GW2 Gemstore–Riding Broom Glider and Mini Elonian Familiar

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Riding Broom Glider for 500 gems and the Mini Elonian Familiar for 400 gems.

Riding Broom Glider – 500 gems

  • Able to be dyed, two dye slots
  • Unique riding animation for humanoids (human, sylvari, norn), asura, and charr


Riding animation on other races


Humanoid Female Animation


Humanoid Male Animation






Mini Elonian Familiar – 400 gems

  • They took Witch Mercy and turned her into a cat riding a broom


Discounts/Limited Time

  • Enemies Dye Pack – 500 gems – Available for 3 days only
    • 1x Flame Dye Kit, Frost Dye Kit, Deathly Dye Kit, Toxic Dye Kit, Mad King Dye Kit
  • Vibrant Dye Kit – 125 gems/5 for 500 gems/ 25 for 2500 gems – Available for 7 days only
  • Candy Corn Gobbler Pack – 300 gems – Returning
  • Ghoul Backpack and Mini Set – 480 gems – 20% OFF
  • Devil Horns – 200 gems – Available for 3 days only
  • Executioner’s Outfit – 700 gems – Available for 3 days only
  • Mad King’s Outfit – 700 gems – Available for 3 days only
  • Witch’s Outfit – 700 gems – Available for 3 days only

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42 replies on “GW2 Gemstore–Riding Broom Glider and Mini Elonian Familiar”

The balance team operates seperately from the gem store team.
We’ll probably get a balance after halloween, combined with the next pieviepie season

Blame PvP “seasons” for that crap. We’d get balance patches sooner if they weren’t so reluctant to interrupt them.

Soo.. I’m probably gonna be hated by many for posting this comment, buthhh whatever.
A human male -lets add that in this situation it is the “Commander” and probably most if not all players will say that his/her Commander has the biggest dick around- will ride the broom by putting it between his legs. While human female -and even if of noble origin she often acts like your typical adventurer- will ride it like a lady because putting it between her legs would be improper huh?
Am I overreacting here? I’m curious to hear your opinions guys.
Overall it is a cool skin, I kinda want to buy it, but with the mounts around we barely use our glider so I’ll have to think about if it’s worth spending 500 gems on it.

Evon Gnashblade doesn’t want sued over vaginal scar tissue and have to pay for their reconstructive surgery.

welllll. actually they just had the animations already from the broom toy and didn’t want to spend time (aka: precious precious money) on altering animations… sigh.

I guess, but then again ArenaNet still refuses to give us a swimsuit outfit even though they already have it in the game, hell even 2 versions of it. I think that after all this hate and stuff that was thrown at ArenaNet in the early years of Guild Wars 2 about it being too sexy, female characters [human and norn] looking like sluts, they started more than they should to not piss off certain groups of people.

Overwatch as the game? Or Overwatch from the Arrow show? There was a Overwatch in CS:GO I think? I mean there’s a ton of different Overwatch’s it can stand for many thing so please be more precise.
If it is about the game then I do my fair share from time to time, few ranked games and I’ve filled my share of salt for at least a week. 😀

Technically it is pretty hard to ride on something between your legs while wearing a long dress. Plus males don’t usually understand that if they bump into something their… ahem… will be the first thing to hurt 🙂

The human male’s grin is adorable, and the pose is very Harry Potter. If that was it, I think I might have bought it just to have in case I ever decide to make a cute wizard guy character.

But… the cat… Yeah. I get it. Someone high up in Anet has a weird fetish for cats and likes to have them on screen a lot for self-pleasuring purposes. This however is one of those cases where the cat is just dumbly slapped on and any momentary “giggle” about it goes away almost instantly. Not the first time Anet does this, not the last I’m sure.

Anywho, I certainly won’t be buying this nonsense. The first 47 cats were “funny” I suppose. But we’ve reached 294 now, and this is where I draw the line! 😛

The cats for the home instance thing was fun (although dogs would be better!)

They need to offer to versions of this glider. One with the cat and one without

Funny thing is, the poster for the broom glider, the one that is cycled on the Black Lion window, shows 2-3 riders. 1 asura in the forefront, a human male in the background and I don’t remember if a 3rd or not. But the human guy is actually riding a broom without a cat!!! Basically Anet is trolling us haha…

The broom was actually designed for permanent flight but the cat pushes it the weight limit -.-

Really enjoy the Charr and Asura’s take on flying sticks – mostly because I can just hear the Asura shouring out “THIS. IS NOT. SCIENCE”.

well burn me, a cool looking Charr gliding pose. Now I can play one of my Charr without feeling like Handi-Man when I glide.

I enjoy the Asura the most for this though I’ll pass on this glider. Shame they took out the
Geomancer Glider, I finally saved up to buy it but it’s not available anymore.

Funny thing is, the poster for the broom glider, the one that is cycled on the Black Lion window, shows 2-3 riders. 1 asura in the forefront, a human male in the background and I don’t remember if a 3rd or not. But the human guy is actually riding a broom without a cat!!! Basically Anet is trolling us haha…

So to clarify what you saw:
– A female Asura riding a broom with a cat on it. She was using a glider skin.
– A male human riding a broom without a cat on it. He was using a toy [toy does not have the cat on the broom].
– And the last figure you saw on the broom was the cat with a witch hat on it’s head. It is the new Mini Elonian familiar.
Basically what you saw was the ad for the new “Riding Broom Glider Combo” pack which gives us the toy, glider skin and mini. So no trolling from ANet here just your memory betraying you.

My post was on the joke side of things. I should have posted a disclaimer for… “slower” people it seems. Also stop answering the bot lol.

What? Why are you responding to me, I talked to SnowMan not you. I’m confused, didn’t talk to you even for a second.

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