quests in Kamasylvia I are now categorized as Co-op quests.
    • [CO-OP] Lemoria Guard Post Reinforcements
    • [CO-OP] Threatener of the Steppes
    • [CO-OP] Spoils to be shown to Likke Behr
    • [CO-OP] Voraros Wandering in the Forest
    • [CO-OP] Degraded Ruins Treant
    • [CO-OP] The Wind Blowing through the Trees
    • [CO-OP] Disappearing Energy of the Forest
    • [CO-OP] Blade of Revenge
    • [CO-OP] Investigation Support
    • [CO-OP] Volunteer for the Extermination
    • [CO-OP] Caduil Forest Poacher
    • [CO-OP] Qualities of a Hunter
    • [CO-OP] Rarity Equals Higher Price
    • [CO-OP] Head of an Eagle, Body of a Tiger
    • [CO-OP] Hungry Devourers
    • [CO-OP] The Feathered Wolves
    • [CO-OP] Two Eyes Sparkling in the Darkness
    • [CO-OP] My Mission Is…!
    • [CO-OP] Still Not Enough!
    • [CO-OP] Better than Nothing
    • [CO-OP] Good, it’s them!
    • [CO-OP] His Size Is All He’s Got…
    • [CO-OP] Big, But Easy Game
    • [CO-OP] Unpleasant Happenings
    • [CO-OP] For What Reason Did This Death Happen?
    • [CO-OP] What They Want
    • [CO-OP] An Eye for an Eye
    • [CO-OP] No! My Research Journals!
    • [CO-OP] Unrecovered Journals
    • [CO-OP] The Right Balance
  • Titium Valley in Valencia is no longer a desert area. You can check your location in the Minimap, and desert illnesses will not be effective.

Interface Changes

  • Button sizes and placements have been adjusted in the UI edit mode window.
  • Equipping a Matchlock will sometimes display a system alert depending on the bullet durability status.
  • The window size will adapt to the length of Social Action descriptions.
  • Added a tooltip to the “Skip animation and improve instantly” button.
  • Fixed the issue where the Recharge button for Pearls would sometimes not be shown depending on the resolution in Full-screen mode.
  • An update has been made to the description showed in World Map when an Auto-Loop is activated

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the awkward camera angle for Pearl outfit exclusive motions.
  • Fixed the issue where the alignment would wiggle while scrolling through the Performance tab of the Settings window.
  • Fixed the camera glitch that happened while talking to a villager NPC in Heidel.
  • Fixed the occasional movement and effect glitch regarding the NPC Guardian of Edana.
  • Derek Nimms the NPC will not be shown as a question mark on the Minimap even if you do not have its knowledge.

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