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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 24 – October 31

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 24 – October 31

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116 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales October 24 – October 31”

I don’t ever buy CCs since you can get so many for free, but I thought that 5700 CC was more like $40, did they change that?

Since the CC:$ ratio varies depending on how many you buy at once, 5700 can come out anywhere between $42.22 and $71.25.

Bioware is just becoming a money hungry company like EA. This $50 lightsaber shows it. It’s also an UGLY and disgusting design I don’t understand why it’s so popular nor why it’s so expensive. Shame on Bioware. Sad to see an amazing company like Visceral games close their doors and Bioware are still alive, after Andromeda and many other mistakes they’ve make. It’s disgusting.

I already have the lightsaber I have always wanted, Senya’s lightsaber and I bought it with in-game credits, so this is like “meh” to me.

Nope, Jedi Covenant, but I’m taking a break from the game to play Destiny 2.
I consider that Senya’s lightsaber was kind of a bargain, since it’s around 150 mil and I negotiated one for around 80 mil.

It’s so expensive due to its rarity (Platinum). Not only are there people who spent $100s of real money on packs to get it, there are also those that spent over 50 mil credits on the GTN to get it. Selling it for cheap on the CM would really piss off the former, and drastically devalue it on the GTN, which would piss of the latter.

I agree that 5.7 CC is too expensive for me, so I’m not going to buy it. If you think the same, then you’re not the intended target of this sale.

Exactly, I argued the same point a few months back when the vented saber went up for direct sale.
Waste of breath though on here ๐Ÿ˜›

Everyone has the right to criticize a certain sale. If you are a fan of the free market model (I am not) and you feel that every price is ok as long as someone buys it, then you should also be ok with every kind of criticism about these sales. I personally think that the Cartel Market is disgusting, and a waste of breath for the game.

I am not intended target, because I quit this game long time ago, and never spending money on visual programmed stuff who dissapears within game closure, I’d rather buy new mouse or vaper for the same price, atleast it’s a real touchable thing, not eye rape on the screen gg.

Well said… ๐Ÿ™‚ This pricing is Disgusting & show’s one nasty side of Humanity’s Greed and how to take advantage of weak minded Humans. Those who spend cash on this Pixel Item rather than use it for Full Game where can spend hours. Or of course stay subbed & keep that as only payment & then use that 50 bucks for something like healthy food and so on. #BrainstormWhenThinkOfSwtorsEawareCrew #StunnedByEawaresGreed

You go on about “the intended target” and I am wondering who that target is. People gambling away their money for a -chance- at getting something of moderate worth is an issue of its own, but selling a single digital item for the same as a fully priced game?
The intended target is not those with lots of money to spare, but those with no sense of how to spend it. It’s an abuse of the consumer.
They put up this item and stick a Platinum tag on it to make it out to be this super ultra special rare thing and then add a “25% OFF!” to make you believe you’re getting it for a better price, when you’re actually not. It is a sleasy sales tactic to get you to buy it, rather than making something that would actually warrant such a price.

It’s not completely BioWare’s fault. Sure, they may have a lot of blame, but EA are the ones that made them this way by not putting more time and money into BioWare’s division.

I actually find it cool and I like the sound too, but its definitely NOT 50$ cool. Love the game but I sub once every 2 years for 2 months, play every few things that came out in the time in between as a sub and just log in randomly throughout the year as preferred. Love the game, but by now there’s just so many other things out there that its sad to see how this game continues to fall behind. I don’t wish it ill, but at this point am looking forward to seeing what other Star Wars MMO comes out after someone else gets the rights to do so.

I feel like the Alex Jones when it comes to Swtor topics. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCUM! THEY’RE DEMONS! BIOWARE ARE NOT HUMAN. BIOWARE IS A GOD DAMN DEMON! All in all though, fuck these pathetic companies that bring out lame ass items and expect $50+

To be fair, that’s a LOT cheaper than it was getting it as a drop from crates, almost certainly.

( not that THAT makes any of this any less ridiculous… )

Take deep breaths, man, take deep breaths! And just imagine, the same brain-dead bio-matter can hold public office, vote and serve in the military and law enforcement.

What.. Did they put that same Shit Up again now in late 2017 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ That came out 1st in end of Spring this year.. I wrote a long Blog Post about it & shared it everywhere. Fk Swtor’s Eaware crew keeps on doing ridic. moves… #Brainstorm #MindBoggled

lol…they knew that consolidation was happening when they first announced United Forces. They just didn’t want to roll it into the main announcement.

bioware pretty much said “screw you” to the west coast gamers in the US and if you are playing on the west coast servers from anywhere else in the world other than the East coast US (because little to nothing happened to them). bioware pretty much said “F” you with a much bigger pole.

I play from asia now… err well… used to. East coast datacenter (in DC if i understand correctly) has brought my ping to 300-400 in warzone. I was used to predicting enemies with a 130ping but now i’m just guessing.
But i don’t worry too much, Keith said their testing shows it shouldn’t affect my gameplay….
great to know Keith, except one small difference… WZ are basically unplayable as melee.

(but the real story is, what does this mean for our inevitable march towards maintenance mode o.0)

Darth Malak is back nice! Bought one for my new sith jugg ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks perfect on him. And unlocked Revan’s heir title for 10CC. ๐Ÿ™‚

“waste of breath on here”
How is people saying that his game going down hill (which it is) a waste of breath and someone saying “Darth Malak is back nice! Bought one for my new sith jugg ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks perfect on him. And unlocked Revan’s heir title for 10CC. :)” not a waste of breath. You sir are mentally inept.

Calling names is not the answer.
My response was to jinx’s logical answer that the people that spent millions on the gtn for the saber or people that spent real money on the packs to try to get the saber would be furious if the saber appeared cheaply on the Cartel Market.
Our discussion was not about the ‘state’ of the game, just the saber.
And your dig at Magnus’s happiness at getting something he wanted did not warrant your attack on him.
Poor show.

Nor is it a crime that Magnus is enjoying the game, shame you didn’t tell Zesty that.

I’m fine with people enjoying bland shit. I try to enjoy things and vary between things. Like you said, playing the same thing isn’t healthy, so me and the other 50% of players will jump over board and you guys can continue to suck biowares soggy nuts. Bahah fkn jews.

Oh now that’s funny, the boot-licking lowlife that used to harass people with his “bipolar” buddy talks about poor show. I see that cream of the crop remained with SWTOR community. Then again who else but a roach enjoys wallowing in filth?

True that.. I blocked him long time ago when he kept on spitting out childish comments. Ever since then only see “This User is Blocked” <3 Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

Instead of buying from the cartel market this week I used the money to purchase Destiny 2. So glad I did. The same kind of fun I had when playing the original Halo this time with some Appleseed style toons. My older PC played the game smoothly with a few driver updates. It’s stunning to see how far games have come along after being in the SWTOR bubble for so long.

You can read my hundreds of past posts and see I am bi-polar with my love hate experience with SWTOR since it’s launch. My logic proposing to buy a new game on it’s launch day for the same price as a cosmetic saber in game was a pretty modest one.

I think you did the right thing.
Playing one game for too long isn’t healthy you need to play other games, I regularly do, I’m a big CIV fan and other strategy games and play these often.
Being in an MMO bubble isn’t good.

I have 1300 hours logged in Civ 5 and another 300 so far on Civ 6…… I can’t even calculate the hours spent on Civ 3 and 4, cause no Steam back then ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow I thought I was up there for Civ 5 lol. Addictive game, can’t wait to try out Civ 6 when I upgrade this computer.

God I know me too.
93% achievements record is incredible and I’ve put hundreds of hours into it.
Great to see some Civ love, amazing game ๐Ÿ™‚

Is Civ6 any good?
I love Civ5 (modded to hell with steam add-ons ofc) but I’m wary I’ll be disappointed in Civ6.

When I was playing Civ 3 in my college years with friends…. I never thought there would be a better Civ in the future. I was mistaken.

When I was playing Civ 4 towards the end of my studies and while I was working at a photo lab printing thousands of photos every day, I thought there would never be a better Civ. I was mistaken.

In the 6 years I have been playing Civ 5, I have fallen in love with this game so much, that I actually have a 93% achievements record, which means I have totally finished all the scenarios with every possible way, and also I have won the game playing with every single one of the more than 40 civilizations.

I do not think that Civ 6 will overthrow Civ 5, but I can say that it has the potential. There are some things that I prefer how they are done in Civ 5….. but maybe 5 years later I will say that Civ 6 is the best one…. Even if it’s not better than Civ 5, it’s definitely a great game. There is no way you will be disappointed.

I’m actually having a pretty good time with D2 on PC as well, plus 2 of my buddies are also playing so that also helps

Haha love this.. Reflects Eaware’s struggle with creating proper Mmo content & not to Publish every 2nd post on FB & elsewhere about Cartel Market ๐Ÿ˜€ :/ #BrainStorm #MindBoggled

This comment violates Bioware’s terms of service and commenting guidelines. Please remove or else!

no but seriously….this is the best comment. If Im gonna spend 57 bucks. I will buy a full game. Hell with 57 bucks you can can get numerous full games depending on where you buy them

For that much money I could buy Witcher 3 GOTY + few another great games.
I did, in fact. CDP, Kinguin and CDKEYS have the best prices.

And there ya go, a much better investment, tons of hours in a game that is very much enjoyable vs a lightsaber that sorta looks cool in Dress Up Simulator 2017

Over 100h of game time in Witcher 3, still have tons of activities and places to discover. + doing whole series marathon. Much more fun than SWTOR but costs much less.

I mean… Outside of the game / lore, the vented sabers are a gimmick to sell a more ‘recognizable’ lightsaber.

In the game / lore they both have no place being used in the Old Republic timeline, they’re both fundamentally broken designs that no self-respecting Jedi / Sith would ever use over a proper saber.

On the first point I agree completely.

On the second point, not entirely. Unstable lightsabers are, if I remember rightly, to do with the crystal, or the alignment of it. So a cock-up on the part of the person making it. Adds a neat effect and adds a bit more personality to the weapon. But the crossguard thing is… yeah, retarded to say the least.

IIRC, lightsabers sort of ‘stick’ when they clash, so a crossguard is useless, especially with blades on the end. Although I think the new canon says they’re ‘vents’, which is also BS since lightsabers have nothing to vent.

The unstable thing makes sense, though, and tbf to the crossguard design it predates Disney canon, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

I think you’re right on the crystal front. Unstable lightsabers come about from a fractured crystal that supposedly gives off more power at the cost of possibly exploding. Which is why Kylo needed the vents on his saber, to vent the excess power from the crystal. So to sum up, he needed to use a flawed saber because he goofed with his kyber crystal and broke it.

As for the predating disney thing, the crossguard saber appeared ‘once’ before disney snapped it up. It was one of those weird obscure things that nobody really liked.

I have no idea about Ren’s lightsaber tbh. I’m assuming Disney changed lightsaber lore, since (if I remember right) lightsabers don’t give off any energy unless they actually hit something, as the energy is caught in some sort of loop and an unstable crystal just made the weapon more likely to short out rather than explode. I know TFU featured unstable crystals, but not sure how far back they go beyond that.

According to Wookieepedia the crossguard design appeared three times before Disney were on the scene, but yeah, not exactly a prominent (or even decent looking) thing until Crylo Rentboy made them ‘cool’. And I guess you were kinda right when you said vented lightsabers are wrong; EU lightsabers don’t need ‘vents’, and they’ve outright used the word ‘vented’ rather than ‘crossguard’

I’m still hoping we see a lightwhip on the big screen at some point. They’re exotic without being dangerous to the user (provided they know how to use it).

F Hope not.. Disgusting Porgs.. Got Belly twisted 360 many times this year when seen girls, boys & adult men adoring Porgs & talking sweet love to Last Jedi.. SW Movie where One face Rey keeps jumping from place to another as have no head & understanding.. Daisy Ridley who can’t act, can’t show hostile emotions & is annoying actress to watch & esp. as a damn wannabe Jedi..

Then there’s Emoy Vader a.k.a Kylo Ren & his laughable voice with helmet on. Not to forget New Trilogy’s Jar Jar known as Finn.. Trooper who won Sith Apprentice in Duel & handled LS like no biggy.. Weapon that Requires finesse & a long time training.. Fking Disney… Now Smirky Smile Potato nose bad director Jar Jar Abrams hired to direct trilogy’s finale.. Damn.. #MindBoggled #Brainstorm

If the fancy toy isn’t turning your crank, don’t buy it. If you have issues with the cost of direct sales items, don’t buy them. Tell EA what you want by “voting with your wallet”. If the issue is that it costs too much on the GTN to be feasible, don’t buy it and message the seller that their price is unreasonable. None of these toys make the game easier to play, so you’re missing nothing besides a piece of flair if you choose to spend your money elsewhere.

This game became a micro-transaction platform long ago, and that business model is what pays for new content, but its success relies on how you choose to spend your money. That is the feedback you can apply directly to EA without jumping through customer service hoops.

Trolling online fan-run websites changes nothing.

I am already voting with my wallet…but that doesn’t help when one guy is making up for ten of us by whaling the Cartel Market =P

Meh, at this point, the damage is done. Most of us have unsubbed and are playing other games while watching SWTOR burn to the ground. All that is left in this game are the hardcore fanboi’s and the Cartel Whale addicts and these additions to the market are strictly for these sad addicts. $50 for a lightsaber?? GTFO.

This game is never returning to its former glory. BW Austin with the firm, blood drenched hand of EA on their shoulder, are going to milk the idiots left still playing until they too quit and this game goes down in history as the biggest MMO disaster, which should have beaten WOW when you consider the investment made and the IP that kept it alive well past it’s used by date of stupid decision after stupid decision by those fuckwits at BW Austin. This game would have gone the way of Wildstar years ago had it not been for two words in the title – STAR WARS.

You stating the obvious and telling other people not to express their opinion will change nothing either…

Scrap that. It will change something. Some of those people will make even more comments regarding the issue.

I don’t care either way. If people are willing to spend 60$ on nothing, more power to them. I never did that, or bought CC’s outside of subscriber monthly rewards. But hey, it’s a free world out there. Mostly. People can spend money on whatever they want. And other people can criticise that too.

“that business model is what pays for new content”


Why thank you for reminding me! I’ll resub to ESO while I wait for the next raid tier to unlock in WoW.

Hope you are having fun.

Well yeah maybe doesn’t change anything on what EA Overlords or Half Blind Eaware Sheeps do, but Rombe, Paulo & many others have been right for so many moooonths ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that they also share many of these sad facts that are said on other websites. Forums & elsewhere.

Peace, Take care.

I swear this is some kind of bot conspiracy or something…lol. Nearly every post on here ends up with one or two of these.

Definitely bots. Checked the comment history on three of these repeat posters and that’s all they do. I wonder what the point is?

Those prices are close to EA’s other Star wars mobile game called Galactic Heroes.
That mobile game is pure p2w or ment for microtransactions. One new char there can cost around 200-300 $
Also can buy gear items. So looks like EA has decided to implement same logic here. Start direct selling items (cosmetic here only) for huge price and subbers love it! LOL
This game wont die as long there are enough role playing cosmetic fans. Give them new toys and reskins and they will forget why they even play that game…

Eh.. I am not too bothered with this. If you don’t want it or don’t think it’s worth the money, then don’t buy it. These are all cosmetic and even for cosmetic items there is more than enough choice in the game without ever spending anything. If someone believes these specific pixels are worth their money, then good on them..

What I do NOT get is how people are still talking about “micro” transactions, when there’s nothing micro about these transactions.

My kids recently spent their pocket money on game cards on a game called Roblox.
I asked them what they spent their money on in game and it was all cosmetic stuff.
It’s the way of all games these days ๐Ÿ˜›

Concerning the whole EA/BW cash cow topic I alway considered it as … evil … what is happening here.

Wanting 20, 30 or more bucks for some digital item?
An Item gone when the servers will be (sooner or later, hopefully later) shut down?

After the massive patch debacle in end of summer i became casual player for SWTOR.
Coming online for GSF or for my raid group twice a week, but almost (almost) lost interest in the game and switch over (after months of watching trailers and youtube clips and reading through the immense wikipedia) to EVE online.

Well … honestly to say … CCP (publisher of EVE) is even more milking the players. The sub costs the same but you can only train one (out of three) chars. If you want to train all 3 chars per account simultaneously you have to buy multi-char training for 20 bucks per char. So the total monthly cost for EVE (Omega (non-F2P) account + 2 x Multi-Char training) equals 55 – 60 bucks per month.

Nothing compared to those 15 bucks for SWTOR (giving you a dozent or more chars always playable to the fullest).
SWTOR sub is really cheap and also gives you benefits in form of free cartell coins.

The only reason I stay (for the moment) at EVE is that there won’t be a gear reset coming in ever.
In SWTOR sooner or later 6.0 will come and all the 248 raid gear I gathered in countless hours will be lost.
Once more as with 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0.
In EVE a frigate today has the same value as a frigate 10 years ago. Same strenghts and weaknesses.
Same on cruisers, battleships, and so on.
I will never experience a gear reset there, having worked for a certain ship becoming totally useless.
Nerved down, yes. Buffed up, yes. But not made useless.

So I accept the higher costs ’cause later on there will be a greater repay value of the game itself.
But will also keep the SWTOR sub active because I dislike the restrictions for F2P.

Also EVE is more serious. You’re getting shot down, loose your ship : it’s gone. Forever.
No respawn, no repair, just gone. Day or weeks or months of aquiring it are void.
And so you play more carfully,
You think more carefully, you start thinking ahead.
And you stay more polite ingame because every other player can just place a bounty on your head and make others hunt you down.
And there is no save place in EVE anywhere outside docked in a station.

Seeing the chat it’s also more polite and far less flaming than i have experienced in SWTOR.
At least the last two months staying there.

Ah so because another company is doing something more messed up, that makes what BWA is doing alright? I suppose you were trying to plug for EVE but the way you describe it, really doesn’t sound like a hot deal.

Nope, should not be an “advertisement” for another MMO but for saying that SWTOR is even cheaper than other MMO’s seeing people complain “oh this is so expensive …the sub … the CC gear”…
I – for myself – are subbed for both now. None is the hit but also none disappoints me to much and so I’m enjoying myself with either blasters drawn and lightsabers ignited or serious spaceship business in the evening depending on my mood.

Hats off to EA, they know their customers well and they make hefty profits from inbreed halfwits remaining with their substandard product.

Frankly, at this point it’s perfectly reasonable for them to double down and tighten all the screws.

As a marketing professional I appreciate diehard sheep demanding to be fleeced.

This web site runs on ads while if not for Dulfy the game would not even exist now. Have gamers got to the point we must give charity in order to keep the corporations alive with their bad products? All it does is take up a class of game when a better one will roll out. Give it up and let it die, something better will come along.

“if not for Dulfy the game would not even exist now”

While Dulfy does a great job covering the game, you’re statement is rather unbelievable.

What makes you think another one better will come along? If TOR shuts down I don’t think we’ll get another SW MMO for a long time. EA have all the rights to Star Wars games, and I don’t think they’re about to open up their collective purses to invest in another Star Wars MMO…

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