SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.6

SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.6 and Beyond.


Deep Cover Operative’s Armor Set

Dark-Force Commando’s Armor Set

Enigmatic Operative’s Armor Set – Spoils of War Pack

Zakuulan Security’s Armor Set – Spoils of War Pack

Revered Master Armor Set – Spoils of War Pack

Unyielding Stalker’s Armor Set – Spoils of War Pack

Restored Columi Smuggler’s Armor Set

Unamed 1

Unamed 2

Unnamed 3

Unnamed 4

Unnamed 5

Unnamed 6

Unnamed 7

Unnamed 8

Unnamed 9



Scorpion TK Electroblade

Scorpion TK Electrostaff

Scorpion TK Dualsaber

Scorpion TK Lightsaber

Scorpion TK Shoto

Scorpion TK Rifle

Scorpion TK Blaster

Scorpion TK Sniper Rifle

Scorpion TK Offhand Blaster

Scorpion TK Assault Cannon

Mantellian Frontline Blaster

Mantellian Frontline Sniper Rifle

Mantellian Frontline Assault Cannon

Mantellian Frontline Blaster Rifle

Mantellian Frontline Dualsaber

Mantellian Frontline Lightsaber


Ascendancy Clawcraft

Oberle Banshee

Republic Guardian’s Dais

Vicious Drakag

Vectron Raptor

AC-5 Broadcast Infiltrator – Direct Purchase

Merry Ice Tromper


Advanced Gray-Red Color Crystal

Advanced Teal-Black Color Crystal

Juvenile Experimental Varactyl

Copero Jubilee Miniprobe

Model Umbaran T-20 Fighter

Emote: Scare

Emote: Cartwheel

Flair: Snowtacular

Repair Droid Weapon Tuning

Creature Companion: Krakjya





Coming soon

  • gua543

    I just wish Bioware would put some of their design team on to stuff that is available through in-game activities. The cartel market has become pretty much the only place where you can get good looking gear.

    • Ragyō Kiryūin

      well duh the CM is what makes EA money so of course they’re going to make BW prioritize the CM items

    • Kaelin

      Can`t speak for others but my favorite sets are not from CM

    • Ryan Jones

      That really isn’t true. There are tons of crafted armors that are really great looking. Swtorista has done an entire video series on cheaply made good looking armor/weapons.

  • Ragyō Kiryūin

    guess people finally get their “traditional” Jedi robes and I like that black/teal crystal

  • Ben Gimson

    Some decent bits and pieces here. Glad to see Revanite gear back again.

  • Tutumba

    It’s nice to see the Columi BH set making a return, as well as a new shoto. Now if only they fixed the glass eyeball bug and the big butt Jedi robes bug so I can actually play again…

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    How to not give a fuck anymore: the design team.

    I won’t get my hopes up, but that the Furious Combatant up there might be making a comeback would be nice.

  • xking5v

    im not mad at all actually, these old sets are the best ones they made, coincidentally in vanilla when the game wasn’t as garbage.

    • JediJulius

      Same, I’m all for old sets coming back. Even if they are reskins, its better than most, if not all, of the Zakuul and Iokath stuff lol.

  • Tutumba

    Also a bit intrigued by the “Unnamed 4” set. Without looking at its lower part and from the back it’s too early to say if it’s anything good though. There are tons of sets in this game that have potential but are utterly ruined by some of their features.

    • Mattador

      That set’s been in the game for three years, I’m sure there’s videos of it that’ll give a back angle.

      • Tutumba

        Oh, I must have missed it. Do you happen to remember its name?

        • Mattador

          The Deciever/Dark Reaver armor, the two names are either the PVE or the PVP version, I don’t quite remember.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          It’s the Revanite themed Bounty Hunter/Trooper endgame set from SoR.

  • Trixstir


  • Darth Ji’inx

    That Mando blade… O.O

    Some decent looking armors and vehicles. Also, looks like they’re bringing reskins of the old school and Oricon endgame gear. O.O

    Isn’t the “Unamed 2” armor Theron’s armor from the newest trailer?

    • Harston

      I believe so, at first I thought it was a jacket, but apparently it has a butt-flap.

      Anyone else predicting the Beskad will be platinum?

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Yes :/

        • Sarigar

          I’m predicting direct sale for the Beskad. Easy money for them, happiness for Mandos everywhere.

          • Darth Ji’inx

            What’s odd is that it’s been in the game files since 3.2, according to Jedipedia.

          • Anca Gaspar

            What Mandos? The BH class cannot use any blades, only blaster pistols.. so lol, happiness for jedi and sith, since they can use that blade as an actual weapon.

            • Sarigar

              Plenty of people play melee characters as Mandos, hunters, troopers, etc.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    Beskad looks awesome and I probably will not be able to afford it :/

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Agreed :/

  • Robert René Dibello

    Glad they finally started to reskin good looking sets for a change… 🙂

  • Harston

    Well, it’s nice to see they heeded the request for Furious shells, the Beskad and the ‘classic’ jedi robes,

  • anonimus

    The best stuff imo:

    -Beskad, which will probably be platinum and therefore unobtainable for me.
    -The Unnamed sets 4 and 9, mainly because of the head pieces.

    That’s about it for me.

  • rebuiltHK47

    WOOOW!!!!! The old unassembled token shells are back! I mean, the trooper one is in the command crates, but still!

    One note, the one labeled as the Columi Smuggler is the shell the Agents had. Unnamed 8 is the Smuggler one. Those should be swapped. Those are all Columi sets.

    I love the weapons and mounts. I love Unnamed 4 and 9.

  • John Kosto

    A Jedi armor set that actually looks great? And a generally much better quality than in at least year? I guess it couldn’t keep getting worse, right?

  • Tummi

    Server Merage + “Real” Jedi Robes…. damn SWTOR population must be really bad, stopped to play 2 months ago…

  • Jonathan Parker

    Damn, this is actually some pretty nice stuff. Can’t wait to not get 90% of it because they stopped putting anything new into the actual game and they just continue to sell it all.

  • Ramzzess


    • Knøth

      your mom

      • Ramzzess

        la tuya

        • Knøth

          muy delicioso

          • Ramzzess

            :tongue: :sweat_smile: :weary:

  • d*ü

    Are there people who like these bulky ugly metal blades, that have no sharp edge and work better as a shovel than a sword?

    • piss off

      You’re pretty ignorant about what the blade is meant to be, aren’t you.

      • Walking Akbar

        So what is it meant to be? Impractical? Ugly? Tell me!

        Some idiotic design from some shitty written EU crap doesn’t make it legit.

        Blades work because they are either sharp or pointy. Or both.
        If your blade is neither, it’s not a sword, it’s a metal club.

        • Anguis

          Just as a note – a beskad is actually supposed to be like that. When using beskade, the user relies less on quick, sharp strikes and more on heavy swings to batter down through an enemy’s defenses. For use, it can even be described as similar to a well-balanced warhammer according to the wiki.

          But, yeah. Most of the time, they actually are designed with the intent of hammering through an opponent’s defenses, not cutting through your enemies like a lightsaber or sword would do. All that said, they do have a bit of a cutting edge to them, but it’s more supposed to be used like a machete than anything else. And in terms of stabbing, they tended to rely more on a kal – a bronze coloured, off-hand beskar dagger.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Listen, they already gave us the KOTOR vibroswords. What other single-hand blade do we need? I’d still like the get the KOTOR style double-sided swords with the shorter blades on each end, but that’s probably not going to happen. You’re right though, simple swords are the best. KOTOR described it perfectly, some Sith just prefer the feel of metal cutting flesh, and I don’t want some weird sacrificial dagger.

      • CraigMitchell

        That’s not “some weird sacrificial dagger”, that’s a Mandalorian sword made from Mandalorian iron, Beskar. You can see it on one of the NPCs in the Mando camp on Darvannis, the one in full armor and a special name. Mynock or something like that.

        • Jonathan Parker

          Aaaahhhh, I never realized that was some special thing, I always thought that was just a random, rare NPC weapon or something. It still looks a bit odd to me. Hilt and blade are fine, but I hate when they make the guard really strange or overly ornate like that. It’s why I love the classic vibroblades, just a simple crossguard and material running up the blade, with a simple hilt. Just a sword, but Star Wars, you know? Eh, my Mandalorian can’t even hold melee weapons, so I don’t need it.

        • Teddybomber87

          Mynock is famous Cosplayer. They put him in the game.Look at his Facebook Account

          • Anca Gaspar

            There’s also an Agent Mynock in a Belsavis heroic – the dead dude in a cave, you have to kill 20 mobs, find the body and take the datapad.

    • Jim_Taylor

      That’s not only a blade, that’s an beskad. An mandalorian slightly curved saber of beskar.
      It’s an cultur thing and fighting with it is honorable. You can even fight against an lightsaber with it.
      So it’s an cool thing and the mandalorian specialists( stronghold decoration ) have it on their back.

  • Roksik

    Damn! Unnamed 4 and 9 used to be ToS ops exclusive gear! Now it’ll be common 🙁

    • Jonathan Parker

      I really hope they put in the rest of the class armor from those sets too. I hate when a game gets rid of armor or other gear that has a unique appearance, especially if they introduce a way to wear that gear cosmetically without affecting stats. We’re still missing a lot, considering how many simple armor sets from the vanilla game (green quality stuff, all the crap everyone throws away while leveling) are just gone now, completely unobtainable. We just need a cosmetic armor crafting system, where we can choose the model of gear, the variation of that model, and the colors.

      • JediJulius

        Agreed, I’d love to see even more of the old Columi/Rakata/Centurion vanilla gear return. We’ve seen some both a Galactic Command and in the Cartel Market. It’s a sight for sore eyes imo. I vote to keep it coming. Centurion Force Master in a Cartel Pack would be fantastic lol.

        • Jonathan Parker

          I LOVED when they put those old, unobtainable armors in the heroic packs, and then more of the even older ones in the GC packs, but even those are limited, and lots are still missing. Again, I just wish we had a better armor crafting system, instead of just a few select armor sets. They’re only useful for leveling and cosmetics anyway, might as well put the whole range of armor in there.

    • anonimus

      snowflake much? The originality lies in wearing original combinations of outfits, not in the outfits themselves, usually.

      Besides, not very classy, being happy by the means of others not having something you do have. No offense meant, really, but i see this attitude very often in this game, for some reason, and i’m aware you didnt say it so as to offend anyone, but just my 2 cents.

      • Anon

        Yeah lets just give out the dread fortress wings too since who even works for things these days.

    • Ben Gimson

      Yeah, but I have them on one older character when, for instance, I’ve got a more recent character that they’d look great on. I might be inclined to agree with you if BW gave people who had the armour already the opportunity to unlock it for alts, but as they don’t I’ve been looking forward to them releasing the Revanite gear for quite a while.

    • Evan Karl

      I had the helm on my sorc for the longest time, acquired with ranked pvp tokens BH helm a while back 😛

  • Zeus Fagervold

    Oh my god finally on some of these!

  • Unnamed 2 looks good, gonna have a look at that. And I want that mask from Unnamed 6. There aren’t enough good masks in the game.

    Also looking forward to the Grey-Red crystal and the colour dyes!

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “Unamed 2” is Theron’s new armor. 😉

  • JediJulius

    Actual ‘Traditional’ Jedi Robes as well as more old vanilla end-game gear? Actually decent looking weapons and gear without tons of lights, spikes, and lasers? Who is this team and what did they do with the old cartel market team?

    I’m loving this upcoming items patch more than like the last 5 or so combined lol.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Jedipedia’s database is listing tons of Chiss, Copero, and House Inrokini (Chiss house) decorations, including various banners for each one. As far as I can tell, they aren’t from packs, which might mean that they are from bosses and/or vendors.

    Another interesting decoration of note is the “Commemorative Statue of Valkorion.”

    • Ben Gimson

      If they’re from in-game vendors, there’re probably going to be the same as the Umbara FP.

      I’d honestly rather have them come from packs than another FP tedious grind. Here’s hoping Copero isn’t the lag-fest Umbara is :’)

      • If they truly upgraded Hardware of the servers, maybe those Lags in Instanced areas that have many copies (A problem that exists since game launch), are a thing from the past, or at least not as dramatic.

        And I prefer “grindable” Decorations rather than Cartel Market items.

        • Ben Gimson

          It’s an issue specific to Umbara. Haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t have issues with lag both in the stronghold and in the FP. As for whether they upgraded any hardware… unlikely. BW are prone to lying.

          As for the grind; there’s grinding, then there’s grinding. I think I’ll just pass if the new grind is the same as the Umbara one. Can’t justify that kind of time and effort for so little in return, especially when the FP stops being fun about three runs in.

          Wish they’d go back to daily areas with rep tbh. Much more manageable, and less tedious than repeating flashpoints.

        • Dr. Mike Wendell

          They upgraded the servers near when Keith joined.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Back when Umbara dropped, I noticed that the currency was called “Alliance Recon Data,” not “Umbara Recon Data.” Maybe that’s a hint.

        • Ben Gimson

          Aye, that’s what I figured.

  • Big Boo

    and no one will buy this pack just like the last one because it gives you CRAP YOU DON”T WANT, insted of the shit in the new pack that you are paying money for. I’ve stopped buying them because I want the shit in the new pack….not the shit from the old one, wake the fuck up bioware!!!!!

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      As much as it pains me to say so, may want to skim the comments. Looks like some folks are interested.

  • Jimmy

    Unamed 4….

    So much for saving that old set and feeling it was special…. dread master crest will be here soon as well

    • Лев Сафаров

      You still special, for example when they add togruta race many people was afraid that all players will buy and use it. Turns out its not that bad.

      • CrumpetTrumpet

        Probably because you can’t put so much as an eyepatch on a Togruta. Twi’leks are still master race in that department.

  • Rance
    • Ben Gimson

      Heh, nice find :’)

    • Syok

      Made my day.

    • Booya

      Old but gold.

    • a4 black

      LOL, never knew about that

  • Sixaxel

    There probably gonna be legacy gear. The reskins anyway. Probably rep venders.

    • Лев Сафаров

      Im counting on that.

  • Evil Otto

    Another set of mostly reskins. When was the last time they added truly distinctive armor?

  • ZestyM8

    BAHAHAHAHA sick reskins Bioware. Care to add more reskins pls? 10 isn’t enough.

  • Syok

    3.0 and Season 3 reskins + some sets that are available at the moment. Good game, worth all the money! 😀

  • Gideon Lieberman
    • Matheus

      Wait to see the prices in Cartel Market!

      • Gideon Lieberman

        Don’t care, have 1.5 bil xd

        • Jonathan Parker

          Jesus fuck… I’ll never see that many credits.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Too little too late, honestly. All my Jedi/Sith characters have great armor/robes already.

      • Лев Сафаров

        I think you right.

  • Luis Rosado

    Damn. Okay. Good stuff in here

  • Harston

    The reskins aren’t going in the pack… xD

  • Ramzzess

    Restored centurion force-master’s next

  • Sadriel_Fett

    All these years and NOW they decided to make a Mandalorian Beskad sword? Typical.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Jedipedia’s database says it was added with Patch 3.2. O.O

  • simurgh559


  • Harston

    So… From what it looks like… The one that looks like Theron’s jacket is called the: ‘Deep Cover Operative’s Armor Set’ – And it’s going to be sold on the Cartel market, not in a pack.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Your name speculation sounds good, but it could also be “Enigmatic Operative’s Armor Set – Spoils of War Pack” since the pack will probably drop when the flashpoint is released.

      Also, is you direct sale comment true, or is it just a speculation? If it’s true, what’s your source?

      • Harston

        If you mouse over the Deep cover operative armor on jedipedia, It says this…

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Good find. 🙂

          I normally only look at upcoming armors on Jedipedia just to see if they have the actual icons yet, or if it’s BoL.

          • Harston

            Normally I’m the same way, just figured all these armors could be added in the same pack so some must come off the market. x3

          • Gideon Lieberman

            torcommunity has miniatures uploaded

            • Harston

              Sadly they don’t show anything new yet.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              They’re still missing the icons.

  • Whitedragon
  • Drivan

    BW:A To the community, “Here is some pretty shiny’s, please ignore all our screw-ups. Oh BTW We don’t give a shit about you.”

  • abaddonsmummy

    Yeah I know there’s a lot of of love for this pack but compared to recent packs i’m just not feeling it.
    Perhaps it’s that I own the older stuff anyway, the newer gear looks meh, not digging the new speeders or crystals, always nice to see new colour dyes and i’ll wait to see the new weapons, but overall I’m not enthused.

  • The dyes are named Praetorian Red, Chromed Captain, Adept Pilot, and Honorable General. They’re all based on TFA/TLJ characters. And according to the files, the Chromed Captain one is actually chrome in-game.

    • Gideon Lieberman

      I dont believe it. Dye that actually changes texture to glossy?

      • Let’s hope so – it’s named after Phasma and the file refers to it as “chrome and charcoal” so we can be optimistic.

      • Estelindis

        It’s not beyond the pale. A much older Bioware game, Neverwinter Nights, had a colour palette system like SWTOR’s, and it included a glossy chrome. It just applied the game’s reflection map texture instead of the dye colour. This should be completely possible.


    Holy hell, a traditional Jedi robe that everyone made COUNTLESS posts about years ago. I haven’t played this game for almost a year, this may get me to come back just to wear it lol.

  • Ilyen

    Any idea when the decorations will be posted?

  • OutFromUnder

    Holy shit they finally added traditional robes

  • Hawke

    Revered Master Armor Set, finally after all these years! *sobs* <3 (Ever since Keith took over we're finally getting what we wanted.)

    Also give me Unnamed 2, Unnamed 5, glossy dyes, Beskad, Scorpion TK Dualsaber and the Ascendancy Clawcraft, And the Merry Ice Tromper. Must have.

    Oh, and Flair: Snowtacular.

    • Alex G

      Now, I hope Keith can get us more KotOR armors.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      2=”Deep Cover Operative” > Looks like Theron’s new set will be direct sale.
      5=”Enigmatic Operative” > Spoils of War Pack

  • Gideon Lieberman

    There is a major problem with Revered Master set. They v-neck area of the undertunic does not dye at all, meaning that it is going to contrast a lot if you decide to dye your robes darker colours. Anyone going for Anakin or dark sider look is going to have this quite large v-neck area that stands out a lot. Can we bother Eric about this? they have like 2-3 weeks until it goes live. Please help.

    • Kyle

      Yes please! I hate it when they do this!

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Here are the names of almost all the armors above:

    -“Revered Master” > Spoils of War Pack
    -“Unyielding Stalker” > Spoils of War Pack
    -Restored Columi Smuggler= “Restored Columi Agent”
    -1= “Zakuulan Security” > Spoils of War Pack
    -2= “Deep Cover Operative” > Looks like Theron’s new set will be direct sale.
    -3= (unsure)
    -4= “Dark-Force Commando”
    -5= “Enigmatic Operative” > Spoils of War Pack
    -6= “Restored Columi Trooper”
    -7= “Restored Columi Hunter”
    -8= “Restored Columi Smuggler”
    -9= “Dark-Force Mystic”

    (Information based on analysis of datamined items from Patch 5.6 on Jedipedia’s database)

    • xking5v

      i just came back to check what happened to half of these sets ? i quit playing and came back and still see nothing on half of these….

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Excluding some of those PvE/PvP reskins, all of them have have been released. Some of their names were changed.

  • Gratua Cuun

    This is mine… that is mine… all this here is mine – except that bit… I don’t WANT that bit – but ALL the rest of this is MINE!

  • Anthony D

    So what’s the deal with the Revanite armor reskins? Are they direct purchases or?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It looks like “Dark-Force Commando” (Unnamed 4) is supposed to be released as a direct sale set called “Calculated Mercenary.” I’m unsure about “Dark-Force Mystic” (Unnamed 9).

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