GW2 Mini Failed Attempt, Antonina and Sikandar Guide

A guide to the Mini Failed Attempt, Sikandar and Antonina weapons guide.

Mini Failed Attempt

Place the following in the mystic forge to create Mini Failed Attempt.




Place the following in the mystic forge


Gift of Souls is created using the following recipe (400 Artificer) or bought on the TP.

Recipe for Gift of Souls is made by the following in the Mystic Forge



Place the following in the mystic forge


  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Ayakaru

    So, just like the endless wraith tonic, you have to craft everything twice??
    Applause, anet

    • Thanathos

      Only if you wanna keep both, the mini and the weapon…

    • The One Copper Bard

      Just like the older MMO’s, gotta put in the work if you want something you like.

      • Tsar CUBE

        And that’s why no one plays the older MMOs, cause people play to have fun and not to work.

        • Alberto “Arceso” Mata Espiga

          Yeah, kids nowdays just want to purchase everyithing with dad’s and mom’s money and go straight to the “fun” ! . . . Before they just get bored because of the lack of implicit real value, deducted of effort.

        • korval

          That’s why WOW is in the state that it is. Blizzard said, “Okay we’ll give you easy crap.” Screw that. I want stuff to be hard to get. Been playing GW2 since launch. I still don’t own a legendary. I got a precursor weapon once but my class couldn’t use it so I sold it for 800g. 🙂

          • writinwater

            which is weird because basically WoW is right now the oldest MMORPG still around ( in any significant way ). Burtt yeah it is weird, if people do not accept putting in time and effort to get the stuff they want.
            They will have so much fun in Real Life,,,

          • Stranger

            As someone who plays WoW yea I agree that it is dumb that gear rarities means nothing. They mean nothing in GW2 too. You get to the top and then it flattens out. Bad players are still bad and players that want to get better still can, while everyone has epics and legendaries the names are effectively meaningless.

        • The One Copper Bard

          There are two kinds of people. Those who play and those who do the extra content which you see more of the game whether it goes to farming or dungeons and fractals for more stuff. I understand that people want things literally handed to them so they don’t have to put in the effort which is sad because they are missing out on a lot more. I know people won’t agree with me on this as I believe having to put in the extra work for something means to play more of the game and getting more out of it. Doesn’t make me bored with any game that I play.

          Those that cry wolf about things being hard to get need to look at the bigger picture and realize there are more things out there within the MMO though in the end they’ll even cry wolf about that too until they’re happy.

        • Dylan Field

          Eh, back years ago the loudest complaint was that there is “nothing to do” once you hit 80… Not necessarily true, but that was the complaint you heard the most vocally. People want “end game” and so when ANet introduces horizontal progression, Raids, achievement chains to acquire items, and just general crafting chains such as this people loudly complain that it’s “too much work” or “too grindy.” Nevermind that the grind in this game is less than half that of any other MMO… I guess my point is not everything is made with just you in mind, you are not the majority, and you don’t speak for most people. Some items are easy to get and don’t require re-crafting the base components to get every variation… if this is not your style, work towards those instead. Those items were made for you, these were made for someone else, apparently.

    • Lord

      I think you have to craft the Mini Failed Attempt three times.
      twice for weapons, and one to unlock the miniature in the wardrobe (as consuming miniatures does not unlock them in the wardrobe, unless Anet has changed this part)
      so 3 vials of green goo and 2 gifts of soul…
      …it reminds me bat shoulder…

  • Burn Bicz, BURN

    I think is nice that they added something that ppl need to work to get, but i don’t like skins, so i will pass, but good luck to everyone who is going to do them 🙂

  • Girl Gamer Chronicles

    be nice if you paid credit to the guy on reddit and the others doing the work 🙁

  • Ares Zax

    Is there any particular trivia about why the weapons are named as they are? Just curious.

    • Teraphas

      Sikander is a play on iskander the true name of alexander the great.

      Antonina contains the name nina.

      In full metal alchemist there is a girl named Nina who has a dog named alexander. Transmutation involving humans is forbidden but her father transmits her and the dog together into a chimera.

      The failed attempt references the brothers’ attempt to bring back their mother from the dead. The number of bones In the recipe is the number of bones in an adult human body

      • RabbitUp

        True name? Lol, spare me your political bullshit.

        • jadu

          …says the guy who has to make everything into something political. selfprojecting is an ugly thing.
          also, tell your mother to teach you some manners.

          • RabbitUp

            I didn’t make it into anything that it wasn’t already. He chose to spread his propaganda here, in a gaming fansite of all places.

            My manners are fine, thank you very much.

            • Alot

              Names and pronunciations change over the centuries as well as the occasional name change by a ruling monarch – which is what I assumed Teraphas was referring to by true name.

              Could you explain what you got offended by, I don’t get the angle.

              • RabbitUp

                Pronunciation is true that we cannot truly be certain about. But there’s written history, and that doesn’t change. There’s no uncertainty about what Alexander’s name was, or how it was spelled.

                I don’t see how him saying Iskander was the “true” name can mean anything but that this was what he was called when he was alive, his real name, and “Alexander” being a corruption of that name that survives today. And while I would normally disregard it as a mistake, or ignorance, in this case, considering that this is not a regular name or person, but a purely political subject for certain people, I am more suspicous.

                And I’m not offended, just buffled that someone would choose here of all places, to spread their propaganda.

              • Alot

                I just try to keep track of American, British and South African politics. Where are you from that this is an actual political issue?

              • RabbitUp

                I’m not directly involved, but it’s a well-known issue regardless. I’m not going to discuss this here, it would be hypocritical of me to complain about someone else and then go ahead and do the same. You can search for the Macedonian dispute if you care.

              • Steven Newton

                The nearest I can find to any political issue for that region of the world revolving a name is the name of Macedonia itself. I can’t find anything about Alexander’s naming conventions, the closest to that is that Macedonia is trying to claim he’s their national hero or something of the sort.

                I’m not big on Mediterranean politics but googling is only giving me that.

                Is there something else, you wouldn’t be hypocritical for merely mentioning the conflict in particular, as it is it merely looks like you’re dodging the question.

              • RabbitUp

                I wasn’t dodging the question, but I didn’t want this to go back-and-forth. I didn’t come here to discuss world politics. Anyway, here goes.

                It’s not just the name of Macedonia, it’s a claim on the history of the region, and on the land there, including that owned by neighbouring countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Albania). Alexander and his empire being the apex of ancient Macedonia, he is unavoidably involved in the conflict. As a result, you have statues of Alexander being erected, airports and stadiums named after him and his father Philip, symbols of the royal family (like the Vergina sun) used in the flag and other national symbols, etc.

                So, the narrative is that ancient Macedonians were not ethnically or culturally related to Ancient Greeks, they were a different people, speaking a different language, etc, that were systematically oppressed by them. And of course, you can’t have that story with Alexander having a Greek name, so Alexandros is the supposedly hellenized version, and not the “true” name.

                Depending on what sites you visit, these issues thnd to come up a lot when there are related matters being discussed, with both sides getting quite agitated. Maybe my reaction seemed excessive and was misunderstood, but this was the last place I expected to find shit like that, and I’m only making it worse, so I hope we can end this discussion here.

        • Dylan Field

          Actually his “true” name, being Greek, would have been Alexandros… el-Sikandar is the Persian name and basically meant “The Great Defender of Mankind” and was not actually a name at all but a title and honorific. Antonina is also a Greek figure, but the above poster is probably correct that this is a Full Metal Alchemist reference.

          • RabbitUp

            “Defender of the people/mankind” is what Alexandros means in Greek. Iskandar doesn’t mean anything, and it’s not a title, it’s just what the name sounded like to Persians and then it spread to the East, like how the Greeks were calling Xerxes by that name, even though his real Persian name was very different.

            Antoni(n)a looks like a Latin name, the feminine version of Antonius.

            Yes, he’s right it’s probably an FMA reference.

  • IchbinVol

    Aaaand the price goes up on everything. Not worth giving money to these MMO jews.

    • Just Some Guy

      Or you could see it as a way to profit from selling g the items now in high demand.

      Economic basics and common decency…you’re 0/2

    • writinwater

      Careful with the racial/ethnical slurs and nazi terminology there… especially with a German name.

    • Jochen Herbig

      MMO Jews, HAHA! 100%.

    • Vilstu

      It’s not really that much people manipulating the market. You see, it’s supply and demand. People like you want the new shinies so the price goes up. It’s not rocket science.

    • Desirée du Tour

      Well aren’t you a disgusting little racist.

  • wQnxy

    Is there any achievement connected to this one?

    • Nope

      • wQnxy

        talk for the reply =]

        edt. it probably has new stats?

  • Shaggy

    this is kinda neat, if a bit morbid. might match well with a necro minion build. they should fill out the rest of the weapon set

  • Trillium

    Now we need a full set of weapons like that.
    And armor.
    And mount skin.

    For maximum fhtagn.

  • Mike Yorku

    Mini = Too small, weapons = too fugly, now tonic with that would be truly scary. Waste of mats to make any of the current things.

  • nadrian3k

    way too expensive really.

  • Nitrobacter

    It somehow reminds me of the abomination of nature of monkey island…

  • Desirée du Tour

    Does the Choking property of Sikandar carry over if you reskin it? Or does it only apply if you have the Sikandar skin applied to an item proper?

    • Erik Dickman

      Transformed the original item to zerker, lost the choking stats. Reskinned, choking stat is back.

      • Desirée du Tour

        No way to have it transfer over then?

        Boo. Hard pass.

  • Parasite

    Did you saw anime called Parasite? ITS IT!

  • Bigby Wolf

    1x Ascended Scepter (any)
    Caladbolg Iridi apperently doesn’t show up in a mystic forge, so you can’t use it =/

  • 精子半自助
    • Ryan Solomon

      Oh god why!!!!!

  • MeGaZlo

    Will MF recipes work after event?

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