SWTOR Free Shadow of Revan Expansion and KOTOR Speeder

Bioware is giving out the Shadow of Revan expansion free and the KOTOR speeder from subscribing back in Oct 2015.

The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ team is excited to celebrate Microsoft’s release of the original Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ coming tomorrow, October 24th, to Xbox One.

From gripping dark side and light side choices to legendary characters like Revan, the profound legacy of Knights of the Old Republic lives on in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now through November 6th, join us in celebrating this legacy:

  • Play Shadow of Revan Expansion for free*: For the first time, we’re offering all players a chance to play the Shadow of Revan Expansion for free. Prepare to face Revan and his fanatical followers!
  1. Visit www.swtor.com/redeem-code and enter the shareable code above.
  2. This code offers you access to the first two story expansions, Rise of the Hutt Cartel (Level 51 – 55) and Shadow of Revan (Level 56 – 60), so you can play the story free from Level 1 – 60!

  • Get your very own KOTOR-inspired Swoop Bike*: Escape your enemies in style aboard this super sleek Kakkran Daggerstar, designed as a tribute to the game that started it all – Knights of the Old Republic!
  1. Visit www.swtor.com/redeem-code and enter the shareable code above.
  2. Claim your speeder through your in-game mail!
  • Become legend with iconic KOTOR-themed items: Your favorite KOTOR-themed items are back in the Cartel Market for a limited time! From Bastila Shan to Revan, don the armor of classic KOTOR heroes and villains or proudly display the revered ‘Revan’s Heir’ character title. See what’s on sale!

Hurry! Codes expire Monday, November 6, 2017 at 11:59PM PST / Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 7:59PM GMT.

Thank you for being a part of the ongoing legacy of Knights of the Old Republic!

  • Toiin

    Not bad for f2p, though it doesn’t change my mind to comeback to this pure garbage and sub for another month. Ahhhhhhh, I just wait for the closure of this and make either SWTOR 2, maybe close it forever or pass rights to the studio (won’t happen until Disney contract runs out) who can handle atleast more decently than what the fuck is left of this so called “team”.

    • Damoncord

      EA just announced they were canning the other Star Wars RPG they had been working on the last few years.

      • Bakgrind

        I was unaware that there was another Star Wars title other than the one that Visceral Games was working on. But if you are talking about the Star Wars title that Visceral Games was working on it has been giving to another studio within EA to be re-imaged by adding micro transaction and multiplayer.

        • Ben Gimson

          Which is as good as being canned, really. Whatever we were going to be getting, we won’t be getting it now 🙁

        • Rompe Himself
        • Toiin

          You forgot Respawn Entertainment Star Wars title.

          • Bakgrind

            That’s pretty interesting stuff. I never knew that they were working on a Star Wars title. One would think that EA and Disney would want as many games as possible for the Star Wars brand out in the market instead of the take away tactic they are doing now. Something is really screwy with how EA is handling the Star Wars IP.

            • Toiin

              You mean how EA handles every last game of this decade? No surprise, EA is becoming worse and worse by every game, but EA had a breakdown and reborned as honest publisher for sometime before they got back to roots and started their own tales, visions instead of what audience desired. Current SW games list upcoming from EA are these:

              -Respawn Entertainment’s Untitled SW Action-Adventure [rumoured to be Han Solo story] (best known for TItanfall duology)
              -Motive & DICE Battlefront 2 (I hope BF3 will never happen, atleast not from them)
              -EA Vancouver’s Untitled SW RPG (taken over due Visceral’s closure, so you can call it more likely a Visceral’s game continuation)
              -BioWare’s continuation with this garbage – SWTOR (rumours for new IP were spilt, but it turned out to be ‘Anthem’ reveal instead of Knights of the New Republic)
              -Capital Games SW: Galaxy of Heroes continuation.

              Honestly, RE might suffer from the same fate as Visceral did, though I am highly not anticipated or hyped for this one to be ever released, because of lootcrate politics from EA, we might see a revolution of SW in the near future if such thing happens.

    • Damoncord

      And for the record, Disney doesn’t have a contract for Star Wars, they OWN all the rights for Star Wars, they have an arrangement allowing other companies to make the games for them.

    • Darth_Pantie_Snatcher

      A new company is required to make a new star wars game who has strong management who will not side with EA and stay independent.

  • pokedigijedi

    Sounds like Revan’s (original) armor set is going to be available for direct sale finally 🙂

    I hope it last long enough for me to get it

    • AbnerDoon

      Looks like it is just the rng Legends Armor Pack. So if you purchase enough of those you just might have a chance. But most will probably just get a bunch of armor that doesn’t sell.

      • pokedigijedi

        “sigh” yeah I guess your right 🙁

        Oh well maybe I’ll get lucky if I am able to get those packs……..

  • Len Hobbel

    I already have this speeder for a while now lol


    Shadow of Revan… the beginning of the decline.

    • Rompe Himself

      You mean Shadow of Revan was the last proper ACTUAL expansion for SWTOR. 4.0 was the start of the decline, not 3.0. With SOR, as much as the story was silly, at least it gave us a shit load of new content (Op, FP’s, Dailies and side missions and best of all, it was all new, not recycled like the way KOTFE recycled 4 year old heroics at the time). KOTFE was the fat lady warming up. KOTET is the fat lady clearing her throat. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiitttttttttt for it……………


  • Ripswtor

    What swtor on Xbox one 0.o

    • Ripswtor

      Nvm misread that it kotor lol

    • thatHARVguy

      “coming tomorrow, October 24th, to Xbox One.”

      Wait, wut?

    • Vincent van der Laan

      not swtor but
      kotor 🙂

  • Adam Haynes

    Great… so amid the coming debacle and concerns over losing names and the pain in the ass of “random” renamings of legacies when the merge goes online we get a free speeder and 2 year old expansion for non subs.
    It’s good to know that the concerns of the loyal subs are being heard. SMH.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      This has nothing to do with United Forces. It just so happens that Xbox is doing something KotOR related, so SWTOR is doing a tie-in promotion.

      I don’t see what the issue is here. It’s not like bringing back an old promo reward and awarding free RotHC/SoR expansions to new players for a short period requires any extra effort on BW’s part.

      If they didn’t do anything, there would be no complaints, but they did something as a nice little bonus for newer players.
      Your post: Now the loyal subscribers are being disrespected.
      While I agree that there are legitimate server merge concerns, you’re making an unrelated non-issue into an issue, which makes you sound whiny and entitled.

      • Adam Haynes

        Don’t put words in my mouth and then judge me on them… I never said I’m being disrespected. I’m saying literally the concerns of loyal subs are being ignored and I posted it here because despite a ton of questions about the merge we haven’t heard shit in 2 weeks now except what they’re selling last Tuesday and now this drivel.
        I understand it’s unrelated but if you said “I’m starving” and I said “here’s a checkerboard, go play checkers” you’d have every right to be pissed.
        Call me whatever names you want, IDC but I think the customers deserve answers to their questions.

        • Vanguard

          United Forces + Loyal Subscribers =/= KotOR Xbox Event.

          • Adam Haynes


        • Rompe Himself

          And you won’t hear much either because the gutless, useless fucks at BW Austin cherry pick questions they choose to answer, kind of how the supporters of SWTOR/BW Austin cherry pick which negative comments from us so called “haters”, they can defend best against. And with the way this game is heading under King of bullshit Keith, it is getting harder and harder to defend. Even Darth Jiinx must be finding it tough to defend this constant stream of bullshit by them.

          You will find that most times, BW Austin, including that eternal fucktard Musco, answer questions where the person asking said question, lavishes praise on these fuckwits before answering their fluff question. I still think many questions they answer are plants by studio devs on the forums or their best fanboi’s doing their work for them. In Australia, we call such questions during Question Time (Politics) “Dorothy Dixer”.

          New players, long time players, players bordering on quitting or players that quit in disgust deserve many questions answered by this utterly inept dev studio. Sadly, getting said answers is a different story and it is a story that does not have a happy ending when this studio is involved.

          As much as I hate EA (as much as just about most peeps), I will admit the day they close down Bioware and by extension BW Austin, I will actually congratulate EA for finally letting this zombiefied Remanent of the original Bioware, that once great studio, finally die.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          I know that you never used the word “disrespected.” I was simply looking for a word for your disdain. I never meant to put words in your mouth.

          Again, I agree that there are legitimate concerns that they should be addressing. Hopefully, we get more info in the next two weeks.

          All of that being said, I’m not buying your argument. It would be more accurate to the situation if you said “I’m starving” and I said [to OTHER people] “here’s a checkerboard, go play checkers.” While it doesn’t benefit you, you shouldn’t be pissed over it because it has nothing to do with you.

          Basically, the real issue is that BW is currently failing to address the concerns of subscribers, while also giving a little gift to newer players. While we may not be thrilled by that, and assume that them doing said gifting is why they are ignoring us, they’re two separate, unrelated situations.

      • Rompe Himself

        Where was the tie in for so many past Star Wars events the last few years? Ep 7?? Not til nearly a year later did they release a saber similar to Emo Vader, I mean Kylo Ren and a regen to go with his emoness. Rogue One? Nothing at all. The best this studio can do is offer the same shit droid pet with a new color scheme every year for May 5th.

        Just like the direct sale items on the CM, BW Austin have nothing left to offer new players or anyone for that matter, except for old shit. What was old is new once again in Bioware land.

        • Guillermo Oliva III

          I do not understand why most of your comments here are nothing ,but hazardous “hate” that spews about SWTOR, Austin Bioware, and poor re-skinned items.

          First, if you want to argue about something so much that you can not stand for or see it happening in front of you, then why do you not act on it by saving up $ to buy the company?
          Second, where is this type of hazardous “hate” is going to lead you? you think “As long as I type and yell out at things that I disagree with, they will listen and change their ways.”? No, if you have a problem with something that you can not understand or even know why it is happening like that, you deal with it by using $.
          Third, if you have real intellect about the companies and how these issues are not appealing to the customers of SWTOR, then let me save you the trouble . . . . . Electronic Arts(EA), that is the real target that you want to keep your comments brief and accurate about whom to blame and what to speak negatively about.
          Above all, quit trying to make a point with your hateful comments and use that filthy attitude on the real deal “in person” than on people here commenting about the KOTOR swoop bike, you idiot.

          • Don Loco

            Here’s a quarter, kindly go buy a clue. If you have payed ANY attention to what BW Austin has been doing for the last three damn years now, you might have noticed they have more than earned a TON of dreck for the crap they have tried to sell us over and over. Sure EA deserves blame, no question. Also this may come as a surprise to you but people are allowed to express their opinions, even as stupid as those still defending BW.

            • Guillermo

              Are you playing the game? no, probably not. So, why are you complaining about if you have nothing to do with the game have any sort of relations with it? because you need to move on and do something better ,than constantly nagging at the subject for over years and years. Over all, do exactly the most logical way to fix something that does not appeal to your desire, own part of the company or have nothing to do with it at all. bye

          • Paulo Gomes

            You guys crack me up. You really do.

            So this is the new argument? If you really want to do something about it, buy the company?

            Let me clue you in on a little secret: we don’t want to invest our money. We want a proper Star Wars game. One where we can have FUN. Something these guys (as in Bioware) have failed to deliver. Open your eyes: there’s a new server merge on the way. Not “new content”. Not “United Farces”. SERVER MERGE. What is it now? The third??? I ask you: is this a sign of a good game? One that is a comercial success? I think not. You may think it is, but that’s your problem.

            And yes, that’s BIOWARE. Not EA. BIOWARE. They are responsible for this failure. Granted, EA may have a share of the blame. But if EA made the ball, Bioware ran with it. They are responsible for the monumental DEBACLE that was KotFE/KotET. Did you know we spoke out at the right time against it? Do you know that, as always, we were labelled haters and NO ONE listened to us? Did you know that Kot** was supposed to have THREE ACTS? A Star Wars *cough* trilogy? And that Bioware, seeing how they were BLEEDING subs, shortened it to TWO ACTS and proceeded to start making group content?

            That’s ALL on Bioware buddy. Don’t call EA into this. So don’t save us any trouble, we’ve been here since the party started.

            Granted, this speeder business is of little importance. But I expect a lot more of this stuff to come. I will be laughing my ass off when the HK-55 episode appears on sale on the Cartel Market.

            • HMH

              I hope that HK chapter goes on sale soon. I can’t wait to revisit the official forums to watch the fallout.

              • Rompe Himself

                TBH, I doubt many peeps left who are subbed will give a shit if the HK chapter goes on sale at this point. After the past 2 years of continuous shitting on the player base, what’s a little more shit to add to the shit those who are still subbed to SWTOR, are covered in already?

              • HMH

                The 8 people still posting in the official forums on the reg are still very much rabid about keeping their shinny exclusives out of any others filthy mitts.

            • Guillermo

              You are making a lot of assumptions and you seem to brag a lot in your comment on how you are trying to sound right about the situation with the company at hand. Also, it is just as I stated before and I will say this again if you are going to try to either ridicule me or find some sort of smart ass comment to go by it, if you do not like what you see or stand for on your believe “Do something about it!” do not “shout” or “whine” or criticize something that you feel proud to sit behind the computer and act all mighty about everything that you like to mouth off of. Over all, do yourself a favor and either buy part of the company or log off and something better ,than to constantly try to prove a point by capping your sentences like some loud person. bye

              • Paulo Gomes

                Yep… You still crack me up…

                Oh sorry:

                YEP… YOU STILL CRACK ME UP…

          • Rompe Himself

            Hazardous hate???? Bwahahahahahaha, oh but you are a soft, little precious thing aren’t you??

            I love it when brain cramps like you stand up and proclaim in a whimpy little voice your displeasure and then, right at the end, you shoot your whole argument to pieces.

            Ok, because you appear to have the IQ of a puddle of shit and probably have just as much in common with it as well, let’s break down your idiotic post shall we?

            The easy:

            Everything I have said which you proclaim as “hazardous hate” is actually factual. I don’t need to make up anything. See here is the rub. BW Austin provides the material to comment on their many idiotic decisions, changes and lack of support for this game. Oh did I forget their constant lying and outright bullshit? See if my comments were hateful, believe me princess, I could write far more harsher stuff like Ben Gimson did in another thread, where he hoped for a mass shooting in the EA board room.

            But that is neither my style nor desire. I just give my opinion on yet another stupid move BW Austin does to kill this once great game and leave the so called “hazardous hate” to those who prefer to express it in such a manner. Just because you neither agree with what I said nor what we here in the real world like to call “REALITY”, well that is neither my problem nor do I have the care factor that you disagree. To me, you are a simpleton, trying to hold a conversation with an adult for which you have little to no understanding about what is going on.

            Now onto your utterly idiotic points:

            “First, if you want to argue about something so much that you can not stand for or see it happening in front of you, then why do you not act on it by saving up $ to buy the company?”

            Really? Is this how you solve every issue? Save up to buy the problem? Wow, how did Natural selection pass you by? How do you even get changed in the morning without burning the whole neighborhood down? See, even if I had the money, buying BW Austin would change nothing. They are the cause, not EA. It is BW Austin who are making the changes to this game that has killed the population. Sure EA is cutting back on their funding, but EA sure as hell didn’t tell BW Austin to make an expansion (KOTFE/KOTET) that is so linear, utterly stupid (much like yourself chump change) and filled with plot holes everywhere and be an expansion where your character is neither central to the story nor fits into the story if you are not jedi/sith. That was all BW Austin. No chump change, if I had money to buy a dev studio, I would rather buy a quality studio such as CD Projekt or Bethesda or Rockstar or Blizzard. You know, studios that make and maintain quality games. But sure, if you think buying out BW Austin will save this game, you go right ahead and believe that idiotic dream.

            “Second, where is this type of hazardous “hate” is going to lead you? you think “As long as I type and yell out at things that I disagree with, they will listen and change their ways.”? No, if you have a problem with something that you can not understand or even know why it is happening like that, you deal with it by using $.”

            See here is where reality needs to pimp slap you into a coma if you truly are this ignorant. First of all, I am perfectly calm in what I type here or any other website. I do not need to bathe in hyperbole like you chump change. You see this website? It is hosted by the epic Dulfy in providing information on various games she plays. Now look deeper and see how she also allows comments on said posts. Now, your opinion such as it is, would ring true if say Dulfy made rules on what could and could not be said in comments and I was in breach of whatever the rules would be. But she doesn’t. She lets peeps have their say and you will see that there are many peeps on here with great thoughts and feedback. Peeps like Paulo, Rob, Drivan, Don Loco, Wayshuba, Fred Garvin, Naq, John Kosto and a few others. Hell, even peeps I don’t often agree with like Darth Jiinx or Abaddonsmummy have good opinions to read. See, besides people like you who want to attack the person commenting rather then the actual issue at hand, there is pretty much a near unanimous opinion shared that SWTOR is going to hell in a hand basket while the king of bullshit Keith continues to lie to everyone. And if it is not shared, like for example when Abaddonsmummy looks for the silver lining in increasingly darker and darker swtor clouds (Bless that mad mofo, I may rarely ever agree with him but damn if I don’t respect his faith in hoping for that silver lining, even if it is a fool’s errand), it is still quality opinions being expressed. The same cannot be said for how utterly devoid of intellect or even rational thought your post had.

            And newsflash Chump change, the majority of peeps here have expressed their opinion and feedback to BW Austin when they were subbed or when they quit and you know what that got them for expressing it directly to BW Austin? Sweet fuck all. BW Austin do not listen. It is why they make constant terrible class changes, why we still have Galactic Conquest despite 99% of peeps, both subbed and those who quit, hating it. So sorry chump change, all of us who were subbed, tried to voice our concerns and we were either ignored or said comments deleted from the forums. So the next step was to take our $$$$ and unsub. And we were not the only ones. Look how decimated the player base is today and it continues to bleed terribly. Does BW Austin think maybe they need to start listening? HAHAHAHAHA GTFO. AS IF!!! They are determined to keep on this track to self destruction while we all helplessly watch on and lament over this once great game we all loved to death, which is why we all came to Dulfy’s website in the first place.

            “Third, if you have real intellect about the companies and how these issues are not appealing to the customers of SWTOR, then let me save you the trouble . . . . . Electronic Arts(EA), that is the real target that you want to keep your comments brief and accurate about whom to blame and what to speak negatively about.”

            See right here is where you took a shotgun and thought, I don’t need that foot if I am going to keep putting it in my mouth. You claim to have read most of my comments, yet still believe like a EA hating sheep, that they are solely responsible for this game’s situation??

            Let’s see:

            * Who invented GC and keeps it despite the overwhelming feedback on swtor.com, dulfy, reddit and many other sites? BW Austin

            * Who designed and developed KOTFE/KOTET and made it woeful in gameplay as well as story? BW Austin

            * Who decided to recycle 5 year old content as part of KOTFE/KOTET and later for the Dark/Light side event and call it new? BW Austin

            * Who is server merging their decimated populations (because peeps are struggling to get group pops) and calling it new content? BW Austin

            * Who has repeatedly lied over and over again to the player base both in person at cantinas and especially in the swtor.com forums?? BW Austin

            * Who said we would get a finished Op by end of this year, by imposing a new system of delivery for spreading out Op bosses and STILL failing to meet their own target? BW Austin

            * Who reduced the value of cartel packs and filled it with more junk, to make peeps buy more packs by making the good stuff uber rare? BW Austin

            * Who ignores bugs in this game that are years old? BW Austin

            Yeah I could make this list so much longer but even with your stunted intellect, perhaps you can see a pattern here. Sure EA has cut back their funding but it was BW Austin that has made many changes to this game that has ruined it for so many players and are so arrogant and stupid to not say mea culpa and reverse course. These changes made peeps quit, EA saw this and decided to put their money into things and studios that can make the right sort of games and decisions like their show pony DICE.
            See when SOR came out, EA was all over this game with funding which is why we got a great meaty expansion back in 3.0. Then a few devs quit or moved within BW for that other Bioware train wreck called Andromeda and what we have left are peeps who are so lazy and hopeless, that this game cannot be saved while in the hands of BW Austin, a studio created solely for the purpose of maintaining this game. Put this game in the hands of competent devs and watch how this game would rise again like a phoenix. But instead, EA has lost all faith in BW Austin (as have most peeps) and rightfully so, when they continue to make stupid decision after stupid decision whilst never learning from it.

            And finally:

            “Above all, quit trying to make a point with your hateful comments and use that filthy attitude on the real deal “in person” than on people here commenting about the KOTOR swoop bike, you idiot.”

            While I support your decision to express your opinion (take note how I have never said someone should not express their opinion, even with those I disagree with), I also reserve the right to point out a conflicting opinion I may share in response to it. For example, this reply to how stupid your opinion is and how wrong on so many levels it was. This does not make me hateful or an idiot. I will let this pic sum it up for you and your utterly foolish post and perhaps next time, you can swallow your hyperbole, get off your high chair and really think about what was said and the facts behind it:


            All the best Chump change.

            Yours truly,
            Rompe Himself

            P.S. I am so pleased my comment was so inspiring to you that you had to create this “Guillermo Oliva III” account just to reply to me (Joined Oct 24, 2017). I wonder if your one and only up vote is from your actual account lol.

            • Guillermo

              Wow, you really put a lot of effort onto your comment about the game, the company of EA, Austin Bioware, and now me? because I made a point about your ridiculous behavior on how you constantly reply to every commenters on this Dulfy artical thread on SWTOR and all of a sudden, you jump at me and try to make a highly expressive point within your behalf to think that what you are doing is pretty cool ,although you are just a loud arrogant shit that just wants to sound “right” about his opinion? dude, you need help and get some therapy because you posted up over 50 sentences, free speech meme, and now trying to make me look like “I’m a bad person”? yeah~ you do not even know me well enough to even make a dramatic comment over something like this and your comment results that I hit you pretty hard that you had to express yourself in the most unstable manner that you choose too and it looks very pitiful to me that you allow yourself to be consume into this crap . . . . . do yourself a favor and go outside, make friends, get a puppy/kitten, and learn something educational about life! you’re not enough to ruin my self – esteem because I think of things far better like to spend time with my dog, my friends, my family ,than something hateful like you! 😀

  • DerpDude

    …meanwhile in TESO the dust after the Morrowind expansion have barely settled while new DLC in the form of…con-tent…is being released a couple of weeks from now.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “Escape your enemies in style” isn’t meant to be taken literally, dude. It’s just generic marketing talk to promote a ride.

      • DerpDude

        I know, I’m just poking at their try-hard way of promoting an old speeder as something new and shiny.
        ….well, it’s new and shiny for people who weren’t playing back a couple of years ago.

        • Rompe Himself

          You are talking about the one and only studio in the world – BW Austin, that announces a server merge due to a decimated game population, as new content. They know nothing but recycling and reskinning.

          And to think, BW Austin was created simply and ONLY to run and develop SWTOR. One job, and they failed.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Exactly. 🙂

          • DerpDude

            I’m sorry, but you lost me there….”exactly” what ?
            That the promotion is only for new players and they give a shit about the veterans or ?

            • Darth Ji’inx

              DerpDude: “….well, it’s new and shiny for people who weren’t playing back a couple of years ago.”

              Darth Ji’inx: “Exactly. :)”

      • michael fearless

        It’s not that it shouldn’t be taken literally – it’s that it shouldn’t have to be taken at all.

        This is literally the most pointless and disappointing promotion I’ve seen from them yet.

    • Leah

      its out now if you play on pc 😛 and its faaabulous

      • Paulo Gomes

        Well, that would be slightly more serious than the speeder. Nico was a reward for being subscribed for a pre-determined amount of time. So was the speeder, I know. But a companion is a lot more important than a speeder. Or the HK-55 chapter, for instance. If they bring those back…

        • Leah

          they should. honestly, while at this point I’m more amused than anything, speeder should NOT have been given for free. and neither should be the chapter or Nico. but they SHOULD be brought back, in part because at least that way they may actualy make some further content for these characters that are kinda important to the lore and all, only to be relegated to “yet another mute companion” state and in part because personaly, I was never particularly happy with time gating of extra content, here or in other games. i do have acess to HK chapter btw, so this is not someone being salty for not getting it personaly. I have acess, I played it. I just think its bad design to lock newer etc players out of it. I think it should have been done in the same way as Sebastian Vael dlc in Dragon age 2. free to preorders, sold separately for everyone else. but accessible for ALL.

        • Ben Gimson

          I think at this point I’d rather they get rid of the subscriber con and just sell us story HK chapter style. We might actually get some new stuff that way.

          • Paulo Gomes

            I agree with Leah. I think it would be cool if they brought some of that stuff back. I don’t have the HK chapter, but that was my personal choice. If it came out I might just buy it, because it was damned good. But I did have the other sub rewards, the speeder, Nico, his blasters and the infamous coat that NONE of my toons ever used.

            I don’t get worked up because of these sub reward things. It’s nice to give the opportunity to younger players to have them.

            As long as they don’t sell a reskin of the Wings of the Architect on the CM I’m cool…


            • Ben Gimson

              Give it time :’)

      • DerpDude

        Aah ok, just saw a date mentioning November 7’th or something.
        Still working on Cadwell’s Gold…so have the entire Morrowind and the new Clockwork to look forward to…not to mention I still haven’t finished the Thief and Assassin packs…so much to do and so little time =P

        • Leah

          lol, I know right? I’m a subscriber and I have done very little with DLC, mostly, I’m still farming the witches festival for a few more bone decorations 😛 but yeah, pc usually gets DLC releases few weeks before console. pc releases are basically that final beta test 😀

        • gog

          You got something to look forward to then. Morrowind is nice, but Clockwork City is So. Damn. Cool. Might be my new favorite zone in the game.

        • Paulo Gomes

          I’ve said exactly that a couple of times here. In ESO I have the exact reverse problem I have in TOR: Too much content!!! looooool…

          And people still think TOR is putting out enough content… Yeah right.

      • gog

        Started doing the main Clockwork City story today, it’s amazing and so funny. Might become my favorite in all of ESO when I’m done with it. And the environment looks so cool.

    • Syok

      Is it worth coming back? I mean, did they fix broken healplars? I remember that ability which restored mag + stam was supposed to restore stam for healplar only which was useless.

      • DerpDude

        I recall an ability like that, but I don’t remember if it was a synergy or not.
        If you remember the exact name on the ability, then I can try to check it out.
        My Templar is currently on hold as I check out the other classes again.
        Back in the day I focused on Magicka builds so I never bumped into the Stamina trouble which other builds had.

        I would say it’s worth checking out, the majority of the game is free and only stuff that cost you is the DLC, expansion and ESO plus.

  • Errtai

    Not much to discuss here I think. The game was ending at the end of vanilla for F2P players, and now it ends at the end of SoR. Nothing interesting for veterans, but definitely something nice for new people who decide to try this game as a total F2P. That’s it.

  • John Kosto

    “Become legend with iconic KOTOR-themed items: Your favorite KOTOR-themed items are back in the Cartel Market for a limited time! From Bastila Shan to Revan, don the armor of classic KOTOR heroes and villains or proudly display the revered ‘Revan’s Heir’ character title. See what’s on sale!”

    Get the fuck out of here that I will spend even a single Cartel Coin, to buy 3-4 year old items on sale, and that is presented as a reward too. This is disgusting.

  • manuel

    “Escape your enemies in style”How the fuck can you escape your enemies when you can’t pull out your bike in the middle of combat ? Not to speak of falling of your bike if a womp rat so much as sneezes in your general direction…even at piloting rank 3……meanwhile in TESO the dust after the Morrowind expansion have barely settled while new DLC in the form of…con-tent…is being released a couple of weeks from now.

    • Good news/bad news. You can now unlock up to speeder piloting 5. You still get knocked off if a flesh raider grunts in your general direction…

    • DerpDude

      “…and a wild manuel appears, as we know…this critter is well known for it’s ability to copy’n paste other people’s comments”

      Weeeeeeeeh…upvoting my own comment ^^

  • Nobody ever has used that goofy speeder as their main one…ever

    • Evan Karl

      Except all the ftp people this is aimed at who can’t purchase a nice speeder because of their credit cap. Almost like this was directed at the ftp market or something

      • Leah

        technically, ftp players get acess to cantina mounts that come out fairly regularly, not to mention, have you checked gtn recently? even with severe inflation, most mounts are under 50k credits, even f2p player, can get this much in about half an hour of play – just do couple of H2 quests on early planets, they are easy and fast there. so its aimed at.. I don’t know… ftp players who may be on a fence about subscribing or something? honestly I have no idea at this point.

        • Yeah H2 Missions grant pretty good sum so won’t take long for them to own enough Energy Credits.

    • Emon McCullen

      i use it all the time, it’s one of the cooler ones out there!

  • Varak’sas

    Well, this is a good step. Perhaps this will breathe some new life into the game with a surge of people looking for nostalgia. Perhaps even enough people to get some pvp in before level 70. But in all seriousness, this is a good thing. Subscribers don’t gain anything, sure, but a bigger player base is better for everyone

    • DerpDude

      mmmmh…my nostalgia swirls around whether or not I’m gonna drench my Darth Malgus statue in zippo liquid and give it a viking burial…

  • usetheforce

    I resubbed.
    After long time away, I realized why people don’t like the gameplay in SWTOR.
    It is so slow.
    Every action takes up time.
    cargo – time passes, open legacy stash – takes even more time, equip
    something – time, disassemble – time, learn a schematic – time, train
    you crew skills – time, travel anywhere – time, join any queue – time,
    use quck travel, taxi, anything – takes time, watch cutscenes – time,
    watch dialogue – time, activate a skill – consumes time.
    It seems to
    me that the TIME DELAY is the most important feature that has been
    designed in this game, it IS ADDED EVERYWHERE. You have to WAIT for
    things to happen. It COULD make sense here and there, but in reality you
    have to wait for everything. This is so slow paced, I am able to fall
    asleep in the middle of a quest. It seems that no matter how
    hard-pressing on your char the story should be (as seen in cutscenes and
    such), he is stoically reaching our for his holo, slowly walking,
    talking for much too long than would seem appropriate in a war front
    situaltion, standing as if being a target practice for enemies, taking
    poses that would put him in real danger should this situation occur in
    actual life. It feels like he has plenty of time, while the story would
    suggest he is fighting for his or someone else’s life!

    Has it
    been desgined this way to make us spend more time in the game WAITING,
    because someone thought we would buy longer SUB this way?


    • Evan Karl

      Wot? Opening your cargo hold and equipping items takes time? That’s just your slow ass computer m9

      • Leah

        except even on my newer computer, there still a delay opening cargo hold, etc. no idea why. it runs newer, graphically more intense games on high to ultra settings with pretty high frame rate (60+ )

        • Bogdan Paunescu

          It’s how the game was built. Everytime you open cargo/legacy vault, it sends a request to the server to get the info about what;s inside. Then it processes that information and renders it. The problem is that none of that info is cached so subsequent accesses would be instant, especially since only you have acceess to that vault. The same doenst apply to guild bank which can’t be cached as it need to be snycd accross all guild members.

          • Leah

            that makes sense, but my reply was to the dude trying to blame original posters computer for limitations of the game’s code. the point is – its not the rig. its the game.

            • Evan Karl

              How long are you guys waiting to equip or open storage? I’ve never noticed much of a delay

              • Ben Gimson

                2-5 seconds on legacy storage. Assuming it’s longer for me due to having about 5 tabs almost filled. Definitely isn’t my computer, but like Leah said, it’s the game.

              • Leah

                around same for me, I have 6 tabs pretty much filled to the brim.

              • About the same, but only with Legacy Hold. Have cleaned 4x Tabs there & mean that not empty, but to have only things that might need. Darn that was a long process that made earlier this year when returned just to get disappointed thanks to no content & more gameplay simplifications.

                Have Swtor installed on Samsung 960 Evo M.2 SSD so it’s fast with loading, but Legacy Hold gives that delay. It’s cause of how Swtor been built by half Blind Eaware crew. Even uses more Cpu than Gpu like mentioned above ^^ #MindBoggled

            • True that.. More about how Game / Core is built than the gamer’s Rig. Swtor is so horribly unique Mmo “Ex Mmo now as it’s half Mmo” with many ways :/ It also uses more Cpu than Gpu unlike many other Mmo’s.. #MindBoggled #BrainstormWhenThinkOfEawaresCallWithGameEngine

      • Kubrickian

        I think he’s referring to the Legacy cargo. If you have 4+ tabs full of stuff there is a 10 second pause to open it.

  • Horton

    I don’t really see the problem here. If you’re FTP, you just got a free mount. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. But unless/until you’re putting money into the game, you are naturally going to be second-class citizens. If you’re a sub, why would you care that FTP users now have access to this crappy mount from 2015 that no one uses anyway? Doesn’t hurt you a bit.

    As for access to SoR, I could see how that might ruffle some feathers, but honestly… interest in this game overall is waning. It’s not dead yet, but like any game, it’s headed there eventually. I, for one, hope they start loosening restrictions and start releasing old items and content more freely, at least to subs if not everyone. Why not let more people enjoy it? Old stuff like the now-unobtainable PvP gear… subscriber exclusives from years ago… eventually even old Cartel Market stuff (once SWTOR is close enough to shutting down).

    I get the appeal of having exclusive stuff that *only* subs have access to… or that *only* old-timers that have been around since launch have access to. But it’s been YEARS, and now that the ship is slowly sinking, I say: start to open the floodgates at least on the old stuff. How long do we need to hold on to our special snowflake exclusives?

    I’m guessing the interest and satisfaction releasing that stuff would generate with current users far outweighs the butthurt from the few miserly old-timers left. I could be wrong, but speaking for myself, it doesn’t hurt me for everyone else to gain access to the things I’ve already had access to for years. Of course subscribers need some motivation to keep subscribing, so not everything should be free, but for anything currently unobtainable: set a time limit on it.

    • Leah

      I actualy love that mount? and when I was playing regularly, I used it a LOT. the problem with giving it away like this is that it used to be timed SUBSCRIBER exclusive reward. so by making it available for free – they are setting a veeery interesting precedent. I do think former rewards should be made available. just not for free.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Actually, this isn’t the first time that exact speeder’s been re-released:

        STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne – Origin Eternal Empire Pack

        Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne – Amazon Premium Pack

        • Leah

          huh, interesting, didn’t know that. still it wasn’t released for free, but rather as a bonus for essentially buying 2 (or 3 in case of amazon bundle) months of subscription. which I have no problem with, its how we got it originally in a first place after all. content should be made available. including fluff. giving it away for free though shows… desperation, I guess?

          • Darth Ji’inx

            They’re only giving it away for free for two weeks, though. It’s not permanent.

  • michael fearless

    What I’m really wondering about this is, are there really enough people playing this game as F2P who are sticking with it long enough to even get to this point of the games storyline??

    I mean, if there are, then, well, good for them, and serious props to them for slogging THAT FAR as a F2P, because this game REALLY HATES YOU.

    • Kubrickian

      They need to loosen the restrictions on F2P it’s unplayable in it’s current state.

    • HMH

      There’s still 1 f2p in my guild that has been stuck at lvl 50 for years.

  • AbnerDoon

    Oh hey guys if you notice crazy high ping well… Did we forget to mention we got rid of the West Coast data center today. Ooopsy! Now you now (maniacal laugh).


    • Kubrickian

      Super low pings actually. All servers under 50 ping.

      • AbnerDoon

        I went from 26ms on Harb to 160ms.

        • AbnerDoon

          Prime time at 2 to 3 bars over 360ms.

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        I’m on crappy library wifi and usually get under 50ms. I just have to relog every hour.

    • Naefas

      K so one day closer to swtor complete shut down and give out the expac that started the down fall What else is new

    • drt

      Time to prepare in Europe.
      We are all in the same Datacenter (located at the butt of Europe, concidering the connection to the mainland [sorry Ireland]). But I’m pretty sure they can safe a buck if the shove english, french and german servers together.

      • smiths22

        You mean Ireland? Thought the butt was Spain.

        • Paulo Gomes

          No, that’s geographically incorrect. There’s another country after Spain (or before, however you wanna look at it), a little bit of land planted by the sea called Portugal…

          • Nomad

            That is more like the armpit.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Well, that makes me an “armpitian” then…

  • dookie

    this game is beyond pathetic at this point….

    • Brandon Parker

      This game is awesome i have been playing it since it came out what is wrong with free content?????

  • smiths22

    These are their brand new 2017 expansions, recycled content again, just pathetic.

    • bob

      Shadow of Revan came out in 2014

    • Brandon Parker

      This game is awesome i have been playing it since it came out what is wrong with free content????

  • Shawn Hargrave
    • Syok

      They lost the grip so much. <3

  • Elrandil

    I’m not even bothering to log in anymore. The developers should start reworking SWTOR mechanics to make it a single player game, enable more companions to join you at the same time and sell this game to subscribers when they decide to shut the servers down for good. That way they could still make tens of millions USD out of this dying game. I think I’d purchase it for the class story sake and a few chapters of KOTFE/KOTET, cause most of these make no sense from your character class perspective.

    • ConcernedGuest

      Well … wlaking around with my trooper and the COMPLETE Havoc squad … maybe doing flashpoints, uprisings with a havoc only squad … that would be my day

  • Anca Gaspar

    Why are you arguing about, actually?? You get all the brainless companions back, like jaesa and risha..

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