Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Io Treasure Maps Guide

A guide to locating all 5 treasures for Destiny 2 Cayde-6’s Io Treasure Maps.

To be able to see these treasure chests, you will need to purchase Treasure Maps from Cayde-6 at The Tower. They cost glimmer and five maps can be purchased once a week (weekly reset is at Tuesday 5 AM eastern). Each week it is a different planet. These chests can yield anything from blue gear, emblems to chance at legendary/exotic engrams.



  • Io Treasure Map #1 – 0:00
  • Io Treasure Map #2 – 0:53
  • Io Treasure Map #3 – 2:14
  • Io Treasure Map #4 – 2:48
  • Io Treasure Map #5 – 3:39

Io Treasure Map #1

A bit tricky to reach, follow then main road while keeping an eye to the right. There is a big slanted pillar in view that can act as a landmark. After you reach the big slanted pillar, go near it and take a right.


The chest is inside a small tunnel to the left of the Pyramidion structure.


Io Treasure Map #2

From the first chest, follow the wall to your right until you see a small circular tunnel opening on the wall. This is a massive tunnel network called The Endless Gate.


Keep following the tunnel/cave structure until you arrive at a broken bridge. Jump over it and the chest will be to your right in an alcove.


Io Treasure Map #3

Follow the road from Giant’s Scar landing point to Lost Scar. You will see some metal gate structure. The gate is on top of the metal structure to the right.


Io Treasure Map #4

Pretty easy to find, off the side of the road to Terrabase Charon


Io Treasure Map #5

On the ground, hiding under some rocks.


  • Talosaurus

    Thanks for the help Dulfy

  • Nick

    Hmm one of the treasure maps is different this week. #1 is gone and there’s one north of 4 & 5.

  • Tk

    Treasure map 2, i think you mean follow the wall to the left.

  • Gokki Di

    #2 is no longer correct. it’s at the start of the LS.

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